Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chief Monroe's Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover might just be an understatement, maybe Extremely Expensive Makeover of the CMPD, considering the city's current budget constraints.

First there was the must have special ordered Ford LTD shipped in all the way from California at a reported cost of $72,989.00, since the former chief's car was "a piece of junk" and a new impala wouldn't do, the chief demanded a LTD and a fully loaded LTD at that.

Then the office, at some where around $16,000.00. Not bad when compared to what they spent over at the Merrill Lynch Division of Bank of America.

Next, Chief Monroe looked at his command staff and didn't see enough diversity so he added a little more color and promoted a couple of black officers without the normal protocol and hired a couple of old friends from Richmond, added cost to the annual budget somewhere around $175,000.00 each year.

Just to be sure he could easily tell who was in their office at the CMPD Law Enforcement Center he had the parking deck reorganized and repainted a cost of something around $10,000.00 to $15,000.00 to give private reserved spaces for command and support staff.

Giving a make over to some 3 dozen unmarked police cars set the taxpayers back another $500,000.00 but gave a few "special" officers a take home police car.

Since the chief wanted to be proud of his command staff, they also needed a makeover and they also needed to be more visible. So now he's spending reported $50,000.00 to give the command staff new uniforms that will distinguish the command staff from the rank and file little people who are just your everyday average cops.

So today we unveil the new "white" uniforms for majors and above.

Soon everyone will know who's in charge of the CMPD because the entire command staff will look like Captain Stubing of the Love Boat.

But the white shirts are just the start, in fact according to CMPD's uniform supplier, it is a whole "new" uniform for the command staff.

Let's just hope he passed on the shorts and slip-on shoes.

If the CMPD Command staff wants to stand out in a crowd the above outfit should do the trick.

Seriously, is there no way to rein in Chief Monroe? City Council seems to turn a blind eye to everything that Chief Monroe does, approving 150 new police officers during Monday's City Council Meeting. If I was a tax payer in Charlotte, I'd start writing some letters to the Charlotte City Council.

I'm sure the new uniforms will be great for CMPD morale. But what about the morale of the city's taxpayers who will have to pay for the Chief's extreme makeover?


Anonymous said...

Yes, Cedar, and the word is, not ALL Captains will be eligible for the "new" uniforms, just those Captains who are in charge of a District.
Just another freaking way Rodney has found to "divide" the officers of CMPD.
Not, from what I have heard, that those Captains really give a rats behind, given what the new "uniforms" look like.
And what will happen when those Captains no longer have a "district"? Will they have to turn in these uniforms?
And why aren't ALL Captains getting these uniforms?
Is it much like the SPECIAL jackets that were given to Homicide Detectives (quite expensive from what I hear), but no other investigative detectives?
Is it because they are SPECIAL?
He has created so many pissed off people, and not because he is a Leader of men, FAR from it, it's because he loves exercising his power, he does these things because he CAN. And he continues to crap on the CMPD. He has got that Napoleon Complex, short man syndrome, superiority thing going on to the extreme.
I thought he cared so much for the regular Officers out there on the streets....then why does he want to distinguish himself and Command Staff from those very Officers?
He is such a bad, bad LEADER...he just doesn't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any response from the city manager in regards to these allegations? or does anyone even care? Are the obvious violations being investigated? Officers have been fired in the past for things that are going on right now yet NOW it is being ignored!! They have their own little click within the CMPD and those within the click get special privledges. A white officer was fired for the very same thing they are doing now with the security firm. And all those officer's "standing around".That is at the direction of the Chief. Don't blame the officers they are only doing what they are told. For God sake what is it gonna take for someone to put a stop to this?

Anonymous said...

