Monday, April 27, 2009

Tiger Comes to Charlotte

The headlines and Wachovia / Quail Hollow Championship officials are beaming with the news that Tiger will play in Charlotte this week. My apologies for not being moved to tears of joy.

Tiger Woods may still be the "greatest golfer" in the world and a marketing icon, but that is about it.

Tiger has never lived up to his original billing as mentor to golf's underprivileged children or a driving force to expand golf's appeal to minorities. In fact since Tiger turned pro, the number of golfers in this country has declined.

The only thing Tiger is known for other than his impressive list of wins, is his temper and lack of sportsmanship on the course. His mood on the course is often as unstable and unpredicabale as driver.

There are certainly Tiger victories to come, maybe even this weekend in Charlotte as the Quail Hollow course plays to Tiger's strong drives and steady putting. But as his game begins to wind down (he is on the back nine of competive golf) maybe its time to build on his reputation, or just do some repair work.

I have illusions of Tiger playing a few holes at Revolution Park in support of the First Tee organization, or making a stop at Marie G. Davis, or Piedmont Open Middle Schools. Giving back just a little would be a good thing for Tiger, as my grandfather liked to say "With all thy getting, get understanding". In other words Tiger should spend some time on the other side of the ropes.

Even if Tiger would stop by the volunteers tent, shake some hands and flash his famous smile around, I'd think different about Mr. Woods. But he won't.

Tiger will play in the Pro-Am on Wednesday and most likely will bring his Gulfstream Jet to Charlotte on Tuesday for a little practice and then commute each day from his Florida home. Meaning your best chance to see Tiger away from Quail Hollow will be at Charlotte Douglas International's Corporate Aircraft terminal on the east side of the airport.

Tiger may have once been a major draw in Charlotte, but there were plenty of Sunday tickets available when the tournament officials closed the sales office yesterday afternoon. Perhaps a sign that Tiger has lost some of his star power, of course that will all change if Tiger manages to post a number in the low sixties on Thursday.

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Anonymous said...

Tiger will almost certainly be considered the "most successful" golfer of all time with regards to wins and prize money, but probably not the "greatest" of all time for the reasons you point out in the article. He is VERY moody toward players and fans alike, far from friendly (though this description fits alot of golfers) and certainly demanding of staff. His game is spectacular, but I had always hoped he would become the total package. Maybe there is time.