Sunday, February 3, 2008

Welcome to the Big Time Charlotte!


Dark clouds are forming but Wow Charlotte, look at all you have....

You have Cheney and Sharpton in town during the same week a national publication announced that Charlotte is ranked as the 9th most miserable city in America, a NFL team (Panthers went 7-9) kind of, a NBA team (Bobcats are 16-30) kind of, soaring crime (highest violent crime rate of 140 largest cities in the country), strip clubs with nightly shootings, school system with more gun packing students than straight A students, government corruption out the ass, a spineless county commission and a mayor who is so convinced he's done a great job, that he is running for governor so he can spread the joy to the entire state.

I miss the days when Jim and Tammy Fay were your only news items.

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