Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Deshawn Alfonzo Williamson Another VI Lyles No Bail Fail Murderer

Tuesday CMPD arrested Deshawn Williamson and charged him with the February 19, 2021 murder of Noah Feaster.

Deshawn Alfonzo Williamson Source MCSO

With dozens of arrests yet few convictions Deshawn Williamson has been a one man crime spree.

Finally convicted in Union County of  Felony Auto B&E (5 Counts) Larceny of firearms and Auto Theft in Union County, Williams was sentenced to 5 years supervised Probation on September 21, 2018. 

Mr. Williamson's Mecklenburg arrests total more than a dozen in 2019 alone. Charges ranged from weapons, drugs, stolen credit cards, Felony Auto B&E, and stolen cars. But the Mecklenburg County DA apparently dropped all the charges last year.

Then on the night of February 11, 2021 CMPD officers would attempt to stop Williamson. Just a simple traffic stop. Williamson took off, then after reportedly crashing his car, Williamson was arrested and charged with Fleeing to Avoid (arrest) with a motor vehicle a felony.

Booked at the MCSO Intake Center just before 11 pm that night, he would be released within minutes on an unsecured bail of $5,000.00. No Cash Bail despite being on probation and having an extensive criminal history.

Within a week he would according to the arrest warrant shoot and kill Noah Feaster, the following Friday night on Berryhill Road. 

Cedar's Take:

Its become just comical, Mecklenburg County DA Spencer Merriweather is a joke. Chief Judge Trosh is the court jester. Their "woke" agenda has turned Charlotte's streets into a killing field.

Then add WCNC's wokeness and virtue signaling. While reporting on Williamson's arrest the station then declined to broadcast or post his mug shot for the following stated reasons:

Welcome to Vi Lyes' and Braxton Winston's version of HELL Charloot!

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Coming Death of NorthLake Mall

Charloot's "Hood Mall" is on the way out. No real surpise, there but what is a surprise is how clueless Charlotte City Council has been about this pending unmitigated disaster.

It doesn't take a very astute intellectual or PhD in urban planning to see what has happened to NorthLake.

Now well on their way to foreclosure, CMPD Officers who have worked secondary at NorthLake Mall know very well their hours have been cut back as management claimed COVID required they reduce security manpower. 

The mall management hired countless uniformed security guards to battle the endless crime but the turnover costs became prohibitive. 

Shootings, fights, murders, abductions, shoplifting and armed robbery crimes are routine.

In 2013 Foot Locker was saying "Northlake Mall is the premier retail destination for the thriving affluent communities in the North Charlotte area."

But the demographics never came close to that claim, instead NorthLake became the go to destination for countless thugs and hoodrats. 

Anyone who has been to this Mall knows it is nothing more the an extension of Charloot's hood but the pace at which this happened was stunning.

Now in formal receivership after outstanding debt payments failed to be made and a mortgage associated with the property went into default. It could signal a foreclosure proceeding is to come.

According to the Charlotte Business Journal:

A lawsuit filed in Mecklenburg County last month by Wilmington Trust — serving as trustee of a commercial mortgage-backed securities trust involving four U.S. malls, including Northlake — alleges the borrower hasn’t kept up with debt payments on the properties. The loan associated with the properties went into default in late 2019.

The property is one of four malls, all of which are owned by entities affiliated with Starwood Capital Group, mentioned in the suit and packaged in the same CMBS portfolio.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Out On Vi Lyles No Bail Policy CMPD Still Searching for Homicide Suspect

CMPD is still on the hunt for Cordero Emanuel Ardrey who is wanted for the murder of 34-year-old Horace McCorey ten days ago.  

Cordero Emanuel Ardrey Photo MCSO

Police are still asking for the community's help locating Ardrey who is wanted in connection to the homicide of the 34-year-old man, who was fatally shot outside a north Charlotte lounge early Saturday morning June 11, 2021. 

Six weeks prior to shooting Horace McCorey to death, CMPD had arrested Ardrey.

On April 29, 2021 Ardery was charged with:


He was booked into the Mecklenburg County Jail at 8:03 AM the next morning and released that evening at 11:38 PM without bail despite prior convictions for:

ARMED ROBBERY 05/05/2007

And despite a more than 1/2 of dozen outstanding traffic citations for:


The conditions of Ardrey's release and dozens of other violent felons are set by Mecklenburg County Magistrates who are appointed by Chief Distract Court Judge Elizabeth T. Trosch.

Judge Trosch who succeeded Chief District Court Judge Regan A. Miller last year, is continuing his liberal "no bail" policy for minorities.

At the Chief Judge's direction Mecklenburg County Magistrates continually release violent felons with little or no bail requirements and the results are predictable.

Ardrey is one of more than two dozen violent felons released in the last two years while awaiting trial via this continuing NO BAIL policy who have committed murders and other violent crimes.  

Ardrey is still on the run. CMPD's VCAT has been unsuccessful in locating Ardrey despite several leads.  He should be considered armed and dangerous," CMPD said. "Anyone who sees Ardrey or knows his whereabouts is asked to call 9-1-1, immediately." 

CMPD said an investigation into the murder of Horace McCorey remains active and ongoing investigation, and anyone with information about the case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

Cedar's Take: Make no mistake Horace McCorey was no angel, in fact he too was out a no cash bail awaiting trial on several weapons and robbery charges. His prior convictions on weapons charges including possessing a weapon of mass destruction resulted in only probation.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Wacktivist Corinne Mack Compares Being Black to The Holocaust

During Corinne Mack's press conference on Friday, she goes on and on about everything then admits she's never been to Latta Plantation.

Describing how she wants to turn the property into housing for recently released from prison Black inmates. 

