Monday, August 8, 2022

Jump Out Boyz

Is it time to bring back the infamous "Jump Out Boyz" ?

Some within CMPD think so.

"Who are the Jump Out Boys? The Jump Out Boys are a gang of deputies within the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. The clandestine brotherhood allegedly takes pride in aggressive policing, the shootings of mostly Latino and black gang members, loyalty to one another and street justice." LA Times

Back in the days of the West Side Crips and Bloods, the Hidden Valley Kings not to mention biker gangs like the Outlaw MC that plagued the West Boulevard and northeast of the city the Jump Out Boyz were legendary. 

Unmarked police rolling down the Blade, four or more of them in each single large tint-windowed SUV or van with no back windows, waiting for a vice officer to confirm having positively identified a target — a prostitute, pimp, dealer, or someone with an outstanding warrant or who was banned by the courts from the area for previous prostitution or drug activity — or, after seeing such activity taking place or identifying a known suspect themselves as they go by, they roll up to the target(s), quickly stop and all jump out to arrest/search/question or otherwise harass everyone involved. - Urban Dictionary

This élite gang interdiction unit ruled and nothing got in their way. The basic concept was fear via community policing. No Knock Warrants were just No Knock No Warrants.

Crime not only didn't pay it could be really painful and inconvenient. The Jump Out Boyz made being a criminal a risky profession even when the marked Five-O units were not around.

Going to jail was the least of the thugs concerns, in fact many would just turn themselves in and confess to their crimes rather than getting picked up by the Jump Out Boyz.

When Five-O rolled up and  asked: "Can I trust you?" It was a sign things were going to get interesting. The Jump Out Boyz made Good Cop Bad Cop tag teams look like boy scouts.

When the Jump Out Boyz caught you they always made it clear  - You were never being "arrested" you were "just going for a ride". 

The handcuffs were "for your protection" but as a courtesy they'd cuff your hands in front. Now you would think having your hands out front would be a good thing. Once you were "Stuffed" into the rear on those old Crown Vic Ford's you'd realize that  "watch you head" was not a concern but a statement of what to expect next.

Many a thug made the mistake of thinking they were building a rapport with the arresting officer, only to realize that the arresting officer wasn't the one holding your warrant or driving the Crown Vic. 

Cuffed, Stuffed, Cramped and Slammed. They'd skip the seat belt and the ride was on. 

They'd "Armor All" the hell out of that rear plastic bench seat, and in you'd go, before long you where heading out of town, slamming from side to side in the back of a police cruiser! 

You had all you could do to keep from smacking your head against the glass time and time again. Just when you thought the abuse was over, the voice up front would say hold on and brake check and ghost car following too close. Then just as suddenly he'd punch the accelerator and the back of your head would smack the hard plastic seat All the while the voice from the front seat would ask "you're ok right?" The ride was often so brutal that they would stop at the ER before taking you to jail.

Then there was the rumored elevator ride to the 13th floor of the law enforcement center. "Take him up to the 13th Floor he'll talk." (There is no 13th floor only a roof).

Rumors made the gang members think twice about breaking the law. 

One such unfounded rumor was that they all had matching tattoos and a cop creed seemingly promoting shootings, this of course violated the department's core values.

While there were never any indictments the department had concerns.

The Jump Out Boyz were big on theater. While the use of an unmarked van was synonymous with the operation, they often used even less obvious vehicles to take down known gang members. 

At one time a "Brown" UPS truck was put into service. Then a Charles Chips van. This made gang members suspicious and paranoid of every vehicle on the street.

Sometimes the operation was just a show of force. The idea was to have a half of dozen marked and unmarked units converge on a suspected drug house, swarm the area telling the startled occupants it was just a courtesy call. To make sure everything was alright.

While this tactic had mixed results there were some comical moments like the time when a courtesy visit departed and was well down the block before they realized they left one team member standing on the porch by himself holding only a shotgun chatting it up with the drug dealers.

As Charlotte grew so did the gang related crimes. In the late 1970's the tide began to change and the great migration to the urban north shifted with a move back to the "New South" By the late 1990s the Hidden Valley Kings became a force within Charlotte's street crime. 

When Joe Biden tells his story about "Corn Pop" and how Corn Pop was a bad dude, he may actually be talking about a street thug actually named "Korn" one of the original Hidden Valley Kings. He would die by suicide, at least that's what the ME's report said.

The Hidden Valley Kings was an offshoot of the West Bouvard Kings, once they gained in size the Hidden Valley Kings home base shifted to the Hidden Valley Neighborhood located on the city's northeast side. 

But the Kings were also the straw the broke Eastland Mall's back. 