The reckless distribution of funds is not a new subject for conversation. Reports have the CMPD spending $2 million over budget, almost the exact amount the taxpayers had forced upon them for the new commander positions. This is a brilliant strategy for a manager. NEVER ask for more funds. Simply spend more and expect someone else to make the hard choices and sacrifices. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:35,
I agree, an old trick, and one I think Rodney has perfected.
My question is, why hasn't City Council, Curt Walton, or SOMEONE questioned him on his overspending and, more importantly, his CHOICES.
As in what the heck he has spent all that money on.
And does he have a projected "budget" for next year, and does he even know the meaning of the word "budget". Certainly he has to submit a projected budget?
And is he held accountable to ANY ONE, TO ANY ONE, for his spending of the taxpayers money?
As a taxpaying citizen, I need some accountability here.
Let's make all expenditures transparent.
The time of dealing behind the curtains should be over.
If there is nothing to hide, hide nothing.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by command staff? Does this mean that Captains, Majors and the Deputy Chiefs will be wearing all white? Cause that would be hilarious. It's almost worth the money.......Actually, I think I am going to bombard city council with emails/letters. Out of all people to be wasting our money it would be the God dang police. Its obvious this new guy Monroe doesn't give a fudge to what his Job truly means. And i'm going to go ahead and just say it. This is 100% based on race. I hope Monroe reads this...Sir, you give your own people a bad image. And to all you people that are going to rag on me for pulling the race card...KISS MY BUT...cause its the god dang truth. My white behind wouldn't last a day pulling the stupid crap this ignorant bafoon is doing.....hmmmm Maybe someone is doing something about this as we speak....beware MONROE!!! The TRUTH and what is RIGHT will always PREVAIL!!!

CMPD BLUE said...

If memory serves me right the reason we stopped having the ego shirt was 2 fold/

First "esprit de corps" like the US Marine Corps our uniforms were the same from recruit to chief. In other words again from the Corps, every CMPD officer was a patrolman first.

Second the white shirts made really good targets in a night tactical situation.

Just my own thinking, but this guy doesn't get it does he?

Anonymous said...

CMPD Blue,
You hit the nail on the head.

Every reason you gave is absolutely the truth.

And like someone said, Rodney puts himself forth as a "chief of the patrol officer".

Sure he is, then why is he so desperate to separate Command Staff from the Officers on the street?

Ego, his knows no bounds, does it?

Narcissistic to the extreme.

Anonymous said...

who are the members of the command staff anyway? does anyone know how they feel about this?

Anonymous said...

My guess is, if they value their jobs and retirements, they are feeling exactly how "Rodney" wants them to feel.

As I have heard, he is as vindictive as he is fiscally irresponsible.

I have heard he never "asks", never puts it to a "vote"'s the old "it's my way or the highway".

There is no transparency, it is just the "dynamic duo" making ALL the calls.

From what I have heard, everyone pretty much knows the score by now, if you dare to disagree with him, you are on your way out, one way or another your life will be miserable.

Now, that doesn't seem to be the case for the "inner circle" of butt kissers, but of course they are never going to disagree with him anyhow.

Honesty and ethics have slipped quietly out the back door, replaced by paranoia and a desperation to hold on to jobs and some bit of integrity as best they can until Rodney moves on to DC.

Abuse of power, anyone?

E=MC...? said...

Is not the command staff his inner circle then? Seems like the command staffs jobs would be secure. I do not see how a deputy chief/major could be fired by Monroe for not doing what he wants if its the right thing? And if the command staff is not his inner circle then what the hell is doing? Why would he posse up with lower level officers, or not even officers at all? Is his inner circle being promoted and given raises when not deserved? It doesn't make any sense. (did anyone ever do a follow up on the Hotel arrangement the chief had for a room to use at his leisure? From my understanding a No tell Hotel is mainly used for drugs/prostitution/cheating...I am by no means implying that...just curious??)

Anonymous said...

"Inner" circle: Ray

Other cadre members: "Yes" men/women

The Rest: Command Staff that keeps their mouths shut.

Anonymous said...

