Wednesday, March 4, 2009

CIAA Parking Madness

This can't be true, but several sources tell us that prior to the CIAA tournament Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe handed out parking passes to friends and family. The CMPD even spent nearly $1,000.00 for a laminating machine, to add a touch of professionalism to the parking placards.

The much sought after parking pass apparently didn't impress one parking lot attendant who refused to allow the Chief and his entourage to park for free. Rumor has it the Chief flipped out and went as far as threatening to lock up the disrespectful offender.

A second report tells of a number of cars that were ticketed for parking on the sidewalk in front of the Convention Center, despite displaying the official looking parking permit.

Seems the real parking permits were issued by the CIAA in limited numbers, with specific instructions on where to park and discribing which parking lots the "free" parking permits were valid.

The CIAA fans who received the "extra" permits just assumed they were good for parking anywhere they wanted. OPPS!

But in the end all was well, those who were given tickets got a reprieve after the Chief intervened and apparently no cars were towed or booted.


Anonymous said...

Would someone please do something about this guy already? There has got to be enough to oust the dictator from power!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeppers, seems Rodney voided all the parking tickets that were given out.

What the heck?

What will it take to get Curt Waltons attention and the attention of City Council?

Exactly how many more directives and probably laws will he have to violate to have to answer to SOMEONE for this crap?

The CMPD is truly a Banana Republic.

He makes up his own rules as he goes along, and to hell with any directives. And these rules are whatever suits him PERSONALLY.

He is a Playa, and he is playing Charlotte for sure.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me!

I'd have to see a photo of this to accept this as fact!

Why would the Chief of Police do such a thing?

Cedar you really need to check your facts, if this is true what doesn't the Observer print this story?

Anonymous said...

WHY would the Chief of Police do such a thing? It seems, because he CAN.
What do you think people have been saying for months now?
He does whatever he wants to do.
And this is a true story, from what I heard, MANY witnesses.
And there was an internal memo alerting patrol officers to be "on the lookout" for this free parking pass.
Seems like this "chief" gets a free pass on whatever underhanded thing he does.

CMPD BLUE said...

Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

It's fact Cedar!

Saw those permits and the cars parked on the sidewalk with my own eyes.

One for the books I tell you.

Just an FYI, that parking pass you have pictured, is wrong, at least I don't remember them looking like that, I'd guess it is just a it might have looked like that?

Anonymous said...

Oh just wait, there is more on the just doesn't stop with this guy.

Wait until you hear what is next, as if what he has done so far isn't enough.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Yes the parking permit is an "artist's rendering" based on eyewitness accounts.

And,I have no idea why the Observer doesn't investigate other then as I have said before they need access to the CMPD for crime news coverage.

Anonymous said...

You know what the really disgusting this is?...if a CMPD officer behaved this way they'd be out of a job fast! So much for ethics and conduct unbecoming...I guess they need to rewrite the general orders just for this guy since clearly no one has enough guts to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:23,
I could not agree more.

If an Officer or even another member of Command Staff had done anything close to what Rodney and Ray have done, there would be a very ACTIVE file on them in I.A. They continue to spit in the face of general orders and directives...and they continue to get away with it. Why?

Why is SOMEONE not investigating all the allegations out there?

What are they AFRAID of?

Anonymous said...

Okay, it just gets stranger and stranger....
The newest "rumor" (and 95% are proved to be true) is that the "chief" has put false info out there to try and "catch" someone putting it on a blog or in the newspaper blogs. I'm telling you, he is something else.
But I think it is killing him that he is not able to cover up and hide his crap. But he is a vindictive little guy with a BIG Napoleon complex, WOW!

And I heard today that he has purchased a home in Charlotte.

Seems it is a few doors down from Vicki Fosters home, and guess what?
She was his Real Estate Agent! I'll bet that doesn't surprise anyone now, does it? You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours?

More crap coming.....wait for it.

CMPD BLUE said...

So Cedar what do you think about all of this?

Would Foster have been paid a commission on the sale? No doubt right?

So you would think she would be paying off those taxes, and you know she was house hunting for the Chief on taxpayer time.

So what the hell?

Anonymous said...

Here we go, another rumor,
seems our "guy", the "chief", has an "arrangement" with the Holiday Inn downtown, to stay there "gratis" when he is too tired to drive home, or needs a nap, or whatever.

Now, is this ethical? I mean, really, is this right?

Check it out, Cedar....heard about this today.

Anonymous said...

CMPD BLUE you would think 6% of the sales price and out of the sellers pocket, less whatever the broker normally 50% on the other side takes.

As far as a room at the no-tell-motel. I don't see anything wrong with that other than it's just shady. I nap at my desk on long days, a 15 combat nap, is a great thing.