Hidden Valley was at one time an all white middle class neighborhood of smartly cared for homes and Scott's "Weed and Feed" fertilizer yards. During the sixties and seventies the area prospered and grew with stores restaurants and green well manicured lawns.

Eastway connected the area to Charlotte Country Club and Garinger High School. The school was built to replace the ageing Central High School and was designed in a open and contemporized style. The first graduating class was 100% white and reflected the demographics of the area at the time.

Central Avenue intersected with Eastway Drive and ran out to the modern Eastland Mall. When Eastland Mall opened in 1975 and was at the time the largest indoor mall in the Carolinas. The center piece was a full sized skating rink. Located in the "basement" the entire ice rink was visible from mall both floors above that encircled the arena.

The Lake Apartments on nearby Albemarle Road was were all the hip singles lived. Both Jay Thomas and Robert Murphy (Well known Radio DJ's of the time) had apartments in the complex. One of Arista Records producers lived in the complex so the swag and back stage passes to touring acts flowed non stop. 

Then in the late 70's developers swarmed to WT Harris area and built thousands of apartment units. The re-zoning for over 100 parcels of land was made possible by Charlotte City Council with little discussion. But by the 1980's the area was overrun with empty apartments, declining rental rates and was fast becoming a low income housing mecca. 

The 80's also brought crime to the Lake Apartments with murders and arson, white flight from similar neighborhoods like Hidden Valley was rapid and as the gangs moved in the violence was overwhelming . By 2000 these once pristine neighborhoods had become a waste land.

Strip-malls along Central, Eastway and Albemarle road started closing and Eastland held on as best it could. Restaurants, Charlies, Steak and Ale, The Fog Cutter, White Horse, and so many other gone.

Then on November 28, 2005, members of the Hidden Valley Kings ran into a rival drug dealer named "Juan Lawrence" who refused to pay "taxes" at Eastland Mall. 

After a shootout in the mall's food court, the victim managed to escape. Later that night, the Kings lured Lawrence into a local motel on North Tryon Street as they attempted to ambush him. Once again, Lawrence managed to escape. The Kings chased him down Tryon street in a running gun battle as the passengers of the two vehicles exchanged fire. After colliding with a telephone pole, the victim ran into a nearby neighborhood. After a brief chase, the Kings eventually caught up to the victim and while cornered, killed him, shooting him point-blank with an AK-47

The brutal manner in which the murder occurred finally moved the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department to begin taking action against the gang. 

CMPD Officers made several arrests of those suspected of the Eastland Mall shootout and Lawrence murder. But it would take four years, to get five of those involved in the shooting to pled guilty to a lesser charges. By then many of the suspects had already served enough time to get back out on the street.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney Peter Gilchrist told the media that it took a long time to move forward in this case because there were no witnesses.  The DA's office in order to ensure guilty pleas for all five, had to work to get some of the accused to testify against some of the others.

While those charged in the murder of Juan Lawrence and their cases were grinding through the criminal justice system CMPD moved against the rest of the Hidden Valley Kings Gang.

Over the next two years CMPD would put together a Special Operations Unit to take down the Hidden Valley Kings. They gathered informants and followed the Kings gathering information on how the gang operated. On March 30, 2007, more than one hundred task force agents came down Jump Out Boyz style on the Kings. They arrested over 20 Hidden Valley King members, including the leaders, on multiple charges.

Many would be sentenced to federal prison terms longer than those involved in the Eastland Mall shootout. But the damage to Eastland Mall was fatal. Within five years from the murder of Juan Lawrence the Mall would be vacate and abandoned. 

The nearby strip malls and chain restaurants that lined Albemarle Road shuttered as well. 

The once thriving area crushed by Charlotte City Council's relentless re-zoning in favor of multi-family affordable housing. The result was white flight from crime, plunging real-estate values and a permanent cultural shift to the area that has made Hickory Grove one of Charlotte's most prolific crime hot spots in 2020.


On Wednesday August 3, 2022 after more than ten years Charlotte City Council members participated in a ground breaking ceremony to celebrate the new Eastland Yards redevelopment project. 

Cedar's Take: Those pictured above are the same clowns who got us to this point in the first place. Sure the names have changed but the idiocy remains the same.

Sadly the woke Charlotte City Council's insistence on affordable housing being a part of the project is the kiss of death.

As they say you can't fix stupid, but you sure can see it on full display in Charloot!

Her Honor Mayor Lyles at the helm of a Cat Excavator. "wheeeee I be workin a steam shovel".

Frankly the only way to keep Eastland Yards from becoming Baltimore's Camden Yards is to bring back the Jump Out Boyz!

