Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Shooting at Boulevard Homes But Where is Rodney?

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that a shooting this afternoon that left one man dead and another critically injured at the Boulevard Homes where two officers were killed on duty in 1993.

The shootings shortly before 1:30 p.m. stemmed from an argument during a pick-up basketball game at the southwest Charlotte public housing complex off West Boulevard, police said this afternoon. CMPD Officers responding to shots being fired, found one of the victims on the ground near a basketball court on Brookvale Street and a second victim on the ground across Brookvale.

Charlotte firefighters and Medic treated both victims, and transported them to Carolinas Medical Center, where one was pronounced dead and the other is reported in critical condition.

During a media briefing, Westover Area 2 Response Commander Sgt. Todd Lontz wouldn't say what the argument was over, or who fired the shots. He said nothing about the victims -- though it appears police were looking for a suspect. From the rental office 15 police cars could be counted and officers were seen going unit to unit.

Again Chief Rodney Monroe was no where to be found, despite his promise to personally respond to every major crime in Charlotte. Chief Monroe has been keeping a fairly low profile since the fatal accident involving CMPD officer Martray Proctor.

Strangly enough public relations experts hired by Chief Monroe were also not avaible Sunday, leaving CMPD Sgt Lontz to answer media questions.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he was playing golf?

Maybe he was playing golf WITH his PR team??

Or maybe he was out and about doing damage control with the troops on his own reputation? That's the number one priority now!!

Anonymous said...

Well, no one really expected that to last once the cameras were gone, did they?

That was just an empty promise and a lot of hot air...something rodney is really good at!

But not ONE member of his PR MACHINE was available to the press, what, they don't work weekends?

What a waste.

Anonymous said...

he probably doesn't want to go out to the scenes since he would be required to do a supplement to the case reports. Not that he did supplements to any of the homicides he did actually show up on.

Anonymous said...

We know the rules don't apply to Rod/Ray!!

From what I have heard, he doesn't care about the victims....he just cares about getting his face out there.

But that got old really quick, didn't it?

No follow through, as with most things he has done...all show and no go!

Anonymous said...

That was a big one to miss...

He and RayRay were probably on some
"paid" boondoggle golf trip! LOL

As far as the PR contingent goes,
they are in full on control mode.
Managing rod's "image", trying to project a "kinder, gentler" rod/ray!

Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

I think I may know where his PR people were!!

I heard there is going to be a little chatty "Newsletter" that will go out to all employees...they must have been working their fingers to the bone getting ready to publish this tome!

This is such a blatant attempt to control (mostly TRUE) rumors at the CMPD that it makes people laugh!

Can't wait to see what earth shattering "feel good" fluff pieces they include about the chief.

Hey, I'll bet there is even a little chatty letter written by rodney (sure, he writes so well) included in every issue to help his new "kinder, gentler" (as someone said) image along.

This should be good, I'm hoping someone will pass along a copy of the first "edition"!

What a joke....if he would HONESTLY address the so called "rumors" (truth) that would be one thing....but this will be a work of fiction worthy of an award, I am just sure!

Anonymous said...

Rodney is sure not to show up this week at homicides...Hes out at the big golf tournament smoozing around for free passes!!

Anonymous said...

He's "ROdney" he don't need free passes remember? He will just make one up and laminate it on his new laminating machine!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:53
I heard the same thing..

He is easily impressed by "celebrity".

But what would you expect? He is just that shallow!

Now, if a "celebrity" was involved in a crime scene...he would be there!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knew it was logistically impossible to be present at all "news worthy" police calls, but he has been conspicuously absent from numerous calls lately. Perhaps there are more pressing matters at hand, so we should try to give him the benefit of the doubt. Heck, we all have alot of family and friends who need jobs, don't we?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone looked at lately? There are NO recent press releases issued from any of the 5 people assigned to the Public Affairs Office? Not only have they stopped sending out the press releases (from Criminal Investigations Bureau) internally (like they used to), they aren't even posted on the public website either?! What are these 2 new people (and their salaries) doing? Why do I have to read about events, news, releases in the paper instead of on OUR website? The media gets a copy but the employees and public don't? Why have a website?! Another example of how the CMPD "values its employees." What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Another homicide tonight ...did anyone see Rodney?

Anonymous said...

The recent "diversity training" required of sergeants and RAC's was pathetic, too. The teacher had to call ROMO to address the issues because so many people are angry. City HR reps were even there to monitor the comments and hear, firsthand, about how Ro-Ray are single handedly bringing down morale and any respect that this organization once had. Hey HR! Are you paying attention?! Are you going to continue to allow unqualified "diverse" people to get positions over the most qualified candidate? You have to be worried about a lawsuit. Don't say that we didn't warn you!

