Sunday, May 15, 2022

Paranoid Yankee on Next Door

Next Door is a treasure trove of madness. This post from a proud New Jersey transplant made me laugh:

This morning, I decided not to go to my usual walking track but walk around my neighborhood.  I love my home and have great neighbors and for those who wave and smile - that's what I love and enjoy.  

But for other interested parties who don't know me, let me assure you because I know it is sooo very important to many here - that Black woman in the black sweatpants, with the white stripe, white tee shirt and baseball cap – that was me.  

Yes, I did stop and look at some of the nicer homes and yards; but let’s be clear, I was not casing your home - I have my own, Thank You very much., and it's better than many I saw.  

Some of y’all need to tighten up your lawns. though. 

Oh, and I passed by some of your cars, which you had parked on the street, which makes no sense.  

Though I looked at your vehicle, mine is better, and suits me fine.  Clear your driveway so you don't have to park on the street; the driveway is yours; the street is not. You can reduce the chance that you think someone is looking at it suspiciously.  

Oh, and while I was out, some of your kids were waiting for the school bus.  Empty nester here who has NOOOO interest in even engaging with your child; just walking by; but I did have to pass by 2x - going and coming back.

However, having heard how some of them speak to YOU as you encourage them to 'freely express’ themselves translates into the vulgarity they use on the bus with the other kids out of your earshot.   

Oh, and the big Black Ford 250 that passed me several times, plate number I won’t disclose, you did remind me that walking while Black is real. 

However, I may just walk this path tomorrow, ... just so you know...

After 97 comments some apologetic others pointing out her attitude was showing the writer decided to close the post to further comments but left with this final thought:

So to close this out...So much love to all who responded.  My post was a pre-emptive recognition against the suspicion and paranoia that gets shared by those who make assumptions that strangers in the neighborhood are casing houses or cars or looking at children for predatorial purposes if they pass by more than once.  

Too often assumptions have been made and posted because someone different is in the area; yet with no due diligence before setting off panic messages. 

I have no issue with those who disagree or were offended by my post; differences of opinion is who we all are, and so truly welcome and invited.  

However, I knew love would be the first response and the last response, - the alpha and omega - that of loving they neighbor…

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Delos Duty Bloody Williamson Legacy (Throwback Thursday)

Being a true Southerner, I don't lack for colorful family history. 

The family name is connected to military skirmish that earned the City of Charlotte her "Hornet's Nest" nick name during the Revolutionary War. 

Family Confederate Veterans and the cemeteries that honor them reach from Gettysburg to New Orleans. 

Yet family history from the civil war into the 1930s remains rather obscure. 

But out of this distant past emerges the story of my grandfather's cousin who stood against racism and the Klan during the era of great lawlessness. The period of history that gave us the "roaring twenties", vigilante justice, lynching and characters like Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone.

As kids my mother and her sister were often warned "not to look" in grandpa's closet. Hard to say if that was fact or metaphor but Southerners who often spoke out against the Klan, would in the darkness of night gather for a cross burning when necessary.

In the early 1920's one job you wouldn't want was that of Illinois State's Attorney in Williamson County, at the far southern tip of Illinois. The job, the equivalent of today's Mecklenburg County District Attorney meant your life was on the line every day. 

Delos Leon Duty was born Oct. 5, 1882, the son of Hiram P. and Paradine (Parks) Duty and one of 11 children. (My great-grandfather and great grandmother).

Duty's desire for action came at any early age. He was just 16 when he tried to join the Army to fight in the Spanish-American War, but my great-grandfather refused to sign an age waiver, so he ended up attending Valparaiso University in northwest Indiana and graduated with a pharmacy degree.

On Feb. 3, 1904, Duty married Retta C. Creal, but, by 1906, the couple had separated. Together, they had one daughter, Helen Duty Bunker, who died early in life, leaving a son, Art Bunker. 

His home life in a shambles, Duty left for the Oklahoma Territory and worked briefly as a cowboy on the massive Waldron Ranch in Canada. A few years later he would return to Marion, Illinois to work as a clerk for Fred J. Haeberle Drugstore, operating at 200 N. Market Street. 

My grandmother often described Delos as a "George Bailey" type always full of dreams and ideas, longing for travel and adventure from behind the drugstore counter.

But the drugstore also severed as a springboard of sorts because it was a center of influence in the small southern town of Marion, which was also the Williamson County seat.