Sunday, August 7, 2022

CMPD Busts Nanny After Crime Spree

You have to laugh at the amount of attention given this crime. 

It’s a hey looky here attractive white girl criminal vs a dozen brazen grab and dash retail thefts by a couple of over fed black woman who continue to rob the same Kohl’s and Ulta stores. 

Not to mention the 5 Homicides

But local media has a nutty over "Mary (Pill) Poppins" aka 33-year-old Sarah Catherine Seltzer.

Sarah Catherine Seltzer Age 33 Photo MCSO

But why would CMPD make a big deal out of this case and why would the local news media would pile on as well? 

One station reported that she was charged with multiple felonies, (False) another said she posed as a Nanny. She has actually worked for several years as a nanny and had excellent reviews on several websites.

According to WSOC she is facing the following charges with the following bonds:

Uttering forged paper or instrument- $10,000 unsecured

Obtaining Property by false pretense- $10,000 unsecured

B&E building x2- $10,000 unsecured / $10,000 unsecured

Larceny of property x2 - $10,000 unsecured / $5,000 unsecured

Felony larceny x2- $10,000 unsecured / $10,000 unsecured

Just seems like an obvious “White People are Criminals Too" ploy. A clear message to say that we take all crime seriously?

From CMPD's Twitter Feed:

CMPD has arrested a suspect who stole items from a victim’s home after interviewing for a nanny position. She is facing charges in several other similar cases. Sarah Catherine Seltzer (DOB 01/24/1989) is facing numerous charges. (1/4) #cmpd #clt #cltnews

The charges are as follows: breaking and entering (2 counts), larceny after breaking and entering (2 counts), uttering a forged instrument (1 count), obtaining property by false pretense (1 count), felony larceny (1 count), and misdemeanor larceny (1 count). (2/4)

In the latest case on August 2, Seltzer interviewed for a nanny position before returning later to the same home, entering through a back door and taking numerous items including bottles of prescription drugs. Some of the items stolen had sentimental value to the victim. (3/4)

In two other cases, Seltzer was actually working as a childcare provider for families. The CMPD is continuing to investigate. Anyone with information about other related crimes should contact @CLTCrimeStopper at 704-334-1600. (4/4)

WBTV even sought out the victims:

Parker Myers' wife Peaches may not soon recover from having her entire 90 day supply of Xanax stolen from her medicine cabinet by the "Nanny".

Can you imagine the horror of life without your Xanax? The entire bottle empty. Such a shocking crime!

CP fully supports CMPD's effort to investigate all crimes no matter how small. But this was a PR stunt nothing more.

After arresting countless kids on bicycles and getting a ton of unwarranted push back, lets hope this faux crime "crack down" is just a coincidence and not a distraction from 71 homicide's and other violent crimes.  

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Friday Morning CMPD and GSO VCAT Shooting of Murder Suspect Alexander Weah

The following is from a local Winston Salem news source. Warning the photos are troubling and the facts in this case still evolving. 

Law enforcement officers fatally shot a man in the parking lot of a Clemmons convenience store Friday morning, in what authorities called an exchange of gunfire that occurred as they tried to arrest the man on a Charlotte murder charge.

But a woman who was with the man killed said that a law enforcement officer shot him in the back as he tried to flee.

The suspect has been identified as Alexander Weah, who was 26 and lived in Charlotte. Authorities have not released any information about the murder charge Weah was facing.

A Greensboro police officer, identified as M.J. Ambrosio, was injured when the suspect fired his gun, authorities said, and was taken to Atrium Wake Forest Baptist for treatment of what were described as non-life-threatening injuries. He was in stable condition Friday.

Greensboro police said the law enforcement operation was the effort of a task force including officers from Greensboro, Charlotte-Mecklenburg and the SBI.

Deputies from the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office assisted but none of its officers fired a weapon during the arrest effort, and none is on administrative leave, according to the sheriff’s office.

Dozens of officers from the various law enforcement agencies converged Friday morning on the parking lot of the Speedway convenience store, located on busy Lewisville-Clemmons Road just beside the Interstate 40 interchange. The shooting scene, behind yellow police tape, took in the convenience store parking lot, the Sudz Shoppe car wash next door, and part of the parking lot of the Super 8 hotel behind the Speedway.

Talaya Hinson, who described herself as Weah’s fiancée, said Weah tried to run away when he was confronted outside the store entry by an officer pointing a gun “in his face” and demanding that he get down. Hinson said the officer pursued Weah as he ran, shot at him four times and struck him twice.

“He was fired on first,” she said. “The only thing he did was run. I heard two shots, he (the officer) shot him in the back.”

