Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crime Numbers Down Again and Spending?

When I was in law school I hung around with a really good group of guys from Charlotte. One of the guys was always the life of the party.

His father was a prominent Charlotte lawyer and at the time he was also a member of the city council. Which meant we managed to get invited to Myers Park, Carmel and even Quail Hollow to play golf free of charge on a regular basis.

Golf was a great perk knowing my friend.

The trouble was anytime we went somewhere other than a place where his father was known, the rest of us would get stuck picking up the bill. Bar tab, hotel bill, pizza delivery, picking up a couple of 12 packs for the boat's cooler, even on a double date he would some how manage to be away from the table when the bill came.

I swear in ten years he never paid a dime. Truth was, he was always broke.

Years later he took over his father's practice, but soon it collapsed under the weight of debt and his spending habits. He tried his hand at investment sales and even worked for Rick Hendrick. But he was so bad at managing money that he bankrupted nearly everything he came in contact with.

It really shouldn't take a Harvard Business Degree or even a four year degree from Virginia Commonwealth to run a Police Department. After all it is a NOT for profit business.

All you have to do is keep the troops in line and make sure they stay happy and motivated. Keep to your budget, keep the crooks of the streets, avoid needless killing of civilians and do some basic crime scene investigation, which you can even farm out at no charge to the SBI or FBI if you need to.

The trouble with Rodney Monroe like my friend from years ago, is that he has not a clue on how to budget or control his spending because he's always had someone else to pay the bill.

In my friend's case it was always us. In Rodney's case, guess what?

You Betcha its us again.


Anonymous said...

Okay, read my lips, CRIME NUMBERS ARE NOT DOWN....they are being manipulated, people.

I have heard this from way too many people, credible, reliable, ethical people at the CMPD to not believe it.

The numbers themselves are not to be believed, I mean, come on, that big a DROP in crime, especially in this economy?

Did you see Channel 36 today at ll:00? Did you see the interview with the victim of the car break-in? There were something like 30 break-ins in one parking lot....I would be interested to see exactly how they were reported?

Were they reported individually, or, as someone here said, were they bundled?

I am not a cop, I am not a statistician, but as a layman, with no other info, I would have to question the authenticity of the crime stats.

And if Rod/Ray is as vindictive as a LOT of people say he is, and if he is as big a BULLY as a LOT of people say he is......then you have to think that people at the CMPD are being intimidated into manipulating crime stats, from the beginning to how they are reported, to the end to how they are (re)classified for the final numbers. Read any article/info on line on Comstat, the info is available to anyone, as citizens you owe it to yourselves.

Rod/Ray do not have any direct oversight, they have to answer to no one. And as long as Curt Walton and City Council believe the crap that is being shoveled at them, they will continue to enable the out of control spending to continue.

Anonymous said...

Maybe what is said on here is true but regardless he has made a difference when it comes to people killing one another in Charlotte. My hats off to Rodney and Ray for that one. If you do not agree then you obviously have your own "personal" reason to why you can not commence Rod and Ray for doing a good job preventing of the most serious crimes one can commit. The idea of targeting hot spots with more cops is a brilliant idea...its funny that it took someone that is so "unintelligent" like many of you say, to think of it...But I definitely agree his unethical behavior is way out of line for the most part. He personally benefits from his job WAYYYYY to much! The Chief should not be like that.

Anonymous said...

The only "personal" reason people have, from what I can gather from talking to many, is that they take it PERSONALLY that a man of such thin ethics and integrity is representing THEM at the CMPD. To many, that is VERY PERSONAL. And they take it PERSONALLY that he shows the department and individuals so little respect. And they take it PERSONALLY that he BENEFITS PERSONALLY from being "chief". They take it PERSONALLY that his family and friends benefit PERSOANALLY from his job.

As far as murders being down, summer is not over yet...I personally believe it is just an anomaly.And I personally don't think it is anything he has done.

Targeting hot spots is NOT HIS BRILLIANT IDEA, come on, it is done on and off by many, if not ALL PD's. Let's face it, Rod/Ray are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Anonymous said...

Your probably right about the homicides....I guess only time will tell...But is it true that Rod/Ray are giving the person they suspect as the informant of Cedar a hard time? How can they just single out one person? Everyone knows whats going on...I am willing to bet cedar receives many emails from a variety of people telling the TRUTH on Rodney....This seriously should the the end of the straw for Rodney if it holds any legitimacy. Does anyone know anything about this?

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, they THINK it is this one particular person and they have "leaked" his name to everyone.

Also, from what I hear, this is the way they operate.....fear and intimidation. They kind of remind me of "enforcers" from back in the day.

Anyhow, I'm not there, but enough people have said this that I believe there must be a lot of truth to what they are doing to this guy.

