Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chief Rodney Monroe Sued and his "Quasi" Son in Law Booted From the CMPD Academy

Several posters have asked if there is any truth to the rumor that the father of Rodney Monroe's grandson David McCallum (his last name spelling has been reported nearly a half dozen different ways) was booted from the CMPD Academy due to his recent arrest.

Seems it is true!

David McCallum who earlier this year was given a civilian job at the CMPD and the CMPD Nissan ZX to drive while he waited to become a part of CMPD's 157th recruit class, is again part of the CMPD water cooler gossip.

If the rumor is correct, CMPD Academy staff rejected Mr. McCallum's application to become a Charlotte Police Officer and as the story goes the Chief Monroe intervened and forced the academy to accept Mr. McCallum. Those at the Academy who opposed the Chief's request were transferred, apparently back to patrol.

So last month Mr. McCallum it seems started training to become a Charlotte Police Officer at the academy, that is until authorities in Virgina discovered that they had an outstanding failure to pay child support arrest warrant for Mr. McCallum and came to Charlotte to get their man.

When the State of North Carolina learned of this they informed the Chief that Mr. McCallumn would not be certified as a state law enforcement officer and that we'll assume sealed the deal.

But not to worry Mr. McCallum word has it,is now working in CMPD's property control department as a civilian employee once again.

So .... It's still good to be King!

Meanwhile Chief Monroe unveiled CMPD "Hero Cards" at Saturday's Nicks vs Bobcats basketball game.

Hero cards are not new to Charlotte but the partnership with Coca Cola bottling is new and should help offset the costs. No word on the collectability of the cards yet, but Cedar Posts would expect the Chief Monroe cards might just fetch a premium.

Back on Wednesday this memo, the second paragraph is inspiring, was sent out to all CMPD employees:

From: Monroe, Rodney
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 5:12 PM
To: _CMPD everyone
Subject: Outlook for CMPD during upcoming budget cycle

All Employees

All city employees have just received an email from our City Manager outlining the tough times ahead for the city. We within CMPD are not excluded from facing challenges during this upcoming budget cycle. At this juncture, we are not facing any reductions in workforce or likelihood of furloughs. In order to meet our public safety needs we will continue to hire sworn personnel and critical civilian staff. I believe we will continue to be able address our equipment and supply needs within this fiscal year as well as the upcoming 2010 budget cycle. We will be identifying a variety funding sources throughout the next year to address various needs that arise.

The work and accomplishments each of you has achieved over the past year have been remarkable. Our citizens continue to hold the CMPD in highest regard and I hear and observe continuously the outstanding work that is being done by the entire department. Being the professionals that we are, we will continue to serve our communities and citizens with the highest level of service expected from each member of the organization.

I fully realize not receiving well deserved step increases requires a great sacrifice of police and fire members. However, we must realize, being the largest employee base, that other dedicated employees within our department and throughout city government must be considered and protected.

Although the news does not appear to be uplifting, we must consider the uncertain times we are currently experiencing and know that we together will work our way through these challenging times.

As always, thank you for your continued dedication!!!!!

You can read Curt Walton's email and the City's authorization here.

Chief Monroe Sued

Charlotte news media continues to worship Chief Monroe which is why it took nearly three weeks to discover the story behind a package Chief Monroe received earlier this month.

Seems that the package contained the legal documents pertaining to a lawsuit that was filed against Rodney Monroe with the Federal Court in Richmond.

With no coverage from the Charlotte print or television media it took a post added to this story to break the silence. Props to the poster who pointed Cedar Posts to WTVR in Richmond. The Richmond Station broke the story back on Wednesday of last week.

More details from WTVR CBS Channel 6 in Richmond.

A regular visitor to CP suggested we check this out:

Here's a link to an article that is written by an African American Police Chief. Someone who looks at policing from the other side. It is a thoughtful and intelligent look at diversity, education in police departments and policing for this century! Excellent article!!

Dr. Theron Bowman is Chief of Police in Arlington, Texas


Anonymous said...

