Friday, April 24, 2009

Charleston's Post and Courier Drops online Reader Comments

One moment they were there and the next they are gone!

Seems the PnC has given the comment option the hook. No reply to Cedar Post's emails asking what happened to the online comments.

Oh well, we are left to assume it is just another fact of the economic slowdown and the Evening Post Company budget cut backs.


Anonymous said...

Touchy when someone disagrees or questions their decisions, huh?
I always thought a journalist's entire reason for being was to stir emotions and encourage thoughtful, intelligent debate.
I guess they do things alot different over thar'.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure what happened. If might be just a computer glitch since comments are still posting on the Brice is Right blog.

Cedar Posts said...

The comments are back at the PnC. Well kinda seems some news has a comments and some doesn't.

I'd bet it was a computer jeek who swore up and down the "new" program was needed. Only to discover it had a bug or two yet to be worked out.

Anonymous said...

Not really. They have decimated their online team and it is now run from Texas by a ex-TV salesman. All judgement calls are done at the whim of one of the members of the owners family and by the executive editor/publisher. They wake up, change things, go to bed, wake up, undo the changes, yell at the designers, bad mouth each other, then start all over.