Hinson said that after he was shot, Weah then pulled his own gun and fired a single shot before other officers fired multiple shots at Weah and brought him down to the pavement.

She said officers then stood by and watched as Weah died and made no effort to begin life-saving measures. At first, he was still breathing, she said.

“They were just standing around staring at him,” she said. “They turned him around on his back and put his hands behind his back and handcuffed him while he was gushing out blood.”

Weah’s body was still lying on the parking lot four hours after the shooting. It was removed around 2 p.m.

Hinson said that investigators told her that they fired on Weah because they saw that he had a gun. She said Weah had a license to carry and had a “gun on his hip.”

Hinson said law enforcement officers shot Weah “like a dog in the street.”

“I feel like they did what they did because he’s a Black male — that’s why they had to shoot him like that?” Hinson said.

Malika Weah said Friday in a telephone interview that that she had married Alexander Weah in 2019, but had been separated from him since May 10. She said that she has a year-old child from the marriage.

“Alexander was a good man who had a big heart,” she said. She said that he could get “hot-headed” if things didn’t go his way, but she didn’t see him as a violent person.

Originally from Liberia, Alexander Weah would send money back to Liberia for family members, she said. He had a job as a warehouse manager in Charlotte.

At the scene of the shooting on Friday, many officers of the N.C. Highway patrol also responded to what became a busy law enforcement scene, with dozens of officers engaged in various aspects of the probe. One officer was operating a drone that hovered over the crime scene during the morning.

Erin Wiggins, a spokeswoman for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, declined to release information about the Charlotte homicide, saying that police officials were trying to notify the victim’s family. She would not say when the murder happened. The police department referred all questions about the Clemmons shooting to the SBI. Angie Grube, a spokeswoman for the SBI, said she could not comment on certain aspects of the shooting because she did not know the answers and she referred some questions to other law-enforcement agencies.

The Greensboro police officers involved in the use of force are on administrative duty pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

Officials have not said what agencies fired weapons.

Hinson said she, her 4-year-old daughter and Weah had spent Thursday in Greensboro at the Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe water park, then decided to spend another night in the area before going back to Charlotte. They checked in at the Super 8 behind the Speedway Thursday night. The way the shooting unfolded, Hinson believes officers must have known Weah was staying there.

Friday morning, the couple checked out of the hotel and drove around to the Speedway to gas up and get some ginger ale for Hinson. Hinson said her daughter had just gone through the front entry of the store and she was getting ready to walk in as Weah held the door open for them.

Hinson said that when the officer with the gun approached and yelled at Weah, he pushed her inside the store and ran back out. Hinson said someone in the store grabbed her as if to hold her back, but that she struck that person and ran out.

“I ran out there too because I just wanted them to stop shooting at him,” she said. “I would say … I heard about four shots before Alex reached for his gun. He was running.”

She said she watched as Weah received a gunshot wound to the back that made him bleed. She said officers should have tried stunning Weah before shooting him.

Hinson was able to leave in her car around 3 p.m. Friday after the SBI had processed the car for evidence in the case. Before leaving, she sat with family members for a while inside the Waffle House restaurant, where employees remembered seeing Hinson, her daughter and Weah the night before, when they came in to eat.

Patrick Boles, a cook at the Waffle House, recognized Hinson and gave her a big hug to comfort her. Boles said that there were people eating breakfast inside the business Friday morning when the gunfire erupted on the convenience store lot nearby.

“We had people over here with little kids,” Boles said, indicating the seats on the Speedway side of the Waffle House. “They were just as shocked as they could be. There were people trying to get out of the way.”

Friday afternoon, another employee at the restaurant said it was disrespectful for the authorities to leave Weah’s body on the parking lot as long as they did.

“What I didn’t like is that it took so long for the coroner to come and pick up the body,” said the employee, who declined to identify herself because she wants to maintain her privacy.

Hinson is carrying Weah’s unborn child, she said. She has a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to find out the gender of the baby.

“It was going to be a surprise, so that’s why I wanted to wait,” she said.

Friday, August 5, 2022

CMPD "Severe Alert" Homicide Investigation

Just another news blip on the radar this morning:

(From the local paper) A report of gunshots heard in the middle of the night led police officers to a body in northeast Charlotte, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. 

The identity of the victim has not been release(d). It happened around 2 a.m. Friday, Aug. 5, in the 8900 block of Avebury Drive, CMPD said in a news release. 

The area is home to an apartment community near the intersection of East W.T. Harris Boulevard and Old Concord Road.

Officers found someone with a gunshot wound, and Medic ambulance personnel pronounced the victim dead at the scene. 

“Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call 704-432-TIPS and speak directly to a Homicide Unit detective,” CMPD says.

This follows 3 prior headlines with a similar theme:

Fatal shooting discovered near west Charlotte apartments, CMPD says - AUGUST 04, 2022 5:12 AM 

Man found fatally shot along Old Statesville Road in north Charlotte, CMPD says -AUGUST 02, 2022 7:49 AM 

Homicide discovered in commercial area off West Woodlawn Rd in Charlotte, CMPD says - AUGUST 01, 2022 5:53 AM

Four murders in five days. This is homicide number 71 for the year. Charlotte is well on the way to 120+ at this rate. Yet Charlotte City leaders are silent.

Interesting to note that Mecklenburg County's "WOKE" Sheriff Garry McFadden who says that all jail inmates are to be referred to as "Residents" has as of July 17, 2022 removed the arrest inquiry search function from the MCSO web site.

The concept begun by Rodney Monroe and faithfully continued by McFadden, Lyles and Merriweather is clear; if we don't report crime we have no crime problem. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

Charlotte Homicide No. 68 Somewhere In Charlotte

I remember when the “Local” paper would send a “journalist” to a murder scene maybe even a photographer to get the story. Now they just guess calling the location “commercial area” and grab a google street view. Pathetic!

The Charlotte Observer says "Homicide discovered in commercial area, well at least Queen City News gets the location correct.


Charlotte's 68th homicide occurred just before 9 PM on Sunday after a few days of no body bags the Queen City got back at it adding to the list of murders in July. 

A week ago Charlotte voters re-elected Vi "Lightfoot" Lyles as mayor and of course she will not call out or even speak about Charlotte's drug, gang, and black crime problem.

According to WBTV's Dee Dee Gatton: Charlotte City Council District 2 representative Malcolm Graham said. “I’m extremely frustrated, every morning I wake up and watch the news, and there’s another shooting in Charlotte,” 

Graham went on to say the approach to tackling the violence has three components.

The first, he said, is “trying to work with our state delegation to get more resources for the local district attorneys office.”

The second, “working with Cure Violence—with Violence Interruption programs to try to get with individuals on the street.”

And another component he said is creating “more opportunities for, recreational opportunities through our park and recs, our boys and girls clubs, etcetera, to keep our young people off the street, into productive activities which leads away from crime.”

Graham said that as a community, we have to be able to resolve issues without turning to a gun.

He’ll be hosting a forum on gun violence on Sept. 15.

Charlotte City Council District 4 representative Renee’ Johnson provided WBTV the following statement:

“The safety and wellbeing of our community and residents is one of the most important priorities we have and really that is about so much that happens in our community – not just policing. Jobs and economic opportunity are also critically important to how we address crime and violence in our community.

In the most recent city budget, we allocated $16 million of ARPA funds to support job and workforce development. That is in addition to several steps the city has taken to engage with our community in this fight against violence, such as the Alternatives to Violence program, the SAFE Charlotte grant program supporting community organizations, and launching the Community Assistance: Respond, Engage, Support (CARES) Team.

As pathetic as the Charlotte Observer is there's a level of stupid that is just without equal as the same black council members again and again present the same tired tropes of equity, violence interruption and "alternatives to violence".

Until black leaders admit that this is a decades in the making cultural problem and speak out against all forms of criminal behavior within their community nothing will change.

Friday, July 29, 2022

The Unfortunate Tale of Derrick Fells

You might remember the "Breaking News"  and sensational headlines about a Charlotte Douglas International Airport Federal Air Traffic Controller with a pipe bomb.

November 3, 2017  — Two Charlotte residents have been charged with manufacturing and possessing a weapon of mass destruction, according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. 

Paul Dandan, 30, has been charged with possession of a weapon of mass destruction, acquiring a weapon of mass destruction and transporting a weapon of mass destruction.

Derrick Fells, 39, has been charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction.

CMPD detectives in the special investigations unit, the arson unit and the bomb squad are working with the FBI to investigate the two individuals.

Around 10:30 a.m., CMPD officers responded to 315 Minitree Lane in response to reports of a person in possession of a homemade explosive device. CMPD bomb squad also responded and confirmed that the suspect did in fact have a homemade pipe bomb. 

During the investigation, police determined that Fells had made the device. He admitted to building the bomb with the intent to use it against a neighbor he had been fighting with, but that he then changed his mind and gave it away instead.    

Fells gave the device to Dandan, a full-time employee of the Federal Aviation Administration working out of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.  

Paul G, Dandan and Derrick Fells Photo Courtesy MCSO  

The Charlotte Douglas Airport has released the following statement regarding this incident:

The FAA employee only had access to the offsite Air Traffic Control Tower and had no access to the restricted areas of the terminal or ramp.  He did not have access to any aircraft at the Airport.