She starts by complaining about history:

"We want our story told through Black eyes." (7:32)

Then shifts to comparing Blacks Lives to the Holocaust:

"Very similar to the holocaust. 7 million Jews killed in Germany, 7 million".  (7:45)

Then claims hundreds of Millions of Black People were murdered:

"But hundreds of Millions of Black people killed (see "*" below) even to the point that we don't know how many. If you have ever gone to the museum of the Holocaust, you'll see the shoes of those taken into the gas chambers, but guess what? Black people didn't even get that dignity."(7:56)

Then she jumps back to history claiming that every building in this country was build by black hands:

We don't have any evidence of their lives, their beautiful lives on this earth and how the Black people build the buildings in this country blood sweat and tears of every building you can think of in this country. So when I think of the Confederate I think of Hate."  (8:06)

Mack went on to complain:

"There is so much happening in Mecklenburg County and most of this excludes Black People." 

Then adds a solid dose of Asian hate:

"There is not one ethnicity in this country that has not done harm to Black people even other Black people."

She also wants to teach critical race theory to five year-olds. 

And refers to Ian Campbell as a Negro. Saying that she calls people like Campbell Negro.

Typical yammering crazy talk by Corinne Mack, filled with outlandish claims and embellishments. 

But how is this hate filled person even relevant? How is the NAACP still relevant?  

Cedar's Take: For the record Dachau is in Germany. The "Museum of the Holocaust" also known as Yad Vashem is in Jerusalem, Israel. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington at one time had a display of shoes on loan from Poland about ten years ago. 

Auschwitz-Birkenau is in Poland and has a permanent display of shoes. Auschwitz is the most haunting and largest of the Holocaust Memorials and in my opinion the most troubling, Just the spur line railroad tracks that end at the camp alone are dreadful. 

Shoes have routinely been used to represent the Holocaust victims. In Budapest Hungary along the banks of the Danube there are shoes as well.

The Germans killed an estimated 2.7 Million Jews in extermination camps. Another 3.3 million were killed outside of extermination camps. The total is 6 million a number any educated person should be familiar with. SIX MILLION not SEVEN or FIVE.

Liars then to embellish every aspect of the facts when they think via some sort of mental disorder that the facts improve their position.  

I doubt Ms. Mack has been to any Holocaust memorial.

*Keep in mind there are 42 million Black Americans today, in 1790 there were around 700 thousand. That number was nearly 4 million at the start of the civil war. At the turn of the century the number was closer to 7 million. The idea that 100s of Millions of Black people being killed is just, well crazy talk. 

Friday, June 18, 2021

Tariq Scott Bokhari Defends His Anti Panhandler Initiative

Thursday Tariq Scott Bokhari took to twitter to defend his suggestion that the city create an ordinance that would make it unlawful to give to Charloot's homeless and panhandlers.

"People aren't getting it, and they're still bringing food and money and resources directly to the folks that are out there right now," Bokhari said. "They're only making themselves feel good. They're hurting the ultimate folks, perhaps we explore making that a misdemeanor" to give goods or money to the homeless or panhandlers.

It didn't go over very well with the liberal woke crowd. 

Said the City Council member via twitter late Thursday:

"What we have been doing as a community for the homeless in Charlotte, though well intentioned, isn’t producing the results we need. From tent city to aggressive panhandling, things are getting worse."

The Council member continued: 

"I wanted to inspire the task force earlier this week to think outside of the box and come up with outcome-based solutions, I was not proposing specific policy. 

My comments at Monday night’s meeting may have seemed harsh to some of you, but I believe we have to push the envelope in order for important issues to get the attention they deserve. 

My intention has never been to harm the homeless community, rather make real change and positive outcomes for them. I am grateful this week’s dialogue has put the important work of those crafting the 5-year strategy higher on our collective radar. 

My hope is that this task force looks to find synergy in our existing nonprofit and religious groups and finds a way to get this very complex issue under control. 

I’ll continue to be at any table where there is work to be done in solving homelessness. 

In the meantime, let’s use this spike of attention to get to know the organizations in our backyard providing important services needed to achieve outcomes rather than short-term band aids. Here are 5 groups you can support with your time and money. What other groups focused on outcomes would you recommend to those who feel a calling to help?" 

The truth is democrats in this city long ago turned on the bug light for the homeless and panhandlers. 

The reasons that Charlotte is a great homeless destination:

Ease of access
Lax panhandling and trespassing laws
Homeless rights that far exceed property and business owners
Countless aid operations
Zero Drug Enforcement
Bleeding Heart Society

The Panhandlers

It will be a tough challenge to convince the liberals in this city to stop falling for the actors (panhandlers) that occupy key real estate at every major intersection in South Charlotte.

But Bokhari was on the right track. 

What he missed was most panhandlers are not homeless, even if some (not many) homeless are panhandlers.

More specifically those individuals at key intersections in South Charlotte are professional panhandlers they, simply put are actors.

That "homeless vet" sign is a fraud, as is the guy with the plastic gas can. Those are props.

Make it illegal to collect donations unless you’re a legit non profit .

Watch the guys who have laid claim to I-485 and Providence Road. The location is pretty sweet. Long light delays (Thanks CLT DOT) protected areas and zero police enforcement.

They all park at either the Fresh Market or the Allen Tate Office and walk over to 485. 

Why Isn't It Illegal?

Bokhari already knows that Panhandling is unlawful and there's a grey area of what you can and can't do on a public right of way. 

You can't impede traffic, and it's also illegal after dark. Aggressive Panhandling knocking on windows yelling or anything that could be considered as verbal attacks is also reason for arrest. Trouble is if CMPD actually enforced the law officers wouldn't have time for anything else.