So the command staff is not part of Monroe and Ray's "circle"? So hypothetically why doesn't a cop start a petition and pass it around one day at work and go and put it on Monroes, City Council, and Curt Waltons desk? That always worked in college to get rid of crappy teachers! If morale really is down and everything else you say is true, I do not see how he could still have a job. Some things on here must be distorted or over exaggerated. Its hard to believe that if the majority of the patrol officers and command staff do not like Monroe that he could keep his job regardless of race. It only seems reasonable to assume that the majority of the CMPD and Charlotte citizens like the guy. I do not see how charlotte would allow the police to act so uncivilized. Sounds like alot of the posting on here is "personal"....if not prove me wrong by actually getting something to happen...which again goes back to my point if he really is so bad then the police would complain and get him removed. He can not fire them all for complaining if the majority of CMPD actually do disagree with him being there.

Anonymous said...

Also in the inner circle: Major Vicki Foster

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:11,

How naive you are.

And I truly do not believe peoples' complaints are, as you say, "personal".

I don't think I have read anything on this Blog that is exaggerated...if anything,things are under reported. Of course, this is just my opinion as a concerned citizen listening very carefully.

After the whole Mackey debacle, people are truly scared of being labeled racist. Monroe knows this, and uses it to his advantage.

This is the real world, real jobs,real families, real retirements on the line.

The hope is that someone is listening, really listening to the Misadventures of Rodney and Ray.

It is my belief/hope that their arrogance and hubris will eventually catch up to them.

He is truly taking the CMPD in a really disturbing I hear.

Anonymous said...

I feel like you are the Naive one. Do something about it instead of posting on this blog. Send an email to city council, curt walton, the newspaper. Is anyone on this blog doing anything about the Chief other then posting "venting" on a blog? The people of Charlotte do not seem to mind him. It seems like a very select crowd that disagrees with what hes doing. Most people hate there boss. Life sucks. Get over it. All this chit chat and no action. If he is so horrible get out and show some initiative to get him removed. I like the initiative he takes with bettering our community, maybe you should take notes from him to see how its done. I never saw that last chief step out and try to be a man of/with the people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:18:
You know, you're not really fooling anyone. I am fairly certain you are one of his butt kissers.
I am patient, but intolerant of ignorance.
What makes you think I haven't written to City Council, and Curt Walton? City Council HIRED Curt Walton, Curt Walton HIRED Rodney..
get it?
The "people" of Charlotte don't know what is really going on, all they see are the fake crime stats.

"Bettering our community"? That is a laugh. More like "bettering himself" with a $72,000 LTD, redone Office, "badging" his way into EVERYTHING, surrounding himself with his cronies from Richmond at expense to the City...and on and on and on.
And he started it all off with lying about his degree AND what it was truly in, now that's someone I can respect and "take notes" from.
I agree with you, some people do have "bad" bosses....but having an unethical "boss" that doesn't respect the truth enough to tell it, is NOT someone you want running a Police Department with absolute "power". IMHO
As a concerned citizen, I have done what I can.
I cannot imagine what it is like to actually be working at the CMPD right now.
The "last Chief" had the respect of the community and officers. He was an honest, ethical man always working for the good of the CMPD and Charlotte. Now that is just an "outsiders" opinion, but one that I heard over and over.
Do some research for crying out loud.
Pull up all the articles on Rodney from Richmond, Macon....he has left a trail.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar, where is the "Leadership Charlotte" news you spoke of?

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence though of anything you speak of. Or not enough to merit any attention. Other than Major Vicky Foster...that seems to be a clear violation of the law. I do not agree with that. She should choose one or the other, and have some additional consequence imo. But as far as the Chief himself there seems to be no evidence? If there was I do not see how he could keep the job. Are you saying the entire city council is aware, along with Curt Walton, the Command Staff of the CMPD and the Patrol Officer and still nothing is being done. That seems rather far fetched doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Ellis is the only city official named in the letter. But the program was operated by the police department under then-Police Chief Rodney Monroe, who left Macon to become chief of police in Richmond, Va. Monroe did not return Telegraph calls Monday, and he has not returned Telegraph calls seeking comment about this grant and the subsequent investigations since he moved to Richmond. He is now a finalist to be Charlotte, N.C.'s police chief, according to a report on the Richmond Times-Dispatch's Web site Monday."

