Friday, March 27, 2009

Leadership Charlotte Executive Director Makes for a Cedar Posts First

Cedar Posts must have rattled some one's gilded cage when Cedar Post readers pointed out that CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe's wife Marvette Mornoe had slipped into the "Leadership Charlotte" organization via the "back door" apparently without the normal intense background review process. Read CMPD Command Visits Roll Call

Oh Thursday Cedar Posts received this rather short, terse and less than eloquent email:

"Elizabeth N. McKee" to

March 26, 2009

To Whom It May Concern,

You are using a image on your website that is property of Leadership Charlotte.

Please reference this link:

It was copied from our website without permission. Please remove the photo at once.

Elizabeth McKee
Executive Director

The author is Leadership Charlotte's Executive Director Elizabeth McKee, and photo in question shows Leadership Charlotte Participants including CMPD Major Sherie Pearsall and at the far right Marvette Monroe.


The posters comment: "...his wife is going to Leadership Charlotte without going through the proper channels. Is there a fee for going to Leadership Charlotte? If so, did the city pay for his wife to go?"

See Leadership Charlotte's selection process

Well Cedar Posts likes to play "nice" so within 72 hours we will have removed the photo in question as requested by Leadership Charlotte's Ms. McKee.

The photo has also been removed from Leadership Charlotte's web site.

Which makes the Cedar Post radar tingle, given the tone of our earlier post which among other things stated: "Leadership Charlotte is a very acceptable resource for a Police Chief's wife to be involved with....." , and makes one wonder whose buttons were pushed, and who applied the pressure to Leadership Charlotte?

Cedar Posts does not know Ms. McKee but reflects that prior Leadership Director Dee Dee Murphy would have just called.


Anonymous said...

Cronyism and nepotism have been around for centuries. However,only those in power can successfully use this tactic to their advantage. In the past only whites could be accused of this. Now a few black "leaders" are flexing a little political muscle for a change. The only difference is those who will question their tactics will forever be branded racists. How far we have fallen...

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23,
Sad but true.

But, Cedar, you failed to say if you asked if everyone went through the proper channels to gain admittance to Leadership Charlotte?

Or was the information forthcoming by the Director?

Now I am curious, also.

CMPD BLUE said...

Smells kinda like the United Way doesn't it?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, obviously someone at CMPD is viewing this Blog.

And someone at Leadership Charlotte is reading this Blog.

If Leadership Charlotte is reading this Blog, they obviously saw the questions posed by viewers as to the inclusion of Ms. Monroe in the Leadership Charlotte class.

Why didn't the DIRECTOR clear up ANY questions about how Ms. Monroe was selected and included in this class of Leadership Charlotte?

A simple statement such as: Ms. Monroe went through the required steps and requirements to be included in a Leadership Charlotte class..period. would be all that was needed to be said thereby putting ANY questions regarding this issue to rest.

It seems she would want to clear up ANY murkiness regarding this issue.

It seems Leadership Charlotte should be above reproach in this matter and totally transparent!

Maybe they need something like this:

Anonymous said...

From my understanding a number of CMPD officers read this blog. It is striking the attention of city council, leadership charlotte etc. Good work Cedar and everybody else. Hopefully justice will be served!

Anonymous said...

New caption for the above photo:

During a discussion regarding ethics, Mrs. Monroe poses a question.

"When you say college degree, does that mean a real college degree? ... hypothetically speaking of course"

Anonymous said...

Have you received anything from Internal Affairs regarding those involved in the security firm? It is my understanding it is not just Viki Foster.Is there an Investigation?

Death Wears Bunny Slippers said...

It seems that admission to Leadership Charlotte is now wide open as long as you know the right people.

Leadership - Qualified applicants shall have demonstrated leadership capabilities in the public, private or religious sector, or show motivation to contribute to the Charlotte community. They shall be of high ethical character, demonstrate maturity in interpersonal relationships, as well as a capacity for thoughtful reflection.

Service - Applicants shall have served their community by contributing time and energy, or have a significant interest in getting involved with community activities through the Leadership Charlotte experience. Service may be demonstrated through non-profit, civic-related fraternal organizations as well as through participation on community boards or committees.

Achievement - Applicants shall have demonstrated a commitment and/or interest in the betterment of the community in which they have lived. Such achievement may have been accomplished in the public, private or religious sector.

General - Consideration shall be given to those who have held positions demonstrating leadership potential, who have contributed outside their chosen career or field, and/or are motivated to commit to the Leadership Charlotte experience, and who will continue their involvement beyond graduation. The program is open to adults working and/or residing in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

The recent addition of the "and/or show an interest was added with people like Mrs. Monroe in mind.

It seems Leadership Charlotte's new director created a "new loop hole" as a review of the web site from a year ago did not have the "or show an interest" clause.

Anonymous said...

Well, as I understand and have heard, there SHOULD be an IA investigation, IMO on a LOT of these things. And there probably has been in the past on similar issues.

But I think you are dreaming if you think this Chief is going to "allow" anything like this. My gosh, you would have to start with all the things he has allegedly done that are violations!

Just like everything else in a PD, the "chief" sets the rules and the standards.

And I believe from what I have heard, the "standards" of ethical behavior have been considerably lowered.

So it would seem, good luck on any of these things being internally investigated.

Anonymous said...

So the general consensus is that nothing will be done, period? So why are we still venting on here? Obviously he has out played all of you and the CMPD. Give the guy a break. He is lowering crime. So what if he is doing it by lying, cheating, and lower ethics. He is still lowering crime.

Anonymous said...

Death Wears,
Those changes on the Leadership Charlotte website concerning eligibility have NOT GONE UNNOTICED and are rumored to have been included for the exact reasons you have voiced, to accommodate the inclusion of Ms. completely sleazy is that???

Seems Leadership Charlotte has been "played" . They responded to an ethical challenge by caving.

Why isn't this FRONT PAGE NEWS?
They have completely lost their credibility by doing this...they have just become another casualty of the lowering of standards ushered in by the new regime.

It is totally astounding to me why?
Why are people and organizations willing to so totally compromise their integrity and ethics for this present regime?

Anon 11:41,
I hope you are not serious.
You are right though, Rodney and Ray continue to play everyone.

And NO ONE seems to care, yet, that they are riding the wave of
ill gotten crime stats as I have heard.

People are venting on here and other Blogs because of the fact that they feel hopeless in the face of this Banana Republic that is currently reigning supreme in Charlotte.

He is LOWERING CRIME STATS, NOT ACTUALLY LOWERING CRIME, is the general consensus from what I hear from citizens and people at CMPD.

I'm not sure if CMPD or Charlotte will ever recover from his is going to take a LONG time after he leaves.

The citizens of Charlotte can only hope his stay will be short...

I feel as though I have fallen down a deep rabbit hole.

If even 1/10th of the stories that are relayed to me are true, it is just amazing that City Council, citizens, Command Staff, it seems anyone that can and should be doing SOMETHING, are acquiescing and sitting idly by while Rome burns.

Anonymous said... i dont feel safer