The FAA has also released the following statement: 

The FAA has terminated the employee’s access to the facility and is cooperating with law enforcement authorities.

No one was injured and both suspects are in custody. 

Less than a year later and just weeks before both Fells and Dandan are apparently set to go to trial, this is the local news:

September 26, 2018 — First responders reported a fatal wreck on the I-485 outer loop at I-77 South Wednesday night in Huntersville.

The I-77 South on-ramp to I-485 was shut down during the investigation.

Officials identified the driver as Derrick Fells.

Troopers said Fells was going too fast around the curve when he lost control and crashed into a pole.

Fells died at the scene.

Huntersville Fire Department posted this on Twitter:

10:48 PM: Station 1 is working a serious MVA, with entrapment, I485 Outer Loop at the I77 SB on ramp (to I485 Outer), Use caution in the area & yield to responding units. #MoveOver #CLTtraffic

12:10 AM September 27, 2018 *I485 Outer MVA Update 2* This will be a single vehicle, into a pole with one occupant who was injured fatally. I485 Outer (Local) & the I77SB off ramp (to I485) remains CLOSED for victim extrication & investigation. Please seek an alternate route. #CLTtraffic

A few days later this Go Fund Me appeared:

Vivian Rodriguez is organizing this fundraiser on behalf of Christina Fells.

The Fells family just lost a member, a father, a husband, a brother, a friend  that we’re never going to see again but never forget is resting in peace in Heaven . Derrick Fells, a hard working man didn’t make it after a long day of work on September 26th,2018.  failed to negotiate the curve on the ramp correctly before hitting a traffic camera pole and died.

As you can imagine, Fells family is going through a lot. Derrick didn’t kiss his children a last good night kiss and sadly he never will. 

Now, Christina Fells has to find out a way to cover all of their expenses, including Funeral cost which runs between $6-7 thousand dollars 1/2 due by next week.

If you feel and can help by donating anything please do! They would really appreciate it or if is there anything you could  do to help please do not hesitate to contact me to arrange something.

Thank you so much in advance and PLEASE  keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

The goal on $6,000.00 came up just $320.00 short.

And with that the life of Derrick Fells came to an end.

And Paul G. Dandan?

He's a ghost sort of quietly living in Charlotte's Steele Creek area.

Odd that after hundreds of news stories around the world the case of Paul G Dandan and Derrick Fells would just vanish. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

The Crime Stats Liberals Don't Want You to See

CP gets a lot of grief for this statement:

"The African American Community has become a culture of violence embracing criminality and gun play."

This statement is based on a lifetime of living in Charlotte and watching crime grow exponentially within Charlotte's Black community.

CP has even listened to prominent Black community leaders call out this statement saying they personally aren't violent.

While having total respect for Carolinians like Mel Watt, Joel Ford, Tim Scott  and Harvey Gantt there are those within the African American Community that are in denial that this perception is decades in the making and without strong measures will continue into the future and well past their own lifetimes.  

The numbers don't lie:

Nearly 80% of violent crimes in Charlotte are committed by Black citizens and less than 10% committed by White citizens. Yet Charlotte's Black citizens only account for 1/3 of Charlotte's population.

That number is stunning. But the real number based on population is a 24 to 1 ratio. 

Charlotte's Mayor Vi Lyles and 3 of Charlotte's newly elected at Large City Council Members are African American and not one of them have spoken out about violent crime within the city or the shooting death of Karen Baker. 

Baker a White Woman was shot and killed by a Black assailant while using an ATM in Charlotte's University City area two weeks ago. Their silence is stunning. 

While homicides make the news, the daily shootings have become so common place that the news media doesn't bother to report these violent crimes.

Vi Lyles and Charlotte City Council remain mute on the topic of Black Violence because they see this as normal within a big city. They are blind to the violence because they are just accustomed to that way of live. They are the culture of Violence because of their silence.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Demont Forte Charlotte's Menance To Society Back in Court Today

This afternoon career thug and felon Demont Forte will make another court appearance. Forte was arrested on July 4th and is facing charges of Felony, Assault, Common Law Robbery  and Conspiracy.

Forte was released on bail of $3,000.00 / $300.00 cash on July 6th despite violation of his terms of release on the assault on a female, assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run and property damage charges that he's facing for a road rage incident in 2021.

Forte is on the September 28 docket for those charges.

Mecklenburg County DA Spencer Merriweather dismissed all charges resulting from a 2017 stand off with CMPD where SWAT Officers were required to take Forte into custody for outstanding warrants for felony breaking and entering, assault on a female, and communicating threats. 