When the Haeberle family left Marion in 1908, Duty bought the drugstore, and later the building, founding Duty Drug Company. He converted the one-story building at the corner of North Market and Union streets, adding a second floor to accommodate law offices. (His name still adorns the building) 

While operating his pharmacy, Duty took an interest in law and began a correspondence course through Lincoln University Law School in Jefferson, Missouri -- he never attended a physical law school -- but under the tutelage of local attorneys and judges Rufus Neely, D.T. Harwell and William Oscar Potter, Delos Duty was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1915. 

That same year, Delos Duty who was well liked and popular ran as the Republican nominee for state's attorney, but he was beaten by Democrat Ed M. Spiller by 39 votes.

Duty interrupted his law career in 1918 during World War I, when he enlisted in the US Army at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, and served as a captain in Company M, Egyptian Volunteer Infantry.

In 1920, he ran again of the state's attorney job and was elected state's attorney for Williamson County. His time as prosecutor would mark some of the most tumultuous times the rural county has ever seen. The violence that resulted in the moniker "Bloody Williamson" marked his tenure as state's attorney.

After Duty was elected state's attorney in 1920, he went to work on a double murder case of  two Herrin teenagers Tony Hemphill age 17 and Amiel Calcaterra age 14. Hemphill and Calcaterra’s throats had been cut and their bodies shoved in a shallow grave. The suspects were Italian emigrants and within hours a mob had formed at the jail demanding the police turn over the suspects.

In the confusion of the gathered mob Duty arranged for the suspects to be moved to a secure location until a proper trial could be held. 

Duty would obtain convictions and death penalties against both men. One of them, Frank Bianca, hanged himself in the county jail cell on South Van Buren Street. The other, Settimi DeSantis, was hanged legally on South Monroe Street on February 11, 1921, at the location of the original county jail.

During the 1920s wars between mine owners who employed strike breakers and the unionized miners in  the north were well known. But in the rural south these outbreaks of violence were typically shrouded in great mystery and folklore. 

The owners of the Lester Mine located in Williamson County knew little about southern culture and ran roughshod over most southern traditions, for example the mine operated 7 days a week. Sunday included. So when the mine threaten to bring in outside laborers the local folk would have nothing to do with it.

After weeks without pay, or food Marion families had endured enough and vowed to take back the mine by violence if necessary.

Despite Duty's efforts to avert violence, the Lester mine massacre also known as the Herrin Massacre culminated with the lynching and murder of 23 strike breakers and their security team. 

In the end Duty's efforts to obtain convictions against several local citizens in the 23 deaths were thwarted. When the grand jury finally agreed to indict dozens of well known citizens there was a profound amount of outrage despite the overwhelming evidence. 

The gathered crowd awaits the grand jury indictment in the Herrin Massacre.

At trial all of the participants in the mob violence were acquitted thanks to bribes and purchased alibis.

When the mines softened their stance against the unions in the south the violence died down, and so Duty turned his attention to the Ku Klux Klan. 

At a time when vigilante justice and mob rule was the primary form of law in the rural south, Delos Duty saw to it that no one would be denied a fair trial. Standing up for the rights of the accused particularly when the accused was a man or women of color was not a popular position. It was during this period that he became a clay pigeon for snipers who took potshots at him almost nightly.

He was wounded by gunfire from speeding autos on numerous occasions while walking from his law office on North Market Street to the courthouse on the public square. He recalled being hit three times in the arms, in both legs and once in the neck. He also recalled purchasing a couple of .45's and after that the shooting stopped.

Duty never quit the battle for what he believed to be right, despite threats on his life. 

As the lawlessness of the 20's and 30s gave way to the war years Duty continued to practice law as a well respected defense attorney and did so well into his late 70's Often traveling to the State's Capitol in Springfield to present cases to the state appeals court.

He passed away in Marion Memorial Hospital on December. 21, 1965, at the age of 83.

Duty was cremated and his ashes were placed in the niche of a stone at Pleasant Grove Cemetery. An inscription on his monument states, "As a scientist I have always been in favor of cremation. In the far distant future I believe and hope it will become a universal law. My most ardent wish has long been that my ashes rest above the bones of my ancestors." And they do.

Perhaps the most vivid portrayal of his service as a state's attorney can be found in the book, "Bloody Williamson," by Paul M. Angle. Published originally in 1952 which reads like fiction worthy of a screenplay. 

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Blaming the Crime Wave on Bad Habits?

The following Op-Ed by Retired Police Chief Joel Shults it spot on. While Colorado centric it spotlights a nationwide problem. It of course reads like fiction because the truth is stunning. 

