Friday, June 18, 2021

Tariq Scott Bokhari Defends His Anti Panhandler Initiative

Thursday Tariq Scott Bokhari took to twitter to defend his suggestion that the city create an ordinance that would make it unlawful to give to Charloot's homeless and panhandlers.

"People aren't getting it, and they're still bringing food and money and resources directly to the folks that are out there right now," Bokhari said. "They're only making themselves feel good. They're hurting the ultimate folks, perhaps we explore making that a misdemeanor" to give goods or money to the homeless or panhandlers.

It didn't go over very well with the liberal woke crowd. 

Said the City Council member via twitter late Thursday:

"What we have been doing as a community for the homeless in Charlotte, though well intentioned, isn’t producing the results we need. From tent city to aggressive panhandling, things are getting worse."

The Council member continued: 

"I wanted to inspire the task force earlier this week to think outside of the box and come up with outcome-based solutions, I was not proposing specific policy. 

My comments at Monday night’s meeting may have seemed harsh to some of you, but I believe we have to push the envelope in order for important issues to get the attention they deserve. 

My intention has never been to harm the homeless community, rather make real change and positive outcomes for them. I am grateful this week’s dialogue has put the important work of those crafting the 5-year strategy higher on our collective radar. 

My hope is that this task force looks to find synergy in our existing nonprofit and religious groups and finds a way to get this very complex issue under control. 

I’ll continue to be at any table where there is work to be done in solving homelessness. 

In the meantime, let’s use this spike of attention to get to know the organizations in our backyard providing important services needed to achieve outcomes rather than short-term band aids. Here are 5 groups you can support with your time and money. What other groups focused on outcomes would you recommend to those who feel a calling to help?" 

The truth is democrats in this city long ago turned on the bug light for the homeless and panhandlers. 

The reasons that Charlotte is a great homeless destination:

Ease of access
Lax panhandling and trespassing laws
Homeless rights that far exceed property and business owners
Countless aid operations
Zero Drug Enforcement
Bleeding Heart Society

The Panhandlers

It will be a tough challenge to convince the liberals in this city to stop falling for the actors (panhandlers) that occupy key real estate at every major intersection in South Charlotte.

But Bokhari was on the right track. 

What he missed was most panhandlers are not homeless, even if some (not many) homeless are panhandlers.

More specifically those individuals at key intersections in South Charlotte are professional panhandlers they, simply put are actors.

That "homeless vet" sign is a fraud, as is the guy with the plastic gas can. Those are props.

Make it illegal to collect donations unless you’re a legit non profit .

Watch the guys who have laid claim to I-485 and Providence Road. The location is pretty sweet. Long light delays (Thanks CLT DOT) protected areas and zero police enforcement.

They all park at either the Fresh Market or the Allen Tate Office and walk over to 485. 

Why Isn't It Illegal?

Bokhari already knows that Panhandling is unlawful and there's a grey area of what you can and can't do on a public right of way. 

You can't impede traffic, and it's also illegal after dark. Aggressive Panhandling knocking on windows yelling or anything that could be considered as verbal attacks is also reason for arrest. Trouble is if CMPD actually enforced the law officers wouldn't have time for anything else.

Why Do They Do It?

Many panhandlers claim they make an easy $200 a day for about five hours standing on the corner, all cash and few even bother to file the IRS EZ-1040.

And it feeds their drug addiction.

So Bokhari really needs to ask this question. If your kid was a heroin addict and wanted $20 for a hit of black tar heroin would you give them the $20 knowing it might kill them? 

That's really what Charlotte's Woke Liberals are doing feeding their addiction.


Anonymous said...

Many of the so-called "homeless" come to Charlotte from other areas for the simple fact that nothing will happen to them. When I was still working the street I would have the occasion to get out with several of these individuals who I later discovered were wanted in other states for any number of criminal offenses ranging from burglary, domestic violence, to DWI. The one common denominator was always substance abuse. There were even people who drove themselves from other cities in North Carolina just to "panhandle" because of no fear of recourse or punishment. They are chased out of Gastonia, Statesville, Rock Hill, etc. only to find a home, so to speak, in Charlotte where they are coddled by the local government leaders and ignored by the court system only to multiply in droves. The problem is that they know that if they stand on a street corner with a sign and look pitiful, the liberals will offer them food and money only compounding the problem. Mr. Bokhari only offered a simple solution that other localities across the country have employed to deal with this infestation. Every other leader seems to be afraid that they find offend or hurt someone's feelings. The federal government allows the states to allow the local governments to enact ordinances and regulations to deal with this issue. Charlotte and Mecklenburg County has ordinances in place but choose to ignore them citing they are unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Standing on a corner with sign that says you are "homeless" is protected under the first Amendment but when you interact with drivers stopped at stop lights then you are impeding traffic or when you block the sidewalk from other pedestrians then there is a problem. Go look at Tyvola Road at I-77, anytime during the day, and you will see these people standing in front of a duly erected "no trespassing" signs panhandling. As I remember, trespassing is still a misdemeanor in North Carolina.

Anonymous said...

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