Why Do They Do It?

Many panhandlers claim they make an easy $200 a day for about five hours standing on the corner, all cash and few even bother to file the IRS EZ-1040.

And it feeds their drug addiction.

So Bokhari really needs to ask this question. If your kid was a heroin addict and wanted $20 for a hit of black tar heroin would you give them the $20 knowing it might kill them? 

That's really what Charlotte's Woke Liberals are doing feeding their addiction.

Mecklenburg Superior Court Judge Louis Trosch Lets Serial Killer Walk

In yet another bizarre twist of liberal judges setting free convicted killers, Michael Wayne Sherrill walked out of Raleigh's Central Prison escaping from death row on a technicality. 

From the "Local Paper":

The last man condemned to death by a Mecklenburg County jury walked off death row on Wednesday a free man.


Michael Wayne Sherrill, convicted 12 years ago for the 1984 fatal stabbing and rape of Cynthia Dotson, climbed into a truck with his brother on Wednesday evening and drove off from Central Prison in Raleigh.

Earlier in the day, the 65-year-old pleaded guilty via a video link to lesser charges in Dotson’s death during a highly unusual court hearing.

Sherrill’s freedom hinged on the discovery in April that several pieces of evidence, which could have strengthened his defense, had not been shared with his attorneys before his 2009 trial.

Sherrill’s release after more than 16 years in custody angered and dismayed two members of Dotson’s family who were in Superior Court Judge Lou Trosch’s courtroom on Wednesday, according to courtroom observers.

Under an agreement between the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office and the defense team, Trosch set aside Sherrill’s death sentence for the murder and rape of Dotson, a 23-year-old Charlotte waitress.

Instead, Sherrill pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, second-degree rape and second-degree arson. He received a new 20-year sentence.

Under the state’s previous sentencing laws, which still applied to the case, Sherrill already had served more than his expected punishment.

In previous court appearances, Sherrill had said he did not kill Dotson — even though his DNA had been found at the scene.

Among the problems cited in the consent order was a missing fingerprint taken from the scene and the fact that Charlotte-Mecklenburg police had destroyed a rape kit in 1985 with material collected from Dotson’s body, calling the handling of DNA evidence into question, according to court filings.

Prosecutors with the Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office on Thursday stressed that they still believe Sherrill killed Dotson, but they agreed to his release “in the interest of justice,” according to a written statement.

“After a thorough review of the available evidence surrounding the defendant’s allegations, the State was not in a position to confirm or disprove the defendant’s claims,” the statement from the prosecutors’ office said.

“The State remains completely convinced of the defendant’s guilt and is pleased the defendant has now accepted responsibility for his crimes by pleading guilty,” it also stated.

Defense attorney Jeremy Smith of Charlotte told the Observer that Sherrill’s case represents “an indictment of the death penalty as a whole.”

“The case has taken 16 years from when he was charged to get to this point. Because of mistakes and negligence on the part of his defense lawyers and destruction of evidence by the state — and specifically CMPD — this result happened.”

Trosch, according to an onlooker, told the two family members in court that he hoped they found some solace in the fact that Sherrill had finally admitted a role in Cindy Dotson’s death, 37 years after her murder. The woman, whose body was found in her partially burned trailer on Wilkinson Boulevard, had been raped and stabbed 13 times in the chest. And her throat was cut.

Dotson’s family could not be reached for comment Thursday. But following Sherrill’s trial in 2009, her loved ones said their 25-year wait for justice had ended.

“I had given up that my sister’s killing would ever be solved,” John Dotson told the Observer at that time.

Sherrill becomes the ninth N.C. inmate within the last year whose death sentence has been vacated, according to the Center for Death Penalty Litigation. Those sentences were set aside for a variety of reasons, including racial discrimination, juror misconduct, ineffective assistance from counsel and prosecutors’ failure to turn over evidence.

Sherrill was arrested and indicted for the killing a quarter of a century after Dotson’s death when detectives, operating under the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s new cold-case unit, said they found his DNA on a fingernail retrieved from Dotson’s body in 1984.

Sherrill in 2005 was also charged with the murders of three people killed in Charlotte eight months after Dotson died. Linda Taylor, Jackson Bostic and his 14-year-old daughter, Amy, were found beaten to death in their partially burned home off Old Pineville Road.

Sherrill’s trial judge allowed evidence from the three killings to be presented at Sherrill’s trial for the killing of Cindy Dotson. Years later, the second set of murder charges were dropped.


Up until Wednesday, Sherrill had been one of 136 people awaiting execution at Central Prison as he appealed his conviction. His departure leaves four Mecklenburg defendants on Death Row.

Sherrill’s status suddenly changed in April during a hearing in Trosch’s courtroom. Sherrill’s appeal was built primarily on claims that his trial attorneys — Deke Falls and Bill Causey — had not effectively represented him. Falls and Causey could not be reached for comment Thursday.

During questioning by Sherrill’s current lawyers about his handling of the case, Falls testified that he never received the potentially exculpatory fingerprint taken from the murder scene, observers said. Now a federal public defender in San Diego, Falls also said he did not know during the trial that rape kit evidence had been destroyed by police a year after Dotson’s death, according to observers and court filings.

Under the so-called Brady Rule, prosecutors are required to turn over several categories of evidence to the defense, including anything that points responsibility for the crime toward another suspect or casts doubt on the credibility of police.

After hearing what Falls said about the missing evidence, Trosch immediately halted the hearing, according to people in the courtroom. The defense team then told the judge they would amend their appeal to add constitutional violations of Sherrill’s due-process rights. Prosecutors said they would investigate to determine whether any Brady violations had occurred.

