Thursday, January 31, 2008

Megan McCain has a BLOG!

Yes, the daughter of John McCain has a blog and she's no Chelsea Clinton.

Her BLOG is a funny, witty and interesting look at life on the road with "Dad".

Though I suspect she doesn't write all of the blog it’s still a pretty cool insider's look at the John McCain run for president.


"What does it feel like to win the Florida Primary? It feels like The Doors song "Break on Through"... "
.. Megan

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Did I mention that she's pretty cute, her father won’t be pleased but I think she’s a lot like a very young Jenny McCarthy!

So if the secret service suddenly shows up at my door and drags me away you will know why.

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Cedar Posts said...

I get about 20 hits a day from people who click on the photo of Megan McCain which is showing up on a search via google.

Go figure!