Thursday, February 19, 2009

CMPD Reserve Officers Threaten To Quit

WSOC TV joins the small group of voices speaking out about Chief Monroe's operation, with a story regarding the changes to the command structure and the CMPD Reserve Unit.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Reserve police officers say they're ready to walk off the job.

A new policy is changing the rules for reserve officers. They're volunteer officers who have all the training and authority as regular patrolmen.

The officers are now being forced to wear a different badge. They're now required to work some holidays, and they're now assigned to different patrol divisions.

One officer, who asked that Eyewitness News not reveal his identity, said the decisions were made without consulting reserve officers.

"With total disregard, decisions were made with no input from the reserve unit," he told Eyewitness News.

CMPD brass said the volunteers must be used when and where they're needed most.

"We're putting the focus back on where the reserves working, which is at the neighborhood level," said Maj. Vicki Foster.

Foster said the department expects to lose a few officers because of the change, but doubts it will be a large number.

They are Reserves and they work for free, they deserve a little more respect. Charlotte deserves better of Rodney Monroe.

Watch the entire WSOC video here: CMPD Reserve Officers Threaten To Quit

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Anonymous said...

It is very apparent that this Major Foster does not care how many Reserve Officers resign, quit, retire or whatever!

In her sttement on TV last night it was obvious this is a trivial matter to her and even funny.

Her thinking is they go away so what?

How professional is that?

It doesn't matter to her. Actually that is what the CMPD would like, but if our CMPD majors are of the attitude, I think I would take the BLET and just start over.

Anonymous said...

The local news is doing their best not to reveal the whole story.

The Reserve Command Staff is being told "Resign at your rank or be busted back to officer status".

We no longer need your services. And if you decide to stay you will be re-evaluated to see if you are capable of doing the job that you have been doing for the last 20-25 years or so.

The CMPD retirees who resigned as majors will now be in charge.

BLET certified officers in the State of NC will no longer be accepted in the reserve unit.

Even if you are a Chief somewhere I guess.

Get it?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Blog on the daddy of the chiefs grandchild and his car debacle???????

Anonymous said...

Don't know it it is just my browser, but I cannot log onto the Charlotte Observer blog about Rodney.
And when I try to log onto the stories written about him to post a comment, it will not allow it.

eco lodge said...

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Anonymous said...

I guess it doesn't matter that the Maj. that was put in charge of the CMPD Reserve Unit is the one that took the hats from the Panthers. Maj. Foster stated that the previous reserve command staff wasn't reliable but the were not thieves. In the past years the reserve unit was contributing about 16,000 hours of free work to the city now after Maj.Foster made her changes to it it is about 10,000. This is a loss of 6,000 hours of free labor to the city and $40.00 and hour $240,000.00. More money the the Chief and is best friends girlfriend have thrown away.