In the weeks that followed, attorneys from both sides agreed to a compromise: Sherrill would be freed. But he had to plead guilty to killing Dotson first.

Smith, a former prosecutor, called it a “horribly sad” situation for the Dotson family.

“This doesn’t make their pain any less real,” Smith said. “It doesn’t change the fact that they lost a family member. But ultimately justice has to be done according to the Constitution and the laws we have.”

Sherrill leaves prison as a very sick man, his lawyer said. He is being treated for advanced liver cancer.

“He’s taking life one day at a time now,” Smith said.

Sherrill had already killed Cynthia Dotson when he was convicted of another murder in in 1986. 

DNA evidence also connected Sherrill to the murders of three other people killed in Charlotte eight months after Dotson died. Linda Taylor, Jackson Bostic and his 14-year-old daughter, Amy, were found beaten to death in their partially burned home off Old Pineville Road.

Convicted of the murder and rape of Cynthia Dotson in 2009 and already sentenced to death the additional murder charges were dropped. 

While all the crimes committed by Sherrill may never be known there is the knowledge that this murderer's every move will now be noted. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Freedmen Well Not Really if Latta Plantation's Ian Campbell is Any Measure

Mecklenburg County canceled Ina Campbell's Latta Plantation on Tuesday.

Lee Jones the director of Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation told the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners that the county would not be renewing the annual contract with Latta Place, Inc. on June 30, 2020.

Jones caved to social media pressure to cancel Historic Latta Plantation and Ina Campbell. The non profit had managed the property since 1972.

District 6 Commissioner Susan Rodriguez-McDowell piled on the hate:

"This is why we need to do a racial equity audit across the report" then adding "We should be doing a deep deep dive, in all our departments".

(The horror of the cliché' "deep deep dive". Ugh!)

Cancel Culture just took Ina Campbell's life and not one commissioner objected. Not one.

Its hard being descendant of 8 generations of Southerners dating back to 1734. My mother's side of the family even before that. 

John Edmonds fought with the 26th Alabama, captured at Gettysburg, he took one look at the conditions in the Union prison camp and thought hell no. Somehow, he was given an option of swearing allegiance to the Union or waiting out the war in a Union prison. Edmonds stopped whistling Dixie right there and then.

His father was from Laurens South Carolina and the family still owns property in Laurens and Anderson Counties. Other family members were from Union and Lancaster and Guilford counties.

There are no records of any slaves owned by any family member on either side of my family.  Not surprising since most upstate farms were ill suited to mass unmechanized agriculture. 

So in the late 60s when my father inherited 600 acres of farmland in Union County he was somewhat surprised to learn the property came with a woman by the name of Ufila Johnson and her grown son Albert.

Miss Ufila Johnson was the descendant of slaves. Born around 1890 she was quick witted and a joy to be around. 

Seems Miss Ufila grew up in what we would later call the "Slave Quarters" it was down in the meadow out of sight of the main house which sat up on a hill. In fact the main house sat atop the highest elevation in Union County.

The Byrum Farm was once a busy dairy operation. When Woodrow Byrum passed away in 1965 he was widowed and had no living children and so the big house sat empty.

After his death, Miss Ufila and her son kept the farm going with the help of Tate Robinson a hired hand.

But the money ran out and the farm fell into disrepair. Soon the dairy cows were sold off. The property languished for three years, as the estate moved through probate court.

By 1967 Miss Ufila had moved into the big house. The slave quarters' roof had collapsed. 

When my father drove up the long gravel drive in the spring of 1969, I imagine is was a troubling day. White man in a fancy Carolina Blue Ford Thunderbird wearing a suit and tie.

The house was huge, in fact much like the Latta Plantation House. Wide hallways and hardwood floors. Double hung 12 light windows. French doors between the living and bedroom spaces. It had running water but the bathroom was an outhouse and the water was only in the kitchen which was really just part of the screened-in porch.

My father spoke at length to Miss Ufila and her son that day. They reached an agreement with my father were they could stay as long as they desired. I don't know the terms or any of the reasoning behind the agreement.

They never paid rent yet looked after the property and took care of much that came about.

The next ten years are a blur. It wasn't until I was maybe 12 when I began to understand Miss Ufila and what she represented. 100 years after the civil war she was still part of that past.

She was a fixture in my childhood. To this day just thought of her makes me smile. Miss Ufila could snatch up a chicken, take its head off with and axe and have in a pot of boiling water in ten seconds or less and do it in one smooth motion. 

A minute a later she was pulling the final feathers off the headless bird. To this day Chick Fil A doesn't really do anything for me.

But let me tell you something.

All this aghast and hate about the South and Jim Crow and systemic racism and oppressed people and how the word Plantation is racist and on and on......

Is really narrow minded and embarrassing.  

I would come to learn that her father was a freed man but stayed with the family that owned his father. Not much had changed in the rural south by the time 1970 rolled around. People got along no matter what their color, they took care of each other as God and the land provided. 

They simply lived and worked as they had done for generations. 

Ufila Johnson's father was no more free than his father was because he was chained to the land. This was their life and so it became his daughter's.

The Byrum Farm became Brigadoon Farm. The dairy operation was replaced with a cow calf operation thanks to the Dickerson Family and Sally Mac Farms. Polled Hereford said the Brigadoon sign.

The "Slave Quarters" ended up on the walls of an uptown Charlotte restaurant.

The Byrum Home and Barn today are gone but the weather vane I still have.  

I'm telling you this because Ian Campbell couldn't tell you about Latta Plantation's story. But I imagine its is much the same.

The rural South was not a changed culture in 1865, there was no Juneteenth celebration. Life wasn't easy before and it wasn't easy after.  

