Friday, April 24, 2009

Charleston International Film Festival offers up the Orangeburg Massacre - Yawn

The Charleston Post and Courier desperate to find readership, will again today try to stir the pot with another four column story about the Orangeburg Massacre.

This week's installment is titled "Documentary probes Orangeburg Massacre" tries to build interest for a film first shown back in February and now slated for broadcast on PBS in October. Sadly the film has been met with moans and groans from the masses.

But, Orangeburg film will be shown this weekend along with many other odd shorts and documentary art films during this weekend's Charleston International Film Festival.

Cedar Posts is not a film critic, but I really wouldn't expect much interest in a film that covers an event already washed over by time and faded memories. Of course I assume most of South Carolina is like my father who considers only two films ever worthy of quoting, Patton and Blazing Saddles.

Southern author Bailey White once wrote that her mother bless her heart compares every film ever made to Midnight Cowboy, none since has measured up. Truth is most of us Southerners are film adverse.

The Disney Film "Earth" sounds like a pretty good alternative to Orangeburg and the Charleston IFF, except it is not a kiddy film. Stunning and packed with wow, it is pretty graphic and yes animals get eaten!

If you want to drift into the world of indie films, two you must see are films that like Orangeburg will be over looked by my father and the masses.

Frozen River, a gritty look at the daily struggle two single mothers endure. Women who in the days before Christmas turn to smuggling illegal immigrants to supplement their minimum wage lives.


Sugar, a film about fictional Dominican baseball star Miguel "Sugar" Santos who is recruited to play in the U.S. minor-leagues offers a glimpse of the little known Major League Baseball farm system used to train and promote baseball's stars.

Frozen River is now out on DVD and last I looked some "redbox" locations still stocked it. Sugar is going to be a little harder to find as it has not yet found a US distributor.

As for Orangeburg yawn!

Cedar Posts explores the Orangeburg Massacre in Why Orangeburg?

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