Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President to Deliver Address at Camp Lejeune

According to The Associated Press, President Barack Obama is making his first visit to North Carolina since his election last November.

The White House announced on Wednesday that the president will deliver an address at Camp Lejeune. His visit is scheduled for Friday.

Obama's visit comes following word from administration officials that he is expected to order all U.S. combat troops to leave Iraq by August of next year.

Cedar Posts wonders what President Obama is going to do with all those frequent flyer points?

Chicago, Colorado, Canada, California and now Carolina.....

Frankly speaking I know he likes Air Force One, and he's trying out his biggest toy but for crying out loud, enough travel.

It's like he shows up at the oval office and says how about I just take a short flight, you know, a little spin around the hood, over the White House, big turn over the Washington Monument and and just for laughs let's buzz the Capitol.

Ahhhh that's a "Negative Ghost Rider!

Speaking of Obama, aren't you glad the Treasury has adopted a "stress test" for the big banks? Of course we have be on a "stress test" since early last year, good thing our health is better than Citibank, or Bank America.

The government plan for banks has always been pretty simple:

First, allow banks to grow into unmanageable humongous monopolies.

Then, allow these banks to invest in tons of worthless securities.

Then bail them out with billions of taxpayer dollars.

After dumping billions into these banks, give up and declare the banks insolvent, causing billion's of dollars in investment losses for joe average only to have the assets bought by another humongous bank.

Think about it, you invest in Bank of America through your broker, pension, IRA Mutual Fund or 401(k) plan. You buy at $40 per share and now the stocks at $4, so you've lost 90% of your money, not too bad, except the only reason you haven't everything is because your government has loaned your bank $10 per share.

So, in reality you have lost $50.00!

Nutz just Nutz!

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