Yet here we are:

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser sounded like the parent of a pre-schooler saying some people picked up “bad habits” during the COVID isolation. He made the statement during a closed-door public safety roundtable held in Pueblo, Colorado, a community of 120,000 suffering from the same challenges of violent crime and police staffing seen throughout the country.

The rhetoric of political responses to the uptick in lawlessness rarely includes the term “personal responsibility”. It seems that the term is reserved for mask mandates and vaccinations. In the politics of crime, the blame doesn’t focus on people choosing to kill, steal, and destroy. It’s the gun. It’s the bad cops. It’s the drugs. It’s the prison system. It’s the economy. It’s the pandemic.  Of course, when it comes to the pandemic, all the blame goes to personal responsibility on the ignorant, selfish dolts who don’t want to wear masks and get a third vaccine poke. Murder me it’s not really your fault. I catch COVID, dammit why did you do that to me?

The largest teacher’s union decries the “school to prison pipeline” perpetuated by school resource officers picking on marginalized students, and mean immigration officers making families comply with the law. A Manhattan District Attorney announced that as long as an armed robber doesn’t actually pull the trigger of the gun they are pointing at the convenience store clerk’s head, the robbery will become a misdemeanor theft. As long as a burglar targets only sheds and storage lockers, there may be no prosecution at all. Drug dealers have to be involved in additional crimes to face prosecution. DA Alvin Bragg just doesn’t like to see anyone sent to prison, bless their hearts.

A program in San Francisco will pay people identified as violence-prone as much as $500 a month to not shoot people. Even police reform advocate Al Sharpton is complaining that they are locking up toothpaste at the drugstores because of rampant theft of even low-dollar items. Journalist Tom Zytaruk has observed, “Criminal recidivists are trained to know that despite all the finger-wagging and stern admonishments enunciated by judge after judge, this forgiving criminal justice system of ours, predicated on the concept that human beings are inherently good, keeps reinforcing the message that somehow society has failed the offenders rather than the message that they themselves are personally accountable for the choices they make.” I came across Zytaruk’s comment as one of the very few results that popped up on an internet search for the words personal responsibility and crime. The concept is not creating much chatter among policy wonks and politicians’ speech writers. And Zytaruk is Canadian.

But don’t take too much personal responsibility like buying a gun or determining to protect your home or family. That would be paranoid, promote violence, and give testimony to your belief that the government can’t protect you 24/7.

During the aforementioned Colorado roundtable, Weiser also said “A lot of the concerns we talked about were young people who may have gotten some of these bad habits, may not have the same family and community connections. I also think the availability of both drugs and guns are fueling more violent crimes.” Drugs light up and force themselves into the veins and lungs. Guns leap into the hands of young people and create an irresistible vibration that causes assaults and robberies. In a discussion about doubling murder rates, increased domestic violence, and even higher fatality rates due to reckless and drugged driving, Weiser couches the topics in the category of “bad habits”.

Could it be that politicians attacking law enforcement has become a bad habit? Could it be that letting violent criminals roam the streets on no-bail release, easy probation, and lax prosecution has become a bad habit? Could it be that blaming everything but the individual has become a bad habit? 

Maybe Weiser is right, we have picked up a few bad habits.

Joel is a retired police chief. He is an award winning writer, college professor, trainer, and first responder chaplain. He is the author of several law enforcement related books and articles. Shults currently serves as a municipal judge and a coroner’s investigator in rural southern Colorado.

Joel can be found on twitter @chiefshults, and online at, and

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Locked Up and But Still Hot

 A very kind fan of Cedar Posts noted that local LE has been on a roll, bringing in a number of otherwise "Hot" girls for processing at the MCSO intake center. 

Perhaps not the type of girl you want to take home on Mother's Day but.... 










Monday, May 2, 2022

Ten Homicides 31 Days of Mayhem - Vi Lyles in her Garden in a Muumuu (Moomoo)

Ten murders in the month of April and Charlotte's "Garden Club President" Mayor Vi Lyles spent the month talking about Serena Williams, a robotic coffee delivery service in Plaza Midwood, Earth Day, the Carolina Panthers, her trip to Washington and "the Rose Garden" and, the passing of Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain. She ended the month talking to voters about what a great job she's doing, from her Garden complete with cookies and quiche and dressed in a "plus size" MuuMuu.

April 1, 2022: "NEW: The city on Friday announced a partnership with @tiny_mile  to test a robotic coffee delivery service in Plaza Midwood"

April  9, 2022 Homicide Sharon Chase Drive @ 6:47 PM One Dead

April 8, 2022: "I will never forget my day today, as a special guest in the White House Rose Garden for a celebration with newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. I am so proud of what this accomplishment means for all women, everywhere."