Unfeaking believable!!

Honestly,you can't make this stuff

And he is working in property control? Come on, is ANYONE going to do ANYTHING to stop this crap?

Where will it stop? When will it stop?

And guess what the warrant was for.....just wait for it.

City Council, Curt Walton, ANYONE?

How much longer will you allow this to go on?

Well, we don't have to worry about David... the mother of his baby, Rodneys' daughter, has a nice cushy job that "Daddy" reportedly had a hand in getting her. So he should be okay.

Anonymous said...

He's working in property control, huh? Wait til evidence starts to go missing...

CMPD BLUE said...

A little too late for the CMPD Academy staff who were demoted by Chief Monroe for refusing to allow this puke into the Acadmey.

I would hope the Observer takes this story and runs with it, and I can't wait to hear about the State of VA charges.

Man up King Rodney and bow out NOW!

Anonymous said...

Maybe if CMPD was not 2.5 million OVER budget, these steps wouldn't be necessary.

Maybe if Rodney had not squandered CMPD money on painting cars, new uniforms for command staff, refurbing his office, buying unneeded laminating machines,his new LTD, hiring Ray in a position that could easily have been filled by a Deputy Chief, bringing his secretary here from Richmond, hiring the daddy of his grandchild, and the list goes on and on and on. Has ANYONE from City Council taken a LINE ITEM look at what he has spent money on?

And, seriously, does ANYONE believe that HE wrote that email?

Anonymous said...

Is the paper going to run this...and include that he has a job in property control. Is nobody at the CMPD friends with the media other than rodney. If I were a cop working for this man I would have to temporarily quit.

Anonymous said...

Friends with the media? I haven't heard a word about this news story. We heard the Marshals visited Chief Monroe but no details (rumors). This is what happens if you oppose Monroe. Check the link for news item.

Those of you worried about the future son-in-law. I don't think he will steal from Property Control when he has "Dad's City Credit Card" to make the payment.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you, and one that I hope you can answer and post on your main page.

The fact that Rodney let his daughter's "baby daddy" drive a city car (there is supposedly a videotape of him doing this, but from what I have heard, people having this tape are really afraid of retaliation if they give it to the media), while using a city gas card to fuel this car. Do you think that there is an Internal Affairs investigation/case on this alleged violation??

Wouldn't this be a violation of public servants ethics laws for NC, which state that they should not do anything that results in private gain or personal interest?

Would not this be for his "personal interest"??? Not only the fact that he had his daughters "baby daddy" hired at CMPD while awaiting his Academy class, but that he gave him the city car to drive while this was happening?

And forget about the whole DSS debacle. He NEVER DID answer the direct question if he used his influence to get his daughter hired. But that would certainly be for "personal interest" also.

I honestly can't understand, Cedar, why this and other stories of his alleged "abuse of power" have not been reported by the Charlotte Observer or any other news outlet besides here, on this Blog! (And I thank you for that!! For reporting these abuses and not being afraid to put them on your Blog!!)

What are people so afraid of? Is it really the "race card" thing? I wouldn't care if he was black, white or green, I would still have the same opinion of what he has done. And as much as I hate to say it, if he were white, he wouldn't be getting away with this crap, and we all know that.

We haven't really come that far, have we?


Anonymous said...

Cedar, you seem to be well spoken, at least well written. You also seem to know exactly what you are talking about. All of your post are accurate interpretations of what is really going on. And about 80% of the comments seem to hold some sort of legitimacy. So why do you and your followers not voice your opinion to city coucil collectively. Write an email or a letter. A voice of many will be heard. I know of both whites and blacks, both male and female that do not like the guy.

Anonymous said...

It used to be the CMPD had a reputation for having morals and integrity. It saddens me to know this is no longer the case. The city does not want to have egg on its face. So they will never admit they made a huge mistake in hiring this guy. It is going to the take the department years to recover from the improprieties committed.

Anonymous said...

