Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Update

Reading your emails regarding the CMPD's Rodney Monroe and I'm confused.

Why is Charlotte's Chief spending the taxpayers money like there is no tomorrow, while Peter Gorman is having to "give back" 5 million of this year's budget?

More about Chief Monroe's shopping spree, as soon as we check out the scuttlebutt.

The Charlotte Observer has stooped to new lows normally reserved for the electronic media, with misleading teaser headlines.

DOT Worker Fired for Falling Asleep on the Job which makes you think she was driving a truck.

Mayor says greed spurs Alcoa fight but it not about McCrory.

The best is news story of the day from the Charlotte Observer is Ex-NASCAR Driver Faces Moonshine Charges. Which makes me smile because some things never change. A November 2008 post tells of those early days when Charlotte was more like Mayberry than the Gotham City it has become. Read November 2008 story State Trooper Patrolled North Carolina in a "Silver Bullet".

We are going to add a "New Rodney Monroe Poll" later tonight because some of the CMPD Command Staff feel that the "anti" Chief Monroe rank and file have an unfair advantage because they (Command) didn't know about the blog and the poll so check back around 2200 and vote often.

Cedar Posts Out!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I beg to differ, Command Staff knew about this Blog. For quite a while.

They were even threatening people not to post on this Blog, from what I heard.

That is just more BS from Command Staff, come on.

You can't be serious about "redoing" it, can you??

Anonymous said...

Ask Rodney about the $1,000 laminator that was bought specifically to make up parking placards for his friends when they were in town for the CIAA Tournament.

Someone ASK him if this is not true.

And ask him about how he raised hell and threatened to lock up a parking lot owner when said owner would not let him and his entourage park for free in his lot...please ask him if this is a true story....

And then ask him if he would take a polygraph while answering these and other questions. Seems he is fond of polygraphs, for OTHERS.

CLT Lookout said...


Cannot confirm and obviously will have to be backed up - but hear good old son in law has been stopped for speeding on more than 3 occasions - no citations given. I have been told you get demoted such as robbery detective did to 3rd shift for crossing/questioning Rodney

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

CLT - We've heard he got the transfer to 3rd shift because he talked to the media.

Heard the same on David and his driving.

Anonymous said...

Heard the same thing about the robbery detective.

He dared to question stats and talked to the media. Seems like the only one with any cojones.

And for that, he was sent back to patrol on third shift.

If I were him, I would be hiring an attorney for sure.

Anonymous said...

Hey great story about "shine" and the post about the "silver bullet" is a great tale about how things were, and I guess "still" are!


Great Stuff Cedar!

Anonymous said...

Hey cedar.We hear 4 recruiting officers at the cmpd academy were booted out.Why would that be? Refusal to lower their standards to process candidates who dont meet the minimum standards set already. Didnt someone blog about processing on a one on one basis now.Or maybe they knew too much and had to go.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, it was a combination of both. I have heard it was part of Rodneys vindictiveness against one person who dared to question him. This one person is a well respected, ethical member of the CMPD.

Seems he made him pay for his "perceived" transgressions by being booted back to patrol, along with his coworkers and friends who were made to pay along with this well respected member.

Just another example of his abuse of his power. And putting his "loyalists" (i.e., sycophants) into positions and feeling comfortable that "they" will go along with whatever he wants.

From what I hear, the CMPD is becoming almost unrecognizable as the honest, moral dept. it was such a short time ago.

Morale is dangerously low, and as people have said before, good, decent Officers do not want to work for this guy.