During that stand-off local media reported that Forte had been arrested more than 40 times, including for numerous violent and drug-related offenses. He was also arrested on a murder charge in April 1992.

SO why use Forte as an example?

Forte is a repeat felon who has escaped consequences again and again. 50 arrests over the last dozen years yet no convictions? Why? 

Keep in mind these are only the crimes he's been arrested for, only the ones where he's been caught.

As the above chart shows nearly 80% of the violent crimes in Charlotte are committed by African Americans. Yet they are less than 1/3 of the population. That means that based on these CMPD number by a 10-1 ratio blacks are commuting more violent crimes in the Queen City. But because they are only 1/3 of the population the ratio is actually 30-1 and that's insane. Simply put you will encounter 30 violet black felons before you ever meet up with one.


CP Update: Meck DA Spencer Merriweather has kicked the can down the road once again. Mr. Forte is back on the calendar for the AM session on 28 September Courtroom 4310 on the Road Rage Attack. Mr. Forte is still on the 30 August Calendar for the Felony Robbery charges from this year.

Monday, July 25, 2022

CMPD's 2 For One Sunday

The first shooting happened around 1:30 a.m., Sunday, July 24, at the 3400 block of Queen City Drive near I-85.

"Deputies say they responded to a person shot call, and upon arrival, officers found a victim with a gunshot wound." (You have to laugh at WCNC where its amateur hour every day)

Medic rushed the patient to Atrium Main, where they were pronounced deceased around 2:00 a.m. (I guess the non gender pronouns require the use of they but it implies more than one)

WSOC isn't much better reporting on the second Sunday homicide.

"Someone was killed in a shooting Sunday night in northwest Charlotte, an official said."

Can you imagine a CMPD PIO saying "someone was killed"? Official what? Postal worker?

CMPD officers said they responded to a call for one person who had been shot off Thomasboro Drive near Bradford Drive. 
The shooting victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Then there is the standard: "Officers said the shooting does not appear to be a random act of violence and they are not searching for suspects at this time".

“The message to the community is the detectives, the officers on scene, crime scene, everyone is doing their best right now. As far we are concerned, the block, the street, everything is safe right now,” Major Jackie Bryley said.

This is CMPD’s second homicide of the day. Someone was shot and killed in west Charlotte early Sunday.

Let's face it local news media is terrible. They love the cliché' "Shots Rang Out" and "Behind Bars" and "On the loose".

And while the news reporter saying "Killed Dead" is classic, one local news anchor has a habit of saying "at 7:00 a.m. in the morning".

Others that are said every day across Charlotte's broadcast media spectrum:

“Flee” meaning “run away”

“Good” or “bad” news

“Youth” meaning “child”



Completely destroyed, completely abolished, completely finished or any other completely redundant use

Definitely possible

Fatal death

Gunman, especially lone gunman

Lucky to be alive (aren't we all?)


Senseless murder (as if there are sensible murders)

Sketchy details

Sources say . . .

Untimely death (is there ever a good time?) 

The robbery went terribly wrong (ugh!)

Friday, July 22, 2022

Golf Club Bandit aka "Bogey Man" Strikes Again!


The Golf Club Bandit once again entered an open garage and stole another golf bag in South Charlotte.

On Tuesday July 19th at 1:37 pm (1337)  the suspect was caught on video camera entering an open garage in Rea Woods and stealing a golf bag. The victim posted screen shots on Facebook.

He apparently told a neighbor he was a Lyft driver. The thief was once again wearing distinctive blue shoes.  He was also reported driving the same red car seen in the video from Sunday's theft.


On Sunday 10th July at approximately 4.30 pm (1630) the person in the blue polo shirt below pulled into a Ballantyne home's driveway exited a red Honda Accord and stepped quickly across the grass entering an open garage next door.

Seconds late he emerged, stealing two sets of golf clubs, putting them in back seat of this red car and drove away.

The young couple who are new homeowners had been home only minutes left the garage door open having planned to leave again within minutes.

If you happened to see this jerk around Thornhill Club Drive, in Ballantyne on Sunday please give a call to CPMD. Let's catch this guy before he is met with deadly force.

Turns out this guy has been making a name for himself having pulled the same stunt in Tega Cay back in February of this year. Wearing apparently the same shoes and a white version of the same car. 

Sgt. Spencer with the Tega Cay Police Department stated the investigation was ongoing and that he had contacted CMPD in hopes of getting an ID on the suspect.

The "Golf Club Bandit" has been entering open garage doors for the past couple months and taking golf gear. He drives a white 4-door Honda Accord and is approximately 6'5 tall and 280lbs.