April 20, 2022 Homicide Circle @ 2:01 PM One Dead

April  15,  2022 Homicide Sloan Drive @ 1:27 PM One Dead

April 17, 2022 Homicide Metals Drive @ 9:12 PM One Dead

April 19, 2022: "Wonderful info coming out of the Mayor’s eGov Summit today. Serena Williams is on stage now, discussing the need for more women and African Americans in the tech field, as engineers and investors."

April 20, 2022 Homicide Northlake Center Parkway @ 8:23 PM One Dead

April 20, 2022: "This day in history changed how we look at policing. It forever altered use-of-force directives and created a mandate for officers to report all incidents of abuse. In Charlotte, we implemented all “8 Can’t Wait” recommendations. On this date, a jury’s verdict changed our world."

April 21, 2022 Homicide Markland Drive @ 10:43 PM One Dead

April 21, 2022 Homicide Riding Trail Road @ 6:33 PM One Dead

April 22, 2022: "Happy Earth Day to everyone! May we continue to value and protect our planet as the most precious of resources."

April 28, 2022: "I want to say welcome to Charlotte to new Panther Ikem Ekwonu. Since he is already a Charlotte guy, it’s better to say welcome back home! "

April 29, 2022 Homicide Montana Drive @ 7:15 PM (2/4/1) Two Dead

April 30, 2022 Homicide West Woodlawn Road @ 5:50 PM One Dead

April 30, 2022: "My deepest condolences go out to family & friends of former Huntersville Mayor Jill Swain. She served the residents of @HuntersvilleGOV  for many years as mayor, town commissioner and executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. Her leadership and public service will be missed."

May 1, 2022: "It’s not a Sunday without the chance to speak with new (and not new!) constituents."

The mayor's silence regarding the Ten murder victims, an equal number of shooting victims who survived to at least some extent, countless armed robberies and one very notable overdose death. 

Could Charlotte's Mayor be more out of touch?

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Pro-Bike Nut Birds Have Well???A Nutty

I get it Charlotte tried to be "green" and created bike lanes that are the equivalent of wearing a face mask will walking alone uptown. Total virtue signaling. 

Krissy Oechslin on Twitter:

"Morning: nice new flex posts on the 4th St bike lane. Afternoon: just kidding! Truck driver: “where do you want me to park? In the parking deck?” Um, yes, actually. 

@CharlotteDOT can we do better than this? There is a never-enforced no parking/no stopping sign"

I know Krissy is upset that some guy in an 18-Wheeler parked on top of the new flex posts. But no that rig won't fit in the parking deck.

Let's try to be nice to big rig drivers. Krissy might not know this but there's a shortage of drivers and we kind of need them.

But Krissy's plight wasn't lost on Rick Winiker

Rick Winiker:

"I actually dread trying to navigate around the area on bike. With no bike lane enforcement, it's almost more dangerous (But it's also where you might have a chance encounter with 
@bikeMSSNGR  - so almost worth it...)"

Did you notice something about these photos? (Besides Rick getting bonus points for using landscape mode for his photo unlike Krissy who is in perpetual selfie mode.) 

You have to look hard but there's no traffic Uptown. Its as dead as a road toad on a summer night.

While not as dead as during the height of the COVID pandemic but dead just the same.

Let's face it Uptown was not designed for bike lanes. It was a good experiment but it is a total failure. 

This is what is known as commerce and while we don't have a lot of it Uptown right now, if we ever get back to normal we need to be able to off load street side.

We could have trucks stop in the drive lane but that impedes traffic and means they have to mind the bikes. It maybe adopt a street side delivery window time frame and hefty fines for missing the window. I'm thinking 5am-7am and maybe 3pm - 5pm or something like that.

One thing is for sure some cyclists and I know many need to lose the attitude. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

CMPD Cracks Some Heads - Saying Enough Foolishness!

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officials say they are cracking down on groups recklessly riding bikes and motorized vehicles and causing "havoc on the streets of Charlotte."

On Sunday, the department says teams of officers across multiple divisions conducted a roundup to show a large presence in areas frequented by the groups. Often riding in groups of five to 30 people, the riders have been accused of causing harm to and endangering both drivers and pedestrians.

Most of the incidents have happened in Uptown, but similar
 reports have been made across the city, police said. 

The following is from CMPD's tweeter feed:

This morning Charlotte Mecklenburg Polices Department is providing case updates and recent enforcement of groups of individuals riding bikes and motorized vehicles recklessly in Charlotte.

