Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Peeves and Annoyances

Most of the time I am happy to go about my day and not complain, as in never. But every once and a while some things just get to me.

The Media

Television news reporters, who call every small plane a “Piper Cub”, every corporate jet a “Lear Jet”, and every truck bigger that a SUV an 18-Wheeler.

Other terms the talking heads need help with: Steam Shovel, Bulldozer and Steamroller which can only be attributed to kindergarten books.

Adjectives that the media have decided are fun:

Wicked as in “we have some wicked weather moving in”…..Please leave the wicked to the nice folks in Salem Massachusetts where it belongs.

Hunker Down as in “they are hunkering down as the storm passes” and “on the loose” as in the crook is still on the loose.

Referring to the guy in handcuffs, with the bank dye pack stain all over his shirt, while being placed in a police car after a 2 hour high-speed chase through 3 counties as the .... ”Alleged Bank Robber”.

The emergency alert tone on the television at 3AM, What The French fries are you trying to do to me! Its 3AM I'm sound asleep and I left the television on and you blast the alarm that to me means tornado or tsunami or both.

The Free (F R E E that spells free…. free credit report dot com baaaaby) Credit Report television ad’s. The guy is about surpass the Geico cave man in over exposure.


People from other states who are afraid to turn right on red for fear that it’s not legal here in the North Carolina. It’s been a national law since 1992.

Yankees who open the serving dish at the breakfast buffet to discover some white lumpy stuff and exclaim: “ewwwww, what the hell is this stuff?” For God’s Sake those are grits, so please get over it.

And the Big One for the Week

I watched a woman push a shopping cart with just two bags of groceries out the front door at Harris Teeter. She rolled the cart all the way to her car, which was parked 10 feet away in the Fire Lane and then she left the cart at the curb.

I’d call it justifiable homicide!


JAT said...

Here's one -- any parent asking any child younger than 12 what they want to eat -- particularly at any type of buffet, Subway etc. ESPECIALLY with people in line behind you.

The adult should KNOW what the kid wants, will eat, SHOULD EAT. You leave them sitting quietly at a table but within view and you get their food for them. Everybody wins.

Thank you.

PS -- This method allows you do branch out to things like Indian food where the kid HAS NO IDEA what to get.

Anonymous said...

What about the morbidly obese woman using the wheelchair at walmart while an elderly man tries to make it to the back of the store with his cane?