Anom 12:58..Are you saying this based on your opinion. Or is there legitimacy to what you said? I still want to believe that something can be done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:58,
Sadly, it is my opinion you are 100% correct, and there are MANY that agree with you.

It seems Rodneys' new name is "Teflon Rod"...nothing seems to stick, so far.

I really believe that City Council and especially Curt Walton, will not take personal responsibility for making a huge mistake in bringing the Rodney and Ray Show to Charlotte.

As many, many have said here, he has taken a PD nationally known for it's integrity and high standard of ethics and trashed it in a very short time. It is quite amazing when you think about it. And it is going to take a long time for it to recover. And the longer he is allowed to stay, the more damage he can and will do.

And here's an alert, folks: It seems he just does not care as he continues to violate the ethics and integrity of the CMPD.

Well, he cares, but only about Numero Uno, and Numbero Dos (Ray-Ray).

Imagine how demoralizing it is for the Officers at CMPD?

Anonymous said...

I understand Monroe has changed the CMPD. But it has only been a year. I do not think it is to late to return to being one of the TOP 10 PD's in the nation. Which is where we once ranked. Curt Walton has to be aware of what he has done. Once this blows up Walton will be out of a job and have a HUGE blemish on his resume. It seems like it would be in his best interest to admit his mistakes and cut his losses...he would be able to keep some respect and dignity that way?

Cedar Posts said...

I really liked the Chief, I liked his ideas and concepts.

I have no personal ax to grind or vendetta.

I don't work for the CMPD so I don't have a dog in this hunt nor is my job on the line.

I have spoken with the mayor and members of city council, and with the exception of one council member most of the issues noted here receive little if any concern.

I have lived in Charlotte all my life and I see this as a perfect chance to mirror the success of Barrack Obama and to prove that even in the south you can work your way up from patrol and become chief if you just work hard no matter what color your skin.

Except the way Chief Monroe made it to Chief of Police in Charlotte was the way of the Hood,

Lie, Bully, Cheat, and Threaten, he is proof that it's not what you know it is who you know.

He's a sad reflection on Charlotte, the CMPD and honest hard working black police officers across the country.

Rodney Monroe as Charlotte's Chief of Police is just all kinds of wrong.

Anonymous said...

Then you have to ask yourself if Honesty, Integrity and Ethics mean anything to the Mayor and City Council.

I am a longtime Democrat, and the only member of City Council I have any respect for is Warren Cooksey, a Republican. He is the only one with the integrity and backbone to stand up to the rest of the council and to Rodney. And Susan Burgess lost all credibility with her largesse with our stimulus TAXPAYER money.

So I sadly say that I agree with everything you just said in your last post.

But I don't think they can ignore his transgressions much longer. Taken in total, they are truly

Rodney really does seem to have all the characteristics of a thug.
Severely lacking any kind of character.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be missing the point. One collective voice of many is much more effective then many individual voices working seperately. You have created a following on this blog. You could use this to greatly affect the on going problem at the cmpd. Warren cooskey seemed rather interested when I emailed him regarding foster. Could be an outlet for our collective voice to be heard.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:37:
I certainly understand what you are saying and I agree.

There is only one problem I can see, many people who post on here Anonymously are probably connected to the CMPD and could not risk being identified, i.e., we all know how vindictive this chief is.

But as you said, Cedar certainly has excellent information that is spot on, as far as I hear, 100% of the time.

The apathetic attitude of City Council and Curt Walton, and heck, the general public that has not been informed of all the ethical challenges of this "chief", is what is keeping this from mattering.

It's baffling to me.

Anonymous said...

You honestly think Internal Affairs can or wil do anything? Ray Ray and Monroe run Internal Affairs!! With all the violations out there I expect the State will have to get involved if anything is going to be done. (Wouldn't the State investigate the Security Firm run by Viki Foster? Of course it has now been moved to Washington under her fiance's name)

I expect Charlotte should put away some money for the lawsuits that surely will be filed when Rodney violates the rights of more CMPD Officers.

As far as his "future son in law" couldn't Rodney just give him a city credit card to pay his child support?