Anyone else have any info on this?

And with every new unethical thing I hear about Rod/Ray, I think, this will be the straw. But I think it's going to take a ton of bricks.

He plays the race card to the hilt and takes FULL advantage of it.

Let's hope he moves on to another dept. that will, ahh, appreciate his special "talents".

Anonymous said...

I think that I need to comment on a few things so that there is clarification. First off, for the person that was giving kudos to Ray Tarasovic...DON'T. He has done absolutely nothing since being in his position. The only thing that he can take credit for is that he is the one running the department when the chief is out and he is the one at the COMSTAT meetings and roll calls jumping up and down and screaming and beating his chest when the numbers aren't down. As far as anything else, he deserves no credit. I have to agree with a few other posts about murders being down...for now. The reason is because summer is not quite here yet. The heat is jacking up and people are getting more and more rowdy by the day. Murders may be down, but violent crime isn't. There have been quite a few shooting so far this spring...just no one has been shot fatally in any of them. I attribute this to bad aim, not intent. But lastly, as far as giving Chief Monroe credit for putting officers in hot spots, that is far from his idea. That tactic has been utilized for years and has been something CMPD has tried to do dilligently. When officers are clear, they're in hot spots, when they're doing reports, they do them in hot matter what officers are doing, hot spots are where they spend their time. Crime is not going down enough because of a lack of officers. There are more officers filling roles as community coordinators and Rodney's 'Focus Mission Teams' than there are answering calls. Many shifts are running at or below minimum staffing, and that's why the community is noticing officers taking so long to get to calls. Officers can't be proactive because they're running back and forth, call to call and there just aren't enough officers to keep up.

Anonymous said...

All the wasteful spending reported on this post MUST be accurate for so many people to have the same information. All this spending, and yet, the new officers "hitting the streets" reportedly do not have TASERS because the department is broke. Re-decorate an office, purchase a "special car", create unecessary positions for friends costing thousands. Make a dangerous job even more dangerous for the folks actually doing the work, while you spend and spend. I do not know what the rules are,how the CMPD is supposed to work their budget, and I really do not care. This is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

And how about taking cars away from everyone in INVESTIGATIONS, with the exception of HOMICIDE, his "boys".

Rod and Ray have no more of an idea of how to effectively run a police department than the man in the moon.

They do not have the KNOWLEDGE, the knowledge that comes from keeping current with their EDUCATIONS to know what the hell is going on in the policing world.

They are stuck in a time warp, they know just one way, and that's the wrong way. AND IT DOES NOT WORK.

They are not building a cohesive PD, far from it.

And their personnel decisions? What a joke, what a horrible joke.

They move people around according to their race...that is their ONLY criteria.

But there are some less than desirable jobs/depts. at the CMPD, from what I hear, where THERE ARE NO AFRICAN AMERICAN Officers/Command staff. Wonder why not? If these all white units in these less than desirable jobs were staffed by all black officers, much hell would be raised. Yet, they are staffed by all white officers and not a word is said. Makes you go, hmmmmm.

I do believe Rodney could have turned Mother Teresa into a racist, I really do.

But as many have said, neither he nor Ray care about this PD. They care just about themselves and what they can benefit from at the CMPD.

I hope and pray that someone in a position of authority over these two clowns can put a stop to their corruption.

Anonymous said...

Being a black CMPD officer, I must say that I am INSULTED that standards are being lowered for "my kind". I worked my butt off to be here and I am very ashamed that the chief thinks so low of black officers that we need special consideration to make it. What does that express about how the chief feels about black people? It shows the world some people cant move forward and learn from the past. Wow, I remember a speech from a very famous man who said judge by the content of character and not the color of skin. Gee, think it was a black man who said that. Thanks chief for making us look worthless. I dont need a handout, I need leadership.

joe smith said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38: Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I just find it so difficult to believe that not ONE of the allegations put forth on this Blog and elsewhere have not been investigated and reported by the Charlotte Disturber.

How can this be so?

What makes rodney immune to the scrutiny that so many others in his position have endured? Is it strictly his race in the aftermath of the Nick Mackey brouhaha? Are people tiptoing around so much that he is getting away with his blatant abuse of power? With his intimidating and threatening? With his outright lying? With his misuse of funds? Just with the people he has hired personally from Richmond and how much that is costing the PD? I mean, what purpose does ray serve that couldn't be done by a Deputy Chief? That SHOULD be handled by a Deputy Chief. And paying his secretary, that he brought from RICHMOND a higher salary than her predecessor that had been there for
29 years?