A hotel room, my wife would go postal!

It begs to ask where in the hell does he think he lives, it's not like anyone commutes 2 hours around here. At least not yet!

So it has all the makings of something shady.

But this is the way Rodney has always worked, he's used to "free" dinner, parking and even hotel rooms.

But pay offs just are not something Charlotte is used to.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and let's hope Rodney is out of here before Charlotte has a chance to "get used to" his shady way of doing things.

Add all these things up and I think you have a measure of the man.

And it is not a pretty picture.

He uses his position to get whatever he wants, to get rid of whomever he wants, and to treat people however he wants.

While he and Ray are probably yucking it up behind closed doors at how they are making out like bandits at yet another PD.

Anonymous said...

Someone should also check out how the chief let his new secretary (who is from Richmond, go figure) do a police ridelaong and house shop in charlotte while on city time, instead of actually seeing police at work. That took an officer off the street he so diligently made an effort to ensure was back on the street. She now has her own parking place in the parking deck at CMPD and STILL has Virginia tags on her car. Is there no end to this crap?

Anonymous said...

assume that crime is down. can we overlook the circus and lack of honor at the cmpd as our mayor pat and city council has?

Anonymous said...

Please, crime is not really down, how many times do people have to say why crime is down?

And is the reputation of a good Police Department worth having bogus numbers on crime stats?

From what I hear, No One respects him and his modus operandi. Is he the kind of Chief of Police Charlotte really wants? Is he really a leader of men?

From what I have heard, his "troops" wouldn't follow him anywhere. They just want him gone and honesty and ethics back.

His way of policing went out a long time ago, and with good reason.

Let him go into politics, or better yet, let him take up being a lobbyist, that "career" would suit him fine. Lots of perceived power and LOTS of freebies, and he can operate in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:06
That wasn't a "ridealong", that was an ON DUTY Officer taking the Chief's secretary house hunting, plain and simple. That is a fact.

Anonymous said...

Monroe is a "cop" from back in the day, you know him.... he takes an apple from your shop and never pays, has a bar tab at the pub on the corner that hasn't been paid in 3 years, and has breakfast 3 times a week on main street and never pays or tips either.

He never offers and is never asked, he parks where he pleases, but gives out parking tickets on Sunday if your meter expires before Rev Smith finishes his long winded sermons.

When his brother in law got in a fight he drove him home, when your son was stopped with a empty beer can in his car, he locked him up and made you come to the station at 3 AM.

He arrested the two thompson twins for skateboarding on the sidewalk, but gave only a warning to his nephew when he was clocked going 55 in a 15 mph school zone.

You know him, he's your chief.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:42
You are absolutely right, well put.

He has really not evolved from that kind of policing, has he?

I swear, he is truly a throwback, an anachronism in a uniform.

He has not learned that that type of policing does not work..for all the reasons people have stated on here and elsewhere.

It is dishonest at best and corrupt at its' worse.

As a Police Department, all Officers must hold themselves to a higher standard. And it MUST START WITH THE CHIEF OF POLICE.

It's not happening with put it simply..he sets a really bad example for the whole police department.

Anonymous said...

Heard more crappy things about the "chief" today.

Stay tuned, folks.

Have to try and confirm.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone understand why the truth about his grandchilds "daddy" and the whole academy thing and the car haven't made the news, and why City Council has not investigated these allegations?
I mean, there seem to be witnesses, and tapes, and gas receipts, what more do they want.
If this one incident is not a prime example of his ABUSE OF POWER, I don't know what could be.
Come on..are Curt Walton and City Council that afraid of the truth, and of the "chief"?
People should be demanding an explanation from the "chief", Curt Walton, AND city council.
Email them, I have.

Anonymous said...

Well Cedar,
How about the Chief's daughter being hired by DSS?

When the hell are Curt Walton and City Council going to do something??

Get Rid Of This Guy........he is nothing but bad news and has no sense of honor, or ethics.

Just another instance of him using his position to get what he wants.

Please, wake up City Council....

I really can't believe this....

Anonymous said...

His grandchilds Daddy, his Daughter, Ray, his secretary from Richmond, and his wife going to Leadership Charlotte without going through the proper channels. Exactly how many of his family and friends is Charlotte expected to support??? (I don't know the answer to this, but is there a fee for going to Leadership Charlotte?Did the city pay for his wife to go?)

What is it going to finally take before someone takes a good, long and thorough look at what has been going on?

Anonymous said...

All of these entries are TRUE! This guy is not to be believed!! And my observations show that he is pretty much gathering a nice little posse of equally unethical "house thugs" within the CMPD. Hello Foster and friends. The names on that list is growing.