Monday, December 15, 2008

Panthers Go 8-0 at Home and the Fans Just Go Home

Panther Fans aren't the most loyal in the NFL, that's a given fact. My brother in-law has great seats but always leaves before the 4th quarter starts. Then again he's the guy who left Augusta National Golf Club on a Masters Sunday with Tiger Woods (holding a one shot lead), still on the Front Nine, so it doesn't surprise me.

During Sunday's 30 - 10 win over Denver, Carolina Panther Fans showed the same amount of commitment as my brother in-law. After the half time show, many fans called it a day, so that by the start of the second half the stadium had noticeably cleared out. Even CBS comentators noted the absence of fans joking that since "the half time show ran a little long, maybe they are still in the bathroooms".

By the time the 4th quarter started counting down, Bank America Stadium looked more like Charlotte's beleaguered NBA team the Bobcats, who average only 4,000 per game in an arena that holds 19,000.

The weather was overcast, the temps mild, and the rain held off til long after the game is over and the game wasn't a blow out until well into the 4th quarter.

Now I understand Panthers fans aren't anything like the fans of Chicago's "Da Bears" or the "Cheese Heads" who back Green Bay as those fans will brave temperatures in the teens and a foot of snow to watch their teams play even in a season without playoff hopes.

But come on it was the last regular home game of a GREAT SEASON!

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