So it started in Macon it looks like.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:34
No evidence? Oh My.
Check out his car...check out his car parked in the back at the loading docks during any "event" he wants to attend at the Arena.
You really believe he got his "degree" the legitimate way?
From the Richmond Times Dispatch:
By Staff Reports

Published: January 13, 2009

Virginia Commonwealth University will set up a confidential help line to make it easier for a whistleblower to stop an ethics violation such as the one that led to the improper awarding of a bachelor's degree to Richmond's former police chief.

The tipline will be set up next month by an outside vendor to ensure confidentiality, VCU faculty and staff members were told today at a campus forum on ethics.

VCU President Eugene P. Trani said the controversy over the degree awarded to Rodney Monroe, now police chief in Charlotte/Mecklenburg County, N.C., should never have happened.

"It has done a significant amount of damage to the university's reputation," Trani said.

But it could have been avoided had one person spoken up, he said.

Trani read a letter from VCU's accreditation agency absolving the university of further action in the case.

The ethics discussion is one of the steps the university has implemented as result of its investigation into how the degree was awarded.

A spokeswoman for Monroe said today he has still not made a decision on whether he will return the degree.

-- Karin Kapsidelis

And just what did it say on his resume that his "degree" was in?

And it seems anyone that even tries to "blow the whistle" is branded and demoted and moved to third shift, from what I have been told.

And it's not far fetched at all for a lot of this stuff to be true.
How many times do people have to say he is a vindictive person who retaliates?

Once again, repeat after me: City council hired Curt Walton...
Curt Walton hired Rodney.

You really are naive if you think they are not covering their butts.

It is a shame, but we will probably have to wait until Rodney has moved on to his next "job" before anyone has the cojones to tell it like it is. I hope not. It seems it was that way in Richmond, only after he left and couldn't wield his power anymore did the truth come out.

Anonymous said...

What kind of email/letter responses from city council, on..have you received?

Anonymous said...

"Form" letter responses so far.

"I thank you for your interest" etc.

Or no response from some.

What did I expect? About what I got.

I had hoped for at least a "thank you for bringing this to my attention" response.

Once again, City Council hired Curt Walton, Curt Walton hired Rodney.

They will wait until Rodney and Ray really step on it before anything is done. And with their egos, I believe that will happen.
Or until "the last honest man" steps forward.

Anonymous said...

What company does Major foster own?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I've seen to spark interest with Warren Cooksey, Charlotte City Council, District 7. I sent him an email regarding the Foster situation. He returned by asking what firm Foster owns. The email I sent him was unclear as I am not fully aware of the situation. I just basically posted one of the comments on here regarding the situation. Everyone else should email him asking him about this. If you have the facts right, go ahead and explain it, he is the only member that has returned an email.

Anonymous said...

Public safety workers are a special breed. They choose a career of service in lieu of wealth or notariety, content to perform their duties and remain in the background. However, as in all careers, there are the occassional "rogues" who tarnish the image and reputations of those who served before them. The city of Charlotte, and the CMPD in particular, earned an esteemed national reputation over the past several decades. Unfortunately, the rain now falling from the heavens is actually tears of sorrow from those that came before.

Anonymous said...

There is a new rumor floating around about Rodney's future son in law. Can anyone confirm that he was arrested?

Anonymous said...

I heard he is no longer in the Academy. Well until Rodney forces them to take him back of course.

Anonymous said...

ive met his son in law. Its amazing he is just now being arrested if that really is true. He is sloppy in regards to breaking the law. prolly cause he thought that rod would be there to save him. I wonder if there is any truth to this. That would be hilarious. Is the news going to report on this? Isnt this the same son in law that monroe tried to make an officer without going through the proper procedure? thats scary. Doesnt anyone else think this is gone way to far already?

Anonymous said...

