Thursday, March 19, 2009

Moe's Southwest Grill Show of Force or CMPD Officer Over Load?

CMPD's finest responded in mass to another shooting at Moe's Southwest Grill on Sunday.

Sunday's robbery and shooting at Moe's Southwest Grill on East Boulevard brought back tragic memories of the 2007 murders of two employees at the same location.

But evident was also Chief Monroe's new plan for using "Area Response Commanders" and Super Sergents who are charged with getting cops onto the streets and away from standing around with their hands in their pockets, or at least that is the idea.

Sadly as the photos show the Chief's plan wasn't working at Moe's.

In fact for more than two hours, more than a dozen CMPD officers including a sergeant, and the Providence Division Commander reportedly arrived at the scene and then stood around as news crews came and went while the crooks made a clean get away.

Cedar Posts counts no less than six CMPD officers and sergeants with "their hands in their pockets" in the above photos as the crooks escaped on foot Sunday night.

As the trail went cold and WBTV, WCNC and WSOC news crews came and went CMPD officers continued to stand watch.

Rumor has it, that it was a WBTV reporter who discovered the broken fence where the perps made their escape and left a pile of the stolen loot early the next morning.

So the Chief's grand idea of putting a response commander and "Super Sergeants" on the job seems to made little change in the way our CMPD responds to a major crime scene.

Which brings to mind, do we really need another 150 officers on the payroll of a already strained city budget?


Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar, the orders always come from "on high". Can't really fault the Patrol Officers..not enough response.."Where are all the Officers?" many responding "What are all those Officers doing there?"
There is, from what I hear, always confusion emanating from the "chief".
I am told you never quite know what he wants...but that it is better to err on the side of "over" than "under".

Did anyone ever say what that "letter" that Rodney received that someone mentioned on here was all about?

There is more news coming that you are just going to really like, Cedar, just wait for it....wait for'll love it.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Don't mean to crack on the officers that just do what's asked of them.

Never heard anymore about the "package" personal stuff I'd guess.

News should be priceless from what I've heard, considering the City Budget numbers I've been hearing about.

Anonymous said...

The "package", from what I hear, WAS "personal", as in someone "requesting" your appearance "somewhere". I'm sure details will emerge at some point.

News will be something just can't make this stuff up, can you?

Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar...Its obvious someone with you is a former probably disgraced cop, who definitely has a race problem. Where were you when the city was going to hell and the Command Staff only knew one thing....create a new specialized unit. What I see is a bunch of officers who are actually at work, instead of when Stephens/Sennett was in charge and only 25-30 police were working at night. Dude, I am not a racist, but I can see more work being done now. In 12 years, I have seen people get a special job and just sit. Now peple have to produce. For the working man, I say the job and shut up...We could all be working for GM now. Then what. If you dont like the job or leadership, leave and go someone else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:37
Do you have any idea how many "specialized units" have been
created/moved around by the new "chief"? Check your facts before you speak.

It is every man's right to speak out.
And people are letting it be known that the new "leadership" is far worse than anything seen at CMPD.

Why should these "hard working men and women" go "somewhere else"?

Maybe they should stay put and continue to speak out about the unethical behavior of the present regime....and let those ethically challenged leave.

And "producing" wonky numbers isn't really "producing", now is it?

Anonymous said...

Of course I know, why else would I speak. I hear the specialized units were disbanded and some we reassigned. The new leadership is not going for the good ole boy system. Was it so bad bad under Nowicki or Stephens, who let a small group run rampart when they wanted and did nothing when they wanted. I though this blog was for people to express an opinion. Why so hostile...Everyone has an opinion. Do I really care if someone doesnt like the Chief, just do the job. If the numbers are being jostled, it will come out in due time. Until then, man up and do the job you swore to do. What happened to the oath they take? are they going to let the oath down, because they are not happy?

Anonymous said...

Oh for crying out loud, I think the Officers are all DOING THEIR JOB..AND UPHOLDING THE OATH THEY TOOK.

The "new leadership" has created their own good ole boy system. It is one of cronyism and it is who you know, not what you know. It is favoritism at its finest.

