Monday, February 4, 2008

Why do we have Random Primaries and Caucuses Anyway?

I’ve been wondering about the primary races, the endless hours of media coverage and pointless poles, so finally I’m going to ask the question and hope for a sensible answer from the very small percentage of voters in Charleston who read this blog.

Why do we have random primaries and caucuses anyway? Why should we allow states like Iowa and New Hampshire determine who runs for president?

Now it looks like Obama will face McCain in November unless the poles are wrong or something really odd happens and on “Super Tuesday. This means that because I’m registered to vote in North Carolina, my vote and that of voters 16 other states who have yet to hold primary elections (West Virginia is not until May) won’t matter.

I can see why 100 years ago when travel by train was required to get the message out to an entire country, it might have been necessary. But in an age of the air travel, the internet, and global media coverage it’s insane.

I’d like a national referendum on instituting a single presidential primary date.

While I’m at it I’d also like to see the November election day made into a national holiday as well. I think when South Carolina election officials declare a “record turnout” of 28% of registered voters we should be ashamed.

And as long as I’m on my soap box how about tossing the BCS and going with a play off - super bowl format for NCAA football?

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