Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles CREW Lunchon Re-Cap

Yesterday (Tuesday October 8, 2019) Charlotte's Mayor Vi Lyles addressed the CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) October luncheon, which was held at the Charlotte Country Club.

The club, which is located in what was once one of Charlotte's thriving upper middle class suburbs, has sadly become "da hood" in recent years but the club and golf course somehow survive. 

You would think, given Charlotte's recent surge of violent crime, including the murder last week of prominent businessman Dr. John Holaday, that public safety would the key topic for Mayor Lyles yet she chose to stick to her agenda of social welfare, free housing and racial equality.

From the comfort of a high back chair and coffee table instead of a podium at Charlotte Country Club mayor Lyles took the opportunity to tell her heartbreaking story of how her father, a World War II veteran was refused a student loan because of the color of his skin.  

As she tells the story soon after his return from the war he applied for a student loan but was told explicitly those loans are for white folks only. 

The story of struggles in "Jim Crow" era have captivated liberals since Barack Obama took office. The affects of Jim Crow are of course just a memory except for those who continue to use slavery and racism as tool to control their constituents.

Interesting to note that Crew Charlotte has nearly 350 members all but a tiny handful are white highly educated professional women.

Vi Liles's social agenda as has consumed her job as Charlotte's mayor and she remains tone deaf to the current crime wave.

You would think that when addressing a group of commercial real estate women, women who are according to the Bureau of Justice statistics are twice is likely to be robbed than men, there would be some even small mention of crime and safety. The vast majority of CREW members work uptown many work late into the night. 

Lyle's made only a passing reference to CMPD Chief Kerr Putney's pending retirement, but no mention whatsoever of Charlotte spiraling out of control crime rate 

The fact that women are more likely to be victims of violent crime including domestic violence seems to be lost on Vi Lyles. While it is understandable she wanted to talk about her social agenda of affordable housing her only mention of crime was that kids were  making "bad choices" she framed as being directly related to the fact they have nothing better to do.

Mayor Lyles took only a couple pre arranged questions read to her on 3x5 index cards and three "staged" questions from the audience. There were no questions about property revaluation, traffic or crime.   

Most members of CREW seemed to find the speaker about as memorable as the "cheaper chicken" entrée.


Anonymous said...

Only one solution .....move. Voting quit working in Meckliberalburg 2 decades ago.

Anonymous said...

She's hardly lucid most the time. Always seems somewhat over medicated.