Yet so much has been lost to cancel culture, this sort of hate, that even this story will be pointed out as racist and an attempt to glorify the south's racist past. 

So be it. I've got a chicken on the grill ya'll have a good night.



Sunday, June 13, 2021

Latta Plantation Takes on Myopic Idiots Vi Lyes and Ryan Pitkin WBTV et al.

Nothing is more repulsive to this life long Charlotte resident than myopic idiots piling on one of Mecklenburg County's most cherished landmarks, screaming about "white privilege'" and "systemic racism" before they even understand the facts.   

Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles who has yet to address the endless violence in our city, was quick to jump on the "Burn Down the Plantation Movement" started by pseudo journalist Ryan Pimpkin late last week.

Said Lyles:

In response, the Historic Latta Plantation released this statement:

 Statement Regarding ‘Kingdom Coming’ Event

 Many times I have stopped at Tuskegee University in Tuskegee Alabama to visit  the Lifting the Veil of Ignorance Monument. It is a tribute to Booker T. Washington  who founded Tuskegee University. The inscription I love the most is "he lifted the  veil of ignorance from his people and pointed the way to progress through education  and industry." The statue portrays Booker T. Washington lifting a veil of ignorance  from a frightened slave, who is crouched on a plow and anvil depicting tools of  agriculture and holding a book, which represents education. Washington sought to  bring a better life to his people through education. As Chief Plenty Coups said,  “education is your most powerful weapon. With education, you are the white man’s  equal; without education, you are his victim, and so shall remain all your lives.”  

 I, Ian Campbell, as an American man of African descent and the new site  manager at Historic Latta Plantation, will lift the veil of ignorance. Under my  leadership, the Latta staff will assist in this educational endeavor. With the little  information that we have about Latta Plantation, also known as Riverside, the stories  of those enslaved as well as freedmen will be told. This new narrative will also  include the stories of other enslaved men, women, and children on many other  plantations in the United States. It will also include the stories of those enslaved and  free before, during, and after the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Mexican  American War, the American Civil War and Reconstruction.

 For decades Historic Latta Plantation has been focused on two time periods in  American history, the American Revolution and the Civil War. That is changing,  Latta will now focus on the period of reconstruction as well. Most people have  forgotten about this period in our American history. Most educators as well as most  of the general public skip this section and move on to the 1900’s or the civil rights  movement. Many of the racial issues that we face today are linked to slavery and  reconstruction. Just recently, for the first time in their lives, many people just  acquired knowledge of the Tulsa Race Massacre. History is not just about one-time period or one group of people. The program “Kingdom Coming” was created by  myself, with the help of others. I, Ian Campbell, Site Manager of Historic Latta  Plantation take full responsibility for its content entirely! To the masses on social  media and politicians, no apology will be given for bringing a unique program to  educate the public about former slaves becoming FREE!  

 The Confederacy will never be glorified, white supremacy will never be glorified,  plantation owners, white refugees or overseers will never be glorified. What will be  commemorated is the story of our people who overcame being snatched from their  loved ones in Mother Africa and taken to a new and strange land. To work from can  see to can’t see from birth to death. The fact that they survived and we are here and  continue to thrive and prosper will be glorified. 

 Swing Low Sweet Chariot was used to represent freedom on earth from plantation  owners. “What profit has a man from all his labor in which he toils under the sun?”  Ecclesiastes 1:3. The profits of these freedmen would go into their pockets and not the  pockets of their owners. To tell the story of these freedmen would be pointless if the  stories of others were not included. Many of you may not like this but, their lives  were intertwined, the stories of massa, the Confederate soldiers, the overseer, the  displaced white families. How would we know how the enslaved became free or  what their lives were like before freedom came? It didn’t happen with the stroke of a  pen. Federal troops came across many of these plantations to enforce federal laws and  many of the owners fled. What they couldn’t take with them they left behind, this  included many of their enslaved property. Considered offensive for today, the song  Kingdom Coming, The Year of Jubilo highlights the perceived enslaved view point.  The core point of this program was overlooked by scores of people.  

 Those formerly enslaved are now freedmen and have taken over the massa’s house, the house they toiled in seven days a week or in many cases on other  plantations even built. They are now living high on the hog, bottom rail on top massa.  They now control their own destiny, they have the right to decide on what they want  to do with their lives, not the plantation owner! This is what made the white  supremacist of the period mad, a former slave on equal footing with whites. The right  to get legally married, the right to sign a labor contract on their terms and conditions, the right to an education, also having children without fear of them being sold down the river.  

 The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, simply known as the  Freedmen’s Bureau, enforced many of these laws to the dismay of the white  population. All this was part of what was called reconstruction. History is not always  pretty, Juneteenth was chosen because it means freedom to many and it was a time to  celebrate and be joyful. With current events that are ongoing, America is still in  reconstruction. We have to know where we come from to understand where we are  going. It was painful, it still is painful, we have to honor our ancestors for the sake of  those that will be conceived.  

 However, freedom didn’t come in 1865 when General Gordon Grainger  announced General Order Number 3 in Galveston, Texas. Many enslaved people  began to steal themselves away when the abhorrent practice of slavery was brought to  the Americas. As Union troops occupied the south and plantations early in the war,  freedom came for many of the enslaved before Juneteenth, this included cities such as  New Orleans and plantations on both sides of the mighty Mississippi. Many people  complained about Historic Latta not doing anything for Juneteenth. Then when I  create a unique event to highlight our successful struggle out of slavery, there is  backlash from many who have never visited our historical site. William T. Sherman  had a dislike for the media of his day.

