Friday, February 20, 2009

An Open Apology to Readers of Cedar Posts

I've received a bunch of emails from my Charleston neighbors who are wondering what is up with all the "Drama" at the Charlotte Police Department.

The big question is where are the usual stories about life here in the "lowcountry" that Cedar Posts is known for and as one email said: STOP! We could care less about Charlotte!

My answer is I'm not sure what is going on up in Charlotte, but ever since Rodney Monroe took over as Police Chief things up north have been a mess. I really thought that Monroe would be a good fix for Charlotte's increasing crime problem. But I was wrong, it's not working and I give Monroe another six months at the outside.

So please accept my apology for changing the over-all tone of Cedar Posts. At this point I'm going to take a much needed break from all the CMPD Drama.

Another Spring Weekend is in store for the Peninsula, with swells running 2-3 feet kite boarding off of Isle of Palms seems to be a good idea.

In the lesser extreme, golf at Charleston National might be a nice change of pace, as I understand that Tiger Woods is planning on returning to the PGA tour next week.

Accordingly I refer you to a post from last spring "Tiger Woods and Two Pickled Eggs" let me know what you think.

Peace Out!


Anonymous said...

I know your Charleston neighbors may be tired of hearing about Rodney, but PLEASE don't stop letting people know what is up.

It seems you are the only media outlet that is not afraid of speaking your mind, and letting others speak theirs.

PLEASE hit a happy medium and continue to blog about both.
Your Blog is much needed at this time to continue to expose what is going on with the CMPD. Your blog has been a valuable resource in exposing the truth, please do not stop.
I feel that if your Charleston neighbors knew what an impact this was having, they would applaud what you are doing and be a patient.

Anonymous said...

Just please tell me "they" didn't get to you somehow....

Anonymous said...

We are concerned, Charlotte's crime effects us in Charleston as well, since many of us have friends and family living in Charlotte.

My family and I attend at least two Panthers games each year and have made trips to see bands at Verizon and the performing arts center downtown, uptown?

I am a 10 year vetern of the North Charleston PD and at one time considered moving to Charlotte and joining the CMPD.

But if 10% of what Cedar is blogging about is true I'll pass!

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

"They" have NOT somehow gotten to me ... but it may be sometime before I drive North of Rock Hill.

Anonymous said...

Glad no one has gotten to you, Cedar!

You are truly providing a valuable service to the CMPD and the citizens of Charlotte with this Blog shining the light in the shadows where these people like to operate.

Thanks you, and PLEASE keep it up!

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

I see this question again and again - Why doesn't the Charltote Observer report any of the stuff reported here on Cedar Posts?

Understand folks at the Charlotte Observer and the rest of the media can't tell the real story because they need daily access to the CMPD.

You can bet Monroe doesn't answer questions and if someone gets pushy he'll just call someone's editor and say back off or I'll cut you off.

My real concern is you guys in blue. Keep your eyes open and don't let this BS distract you. Stay sharp, stay safe and don't worry about the back office leg humpers and psychopaths you have enough to worry about.

It will all come out is due time and hopfully we can all sleep a little better at night soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for what you do!