Thursday, December 4, 2008

Tragic James Island Connector Accident Facts Slowly Revealed

It's been five days since repeat DUI offender Amy McCormick killed Brett Maynard on the James Island Connector, yet many of the facts are still cloudy.

Charleston Police originally reported that the son was not injured, but corrected that statement and the boy's age on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Police:

"The child suffered a spinal fracture, a laceration to his thigh and a ventilator was being used to assist his breathing, an affidavit said."

The Post and Courier on December 1, 2008 had reported:

"Police say McCormick's infant was in the car with her but was secured in a child seat and not injured".

McCormick had spent Saturday drinking with friends when she attempted to drive home with her son in the back seat. No one can say why she decided to drive or why no one stopped her. McCormick was so drunk that she turned left into the wrong side of the James Island Connector. Heading to Charleston she drove nearly two miles before coming to the rise in the bridge and hitting the Maynard's car head on.

The Maynard's had only a split second to react, but McCormick driving east in the west bound lanes was witnessed by several drivers who called police and tried desperately to signal her to stop during the minutes leading up to the fatal crash.

South Carolina DOT and the City of Charleston are partly to blame. It's not that hard to accidentally make a left turn into the west bound section of the James Island Connector. I've witnessed several drivers make that mistake after stopping on Folly Road heading east and waiting for the light to change. A concrete curb extended out another twenty feet may have prevented this tragedy.

McCormick remains in police custdocy at MUSC under a $300,000.00 bond and is being held in the hospital's secure convalescent center used for housing prisoners.

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