I find it funny that with all this information out there the Charlotte Observer's only story is about "Hero Cards"!!! But then again you would have to do some investigating to print a real story.

Rumor now is there is some grant money missing that was supposed to be used to buy bait cars for CMPD.
That money has mysteriously vanished.

Well I have to hand it to you are the real "Hero" . You have the guts to stand up when noone else will. You can't expect members of the CMPD to speak see what happened to the Officer in Virginia when he did and what has already happened to Officers in the CMPD who stand up for what is right.

Hang in there!! Someone has to do something soon.

Anonymous said...

How can someone get fired from the academy and then given a job in the police evidence room? Unbelievable!!! This has never happened in the history of the CMPD. Rodney does what he wants and city council turns a blind eye and we all know why.

Noone has still confirmed if his "daughter's baby daddy" even has a valid drivers license....and he was driving a city vehicle?

Maybe we need to go to a city council meeting and voice our concerns publicly?

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think anyone realistically expects IA to investigate any of the allegations, even if certain members wanted to.
Rodney and RayRay would put the kabosh on that in a hurry. And he is replacing/has replaced IA personnel with "loyalists"

The Dynamic Duo virtually has exercised a coup d'etat at the CMPD.
They are firmly in control of everything, and not in a good way.
And I think it would be very effective if the people that can go without fear of retaliation, go en masse to a City Council meeting

It has been a real eye opener watching all of this happen, from the outside. As people have said, it must just be hell on the inside of CMPD..I can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think everyone expected that to happen with Viki Foster...but I'll bet her name is still on the company papers...I don't see her giving that up, from what I have heard.

And you are right about the lawsuits...I hear some are in the works already, and rightly so!!

Anonymous said...

Oh it will only get worse since he is single handedly picking his "favorites" for future academy classes.

Wait and see how much corruption evolves from those officers hired during Rodney's Reign.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like CMPD needs to pass city council and go to the state for help!!

Anonymous said...

hes already being sued by people in charlotte? that didnt take very long. how will he be able to handle all these law suits for his dirty actions as a cop?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of Major Foster being promoted to Deputy Chief as soon as one of the current ones retire. Which could be as soon as this year.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have heard of Fosters' future promotion to Deputy Chief as soon as someone retires....

What a travesty that would be, from what I hear.

So many good points about her ineligibility have been brought up on the Blog on here about her and the Security Company.

I honestly think the SBI should be called in to investigate a LOT of things at CMPD since Rodney has been here.

Just one scenario if you will,
if ANYONE but Rodney were doing the things he has been doing, they would be GONE. Imagine if a Major, or a Deputy Chief, had demanded that an "underling" go out and buy a $1,000.00 laminating machine to make up "fake" parking placards to accommodate their friends that were in town for a tournament downtown, and then had a public meltdown/tantrum when one parking lot attendant refused to allow them to park in his lot without paying?? Just imagine if that had been a Major or Deputy Chief...or a Captain or a Sargent?
Would they still be at CMPD? Would people have been outraged?
You bet your sweet butt they would have.
Take all the unethical/unlawful things he has allegedly done since he has been here, put them all on one of the above, and see what you have. Someone booted out of the CMPD. So WHY is he still here, and still continuing to thumb his nose at City Council, Curt Walton, and the citizens of Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

The difference between the current deputy Chiefs, at least the ones I know, and Foster (from what I have read about her, I have never met her) is remarkable.

Anonymous said...

Hes being sued by charlottians?

Anonymous said...

I have to comment on something I just saw on the news, and that I have seen quite a bit since The Rod of Shod has been here.

They were interviewing a CMPD officer
(it was impossible to tell his rank, the point of this post)on the news.
His hair was screwed up, he had on a tshirt, and some kind of jacket, it may have been a police jacket, it was hard to tell, and you couldn't see any insignia.
I have noticed this on quite a few "scenes" lately I have seen on tv.
It just does not seem professional, or respectful.
But I asked around and this does seem to be just another "byproduct" of "Rodney Knows Best".
It seems officers are not encouraged to show up if called into a scene with proper uniforms on.
Doesn't seem right to me, and seems just another breakdown in discipline and respect.

