Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Take Home Car and A Take to the Bank Gas Card?

Cedar Posts has received another dozen emails and posts about Chief Monroe's future son in law who was hired a month or so ago by the CMPD.

As the recurring story goes, he went through the application process but was rejected, so Chief Monroe called and told the academy that he "would" be hired.

Once accepted to the academy your average recruits must wait without pay until the next training class begins, so Chief Monroe "arranged" a civilian job inside the CMPD while the "special" student David McCullan passed the days and weeks until the training class began.

Further the rumor goes, Chief Monroe gave McCullan a take home car.

And not a beat up recycled white pool car with blue stripes either, but a super sweet tricked out 350Z street machine that was seized during one of Charlotte's many street racing sting operations.

To cover the cost of cruzing the dream machine rumor has it that recruit McCullan also had use of a CMPD gas card.

Now that's a take home car perk we all could use.

Apparently the scuttle butt that Mr. McCullan has only Virginia Drivers license and that this license is suspended, is bogus!

According to Channel 36 WNBC's Stuart Watson McCullan's out-of-state license is valid.

Which begs the next question aren't you supposed to have a North Carolina license within 90 days?

Then we have the rumor that said driver burned out the clutch in said tricked out 350z which the CMPD fixed of course, so the paper trail is out there can you say FOA?

Hard to say what is true and what is just water cooler gossip but the drama saga continues...

CMPD's own photo's of the Nissan and the story from the CMPD press release.


Anonymous said...

If this story is true, and I believe it to be, it is outrageous and SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

This kind of behavior from the 'CHIEF'.....honestly, what kind of example does this represent for the officers in the dept.?

Once again, as people have said over and goes DIRECTLY to the character of the man, and shows how he is willing to use his position and power to cut corners in order to "get what he wants".

And I do believe he thought his unethical and bullying behavior was going to be tolerated here as it has been in his other positions..reinforced by the atmosphere of fear he cultivates.
I don't think he took into consideration the integrity and honesty of the CMPD.

It seems the officers of the CMPD are speaking out because they are becoming ashamed of the way this chief is is "operating".

Anonymous said...

What happened to the counter for stay or go for the "chief"?

Anonymous said...

Cedar I think you are right about the 350Z a 2005 to be exact!

Ws in the HITS Units

I'll email you the photo.

Anonymous said...

supposedly there is a tape out there and if a gas card was used then every vehicle in the fleet has a number and a fuelman card assigned to it so checking it would be no problem plus it is public record....

Anonymous said...

Please someone call him on this.

The "chief" answered a direct question about this with a resounding and emphatic NO....
Who will take the blame for this when it comes to light? Is that why Ray is here, to shield the chief from crap like this?
Will he be the fall guy for this one?

And PLEASE, would anyone really believe that he didn't know this was going on? That he did not KNOW that his grandchilds daddy was driving this car?

Anonymous said...

If there is indeed a tape, would someone PLEASE hand it over to the media?
And do it in such a manner that you would be clear on a polygraph, because I hear he has threatened people with being polygraphed to find out if anyone is talking to the media about any of this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Right! No one buys this line of crap! If this sort of thing was going on hee'd be gone in a heart beat. The public would be marching on the LE Center. What a bunch of bullshit!No truth to this blog

Anonymous said...

Sure, people would be marching on city hall....that's a good one!

City Council and Curt Walton are in a quandary.....City Council hired Curt Walton and Curt Walton hired Rodney...what to do, what to do? Continue to let these transgressions pile up, or cut their losses now?

Seems they are in a holding pattern, waiting to see what happens next.

Because, as much as I hate to say this, you just KNOW the race card will be played. It's a tired old card, but one that is still played regularly. And to be clear, this has NOTHING to do with race, but it will rear its' ugly head if/when he is called on the crap he has done. And people are afraid of this, of being called racists.

Mainstream media is trying, there have been articles in the observer, but their burden of proof is much greater than a Blog.

These things are not bullshit, but what is bullshit is the lack of public outrage and the lack of responsibility being shown by City Council and Curt Walton.

There will be more revelations, I am sure.

The lack of humility of the man will trip him up in the end.

His credibility is nil with the good people of the CMPD.

The proof is there.

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the fact that two more of his employees from Richmond will be joining his "inner circle" in Charlotte?

Also, I have heard about his wife attending "Leadership Charlotte" with another member of his staff....just wondering how this came about? Was this another one of those instances where he pulled his rank to make it happen? Interesting to say the least.

CMPD BLUE said...

No rumor there seems the Chief has his new/old admin asst from Richmond. Just take a walk in the parking lot of the LEC.

Darn! She's even got a reserved parking spot! And the Chief is paying her 20,000.00 more than DS paid his.

Not sure who the other person is yet but time will tell.

Anonymous said...

No, these are two more than the ones already here, over and above RayRay, and his "Admin. Asst", ahh Secretary.., and his grandchilds Daddy.

Word is they will be here soon......

Anonymous said...

Be aware Charotte!! The rumor that there are MORE OFFICERS on the street is bull. Check any shift line up in the city and you will see that there are LESS officers on the street then before Monroe came. He has created SPECIAL UNITS and answering calls for service is NOT A PRIORITY anymore. You better wake up!!

Anonymous said...

Right you are anonymous 3:13!

Not quite sure what it is going to take for City Council to investigate what is really going on at the CMPD.

I give, what will it take, City Council?

You know the old adage, "where there is smoke, there is fire"?

Seems like you on the CC are going to allow the CMPD to suffocate from smoke inhalation before you investigate this mess.
Will it have to go up in flames before you do ANYTHING?

Anonymous said...

There certainly are a number of things to investigate. CC doesn't know what to do or how to do it. Curt must first accept that he made an error in hiring RM in order to come to grips with investigating these allegations. And who does the investigating? The City often relied on Police Expertise in investigating crimes and serious ethics violations. Interesting situation. But I hope Curt gets a grip before this situation goes too far. Charlotte doesn't need a scandel of the degree that this situation will eventually become if not handled quickly and decisively.

Anonymous said...

Lastest rumor is that he is now driving a different take-home car since the word got out about the Nissan.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to forward this site to Charlotte City Council, the Mayor and every other news media outlet in the county!! I guarantee you this will be "Ignored" within the CMPD and covered up like everything else since Monroe came here. Noone would have gotten away with this before he came ....mmmmm what is the difference now? Where is Internal Affairs on this one?

Anonymous said...

One word for good ole Rodney..... CROOK! And the simple reason as to why he is allowed to openly continue is because he was HIRED by another crook, and has surrounded himself with a multitude of crooked cronies. Each one of them has their nasty hands dipping deep into one big pot of the taxpayers' money. This "gangster" is unbelieveable!

Anonymous said...

I agree...I want to know why all of this can't seem to get out to the media and told to the citizens of Charlotte! Why can't we find a way to forward all these posts to the mayor and city council? I hear Pat McCrory has his own Facebook page, how bout that? I think the public would be outraged to know that some of the busiest districts in the city are operating at minimum staffing and sometimes below while Rodney's pet focus mission teams and community coordinators are fully staffed and operating during the peak crime hours: Monday thru Friday 8-5.