On Sunday, April 17, 2022, Central Division officers responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call for service involving kids with bicycles. Cell phone footage shows the victim and suspects in a physical altercation. 

Two suspects were armed. One suspect punched the victim in the back of the head and later fired bullets into the victim's car. The suspects’ names are Jermaine Walker Jr. and Makahi Alfayad - who's accused of pulling the trigger. Both suspects were arrested & charged. 

Jermaine Walker Jr Photo Courtesy MCSO

Makahi Alfayad Photo Courtesy MCSO

A bullet lodged in the victim’s spine. He will likely be paralyzed for life. This is still an active investigation.

On Sunday, April 24, 2022, teams of officers across several divisions took part in a round-up, showing a large presence in areas where these bike groups frequent.

The focus of this operation plan was to focus on aggressive bike riders (bicycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs). The group has been endangering motorists and pedestrians throughout Charlotte. The group often rides in groups of 5-30 in various locations around the city.

Officers seized a total of two ATVs and two dirt bikes. Additionally, North Tryon Division, officers observed several subjects storing ATVs and dirt bikes in the shed behind a home and conducted a knock and talk.

One rider was identified as Joe Colombo Nguyen. (DOB 10/09/1997). Nguyen threw an unlit Molotov cocktail at officers and led them on a high speed pursuit, attempting to make the officers crash. 

Joe Colombo Nguyen Photo Courtesy MCSO

This issue is one that the Department takes *very* seriously. Officers are taking both proactive & reactive measures, taking dangerous offenders off the streets so they can no longer cause havoc on the streets of Charlotte.

CMPD also provided that Christopher Rivera, 20, was charged with felony fleeing to elude, and Marquis Massey, 23, was charged with felony fleeing, resisting an officer and reckless driving by CMPD officers on Sunday, according to authorities. 

Christopher Rivera Photo Courtesy MCSO

Marquis Massey Photo Courtesy MCSO

Police also arrested four underage teens and charged them with reckless driving last week after officers say they saw them riding scooters the wrong way and swerving in and out of traffic on North Tryon Street. One of the suspects was also charged with assault after allegedly pointing a realistic-looking airsoft gun at an upset driver, police said in a news release. 

The teens' parents were also cited in connection with contributing to delinquency and neglect.
Interesting to note that Jermaine Walker Jr. was arrested on April 19, at 9:36 PM and released at 1:22 AM and Makahi Alfayad the shooter was arrested on April 21 at 10:41 AM and released the next day at 3:56 AM. His victim remains hospitalized.

But not everyone is happy with CMPD's effort to make Charlotte's streets safer:

Ryan Pitkin with Queen City Nerve tweeted: 

"So basically police used an example of a time when someone on a bike shot someone in a car, a child on a scooter flashed an Airsoft gun, and someone on a dirt bike used a Molotov cocktail to say at the end, yes, we are going to criminalize wheelies"

It didn't take long for Pikin's effort to get 20 plus likes and some flack.." 

"For all the good coming out of QCN, the founders continue to display a fair level of douchery. Making light of a victim with a bullet in his spine; a perp firing into a vehicle; a perp caught with kilos of marijuana and fentanyl. Oh, CMPD did seize a few bikes and ATVs" - Tweeted Johnnyx17x.,

Where did I “make light” of a shooting? Point that part out to me, Johnny. I’ll wait. What I said is they’re using one thing as an excuse to do a wholly unrelated thing: making a tragic shooting into a reason to seize bikes from kids who do wheelies in Uptown." Retorted Pitkin.

Then he doubles down:

Hah, I've met a lot of these kids. They're no gang members. Not even close. Keep believing what the police want you to believe, though. They've never had any reason to lie to the public.

CP's Take: Yeah they look like fine young gentlemen to me SMDH. 

But you tell me, just kids as Pitkin says or felons heading for a life of crime and eventual sudden violent end to their lives?

Cedar Update: Nguyen was released by MCSO Wednesday night after a court hearing on the 11 charges he is facing. 

Yesterday afternoon Jermaine Walker was re-arrested and processed on the additional charges of AWDWIKISI and DISCHARGING FIREARM INTO OCCUPIED PROPERTY. He'll have a bond hearing later this afternoon.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Charlotte Panhandlers a Blight on Society

They are everywhere. 

Woodlawn, Tyvola, Providence, Highway 51, 485, and 77. 

They on the concrete median and in the planting strips. They wobble into traffic and some wander between cars. About every tenth car rolls down the window and hands over nicely folded cash just so they can here a fake God Bless You.

