Monday, September 9, 2019

Judge Khalif Rhodes Mastermind Behind Charlotte's NO BAIL FAIL Resigns

Friday Morning local newsiers learned of a impromptu presser where Mecklenburg County Chief Magistrate was going to make an announcement. Not surprisingly he announced his already announced resignation. 

Just a couple of months ago Khalif Rhodes was named to Charlotte's 40 under 40 list.  Even then  Rhodes was under increasing pressure to step down as his NO BAIL FAIL policy continued to spread crime and death on the streets of Charlotte. 

Rhodes is The Chief Magistrate of the 26th Judicial District in Mecklenburg County, a position that gave him the authority to set bail guidelines that all Mecklenburg County Magistrates follow. Keep in mind that Rhodes served not an elected official rather in an appointed position.

Behind doors of Mecklenburg County Court System is a club of quid pro quo deals, jobs lobbied for and promises kept. Rhodes was no exception. Rhodes had run for a judgeship before and was soundly defeater by more conservative jurists. 

North Carolina's antiqued judicial system is filled with endless back scratching and back stabling.

Being appointed Chief Magistrate gave Rhode a chance to appease member of his own democratic party and the black political caucus which quickly rewarded his innovative bail program with the chairmanship.

The trouble is Rhodes policy freed more than 1000 of violent offenders many who continued their reign of crime and a few who committed homicides. 

Rhodes  announced his resignation on Friday, citing that he planned to join the private sector. Khalif Rhodes had served as a magistrate in the court system since 2015 and was named the Chief Magistrate in 2017. 

In recent months, the local court system has been under public scrutiny following repeat offenses involving criminals who had been released on bail from custody. Rhodes defended his position in the press conference, however, noting that there were other factors not related to a person’s release status which have contributed to a rise in violent crime. 

Defending the release of certain offenders, Rhodes explained how, ‘we have a decision-making framework (when it comes to who gets released)’ and discussed how that framework considered the risk of each offender of not returning to court before any decision was made. 

In short Rhodes dismissed any notion that his departure was related to the recent cascade of violence that has swept across Charlotte and the surrounds areas.

In closing, Rhodes thanked the District Attorney, Sheriff McFadden and CMPD Chief Putney for their insights and discussions with him during his tenure.

Cedar's Take:

Keep in mind that the cash bail system has been under fire for years, as being racially unjust. 

The "NO BAIL FAIL" blame doesn't just stop with Rhodes, county and city elected officials and the 6th district Chief Judge all share the blame. Like it or not this is a race issue. An over reach to correct the perceived years of injustice as the pendulum swings from lock them all up to free them all. The intent was clear to gain some form of reparations could not have been more evident.

With 77 Homicides in Charlotte this year, 53 of which there has been an arrest, 33 of those arrested had priors for weapons charges many of them for shooting someone or at an occupied car or home. All of those 33 where African Americans. 


Anonymous said...

Mr Rhodes did a fine job eliminating some of his fellow African American from this planet, many of which had long criminal histories. Put the violent ones back on the streets to kill is quite a bold strategy. Sad that some AA females were caught in his crossfire but such is life. Thanks to a job well done, Mr Rhodes, Stalin would have been proud of your effectiveness in eliminating the problem people from society.

Anonymous said...

@1:44 PM....Hahahaha Damn Man

Anonymous said...

Looks like the change in city council has left the city Manager with a less than majority of supporters. His tenure may be coming to an end after the swearing in

Anonymous said...

Anddddd now the Citizen's Review Board Chair is the new Bill Cosby. Rape Rape Rape. This place gets better and better each year.

Anonymous said...

Blake Holmes is being mentally evaluated by a 3rd Party Company. I hope they dont find out the truth about that weirdo. U cant make this stuff up either.

Anonymous said...

The fatter Holmes was always out of control. A fit for duty inquiry was only a matter of time. Internal Affairs is correct in this matter.

Anonymous said...

BS. Do you guys really think that Holmes tricked the DC into forwarding his email about “Women in Management” to the whole dept and suddenly he is unfit for duty??? Retaliatory garbage is what it is and I hope he cleans out whatever fund we use to pay off people...