Hypothetically speaking, if City council/walton were to admit their mistakes with Monroe and have him removed, who would you want to replace him? He definitely has a shady side to him, but as a regular citizen he doesn't seem to be doing that bad. Things are not noticeably worse to regular citizens/outsiders of the CMPD. They actually seem to be a little better. Whether that is the fake numbers/media bias...whatever...i don't know. But yea, who can do better? Or are we all just here to complain and whine.

Anonymous said...

I heard the same rumor about his future son-in-law...we shall have to wait and see if it is true or if it will be covered up.

As to who I would want to replace Rodney, as an aware and concerned citizen?

I have heard nothing but good things about Deputy Chief Putney. I have never met him, so I don't have personal knowledge of him or a feel for his character. But if all the things I have heard about him are true, he would get my vote.
He seems to have the respect of people and to be an ethical man.

And I am sure there are others at CMPD that I have no knowledge of, and others outside of the CMPD.

Anyone else that is thoroughly "vetted"...someone of good character and experience.

Anonymous said... Seems like crime is down. A LOT. How are these number distorted? In detail if you can please.

Anonymous said...

Deputy Chief Putney would be a perfect replacement for the screw-up in place now. He's well-respected within the CMPD and a great person as well, from what I've heard

Anonymous said...

It has been explained over and over on here how the numbers have been reported to have been "cooked".

Do a search.

And by the way, it's still being done from what I hear, though not to the extent it was.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, Deputy Chief Putney would be a great choice!

Anonymous said...

How would Deputy Chief Putney make a great choice? He is a Deputy Chief correct? Which means he should be afraid of Monroe, what the hell is Monroe going to do him? Hasn't he solidified his job on the CMPD. Seems like to me he is just as bad as Monroe, along with the rest of the Command staff for just sitting around not doing anything? So am I to believe that Deputy Chief Putney is unaware of what is going on. And if he is aware then he should do something about it instead of standing around watching it in silence. Take this for example..if I commit a serious crime such as Murder, and you know...its you responsibility legally and ethically to tell on me. So how are the dep chiefs any better then the chief himself. They are knowingly letting this happen. Obviously they do not really care either. They are more concerned with there MONEY and RETIREMENT than what is truly right and ethical. Screw the CMPD

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it may take a while to build a least that is what I am hoping.
Anon 2:17
I hear what you are saying, and I have to agree with you to some extent.

But from what I hear, this chief is so vindictive you have to be very careful in presenting a case, or he will do his best to bring you down and smear you...just saying. And from what we have seen of his "character", nothing would surprise me.

Anonymous said...

I disagree....The deputy chiefs could do something. They are choosing not to. They are men that seem to not have any huevos dangling between their legs....

Anonymous said...

All this is lies!! People are just mad because the chief is black!! If he was white there would not be any discussion. As for the new car he got, the damn car was ordered before he came to Charlotte!! He didn't order the car, and it didn't come from california!! look Dummy, the person that designed the car is from C.A te car was upgraded in Greenville S.C! Anytime a black person is promoted or hired for a position of some kind of power, everybody does whatever they can to tear him down. But when Chief Stevens was the cheif the crime rose. It is reported now that crime is down. Shouldn't crime be up more since people are always out doing the wrong thing to make a buck, this is the time crime should be at it's high. We have more police out which looks good and more people feel safe. I don't remember the last time chief Stevens was ever at a homocide scene. Chief Monroe is at every homocide scence!! Instead of trying to tear the chief of police down help the man! to the person that wrote this garbage, I bet if you were being chased down the street by someone that wanted to rob or kill you and you saw Monroe off duty just walking or something I bet your gay as would scream "help,help me chief!!" People that comment negative on this dumb as blog are retarted, thats why america is falling apart because we can't stick together!! It is too much hate in this country and it will never stop!! so you all can go to the opposite of heaven!! To the police all over the world black or white rookie or veteran, thank you for all of your very hard work, and rest in peace to all the fallen police officers in the line of duty. Get at me 1-800-dum-blog