Friday, February 20, 2009

Chief Monroe Issues Memo Regarding the CMPD Reserves Fallout

Cedar Posts has obtained a copy of Chief Monroe's hastily written February 19 memo to members of City Council that tries to answer objections to the new CMPD "Standard Operating Procedures" used to throttle the CMPD Reserves.

Seems the Mayor and Council members have been getting an earful regarding Chief Monroe lately.

We've posted the entire undated and unsigned manifesto "Changes in Police Reserves Policies and Procedures" elsewhere here at Cedar Posts, but it reads like a Hugo Chavez version of "Mein Kampf".

That's Chavez on the right

Reading the "memo" you'll quickly notice it's all about power, envy and a struggle to gain total control over the decades old group of volunteers. The anger is palable as is the targeting of the Reserve Commander who is visablity singled out.

It's ironic is that Major Vicki Foster was asked by Chief Monroe to provide a review of the Reserve's "activities" as Foster who is often Chief Monroe's primary spokesperson is connected to a private security firm known as "MVP Protective Services" that effectively competes with CMPD officers both full time and reserve for secondary job opportunities.

MVP is promoted in the Richmond Virginia and DC Metro area market but is a North Carolina Corporation with Major Foster as a partner/member.

You can read more about Major Foster's MVP Protective Services, LLC at the North Carolina Secretary of State Office.

It is apparently unlawful or against CMPD policy for North Carolina officers to seek secondary employment out of state.

In the memo, Chief Monroe cites liability, safety and lack of training among a massive laundry list of issues with the decades old organization. Keep in mind the majority of the CMPD Reserves have retired from the CMPD with a collective 1,092 YEARS of experience.


Anonymous said...

while you are looking at chief monroe how about exposing the hypocrisy of the new take home car policy where officers drive the cars to work, get out and then get into another patrol car to complete their tour of duty plus city policy dictates that non employees are not supposed to ride in city vehicles....

Anonymous said...

Wake up Charlotte!

Anonymous said...

Wake up Indeed!

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Anonymous at 8:58 AM

The way the take home cars are explained in the media, you would think these cars are each officers "full time" car.

Is this not the case?

I understand that Robbery Investigators who gave up their unmarked cars to the "take home car" program are sitting around waiting for cars to go out and "investigate" any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cedar, you are right from what I hear. It seems these cars are not fully operational and cannot be driven while on "duty" and are parked in the garage once they get to work.

And yes, from from I hear, Robbery Detectives have been reduced to trying to catch rides to scenes.

And Homicide Detectives, who operate under the same conditions as Robbery Detectives, have not had their take home cars taken away.Seems they are the only investigative unit that has not had to give up their take home cars. I hear the rumor about that is: that they are the chief's "favorites". I mean, can you really run a PD like this? What is it? Divide and Conquer? His methods just cause resentments and deep divisions within the department it seems.

Seems this guy just cannot be above board about anything.
The CMPD seems to be his own little dictatorship, and he has little regard for policy OR budget.
It is very much what he personally wants and to heck with what is good for the CMPD as a POLICE DEPARTMENT.

It really is amazing what is happening.

Anonymous said...

I hear the comment of the day is Fear and Friction..Thats how you lead a police department..The RAC"S as they call them are supposed to exibit fear and cause friction..Thats the only way to get the job done..1970's anyone??

Anonymous said...

The photos ROCK!

Anonymous said...

So is Major Foster the CEO or the President of the Security Firm?
And is this a part of the Real Estate company or a separate company?

Anonymous said...

Vicki Foster serves are registed agent.Here's the link to the North Carolina Sec of State office.

Read for yourself

Anonymous said...

I understand she is the registered agent here in NC.

My question goes to the information on the website of the company.

They have listed a CEO and a President.....they are "nameless" on the website. Just their "resumes".

I am just guessing that she is the President of the company.

Anonymous said...

If she is President of the company, as someone just said she may be, wouldn't that be a really big conflict of interest if they are doing business in Charlotte?

Is there something in the directives of the PD that would discourage that?

Doesn't seem quite right.

Anonymous said...

Concerning the take-home cars; the ones given to patrol officers (that actually accept them) are not being driven during their duty hours. The cars arent being driven since they dont have computers or audio/visual recording equipment installed. CMPD policy prohibits officers from operating marked vehicles without functional A/V recording equipment.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that went through State of NC Basic Training "BLET" to join the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department. I know how long it took him to get through, and it was far longer than 12 weeks. Something seems a little strange here.

“Reserve Officers could enter the reserve unit after completing a Basic Law
Enforcement Training program of approximately twelve (12) weeks. In
contrast, CMPD recruits are required to complete twenty-three (23) weeks of
training at the academy along with twelve (12) weeks with a field training
officer. This difference in training could pose a liability to CMPD while these
officers are performing police functions.”

State of NC BLET = 618 hours
Per memorandum, 12 weeks. 618/12 = 51.5 hours per week.

CMPD Academy = 903 hours
Per memorandum, 23 weeks. 903/23 = 39.3 hours per week.

BLET serves all other Mecklenburg County Law Enforcement agencies. E.g. Huntersville, Cornelius, MCSO, Davidson, etc. and almost all of the surrounding county agencies. Just trying to be fair here. I hate numbers games.


Anonymous said...

Go Rodney Monroe! I think it's great! He comes in, looks in the eyes of the Charlotte wimpys and runs his department! He proves you don't need a college degree to be a chief or any other police rank! CMPD is full of soft cry babies who hate actually having to work and be held acountable for all their time sitting around the office! Go Rodney! Crime is down!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:56,
Oh yes, he is exactly what Charlotte needs.

Someone who can look his Officers and others right in the eyes and not tell one word of truth.

From what I have heard, he could care less about Charlotte.

He just wants to fiddle with the crime stat numbers, make himself look good, and MOVE ON.

Let's hope he gets to the MOVE ON part sooner rather than later!

I think his way of running the Dept., what I've heard, is just kind of slimey.

Anonymous said...

Feb.28th - ref the 12 wk program and CMPD'S 23 are sadly mistaken...the more training any officer get's before being released is better, they have a better understanding of the law and can be evaluated by their Training Officers, as far as the reserves they can only be reserves if they already have prior Law Enforcement experience- such as retirees and wish to keep their certification - you can not go to a 12 wk class and work for CMPD.

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