No hostility here, as a concerned citizen, I think the fine OFFICERS of the CMPD deserve bettter, deserve leaders they can respect and be proud of. And that treat ALL with equality. And from the very beginning, this "chief" showed what mattered to him, starting at the very beginning with his bogus degree and lying about just what that degree was in.
It has gone downhill from there, IMHO.

CMPD BLUE said...

I think Cedar is being objective and not one sided in this case.

Not being there myself it is hard to say if 12 uniforms was over kill, there doesn't seem to be a crowd control issue, but clearly the suspects were long gone by the time the news crews began to show up.

Here is an interesting time line regarding the Chief's college degree:

Anonymous said...

3:27 and I'm guessing you again at 3:24. You have absolutely no idea to what you are talking about. And you are the only one making it a race thing on this article. And you know what else. I am absolutely positive I remember the Chief himself saying he would be at every homicide when he first came to town. He hasn't. One time he was actually on the golf course. While several dep. chiefs, majors, sergeants have been to everyone at his orders. As a citizen of Charlotte I am calling him out as a Liar, A fake, A fraud, and ignorant. To be honest as a regular citizen I don't really like the police...due to the "power surge" rep some of them have. And i really really hate a corrupt cop...oh wait...this time I mean Chief....FYI every crime scene in charlotte is like that now. A lot of cops standing around chit chattin. The chief really is a clueless man. makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

No that wasn't me the last time. I signed off. Someone else vented.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Cedar,
Have you heard about the "new uniforms"?
Sgt. Peppers, here we come!
I also heard Ray-Ray told someone in a roll call a while back, when they asked if they (cmpd) were going to get a raise this year, his reply was "You are lucky to have a job".
Now that is really professional, huh?
I'm guessing CMPD could hire a few more Officers if they just got rid of Ray-Ray. It's not like he NEEDS the money, I think he is probably getting a couple of "retirements" already. I think he is freaking "lucky" to have the job he has at CMPD with only a high school diploma.

Anonymous said...

I heard that the "letter" was a
subpoena of some kind, from Richmond or Macon?

Anonymous said...

Why does City Council not ask Rodney why he is so far OVER his freaking budget???? Why don't they ask him where the money has gone?

Anonymous said...

There go Rodney and Ray-Ray, joined at the hip, smiling like Chesire Cats exiting the City Council Meeting having gotten stimulus money to pay for more cops.....never having been asked one time where all the overages in his budget came from.

And Curt Walton? Why is he still here? And Burgess? She basically said SPEND, SPEND SPEND, it's FREE MONEY, 'yall. Is she out of her mind? Where the hell does the stimulus money come from? FROM US, you nitwits!

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

The new uniform rumor has be bouncing around for the last month or so.

But now I have a photo of what the new "command" uniforms are going to look like.

I hope to post the "full" story later tonight pics and all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Cedar, and the word is, not ALL Captains will be eligible for the "new" uniforms, just those Captains who are in charge of a District.
Just another freaking way Rodney has found to "divide" the officers of CMPD.
Not, from what I have heard, that those Captains really give a rats behind, given what the new "uniforms" look like.
And what will happen when those Captains no longer have a "district"? Will they have to turn in these uniforms?
And why aren't ALL Captains getting these uniforms?
Is it much like the SPECIAL jackets that were given to Homicide Detectives, but no other investigative detectives?
Is it because they are SPECIAL?
He is such a bad, bad LEADER...he just doesn't have a clue.

Anonymous said...

Hes is fully aware that he is a bad leader. And He is laughing all the way to the bank...and I am sure in a couple of years he get a new higher paying job in another city. Hes a play play playa. And he be good at it. Dont hate the playa... I cant believe this guy is chief of police...seems like he is better suited in the crypts or bloods or one of those GANG things...whatever those are. And city council isnt doing squat didily because they brought him to charlotte under the assumption he was legit. He played them and now they have there hands tied for him to run freely and do whatever his uneducated behind wants to do. Its there fault. HOOOORAY! MORE CORRUPTION!! I was thinking of going legit too...not anymore..not with this guy as chief. I connect with you Rodney...your my kinda guy.....