 I understand what he may have been going through. I by no means will let this  deter me and the vision of lifting the veil of ignorance. The event was canceled due to  security concerns for volunteers and staff. The media’s corps of yellow journalist had  a perfect opportunity to educate, however, they chose to whip the public into a frenzy,  it worked. “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an  opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel. In regards  to social media, Chief Justice John Roberts said “in our age, social media can instantly  spread rumor and false information on a grand scale.”  

 It was not until after the social media frenzy that Latta received numerous emails  and phone calls about the event. I also received a phone call from Vi Lyles, the mayor  of Charlotte. As long as I have been at Historic Latta Plantation as a volunteer, then as  a part-time employee, then as the education coordinator, then as the interpretive farm  manager, then as site manager, I have never seen Vi Lyles, the Mayor of the great city  of Charlotte visit our site or any other influential and prominent government officials.  The same applies to NPR, WBTV, the Charlotte observer et al. This applies to some of  those citizens in the community that have been offended. Your opinions and concerns  

have been respectfully noted. However, after reading this, many of you will still be  offended, some will be supportive, thank you. 

 In closing, my job will be to continue to educate. Historic Latta Plantation’s  narrative will be to give a voice to our ancestors enslaved and as freedmen who were  denied a voice. We will speak for them in a compassionate, accurate, and sensitive  manner.  

Ian Campbell 

Site Manager 

Historic Latta Plantation

Ian Campbell

Campbell was defending this program that he personally created:

A program that many without knowing the creator or the content piled on to condemn. Many of these same people suggesting via Twitter that it was "time to burn down the Plantation". 

Of course some of Charlotte's classic idiots like Vilma Leake piled on as well as unexpected ones like Dianne Gallagher. 

Said the CNN correspondent re-posting the Mayor's above tweet:

"The Mayor of Charlotte, refencing this incredibly offensive event description posted (now removed) by the Latta Plantation in Huntersville for Juneteenth."

Then she added:

"It's literally so bad I thought it was fake" when I first saw the Ryan Pimpkim tweet of a screen grab. "But it was really on their site."

Apparently even the word "Plantation" is upsetting to dozens including Sada Morrison (@baccabtuscany) who tweeted "I've come to despise the word plantation and now use the word estate in place."

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Another Nut With A Weapon Police Hold Their Fire

 Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say a suspect is now in custody after a several hours-long standoff early Saturday morning with SWAT officers and an armed man barricaded in a house in Matthews.

Officers say they arrived at the scene on Mill Valley Court in Matthews, N.C. at 4 a.m., after receiving multiple 911 calls for shots fired.

Officers say when they arrived, the front door was open and they announced themselves in.

The suspect came down the stairs at this point, and officers say when they asked to see his hands, the suspect showed officers a firearm before discharging multiple rounds.

Officers say they moved quickly into positions of cover, established a perimeter, and called SWAT Team officers as well as negotiators to help them de-escalate the situation.

Police say after several hours of attempted negotiations, SWAT deployed non-deadly irritants into the house to disorient the suspect.

Officers say they were able to take the suspect into custody shortly before 11 a.m.

Police say the name of the suspect will be released after he is formally charged.

No officers were injured or used firearms during this incident.

Cedar's Take:

Well good the suspect was not neutralized. He should have been. Police are afraid to return fire and that's not a good precedence because the nut cases already think they can shoot at the police and nothing will happen. Now the family members will use this and last week's SWAT  response as the "way it should be". Yet every situation is different. Still the general public and your city council doesn't see it that way. 

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Christopher Bailey Thug No Longer on the Run

Mecklenburg County Sherriff's Office records show that Christopher Bailey was booked at the intake center at 10:39 last night. Charged with First Degree Kidnapping and assault on a Female.

Jada Latimer was found safe and is now with her family.

Photo Courtesy MCSO June 9, 2021

Bailey was the subject of a city while manhunt that begin mid-day Wednesday June 9, 2021.

Photo Courtesy MCSO December 5, 2018

He's a violent armed felon with prior arrests for violence against women and now charged in the disappearance of 18 year old Jada Lanise Latimer.

Jada Lanise Latimer Undated Family Provided Photo

Bailey is facing charges of first degree kidnapping and assault on a female. 

So concerned for her safety, CMPD issued a rare call for the public's help in locating Latimer.

But Bailey's troubles don't start there, his history of violence has been well documented yet he was released from Garry McFadden's Mecklenburg Residence Inn back in December of 2020 after being charged with violation of the his probation.  No bail no monitoring.

The probation order stems from a December 2, 2018 shooting. Bailey was tracked down and arrested on December 5, 2018 held until December 12, 2018 when he was released.

Photo Courtesy MCSO April 11, 2019

While awaiting trail Bailey was arrested again, on  April 11, 2019 this time for Assault on a female and receiving stolen goods. He was released within an hour.

At trial on August 6, 2019 he was convicted of AWDWIKISI and the attempted murder charge was dropped.  He was sentenced to 45 days and  2 years probation. He was released on September 27, 2019.

On December 3, 2020 he was arrested and charged with Carrying a Concealed Weapon, Possession of a Firearm by Felon, Possessing a Stolen Firearm, and drug charges. He was released the next day, again no bail.

Photo Courtesy MCSO December 3, 2020

On December 14, 2020 he was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon-Serious Injury and was released four hours later.

Photo Courtesy MCSO December 14, 2020

On December 14, 2020 he was also charged violation of the terms of his probation.