CMPD BLUE said...

Anonymous said...
Hes being sued by charlottians?

April 1, 2009 10:33 AM

King Rodney is being sued by a Richmond Officer check out the link to the Richmond tv station at the very end of the post.

Note that the Charlotte Observer has yet to breech this or David McCallum issue.

Anonymous 12:07

You have noticed that too, the person interviewed is either a member of Command, or a field supervisor, Rodney requires that they respond to major events in their area.

Remember Rodney's promise to respond to every homicide? Well this is a homicide and Rodney didn't show.

CMPD BLUE said...

This being the fatal police accident.

Anonymous said...

Yep, seems that "promise" of Rodney's has not been upheld.

The truth is, he is NOT at every homicide.

And come to think of it, the few times I have seen him at a scene on tv, he is not in a proper uniform either.

Also, I read on here a while back about a test he has to take to be a "sworn" officer. Does anyone know if he has taken that test and when the deadline for it is? (The one he wanted to take "online", that's a good one, would you trust him to take a test "online"?)

I am just SURE he has been getting some INTENSIVE "tutoring" for this.
I'm sure they have pulled out all the stops on prepping him for this.

Anonymous said...

He has been seen on the Golf course during some of the homicides...? He is very stereotypical. It's so obvious

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard of Major Foster being sued for her improper dealings with LLC Security company she unlawfully owned. I am not sure if it had to do with her owning the company or some other allegations? Any one know anything? I think its more than just a rumor....

Anonymous said...

The "quasi" son-in-law has not been ousted from the academy. He is still there. I'm unsure as to how that rumor got rolling. There were rumors floating around that he had a revoked drivers license from Virginia, but that was false. He took his time in finally getting a NC drivers license, however.

Anonymous said...


As someone said on here a while back, have they LOWERED THEIR STANDARDS at the Academy in order to promote diversity? (Or to promote the chief's quasi son in law?)

Now he is the kind of person you want wearing a badge in Charlotte,
has/had a WARRANT for failure to pay child support, for goodness knows how many kids in Charlotte, and is the baby daddy of ANOTHER child here. Has the man never heard of some kind of birth control?
If he can't support the kid/kids he has in Richmond, why in the world would he have more?

Dumb and dumber.

It's just all so a really bad soap opera.

Anonymous said...

They are, in fact, lowering their standards to allow more minorities into the CMPD, particularly drug test standards, from what I've heard.

Anonymous said... the police can smoke weed?

Anonymous said...

Hey, if Rod and Ray smoked a doobie, it could only help their performance, it couldn't hurt it.

So, have there been new directives written as to this lowering of admittance standards for the academy?
New SOP's?
It's SUCH a good idea, why wouldn't RodandRay want to take credit for it, IN WRITING.

Or is it like everything else with RodandRay, word of mouth with nothing written down? That "nod, nod, wink, wink"...this is the way we are going to do it now?

I had heard the same thing, but as a concerned citizen, did not want to think that was true.


Anonymous said...

So what gives? Is the future son in law in the academy or in property? I heard he was in property?

Anonymous said...

This is just a tinfoil theory, but I get the impression this may be one of the "false" rumors that has been "leaked" in order to discover who is providing information to this blog and other sources.

If this is the case, it was probably done so IA could see who was looking for the name "David McCallum" in the department record system and then opening investigations on those officers for mis-use of department resources.

Once again; just a theory.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:14
What a nasty, nasty place the CMPD is becoming.

IA needs to have about a dozen active, open cases on Rodney, and if anyone at CMPD had ANY balls that is what would be happening.

I hope that SBI gets involved in all of this.

His abuse of power is nothing less than staggering.

That Command Staff allows this to continue is criminal.

For sure, something is going on with the "baby daddy".....