And that little bit of green is enough to keep them coming back day after day. 

No less than a two dozen panhandlers were "working" Providence Road between Weddington and Fairview Road this morning at 9:30. 

But heaven forbid you speak out about the blight, the trash, the hazard to themselves and drivers. 

Nextdoor angrily proclaims "Posting about homelessness? Public shaming has no place on Nextdoor."

But if want to rage about the neighbor's landscape crew running a leaf blower at 8:00 am on a Saturday by all means have at it.

Seems being WOKE is good but being Woken is not. 

Got it complain about someone working that's ok but post about homeless pandandlers errr I mean "unhoused neighbors" why you're racist!

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles who just so happens to be about as useless as a white crayon, is all about Charlotte needing more afforable housing.

But here are the facts:

The national unemployment rate is at 3.6% North Carolina is 3.5% and South Carolina is 3.4% McDonald's is offering a $500.00 bonus and $15.00-$20.00 per hour. 

While some apartments are as much at $1,875.00 in Southend for one bedroom units there are two bedroom duplex apartments for $1,275.00 just down the street from the Arboretum. 

Charlotte's median price home is nearly 35% below Buffalo New York and nearly 1//2 that of Boston. If Charlotte is to expensive look next door at Gastonia where rent is typically 50% of Charlotte. 

The panhandlers break down into two groups professional hustlers:

Why work a real job when you can take in $40-$80 an hour standing in traffic? Seriously you earn a six figure income and file the IRS-EZ-1040 each year in April get child credits and if in 2020 and 2021 a stimulus check.  

and druggies:

This poor souls need a quick fix and South Charlotte drivers are suckers for a cardboard sign. Then they sleep if off at the Wells Fargo on Providence Road. 

Few very very few are actually homeless victims, down on their luck. 

And a few of them are just crazy violent like the one who attacked a woman mid-morning at the Providence Road CVS on Easter Sunday.

The black male suspect stole her car and purse and left her laying in the parking lot. Today she's recovering from two black eyes, staples in her head, a broken nose and a facial fracture. 

The homeless thug was arrested in Ashville and will be transported back to Charlotte later this week. Expect that DA Merriweather and the local judiciary will release him on a no-cash bail so he can prey on other residents within 24 hours.

To all those bleeding heart liberal idiots who roll down their car windows and give these people money - this is totally on you.

Friday, April 22, 2022

3 Murders In Charloot and It's Not Even The Weekend!

Life is cheap and murder is easy in Charloot just ask the families of young Black men and women. 

But it is not just Charlotte, a gunman opened fire in a Brooklyn subway, wounding 10 people and injuring several others. A mall shooting in Columbia South Carolina wounded 10. A gang shootout in Sacramento killed six and wounded 12 more. New Orleans reported its bloodiest weekend in 10 years.

And 3 homicides in Charlotte in 24 hours.

How is CMPD combating this rise in violent crime?

They put out a flashing road sign asking people to not road rage on Rea Road.

And then there's this video of a shooting by two thugs at some random apartment complex:

CMPD Detective Rick Smith is trying but Crime Stoppers is an abysmal failure. Videos like this are released with limited information and weeks after a crime has been committed. The Crime stoppers web site hasn't been updated in two years. It is just for show like the road rage sign.

So what about Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles?

She's she's stuck on BLM:

And still championing the Patron Saint of the African American Community George Floyd. 

Yes, sadly VI Lyles is just following Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot's playbook and will just continue to pretend that crime and murders of young people daily is normal.

Car Jacking at a South Charlotte CVS on Providence Road on Easter Sunday is anyone surprised? 

The shooting death of 18-year-old, Jayla Barrett last week in Mint Hill.

A shooting uptown on Church Street.

An armed robbery suspect arrested and released four hours later?

And what is important to Vi Lyles George Floyd?

Across the country murders have spiked nearly 40 percent since 2019, and violent crimes, including shootings and other assaults, have increased as well but why?

On the West Coast LA's liberal mayor and Orange County government leaders determined that racism was to blame for a disproportional number of poor African Americans being arrested (72% of all arrests) for not paying commuter rail fares on the LA Metro Rail System. 

So they instituted a no-arrest policy and replaced the transit police with transit ambassadors. Sound familiar? The ambassadors randomly asked riders if they paid a fare and if they understood the honor system. They additionally they asked general demographic questions. 

Not surprisingly they found that 78% of those who said they did not pay a fare even though they knew that a fare was required were poor African Americans.  Surprised? You shouldn't be. 

