Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What CMPD and The Local Media Isn't Telling You - Shootings

You might have missed it or maybe since no one was killed it just wasn't newsworthy? 

Last night CMPD responded to 4 shootings within 15 minutes.

Thriftwood Drive where no one was injured - No Arrests.

Enoch Drive - No one injured - No Arrests.

Another on Bradford Drive where on man was shot but is expected to recover - No Arrests.

Additionally there was a shooting on Esmeralda Drive where one person was shot and is expected to recover - No Arrests.

Last week on Valcourt one person shot - No Arrests.

The day before a man was car jacked and shot on Community Circle. - No Arrests.

On April 11th a 13 Year Old was shot in the leg on Mistral Way. This same home was targeted back in January. - No Arrests In Either Case.

That same night a man was shot on Sandy Porter Road. - No Arrests.

April 2 - Marvin Road near Wendover Road one man shot - No Arrests.

The fact is unless someone dies you will likely never hear about it from the local media or CMPD.

Then there is the case of Makel Sadler 18 who shot a 16 year old behind Charlotte Catholic High School on March 20, 2019 and was released less than 24 hours later. His case has already been dropped. But he'll return to court in August on a felony auto theft and possession of a stolen motor vehicle charges.

Cedar Update: Given that CMPD Chief Kerr Putney just this afternoon told a courtroom packed full of journos that CMPD has dozens of videos regarding the Burger King shooting it hasn't released because the media hasn't requested them. You can expect there is far more untold than told and based on the Chief's statement that's the way he likes it.


Anonymous said...

Why has that last case already been dropped?
On all of the other shootings with no injuries and no arrests, are there no arrests because they haven't caught the shooters yet? Where are they declining to charge someone with shooting because they didn't hit someone? Because the other charges like discharging a weapon in city limits were probably having illegal possession, attempting to the salt, etcetera could be charged, right? Sincerely trying to understand this. Is it that they don't want to bother. They don't think the DEA will follow through. They don't think judges will bother. They can't find someone. What is happening with the constant shootings and no charges?

I appreciate you pointing out how police are responding to shootings on a regular basis and how dangerous it is

Anonymous said...

Post Ferguson and with all the crap going on in the media, its no wonder fewer are arrested. Take the report and move on... let god sort them out.

Anonymous said...

10-04 on that. Take the report and go hide and have a snack. Too much trouble to be had when actively "policing" these days. That's the common theme among the road troops now. You get the same amount in your paycheck if you do nothing but respond to the radio. If you actually police then you get in trouble for anything, risk days off, and for what? For NOTHING! That's what......

jeff a. taylor said...

The end result - a luxe Arboretum bistro gets jacked up like a Wilkinson Blvd chicken shack.

Anonymous said...

Shooting used to be news in Charlotte, now its just another day in paradise. Pretty sure they had a shooting at that Esmeralda Drive addy last week as well.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Taylor... You are correct. BUT, taking the report after the fact will result in no trouble and lost pay. Stopping the "Usual" suspect prior to it occurring and shaking them down.....
A trip to IA for racial profiling, harassment, excessive use of force, unprofessional conduct....
The complete list can be provided by BLM.