Cedar's Take: If this clown steals my clubs he's going to be disappointed. I'm still playing my Hogan Apex irons from college and my Scotty Cameron Fastback putter is seldom in the bag.

The Face of Evil

Later today Saafiq Hall will have a brief appearance in court. This court appearance will be followed by a murder trial set for August 11, 2022. 

The 26 year old Hall is charged in the murder and kidnapping death of 30-year-old Miranda Springs. Hall is clearly the face of Evil.

Saafiq Hall Age 27 Photo Courtesy of MCSO

Police say officers found Miranda’s body in a wooded area on J. Julian Lane just off of Tuckaseegee Road On October 12, 2021 shortly after 7 am.

At the time officers responded to Statesville Avenue in reference to an attempt to locate call for service. Upon arrival, officers were directed to a wooded area nearby where officers  found the body of a woman who was pronounced dead. The victim was later identified as 30-year-old Miranda Springs.

After responding to that location, and from information and evidence obtained, officers identified Saafiq Hall as a suspect in this case. Hall was arrested and charged with murder, robbery with a dangerous weapon, and first-degree kidnapping.

Miranda’s mother Robin Linker says the last time Miranda was seen was on September 18th  2021 at 2 a.m., pulled over at a bar parking lot off Moores Chapel Road.

On October 4, 2021 Linker wrote in a Facebook post that Miranda’s car was wrecked on September 25, 2021 at 4:55 a.m. with a man later identified as Hall driving it. 

CP's take: the death penalty and public execution of Hall would be frightfully entertaining. But would only send a message if it was help promptly after a finding of guilt.

Mecklenburg County DA Merriweather has not addressed questions as to if he will seek the death penalty.

Thursday, July 21, 2022

CMPD Still Looking For Karen Baker's Killer

CMPD is still seeking information and a suspect in the murder of Karen Baker, age 48, who was shot to death last Wednesday in the University City area during an armed robbery. 

Ms. Baker was using a Bank of America ATM that is located on University City Blvd in Charlotte just before dawn 5:53 am.

CMPD today release photos of the suspect and a "getaway" car they are also seeking.

In the photos released by CMPD the suspect, a black male, appears to be charging a semi automatic hand gun.

He is wearing a black Nike hoodie and a stretched or cut out ski mask. With dark presumably black warm up pants and black shoes.

CMPD also released photos of the suspect vehicle. A 2011 or 2012 Black Doge Charger with factory rims.

There may also be another suspect apparently driving the black Dodge Charger.

Call 704-334-1600 to leave information anonymously or charlottecrimestoppers,com

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Vi Lyles' and the Democrats Panhandler Problem

The change has been stunning and yet crime stats and population counts are not as graphic as the actual damage done by Charlotte's democratic leadership.

Need an example of Charloote’s swirling shit hole status? How about Woodlawn at South Blvd? Where the relentless pacing of panhandlers has worn a dramatic deep path in the vegetation. 

On any day no less than 8 sign holding men and women in a 1/2 mile along Woodlawn Road between South Tryon and South Blvd thanks to Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles and the Democrat leadership of Charlotte.

I know what you’re thinking it’s probably been that way forever, right? 

Nope aerial mapping doesn’t lie! 

In 2017 the year that Vi Lyles became Mayor and Republicans still held a couple of positions on Mecklenburg County Commission and a near majority on the Charlotte City Council and there were no panhandlers and no well worn dirt path. 

This is the before, back when crime was a priority for city leaders and CMPD and the DA enforced city ordnances.

And now the current overhead view, after democrats implemented their liberal decriminalize homelessness and minor offenses and defund law enforcement agenda. 

Replicate this on every major intersection in Charlotte and Swirling Shit hole status has been achieved!

More importantly it was not always like this.

Stonecrest and Rea Road a panhandler using a small child to beg for money.

Remount and South Tryon where this guy is a regular. 

And these are the clowns who have caused this.

Cedar's Take: While we all understand Chief Jennings' statement that CMPD will not criminalize homelessness,  and who wants any of these bums in the back seat? But the truth is they are a blight on the city and most if not all of them are not homeless rather professional beggars.  

They are self-employed individuals who scoff at the laws the rest of us abide by. We pay for licenses, and permits. We file tax returns and collect sales taxes. We obey zoning ordinances and meet building and health department requirements, and repeated often inspections. 

Why are these individuals allowed to circumvent the law, based solely on the perception of their circumstances?

Lack of enforcement has turned Charlotte into a cesspool of homelessness, drugs, panhandlers, shootings, murders and crime. Thanks Vi Lyles.