Tufano, you listening Buddy?
You had better have quite a bag of magic tricks to deal with this huge
CF, good luck with that. Your credibility and integrity are in the toilet, for taking this job working for this unethical loser.
Where are your ethics? You should have been doing your job as a newsman and been investigative reporting on all this...but you have gone over and will be trying to convince others to down the koolaid, shame on you.

Anonymous said...

With Monroe and his cronies relaxing some of the requirements to all "certain individuals" into the CMPD, I think we're going to see some serious screw-ups in the future

Anonymous said...

David McCallum is still in the Academy. He was served papers for failing to pay child support, not arrested. BUT, the point is that there used to be an EXTENSIVE 6 month background check that included a financial background check. Applicants were specifically asked if there were liens against any of their property, if they had ever filed for bankruptcy, if they owed anyone money, if they were involved in a civil suit, etc. AND a thorough credit check was also conducted. It seems that failing to pay child support and, therefore, failing to conduct yourself as a decent and responsible father WOULD have shown up on such a background check. Or was it just simply overlooked and, once again, the standards of the CMPD were lowered to accept another "favorite"? I didn't like the man but Chief Nowicki warned us of Monroe and Washington DC's reputation of misuse of power and corruption in a Disturber article last May. I wish that someone would have listened.

Anonymous said...

"In a letter to the Observer last week, former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chief Dennis Nowicki urged the city to look at the history of the Washington force during the years Monroe served in leadership roles. While the Charlotte force "enjoys an outstanding reputation...," the letter said the Washington force "doesn't come close."Nowicki declined to elaborate when contacted by the Observer."

Anonymous said...

why did he decline???!!! I mean come on....

Anonymous said...

If you begin to peruse through the requirements for CMPD (both Civilian and Sworn) in the coming weeks, you'll see things like "Must have clean criminal & drug history" and "credit check" disappearing to appease the Chief's desire for more African-Americans in the CMPD at any cost. There's a right way to do it, Chief...and relaxing your financial and drug standards isn't the right way. I've heard Vicki Foster backs him on this vehemently.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, Foster is so far up his butt she is suffering from hypoxia. She wants to be Deputy Chief so bad she can taste it. So I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that she will back him on ANYTHING.
I am pretty sure her ultimate goal is to follow him to DC. I mean, her fiancee and her BUSINESS are there.
It seems Chief Nowicki had a better understanding of the true character of Rodney then Curt Walton or the City Council did.
Lower the standards, and, wait for it, you GET LOWER STANDARDS.
It will literally take years to clean up the CMPD if Rodney gets his way on this.
It is a dangerous propositon, lowering the entrance requirements for the sake of "diversity". As someone said, why not go after African American candidates that are qualified and meet the current high standards.
And, once again, why isn't the Observer reporting on any of these things? They have a responsibility to the community and city to keep the citizens informed.
Rodney and RayRay are in so far over their heads, they haven't a clue.
They only know one police model, and that model is about 50 years old. They are ignorant in the new techniques and models to have an effective police force in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Do you think you could put a link to this article on your front page?

It is excellent and is written by an African American Police Chief.

We should have been so lucky as to have had this forward thinking, intelligent Chief here in Charlotte.

It is a thoughtful and intelligent look at diversity, education in PD's, and policing for this CENTURY!

Excellent article!!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the 2008 Annual Report for the CMPD will be available online??

Anonymous said...

Here are the facts; these are NOT rumors, they are facts. So any reporter brave enough can actually "verify" through CMPD's Human Resources.

An African American who only served as Captain for 11 months was promoted to Major over more experienced non-AA counterparts.

4 out of the 4 Recruitment positions (the positions that became available after McCallum was hired) were filled by AA officers

The most recent IA Sgt. position was given to an AA despite the unanimous selection of another more qualified non-AA candidate

2 of the last 3 AA officers promoted to Sgt. went straight to specialized positions without having to work in a division first. One of these worked with Monroe in DC prior to coming to CMPD.

The next DC will be Foster although there are more qualified and experienced non-AA Executive Staff in the running.