The LA Metro Rail System lost 1.8 Billion last year.

The Charlotte Observer released a story last year accusing CMPD of being racist, because a "disproportional" number of African Americans are arrested for traffic violations when compared to other members of the community. 

The New York Times cited the "number" of incarcerated Black men in prison as a need for justice and prison reform. The uproar over the number of incarcerated African American men in prison is understandable. But the cause is not racism rather it is acceptance of criminality as a lifestyle by the African American community. 

Now that we have decriminalized being a criminal why is everyone surprised that thugs can shoot up a mall wounding 10 people and then be released back on the street in 24 hours?

Crime is out of control in Charlotte because we release the criminals back onto the streets because we don't want to be accused of being racist. 

Wake up Charlotte crime is out of control because we are not arresting and incarcerating those who are committing the crimes. PERIOD!

Monday, April 18, 2022

Jasmine Horne Mistaken By CMPD for Jaselyn Horne

Jaselyn Horne Photo Courtesy of MCSO

Jasmine Horne Photo Courtesy of WFAE

After the WFAE and other ran stories about Jasmine Horne's ongoing complaint about CMPD Officers and the findings of the sham Citizen's Review Board. CMPD issued this statement via Twitter:

In response to the Citizen Review Board’s decision on Tuesday to conduct a full evidentiary hearing on May 12th regarding the Horne matter, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department maintains that officers acted in good faith with the information they had as they searched for a very dangerous individual wanted for attempted murder. 

On Sunday, June 13, 2021, an Assault with a Deadly Weapon incident took place in the 500 block of West Cama Street in the Westover Patrol Division. An adult male had suffered life-threatening stab wounds and reported to officers that it had been a known female suspect who had stabbed him numerous times. With information provided to the investigating officers by the victim, the officers developed a suspect name of Jasmine Horne. 

During the course of the investigation, the name of Jasmine Horne and a vehicle associated with the name of Jasmine Horne was entered into the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's License Plate Reader system. 

On Monday, June 14, 2021, the License Plate Reader system monitored a hit in the Metro Patrol Division for the vehicle associated with the name of Jasmine Horne. This information was provided to the Metro Patrol Division over the radio. Metro Division Officers located the vehicle parked in the 2700 block of Englehardt Street with Jasmine Horne inside of the vehicle. 

Jasmine Horne was handcuffed and detained in a patrol vehicle that was on scene. Jasmine Horne continued to be cooperative, compliant, and assisted in the investigation. Through continued investigation by the officers, it was determined that Jasmine Horne was not the suspect in the ADW from West Cama Street. 

 Jasmine Horne was released on scene within 15 minutes of her first being placed in handcuffs. Jasmine Horne did not report any injuries as a result of this interaction, and she did not have any apparent injuries. 

The officers who had detained Jasmine Horne were not injured. 

Officers of the CMPD continued the investigation into the original ADW case on West Cama Street, and were able to close the case by arresting Jaselyn Horne on Wednesday June 16, 2021 for the crime of Attempted First Degree Murder. 

 An external complaint for the misidentification and detention of Jasmine Horne was received by the CMPD. An internal investigation was conducted by the CMPD Internal Affairs Bureau. 

The actions of the officers who detained Jasmine Horne were found to be within policy of the CMPD as the officers were acting in good faith with the information that they were provided.

The once the tweet aged a little the Twitter trolls came out of the woods and the comments are insane:



CP's prior post on the CRB Sham is here.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Horne was confused with Ms. Horne. But the media's jump and the trolls effort to portray this as some sort of rouge police operation run by bunch of racist police is just nuts.

The idea that CMPD Officers would approach a white suspect differently is a flawed as the premise the Charlotte Police Officers "disproportionately arrest Black motorists" because the system is racist. 

The George Floyd experiment has left this country with a crime explosion that has become stunning in size yet politicians like Vi Lyles remain silent.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Happy Easter!

Today Good Friday I'm offering up a strong dose of Southern Style Religion.

Once Again It Is Easter.... Please be seated.

Years back, when Charlotte was a lot smaller and the pace of life a lot slower, an Easter Sunrise Service was held at Providence High School.

As the headlights of two hundred or so cars streamed into the parking lot, the crimson and purple hues of the sun's first rays began to touch the far eastern corners of the Carolina horizon, while birds sang in wonderful orchestra we call nature.

It's not hard to see the hand of God on Easter Sunday in the Carolina's. Azaleas, Dogwoods, rainbow colors of flowers all in bloom and Carolina blue skies which might explain the large number of churches in the Carolinas. I think there are 87 on the Charleston Peninsula alone, I know there are twice that many in Charlotte and the biggest of which is Calvary.

