Sunday, May 30, 2021

Kamala Harris "Enjoy The Long Weekend" aka Memorial Day Weekend

Lost on The Vice President Kamala Harris and much of "Libtard" America is not just the meaning of Memorial Day, but how we got here and at what price.

While the NY Post said this of her official tweet:

Vice President Kamala Harris drew heat online Saturday for telling Americans to “enjoy the long weekend” — which ends with a national day of mourning.

Harris tweeted the celebratory words Saturday afternoon, alongside a picture of herself smiling. She did not mention Memorial Day, the upcoming federal holiday reserved for honoring military members that have died protecting the US.

Most of the main stream media ignored the classic Biden style gaff.

Perhaps main stream media needs to look within their own ranks and to the past. There they might find that the words of a real journalist, Ernie Pyle are Important:

"They never gave an inch," a general says. "They died right in their foxholes."

I heard of a high British officer who went over this battlefield just after the action was over. American boys were still lying dead in their foxholes, their rifles still grasped in firing position in their dead hands. And the veteran English soldier remarked time and again, in a sort of hushed eulogy spoken only to himself:

"Brave men. Brave men."

Dispatch from Ernie Pyle Northern Tunisia April 22, 1943 the full read is here.


Cedar Posts said...

A few years ago in a antique shop in Maine where I found a 48 star flag of the United States of America. The all cotton flag was rather large and in it's original shipping box the creases still original as well. Accompanying the flag was a note dated June 1944, addressed to the family stating that the flag was used during the burial at sea of sailor killed in action in the Pacific.

There was also a note from the US Post Office dated October 1944 stating that the flag was "refused" by the addressee.

The small act returning the flag still speaks to me now some 75 years later.

Anonymous said...

Pledge fund?

Anonymous said...

Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted “Happy Sunday” and nobody bitched about that.

Anonymous said...

MTG tweeted #MemorialDay2021 in some form or fashion 21 times before @VP tweeted once. I don't like her but I'm not going to stand around while people spread lies.