Upcoming Court  Dates 

July 15, 2021 - AWDWIKISI, Probation Violation
July 21, 2021 - Hit & Run - Traffic 
August 10, 2021 Expired Registration, No Inspection, No Address Change - Traffic
October 12, 2021 Red Light Violation - Traffic
October 12, 2021 Factious Tag Registration, No Liability Insurance
October 12, 2021 No Seatbelt, Failure to Surrender Tag or Registration

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

A Couple of "Clowns" Break-In to Thomas Davis' Garage

If you live in South Charlotte you are used to seeing Thomas Davis running down Rea Road in his very noticeable lime green McLaren. Apparently that may be no more.

The former Carolina Panthers star Davis posted videos and photos on Instagram of two men who broke into his home and wrecked one of his prized collector cars.

“If any of you recognize either one of these idiots that decided it was good idea to come into my home and go through all of my cars and even steal and wreck my McLaren." 

“I’m offering a cash reward for anyone that can help identify who these guys are!” the retired NFL star posted to his 229,000 followers on  Insta Gram Tuesday morning.

The thieves wrecked the McLaren 720S at about 5:30 a.m., less than a mile from the home of Davis and his wife, Kelly, in the gated Stratford on Providence neighborhood in Weddington, Union County Sheriff Eddie Cathey said in a news release.

Deputies recovered the car at the scene. The car might have crashed into a “getaway vehicle” in which the suspects fled, the sheriff said.

Neither Davis nor the sheriff’s office gave the year of the McLaren 720S. A used 2020 version sells for up to $297,000, according to, the online car pricing and review site.

A neighbor called the Davises about their wrecked car, Cathey said.

The thieves rummaged through several unlocked cars in the Davis family’s driveway and may have stolen two firearms from one of the unlocked cars, according to the sheriff. The firearms haven’t been found, he said.

“The investigation remains active and detectives are continuing to search for video surveillance footage,” Cathey said.

Cedar's Take:

Obviously they no longer teach Criminology 101 at CMS because that would be racist. But maybe they should teach criminality instead, you know, how to be a crook?.

The first lecture:

1. Don't try to steal from a really well known famous person in a town not know for really well known famous people.

2. Don't steal a Lambo or a Ferrari opt for the less obvious attention grabbing Audi A6.

3. Whatever you do don't crash into your get-away car.

These two geniuses should star in a comedy spin-off of Fast and Furious. Call it Slow and Stupidest. Two black homies hired to steal a McLaren from unknown to them an angry killer Colombian drug boss who is under surveillance by the feds. 

But it turns out the Feds are also the ones who hired these two clowns after they bragged about how they have pulled off sensational heists around the world.  

The Feds need the 1/4 million dollar car to prove a connection to a series of homicides .

and so on.

And Then There's This....

Police in Gwinnett County are looking for the man who walked into a Stone Mountain car dealership late last month, took this car for a test drive and never came back. 

Oddly enough this same car or at least one just like it  has been seen around South Charlotte just recently. Seems the local Crown Vic is being driven by an employee of a tree service or landscape company.

The stolen Ford Crown Vic is a 2011 model. 

GCPD Detectives can be reached at 770-513-5300,

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Bag It Up Charloot! Body Count Stands at 45

From The Local Paper:

There have been 45 homicides so far this year, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said, compared to 35 killings at this same point a year ago.

CMPD anticipates an increase in homicides during the summer months because that is what has happened in previous years. But the department remains “cautiously optimistic” that each year will be better than the last, police Lt. Bryan Crum told the Observer.

“The summertime really will kind of tell where we’re headed,” he said.

Comparing the homicide counts to last year is “kind of hard” because the COVID-19 pandemic played a factor in peoples’ willingness to go outside and gather, Crum said. “I don’t think anybody really knows what to expect,” he said.

People will have the opportunity to run into one another more compared to last year, so there’s “obviously more opportunity for there to be friction between people,” Crum said.

While the number of homicides has increased, Crum said the public should take into account that some cases under review may end up being justified. He said he doesn’t have a clear reason for the increase, but believes minor arguments becoming deadly is a driving factor.


Homicide suspects are becoming younger, which Crum said is a continued trend. He said CMPD has already charged more young people in 2021 than in prior years.

This year CMPD has charged 25 people ages 13 to 24 for murder, compared to 18 a year ago, Crum said.

“Typically that age range is the 18- to 35-year-old demographic, and we’re seeing a shift more towards the mid-teens (or) 15-to-24 age range,” he said. “I think that’s concerning.”

Police are seeing minor disagreements escalate to violence, which Crum said has to do with “youthful decision-making.”

“The way that we make decisions as a young teen, or even in our late teens, is very different than as an adult. I think it’s a lot of that impulsiveness,” he said. “Things that may have been resolved with neighborhood fistfights have escalated to guns.”

When shootings involving younger suspects happen, Crum said a lot of them don’t even remember why they got into a disagreement.

The ages of homicide victims are roughly on par with what CMPD has seen in past years, which is in the 18- to 34-year-old age range, Crum said.


CMPD is working with the city of Charlotte and community members on violence interruption and finding new solutions to impact homicide numbers, Crum said.

“I think anybody who’s got a good idea, it’s worth trying,” he said.

Last week, the city unveiled the name for its violence interruption program. The Alternatives to Violence program will hire and train community members from violence-stricken neighborhoods to try to stop violent acts before they happen and prevent recurrences.

“If somebody comes to us, to the city, or into the communities, the police department’s certainly going to be supportive,” Crum said.

Although the city will hire violence interrupters, Crum said it’s important for everyone to interrupt violence, especially if it involves a friend or family member.

Reaching youths is another objective for CMPD, and Crum said the reopening of the department’s Youth Envision Academy could be a step in the right direction.

The Youth Envision Academy is an eight-week summer program that offers paid internships to troubled youths age 15 to 18 so they can get to know their community and participate in group activities like kayaking.

