Monday, May 6, 2013

Military Style Raid Leads To Homes Being Leveled In 24 Hours

Not far from the shadows of Charlotte's Uptown towers, a group of more than 50 heavily armed men swarmed a cluster of three small homes on North Pine Street late Friday afternoon.

By one witness account, a number of dark colored vans and black SUV's closed in on the homes from several different direction. Within seconds dozens of men wearing olive drab jumpsuits with no visible identification stormed into the three homes in a simultaneous attack.

Witnesses reported hearing automatic gun fire and loud explosions often associated with "flash bang" grenades.

2115 North Pine Street in 2011 Photo via Google Maps
During the raid the area was blocked off by unmarked police cars and the para-military style operation was over in less than an hour. At no time were any CMPD marked units visible, nor was Charlotte Fire or Medic involved.

Unmarked Car Blocking West 24th Street Friday May 3, 2013 Photo Credit: Agent X
It is interesting to note that the 4:45 p.m. raid took place without the normal local media gaggle, or Chief Rodney Monroe press conference, or post operation press release.
Then 24 hours later, two of the three homes that were targeted where leveled and the debris and contents hauled away, with not a trace remaining.

On Monday morning, only muddy Carolina red clay where the homes once stood remained along with a small Bobcat and a Komatsu (excavator) Track-Hoe.

2115 North Pine Street Monday May 6, 2013 Photo Credit: Agent X

2119 North Pine Street Monday May 6, 2013 Photo Credit: Agent X

This afternoon a lone unmarked car with blacked out windows stood guard in the area.
Unrelated side note: Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office has a request before the Mecklenburg County Commissioners tomorrow night, to purchase $130,000.00 worth of tactical body armor.


Anonymous said...

I bet the hood rats went running.

Anonymous said...

Operation Thug Round Up.

Shot to kill and bulldoze the buildings no bodies to claim just give it all to solid waste to clean up.

Billy Fehr said...

I know personally and in real life three people who witnessed the events described above.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like DEA style of clean up.

Anonymous said...

Was that a training exercise?

Anonymous said...

My guess....DEA raid on meth labs & houses too contaminated for cleaning.

Anonymous said...

Cedar are you saying that MCSO was able to put 50+ deputies in combat style dress and storm a couple of houses?

If so maybe the real question is why is the MCSO stock piling weapons? What war are they training for?

Wasn't there a time when MSCO deputies were not even armed?

If so how did this happen?

Anonymous said...

Cedar you and your ilk need to have your meds increased.

Anonymous said...

This was actually a bank repo... Using MP style swat teams...

Anonymous said...

Whatever this was is not the point.

Is this the type of activity we want in our Country is the point and the question?

At what point do we say enough? Or are we so far into the police state that there is no going back?

We don't have to be attacked by North Korea, we're already there.

Anonymous said...

Bank of America just taking back a habitat for humanity house. Shot first bag em up later destroy the evidence.

go play in traffic said...

I wasn't there, but if I were a betting man, I'd say that those 50+ pro-force shooters were contractors working with the secret service (US Dept of the Treasury). The houses were in foreclosure and would have been demolished anyway, but if the guys who were counterfeiting money in one of the houses had paid their mortgage on time, they would probably still be in operation. They were more than likely being watched by the secret service and the foreclosure simply forced their hand. Why do so many people take the time to post comments and remain anonymous?

Patrick Harrington said...

I meant to put my name there.
Patrick Harrington

Anonymous said...

Not many reliable witnesses, however, because the agents used "The Flashy Thing."

Anonymous said...

Not meth lab. You would not be setting off flash bangs at a meth lab.