Standing at the corner of Rea Road and Highway 51, Calvary is so big that it's pipe organ is second in size only to that of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. It is a big church, so big it has escalators to the two balconies.

The church was once painted a somewhat a dull shade of pink and, was nick-named by members and non-members as "The Pink Church" or the "Mary Kay Cathedral". Calvary was founded by Dr. Ross Rhodes who at the time of this Easter sunrise service was senior pastor.

Charlotte, is of course the well-known home to the famous preacher Dr. Billy Graham, and a close second to Billy Graham is Dr. Rhodes. I think Ross Rhodes could make a believer out of Satan if given the chance.

My grandmother used to tell us to sit up straight in church so that God knew we were paying attention. On this Easter Sunday, the frosty cold aluminum bleachers of Providence High School Football Stadium made certain we were all sitting up straight and paying attention.

The hot coffee and warm biscuits from Bojangles, that the Calvary volunteers handed out, helped ease the chill but it was so cold, that I soon began to plot an early exit back to my car.

I'm a morning person, most of the time and I love to watch the sunrise. Cold on the other hand I'm not nearly as fond of, so I thanked my sister who was kind enough to bring an extra blanket to sit on.

Before the small choir had finished the second verse of the first hymn, my biscuit was cold and my coffee gone.

In the faint half-light of the early dawn Dr. Rhodes rose from his seat and walked over to the podium, for all practical purposes it was still dark.

His sermon was simple….. his first words where.....

"He Has Risen!"

And with that voices came to life through the gathered crowd as these words were repeated and rose on wisps of steam from our breath which filled the cold morning air.

Dr. Rhodes continued….

"Now if this had just happened today, on this Sunday morning, we would have proof! There would be satellite trucks, and news media everywhere. Anderson Cooper would be live with eyewitnesses to interview, and there would be full page photo spreads in USA Today, the New York Times and the Charlotte Observer. There would be a "film at eleven" on television that would show the massive stone rolled aside and for the next forty days Jesus himself would hold press conferences right up until ascension.

And he would tell the world: "Hey, I'm back for I have risen!"

"But, because this single event occurred nearly 2000 years ago we don't have a film at eleven, but we do have eyewitness accounts and interviews with the Oprah of the day whose name is Mark, and his interview is right here".

And as he spoke those words, Dr. Rhodes held up his bible, the one he has carried for nearly 40 years and proclaimed.

"It says right here…" HE HAS RISEN!

With that a flock of Canada Geese flew over head no more than a dozen feet above the bleachers, winging their way no doubt to eternity and just as suddenly the sun rose above the horizon and bathed the bleachers in wonderful light and warmth that you could feel all the way through to your soul.

And I have got to tell ya ... I don't know how Ross Rhodes pulled it off, but his timing was perfect. Within an instant the chill in the air was gone as this Easter Sunday had begun.

Now years later Dr. Rhodes message, and that Easter sunrise service is still a very vivid memory.

Dr. Rhodes' message has always been simple… "Believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved" Period!

No fancy church or nearly drowning style of baptism, pilgrimage to Mecca, or giving up a certain amount of your paycheck, no course of study, no special communion, no specific number of Sunday school sessions or bible study attendance required, just one simple thing.

"Believe in the Lord Jesus and thou shalt be saved" - Just Believe!

OK I'm done preaching now go color those chicks.

Cedar's Take: Sometime around 2005 Ross and his wife Carol were returning from a missionary trip and at the same time my father and mother (Also named Carol) were returning from a 14 day vacation cruise. 

Upon arrival at Charlotte's Douglas International Airport, Dr. Rhodes discovered he had left his car keys and keys to his house in the hotel room back in Cairo 14 hours earlier.

Standing at the baggage claim he turns around to find my father. Their friendship had spanned at least two decades at that point.

As you would expect my dad would take Dr. Rhodes and his wife home and wait with them for the locksmith to arrive.

Now to non-believers this is just a coincidence - but to me this was just another example of God's Grace. 

Dr. Rhodes flight was early, my parents flight late. One flight international and other domestic. Yet they would find themselves standing shoulder to shoulder waiting for their luggage at the same baggage carousel. 

Ross Rhoads (June 20, 1932 – May 24, 2017) was an American megachurch pastor who served at Charlotte's Calvary Church based in Charlotte, North Carolina from 1973 to 1995.

Dr. Rhoads died on May 24, 2017 at the age of 85. He is survived by his wife and three children.