Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Media Bird Dogs on Monroe's Trail

Like Mississippi hounds on the trail of an escaped convict, Charlotte's local media have picked up the scent of Chief Monroe's ethics deprived command with WSOC , The Charlotte Observer and WBTV running nearly back to back stories.

Seems Reserve Officers are unhappy with the Chief's forced demotions of nearly a dozen officers including the Reserve Commander. In fact the Chief's wide ranging memo to City Council defending the changes is so contradictory in nature it should have taken some members of council by surprise.

Amazingly the Chief refers to Reserve Officers as so "lacking in training" that the public must be warned and in another paragraph explains that the Reserve Force is a intergral part of CMPD.

Yet with crazed memos and odd directives Chief Monroe continues to fight crime and admittedly things seem to be pretty quiet around Charlotte.

But CMPD rank and file are not happy as evidenced by a doctored New York Post cartoon of the "Chimp" being gunned down by Police. The rather unprintable caption and poor taste has kept Cedar Posts from uploading the image.

So if a demoralized Police Department means lower crime "rates" is it worth it?

So far apparently so. But Cedar Posts thinks Charlotte deserves better!


Anonymous said...

come on cedar he is the best thing that ever happened to charlotte and cmpd officer love the guy! get a life

CMPD BLUE said...

Cedar, you just keep digging. This guy is not right. There is more going on than people are saying.

Anonymous said...

"The best thing that ever happened to Charlotte?"

That HAS GOT to be one of his henchmen posting on here.

Lower crime? PLEASE.....spend any shift with the guys, look at the reports for the days/nights.

The only lower crime is in "their"
heads.......and in their "new math" crime stats....give me a break.

And CMPD BLUE is absolutely right, a LOT more going on. And people are AFRAID to speak out....they have seen what happens when you try to do the right thing and actually tell the truth about what is happening with crime are moved to Outer Mongolia.

The guy has NO ethics, no moral center, and could really care less about the Officers and people of Charlotte. He is after ONE thing and ONE thing only....his next job. And it seems he will do whatever it takes to make that happen. Even if it means leaving a Police Department in total disaster and the morale of "HIS" DEPARTMENT at the absolute lowest it has ever been.

All media, keep digging.

And Cedar, you do not know what a valuable service you are providing for Charlotte. Much gratitude to you.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Anonymous @ 10:02 Thank You! I was starting to feel I was walking down a dark alley with no back up.

CMPD BLUE I agree there is more than what the media is saying.

Anonymous said...

This is a great outlet to provide another side, the real side of what is going on. The demoralization of CMPD seems to be status quo for the upper echelon. What is most uncomfortable is the lack of accountability that the Chief belies. Nobody can speak up for fear of retribution. Not a great way to run any organization. Would these tactics be accepted in a private sector realm?

How can a leader lack moral and ethical character, yet demand that from everyone else?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:55, that is the real question isn't it?

The answer is, he can't.

You cannot lead men without having their respect.

And that ship has sailed at the CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Yet another rumor...

Seems like the "chief" knows about this Blog, and is encouraging his "people" to respond and vote.

Interesting if true...

But doesn't he have bigger things to worry about? Like running a Police Department?

CMPD BLUE said...

Cedar what do you know about command's desire to increase the response time to all calls, so that the chief can lobby the City for more officers?

Anonymous said...

It looks like the rumor is true, he has his cronies monitoring this site now and "voting".

And I had heard about the response time being delayed and the lack of cars for officers AND less officers on the street.

Boy, looking from the outside in, it seems he is totally screwing up the CMPD.

I cannot imagine what it is like for the people on the inside of the CMPD.

And doesn't command staff understand that the more they go along with this crap, the more "guilty" they are? I mean, it's like fiddling while Rome is burning. The ones that know what is going on and are silent are just as guilty as the the ones that are doing it, if not more. Sociopaths always feel that they are above the law. Responsible people that live in the real world know that's not right.

When are the ones that can actually do something about this going to get "some"?

And I have to believe that we, as a community, are better than this.

What good are low crime numbers if they are ill gotten? Is that what we want to stand for? I just have to have more faith in the community than that.

He will soon drive out all the ethical, honorable people at the CMPD. And I can't help but think that is what he may be trying to do. And replace them all with "loyalists".