Anonymous said...


LMAO! What articles and photographs??!!

News and Media Briefs:
"Articles and photographs appearing on this website may be copied and distributed, courtesy of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department."

Anonymous said...

Tiger must have an early tee-time. RoMo can't miss following around a celebrity to go to ANOTHER murder (2nd in a week) in West Charlotte. I mean, let's get our priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

I had hoped someone was listening, but it doesn't seem so.

I guess they will listen to lawsuits...and I have heard they are forthcoming. Can't be soon enough for the majority, from everything I hear.

The changes they are making now in personnel make no sense whatsoever, no surprise there, none of their personnel decisions have really made any sense.

There is no thought out "plan"...
no consideration of who is best suited to what position. It has just become a matter of, I have heard, color. Qualifications and experience be damned. This is no way to build a cohesive Police Department. Seniority, FAIRNESS, qualifications and experience are what should matter.

From what I am told, he is dividing this PD straight down racial lines.

No One respects him or his decisions...people are absolutely miserable and I have never, ever heard morale so low. People have come to hate their jobs and intensely dislike working under rodney and ray.

And NOT because they have made changes, but because of the biased, underhanded way they have made these changes.

They have "broken" the CMPD.

It is a real shame, let's just hope he moves on soon, so the job of rebuilding respect, confidence and decency can begin at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

I also heard about the cluster that the diversity training session became, I heard someone said it was 8 hours or more of absolute hell.

But the question that begs to be answered: IS ANYONE LISTENING?

No, really, is anyone listening?

SOMEONE needs to listen and then take action.

We know city counsel and curt walton are too afraid to even look into any of the crap rodney has what are the alternatives?

If anything came out of the diversity training session, from what I heard, it should be this:
They are feeling TOTALLY disenfranchised.
Is that what we want? A PD where no one wants to work, where people hate their jobs and the atmosphere of hostility and distrust and bias that is so prevalent now?
And there is no "upside" to the mess rodney and ray have created.
They are NOT making a better PD and they are NOT lowering crime.

They are just doing whatever the hell they please, with not a thought to what is decent and moral and RIGHT.

Boy, they are some good "leaders" of men!

They are going to leave one hell of a dismal legacy in their wake.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the new Public Affairs folks, there have been a couple fairly large CMPD events that put a very positive spin on the department and I heard that the Public Affairs people were standing by looking stupid while ZERO media showed.

Anonymous said...

They are simply "publicity stunts" that haven't garnered much "publicity".

The PR folks have been scrambling to find ways to put a positive spin on the CMPD, while inside the Dept., it is truly a dysfunctional, miserable place to be.

The PR folks KNOW they can't do anything INSIDE the Dept. to shore things up, so they are desperately trying all these "stunts" that you can find ONLINE to try to prop up the public image of the CMPD.

It is totally obvious and more than a little pathetic at this point.

Clean up the CMPD FIRST!

Fire rodney and send him on his way to ruin another PD. He does not know what the hell he is doing.

He likes to strut around like a big dog,has a personal sense of privilege, is easily impressed by
"celebrity", any kind of celebrity.

And his vindictiveness and temper tantrums, which are renowned at this point, keep good people from speaking out and telling it the way it is.

These are all things people tell me OVER AND OVER about rod/ray.

I just can't imagine what it is like working at the CMPD now. I feel much sympathy for the Officers.

With all this smoke, there has got to be a big 'ole fire!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard that there is yet another "reorganization" coming?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:49
Oh yeah....

Should be another waste of time and energy, won't improve anything.

Like a dog chasing its' tail..that's what "management" is like at CMPD, so I am told.

Anonymous said...

More money well spent at CMPD: Major Pearsall is moving to the academy and none of the offices there are big enough to suit her. So, tax dollars are being spent on renovating a fine new office for another "diversity" position. There's no money for sergeant overtime or for anyone's pay steps, but there's money to make a more spacious office for one of the "chosen" ones.

Anonymous said...

Typical, so typical. No sense worrying about it. There is nothing that can be done to keep the CMPD from losing face with the rest of the nation's departments. The battle/war was over before it started. Personally I am sorry I was not strong enough to prevent these things from happening. Several years work, a lifetime spent working to help people unable to help themselves, all for nothing. I apologize to you all.

Anonymous said...

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