“Any program that really provides the youth with some hope, and allows them to see the kinds of things they maybe weren’t normally exposed to, are really beneficial,” Crum said. “It’s really important that we reach those kids at a young age and try to help them find a different direction with their life.”

Cedar's Take:

Pity the local paper - A story like this would normally get 100 comments but 12 hours later zero. Part of the reason is the endless spam and popup ads. 

So its posted here so you can read it and because it is good work by Jonathan Limehouse. 

Except his good work doesn't dare tread on the obvious causes.

But I will

1. The African American Community has become a culture of violence, embracing criminality and gun play.

2. Our criminal justice system in Charlotte is run by African Americans see above.

3. Their liberal ideology has created a system of zero consequences for violent offenders. 20 years ago a teen with priors would see a prison sentence of 20 years or more for shooting into a occupied auto or home. Today it is probation, worse case it might include some litter pick up on the interstate.

4. These same politicians fear of being voted out of office by the same people who elected them based solely on their skin color if they don't accept No. 1. 

5. The fear of being arrested is non-existent in fact a mugshot is something to brag about.

6. Of 45 murders victims only one was white.

7. Of 45 murder victims 38 had prior arrests 32 for weapons and crimes of violence.

8. Of the 25 charged with murder (see above) 15 had violent priors and that's not counting the 13-17 year olds whose priors are not available. 

9. The belief that young offenders just need a chance and counseling. That they are somehow just going through a stage or just made bad choices. Bull Shit you can't rehabilitate violent offenders (see above). 

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Demont Forte Released Again

Last Thursday Demont Forte was released pending an August 30, 2021 trial date. 

Demont Forte 5/24/2021 Courtesy MCSO

MCSO states that Mr. Forte, a guest resident of the Meck County Sheriff's Office, was released from the general population after posting bail on Thursday May 27, 2021.

Cellphone video of Mr. Forte's attack on the female motorist went viral back in April and he'll have to answer for those charges on September 1st. 

Violation of the conditions of being released pre-trial are pretty straight forward - don't get arrested. Which sadly Mr. Forte has excelled at. 

The next hearing date on the weapons and drug charges is August 30, 2021 

Meck County DA's Habitual Felon team is handling Mr. Forte's case.

Antoine Debold Arrested After Shooting At CMPD Officers

An armed suspect has been taken into custody following a shooting and more than two hour long standoff in Steele Creek area Wednesday afternoon. 

The suspect identified as Antoine Debold has been charged with numerous crimes including 3 counts of attempted murder, 3 counts of Assault on a law enforcement officer with a firearm, Assault on  a Female and Possession of Firearm by Felon. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said their SWAT Team responded to a barricaded suspect in the 13500 block of Little Abbey Lane in Steele Creek around 1:45 p.m. 

The area is known as Bexley Steelcroft apartments and is located behind the Jim and Nicks Barbeque and the Harris Teeter on South Tryon Street.

According to CMPD, officers were responding to a 911 call regarding an ongoing domestic violence situation when an unknown occupant fired several rounds through the front door at officers. 

CMPD said their officers moved back, took cover, but did not return fire. 

No officers were shot or injured during the incident. 

The scene was ‘very active’ for about two hours, CMPD said. 

A member of their team was on the phone with the suspect before talking him into surrendering and the man was taken into custody peacefully. 

South Tryon and Steelecroft Parkway were temporarily closed during this time.

Monday, May 31, 2021

Rough Weekend To Be A Woman In Charloot

Its been a rough weekend to be a woman in Charloot, in total police responded to 17 domestic violence calls, including two homicides.

According to CMPD a woman identified as 21-year-old Sherlyn Drew was shot and killed in north Charlotte early Monday morning. The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. on Twin Brook Drive near Gibbon Road. Police say they responded to an assault with a deadly weapon call and found the woman with a gunshot wound. Medic pronounced her dead at scene. 

CMPD says they’re investigating the case as a homicide.

Earlier during the weekend two people were arrested following the death of a woman in east Charlotte Saturday afternoon. 

Police responded to a welfare check on Biscayne Drive and found 29-year-old Ashly Marie Marquez dead. After gathering evidence, police identified 30-year-old June Kennard Brantley and 31-year-old Troy Ricardo Privette Jr. as the suspects. 

June Kennard Brantley

Troy Ricardo Privette Jr.

Brantley has been charged with first-degree murder and concealing a death. Privette has been charged with accessory after the fact (murder) and concealing a death.

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Kamala Harris "Enjoy The Long Weekend" aka Memorial Day Weekend

Lost on The Vice President Kamala Harris and much of "Libtard" America is not just the meaning of Memorial Day, but how we got here and at what price.

While the NY Post said this of her official tweet:

Vice President Kamala Harris drew heat online Saturday for telling Americans to “enjoy the long weekend” — which ends with a national day of mourning.

Harris tweeted the celebratory words Saturday afternoon, alongside a picture of herself smiling. She did not mention Memorial Day, the upcoming federal holiday reserved for honoring military members that have died protecting the US.

Most of the main stream media ignored the classic Biden style gaff.

Perhaps main stream media needs to look within their own ranks and to the past. There they might find that the words of a real journalist, Ernie Pyle are Important:

"They never gave an inch," a general says. "They died right in their foxholes."

I heard of a high British officer who went over this battlefield just after the action was over. American boys were still lying dead in their foxholes, their rifles still grasped in firing position in their dead hands. And the veteran English soldier remarked time and again, in a sort of hushed eulogy spoken only to himself:

"Brave men. Brave men."

Dispatch from Ernie Pyle Northern Tunisia April 22, 1943 the full read is here.