Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Who Do You Cheer For?

There are rivalries and then there are rivalries.

The college football season is over. Clemson lost in their bid to earn back to back College Football Championships last night, falling to rival LSU 25-45.

A few years back my sister was invited to a Birmingham wedding. Weddings in the "New South" are as grand as ever, always big, lavish and very southern. Our family has deep southern roots, so as you would expect my sister felt quiet at home amongst strangers.

The wedding took place during football season so the topic quickly veered from the bride who the women described as "elegant" to the groom which they called "scrumptious" and then on to football.

"Lisa, who do you cheer for?" Asked one of my sister's tablemates.

"Well I graduated from Chapel Hill and my husband from Mississippi State …." she started to answer.

The tablemate interrupted her, "I mean who do YOU CHEER for?"

My sister continued, "Well the Tar Heels are pretty good but...."

The tablemate now rolling her eyes with a nod of exasperation, "I'm sorry darling perhaps you didn't understand I meant in football! Who do you cheer for in football?"

You see in Birmingham there are only two answers, Alabama or Auburn.

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Anonymous said...

Proud Auburn grad here. WDE!!!