Tuesday, August 26, 2008


If you are like me you open your mail box with a combination of enjoyment and trepidation.

It’s a mixed bag normally, a scattering of bills, junk mail, flyers from a local painter or handyman, the latest issue of Sports Illustrated and this time of year plenty of political campaign mailings.

I’ll admit it, I’m a life long Republican, though I voted for Carter when I should have voted for Ford, I’ve voted for every Republican Presidential candidate ever since.

Some how I’ve rated a White House Christmas card from both Bush presidents and even when Bill Clinton was in the White House. So it’s no surprise that I get a lot of requests for political donations from both the GOP and Democratic Party.

Even so I’m rarely upset with all the junk mail. But recently I received a piece of mail that has really infuriated me. A bright yellow envelope with the words “PAST DUE” printed in BOLD RED INK from the Republican National Committee.


Inside a letter from RNC chairman Mike Duncan reminding me of the virtues of being a republican and the vices of the evil democrats and the soon to be elected Barrack Hussein Obama.

Along with the letter, a “2008 Membership Statement” with suggested amounts that I should enclose in the prepaid envelope, apparently in order to avoid further collection action.

Mr. Duncan, you’re an idiot!

During the last 18 months the democrats have exclaimed in a shrill voice that our republican leaders are out of touch, a fact proven over and over again by the Bush administration.

With so many Americans feeling the pressure of an economic downturn, record high gas prices, and home foreclosures sweeping the country, do you really think we need the stress of another “PAST DUE” Notice?

Middle class families are struggling to make ends meet and I’d imagine that many already receive REAL “PAST DUE” notices. Your ill conceived mailing is convincing proof that the RNC is indeed out of touch with America.

Perhaps this mailing is just trying to poke fun at the Democrats who are pandering to the struggling middle class or a marketing snafu.

Either way it’s insulting to those who pay their bills on time and hurtful to those who can not.

As far as I’m concerned the Republican National Committee is not “DUE” anything because you Mr. Duncan, like our President, are astoundingly out of touch.

With leadership like yours we will sadly see an unfathomable landslide victory across all races in all states for the Democratic Party in November.

Perhaps that is the only thing that is long PAST DUE!

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