Friday, May 30, 2008

Scarlett Wilson's Blimp

The red Scarlett Wilson blimp bounces up and down, along side the cross-town connector claiming a spot of no man’s land near Cosby’s Seafood and a run down Arby’s restaurant. The blimp is restrained by a nylon rope tied to a trailer with a “Keep Republican” Scarlett Wilson sign.


In less than a week Charleston voters will elect a republican solicitor, either Republican Blair Jennings or Republican Scarlett Wilson to lead the fight against the continuing surge of violent crime in our Charleston neighborhoods.

One recent poster at the Post and Courier’s online edition stated “I am voting for Solicitor Wilson on her vision for the Office of Solicitor and her record”.

If Justice is supposed to be blind the last thing we need is a Solicitor with “vision”. But if her record counts, then sadly Scarlett Wilson's record is that of someone who is weak, ineffective, and riddled with missteps, miscues and miscarriages of justice.

Here’s the short version of Scarlett Wilson’s dismal ten months as 9th District Solicitor.

Wilson appointed 9th district Solicitor when Governor Sanford’s first choice a California Federal Prosecutor declines.

Appears on Oprah Winfery show and sobs when she talks about equality and her black housekeeper who raised both her and her sister Tara.

Wilson fires Blair Jennings but denies that politics had anything to do the firing despite the fact that it was widely known that he would challenge her for the office in May of 2008.

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Enters a chili cooking contest in Charleston and mugs it up for the local TV news crews.

Wilson’s press secretary, Frank O. Hunt is discovered by the Post and Courier to be the online poster using the name “Afternoon delight” making racist and off color remarks about current 9th district cases, defendants and victims as well as making no secret about his support for Scarlett Wilson. Wilson states that she was unaware her press secretary was using his office computer to post the rants and raves though she "didn’t see anything wrong with someone voicing their opinion".

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Frank O. Hunt is quietly fired by Wilson during the Christmas Holidays.

Wilson sends two teenaged first time offenders to a level 3 prison for ten years for robbing a Subway sandwich shop with a BB gun. Refuses to consider a plea a lesser charge of any sort. Tells the local press she was “only trying to be fair”.

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Wilson files a continuance on the remaining Subway robbery teens until after the election apparently due to public uproar over the ten year prison sentence.

Wilson declines to file charges against Joseph Harriott, 25 who killed his roommate Brian Sessoms, 24, who was unarmed and shot with a handgun in the chest, stomach and elbow after he climbed back into the home they shared through a second-story window after an argument.

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Wilson holds a press conference and promises "fast tracking" murder cases to clear up a murder case back log.

Gets her "fast track" wish with a 10 minute "Not Guilty" verdict in the murder trial of Reginald Ricardo Hamilton, blames Jennings for the acquittal. Wilson’s plea deal with the co-defendant and alleged trigger man set him free in exchange for his testimony against Hamilton. In the end they both walk free and the family of a hard working single parent is left to wonder why?

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Wilson's hand picked Assistant Solicitor Gray Ervin is charged with pointing a firearm at another motorist, during an apparent road rage incident on the Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge. Wilson comments that she's already fired Ervin later admits they two had not spoken. Ervin resigns the next day.

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

After a deadly accident in which Emily J. Salisbury, 22 a College of Charleston student is killed, Wilson decides not to pursue any charges against EMS Ambulance Driver Gerald Stewart, despite the fact that witnesses and the ambulance black box shows that the paramedic was driving more than twice the speed limit in the opposite lane against the traffic, in violation of both County EMS and State emergency responder rules.

Within days Stewart is arrested by Berkeley County sheriff's deputies on a sex crime charge of committing a lewd act on a child.

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Daniel Hanf rapes an under age girl on Folly Beach only weeks after being released from prison having served only a few months as part of a plea deal he made with 9th Circuit Solicitor Scarlett Wilson back in December. As part of the plea, the two prior rape charges were reduced to assault charges.

More Coverage at: The Post and Courier

Richard Jeremy Tisdale’s murder conviction is over turned. Tisdale, 28, was sentenced to life in prison for the shooting death of Lavell David Anderson, but the state supreme court found "…. the evidence indicates that victim was the aggressor by punching petitioner in the face and then shooting at him," Scarlett Wilson says she will retry the case.

Another "fast tracked" murder trail ends in a dismissal after a jury becomes deadlocked, and four killers are released pending further action.

Enough already it’s time to cut the Scarlett Wilson Blimp loose because Charleston deserves better!

Vote for Blair Jennings


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