Some of the above mentioned people deserve the positions, others did not. But all share one attribute in common. Again, this is fact, not rumor.

Anonymous said...

ROMO and Ray-Ray are reversing the progress made by Nowicki and Stephens by decades. Perhaps if ROMO (or Ray-Ray, I hear he only has a high school diploma too) had earned a legitimate 4-year degree in Criminal Justice he'd have heard of the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment of 1972. Here's a link: Bottom line results of the study: throwing more police out there "just for looks" doesn't bring down crime or make people feel safer. It takes cooking the books to do that, right ROMO and Ray-Ray?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:50,
From what I have heard, you are absolutely right on everything you said.

And, sad to say, this is promoting "diversity" for the sake of "diversity".

And it has caused, from what I hear, a racial division at CMPD that has never been there before. And there will be lawsuits.

But what would you expect? To come in and without any forethought or sensitivity to any racial issues that could arise because of this blatant bias, rodney just promoted, in most instances, unqualified and or inexperienced people to fill positions because they were African American, or AA with SOME DC connection.

It's kind of like "jury nullification" only with the regs,
sops, and directives of the CMPD being ignored and violated in order to promote people.

If you are not qualified or experienced enough, you should not be given a position....PERIOD.
And especially not to promote some kind of misguided diversity.

Anon 8:19
They would need REMEDIAL criminal justice courses and CONTINUING EDUCATION in criminal justice classes to come anywhere near having the background they need to do the jobs they are not (qualified) for.

Anonymous said...

If you are a white male/female that is passed on for a job by a protected class member, in this case an AA, that is not qualified, can you not file a civil lawsuit? I know the key issue is "Qualifications", and Rodney has re-written some of these "qualifications" already, has he not? But still it seems like a couple of lawsuits should arise if unqualified protected class members are being promoted? However, I do not think experience matters, unless it is a stated qualification.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is actually stated in requirements or not, but experience would seem to have been the reason for the two year time period required of Captains before they were eligible to be promoted to Major, and that was the MINIMUM requirement. And it seems a prudent and necessary requirement to me.

But as stated, Rodney has his "own" rules and regs and directives and sop's. He really just does what the heck feels good to him and to hell with the "real" rules and requirements. Which is one of the things that is so screwed up about his particular brand of governing the CMPD.

It would seem that any CMPD needs standards, rules and regs to be a PROFESSIONAL outfit. Rodney and Ray are running the CMPD like it is their own little fiefdom, which in fact it has become.

This IS NOT the professional way to operate a police department, by any stretch of the imagination,

And it has been said ad nauseum,
they are doing it with impunity.
They are answering to NO is a dangerous position they are in indeed. To rule with no oversight is never a good thing.

And it does seem as though those in the position to challenge him are not doing so.

Anonymous said...

If it says two years in writing then that is most certainly a qualification that must be met by any protected or non protected class member. At my business, the qualification for promotion though out the company are clearly stated in the Employee Handbook. Does the CMPD not have one. If you are one of the employees that got skipped on for a promotion due to an UNQUALIFIED protected class member then you should think about bringing a civil suit forward. Rodney would not be able to do anything about it, it would be up to an judge/jury/arbitrator (I dont know who handles these like this? to solve the Unequal employment standards of the CMPD. Is this not correct? Or is this completely irrelevant due to all the loopholes rodney either finds or creates? I dont know? I would be pissed though if I worked hard laying my life on the line for a city I love and not get awarded for it, while some unethical jerk off gets the job...I honestly dont really know the situation...maybe everyone was qualified. Not up to me to tell. But if they are not, you should not let yourself be exploited.

Anonymous said...

Monroe recently re-wrote the existing promotional process that allows him to appoint Majors and Deputy Chiefs without a process. Before, Majors were required to go through a process while DC's were chosen by the Chief. Now Majors AND Deputy Chiefs are appointed without process. There is also the "rule of 5" for the Captain's process, which means that Monroe can chose ANY person on the ranked list of sergeants who stand in line for promotion. It will be interesting to see if Monroe promotes according to the ranked list or skips over No. 1 to his "favorite" in the list of 5.

