Monday, May 6, 2019

No. 50 - Murder Madness Comes To Charlotte

Two homicides over the weekend put Charlotte's murder toll at 50, the half century mark. That's one murder every 2.52 days and at this rate we will hit the 100 mark by September 9th.

Politicians and CMPD white shirts will try to explain or in the case of Mike Campana not try to explain the spike in murders.

But here are the basics:

The homicides in South Charlotte's Providence Country Club neighborhood and UNCC Campus are outliers. Anomalies that don't fit the pattern of Black on Black violence, street crime, drug deal gone wrong.

Beyond the infrequent crimes of school shootings and domestic/spouse abuse nearly every other crime can be attributed to violent crimianls who have a well established history of ever more violent criminality that is dealt by a very lenient judicial system.

This system allows habitual violent felons to return to the streets again and again. 

Our courts are over loaded and the elected judiciary and district attorney are willing to let violent gun carrying criminals walk free. 

Amazingly the same liberals who scream about gun control are the same people who promote no cash bail and second chances and no conviction questions on city and county job applications.

16 of the last 20 arrestees for homicide had prior weapons charges that resulted in dismissals or no or little jail time.

But here's what the mass media isn't telling you. For every murder tin Charlotte here are 2.7 people shot, either in conjunction with a murder or as a stand alone crime. These people survive, but their level of survival varies from "treated and released" to permanently disabled to requiring round the clock nursing care.

Mayor Vi Lyles and the democratically controlled Charlotte City Council and County Commission are soft on crime, they are weak supporters of CMPD and promote a social agenda that panders to those most responsible for crime Charlotte's minorities.   



Anonymous said...

Nice and quiet in Union County tonight! :)
I even went to the ATM and store AFTER dark!

SteveN said...

Nail. Head. Hit.

Thanks for bringing up the victims who don't warrant attention from the statisticians: The gunshot survivors. And yeah......Up to X3 the number of homicide victims.

And DOUBLE thanks for bringing up WHO the shooters are. They are not just ciphers showing up off of the radar and shooting people. They are repeat offenders released into the population by liberal-progressive courts---backed up by liberal-progressive politicians. Their hands are just as dirty, so far as I'm concerned.

Race can NOT be ignored. We all know where the lion's share of shooting and violent-crime mayhem arise. We all know it. Even the 'black culture' boosters know it.....and try to hide it. Like when a white male shooter visits UNCC.......they smile and chuckle and talk about how most mass shooters are white males and that's where we should be looking for solutions. Keith Larson even idiotically tried to make that point on Facebook.

The ONLY thing keeping the death rate relatively low is the competence of Medic and hospitals.

But just expect this shit to get worse as Charlotte becomes 'darker' while the political masters and their minions in CMPD and MCSO get more liberal-progressive.

And naturally they'll just screech that we must put curbs on gun ownership at-large......(SMH)