Anonymous said...

Oh! And all lateral positions "processes" are at "the discretion of the Chief." Which means he can override the choice of the interviewing panel, etc. to put whoever he wants into a position. Are these updated directives updated on

Anonymous said...

Promotional Procedures 300-011
B. To participate in the promotional process, any eligible candidate must begin by
registering in the Human Resources Division. Resumes and other documentation
should not be submitted unless specifically called for in the promotional process

G. Promotional eligibility lists for Sergeant and Captain will expire twenty-four months
after the date on which they are initially established. At the discretion of the Chief of
Police, an existing promotional eligibility list may be terminated early or extended.
H. The priority given to identical scores on any promotional eligibility list will be resolved
at the discretion of the Chief of Police.

D. Promotions to the rank of Captain will be made from the final eligibility list by use of a
rule of five. For each promotion to be made, the Chief of Police may select from the
top five candidates without regard to rank order. Any candidates not selected for
promotion will remain on the list in the original rank order and will be eligible for future
promotions. To aid in this selection, the Chief of Police may use additional
examinations or interviews, and he or she may require the production of any
documentation or other materials he or she considers appropriate.

E. Promotions to the rank of Major and Deputy Police Chief will be made at the
discretion of the Chief of Police.

F. All elements used in the promotional process will be job-related and nondiscriminatory.

Anonymous said...

The Chief seems to have a lot of "discretion." Also, I heard that he doesn't like resumes (probably because you are supposed to disclose educational achievements-which he has none).
Section B of the promotional procedure is interesting.....

Anonymous said...

Wow, seems everything is at the "discretion" of the chief.

Which basically means that any "process" is just for "show", it means nothing. Which was demonstrated by his choice for the IA Sargent, he over ruled the consensus and just put who the heck he WANTED in there. Where is the "process" in that?

Item "B" is very interesting indeed!

It really is a Banana Republic at CMPD.

Rodney has positioned himself very well. He can hire, fire, demote, lateral move with virtually no oversight and no one to tell him no. WHERE ARE THE FREAKING CHECKS AND BALANCES that prevent this kind of abuse of power from happening? Because that is what it is...ABUSE OF HIS POWER.

The CMPD is totally under his thumb. And it appears that until the first lawsuit, it will stay that way because everyone is afraid of this little dictator/bully.

It really would make a great "reality show".

Anonymous said...

The Chief cannot fire anyone (thank goodness). The Civil Service Board is the only body with that power. However, he does have the power to make all the other changes you describe because HE IS BEING ALLOWED TO DO IT by those with the power and authority to put a leash on him. However, I heard of a change in the wind direction coming soon, and some of those on this blog should be quite happy. Hang in there officers. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it is a huge train!

Anonymous said...

One of the more puzzling situations I noticed was the hiring of Rob Tufano. I have watched him for some time now, and I thought of him as an accurate researcher and "truth in journalism" supporter. Therefore I can only assume he neglected to research his employer in this situation.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:41, I hope you are right, because to allow this to continue would be a travesty of the highest order.

I believe Tufano came "on board" plain and simply because of money.
That is the only explanation I can conceive of as to why he would risk his reputation as a newscaster to be the spin doctor for these two nitwits. Rodney is just using him.
But good grief, why aren't some of the other investigative reporters doing these stories as they come up? The word is everyone is kissing the "chief's" butt, although no one really knows why.

He is not respectful of the newscasters or the newspaper, he has blatantly misled and lied to them and the's a mystery why they are treating him with kid gloves. Except for the fact that he is African American, which seems to be working for him as far as the "hands off" policy they have all adopted. The fact is, if he were a white chief and had done the things he has done, they would be all over it.

Or they could have been "warned off" as the FOP was.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what anon 541 is talking about??

Anonymous said...

Anon 5;41
Yes, what are you talking about?