Then, let's go back to his bogus college degree, to his demanding that his daughter's baby daddy be admitted to the academy, then putting him to work in property control, then allowing him to drive a seized car with a city gas card, then using his influence to get his daughter hired, then making up parking passes with a $1,000 laminating machine and demanding his "friends" be allowed to park free and having a tantrum when that didn't happen, then not paying for admittance to arena events and parking wherever he pleases, then how his wife got into Leadership Charlotte, then promoting people that are so obviously not qualified based solely on the color of their skin, then the total lack of respect he has for "the troops"....I could go on and on and on.

And what the heck was he doing playing in the ProAm at Quail Hollow and accepting BIG money gifts? And did the CMPD pay the $4,500 entry fee? That alone should be cause for dismissal.

Why are none of these things being questioned or investigated by "Curt-hisboy-Walton, City Council or the SBI?

With the biggest being, of course, the unethical cooking the books of the crime stats.

Why is he being "protected"?

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears as though they aren't letting rodney talk on camera any more, :)

Rayray just spoke on channel 9 about the sergeants overtime, he basically said nothing, as usual, but didn't really screw it up as rod does.

I don't know why they don't do an "investigative" story on rodney's lack of integrity and the many things he has done while at CMPD...start with the Quail Hollow Story, his "gift" and the entrance fee that was allegedly paid for by CMPD. Are ANY news media in Charlotte investigating any of these things?

There are so many stories to be investigated about rodney, it could keep them busy for quite a while. Or, they could "bundle" the stories, like Rodney does with
crime stats!

And investigate ray/ray while they are at it....the chief's "chief of staff" that is funny, why does rodney need a 'CHIEF OF STAFF' when not one other chief has had one? Wellll, because he can't do the job by himself...why do you think he brought his secretary from Richmond? Same reason. Since rodney has a "chief of staff", in effect "co-chiefing", maybe he and ray/ray should split ONE salary?!

Wake up, people, these two are riding the gravy train here in Charlotte, while doing monumental harm to the CMPD.

Charlotte deserves better than this.

Anonymous said...

Well, it appears as though they aren't letting rodney talk on camera any more, :)

Rayray just spoke on channel 9 about the sergeants overtime, he basically said nothing, as usual, but didn't really screw it up as rod does.

I don't know why they don't do an "investigative" story on rodney's lack of integrity and the many things he has done while at CMPD...start with the Quail Hollow Story, his "gift" and the entrance fee that was allegedly paid for by CMPD. Are ANY news media in Charlotte investigating any of these things?

There are so many stories to be investigated about rodney, it could keep them busy for quite a while. Or, they could "bundle" the stories, like Rodney does with
crime stats!

And investigate ray/ray while they are at it....the chief's "chief of staff" that is funny, why does rodney need a 'CHIEF OF STAFF' when not one other chief has had one? Wellll, because he can't do the job by himself...why do you think he brought his secretary from Richmond? Same reason. Since rodney has a "chief of staff", in effect "co-chiefing", maybe he and ray/ray should split ONE salary?!

Wake up, people, these two are riding the gravy train here in Charlotte, while doing monumental harm to the CMPD.

Charlotte deserves better than this.

Anonymous said...

I heard that rodney's super duper police car was broken into recently, at his house,is there any truth to that? Heard it from a couple of sources.

The "police" car that doesn't even have BLUE LIGHTS 'cause rodney hasn't taken and passed his TEST!

This is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I think it was Ray/Rays car that was broken into.

Still pretty funny!!

No Blue Lights on his, either!

Anonymous said...

How much longer is this "chief" going to get away with destroying the CMPD?

When the hell is someone, anyone, going to call him out on his bullshit?

When is someone going to stand up to this guy? When is someone going to grow a pair and tell the media, and the "chief", what's what at CMPD?

From everything I hear, over and over and over again, the CMPD has changed, and decidedly NOT FOR THE BETTER. If what people are saying about morale is even a little bit true, I just don't know how much worse it can get there.

No One respects these two jackasses, they know they are making crap up as they go along, they know they are destroying the CMPD, and yet no one will stand up to try and salvage what is left.

It truly is, from what I am told, like the freaking Keystone Kops at CMPD.

They move people into positions because of PERSONAL preference and not impartially based on qualifications and tenure, it's just crazy!

They are single handedly tearing down what it has taken years to build, a PD that was once well respected, ethical and with high standards, for education AND behavior.

They are like a couple of thugs let loose...making up crap as they go along without any humility or integrity.

It makes one sick to think of what the officers are putting up with and the conditions they are having to work under.


Anonymous said...

It must be a good and rewarding feeling for Rod/Ray...knowing that you are personally responsible for the lowest morale in the entire history of the CMPD...knowing you are responsible for destroying the once stellar reputation of an upstanding police department. Knowing that you are responsible for causing racial tensions and divides in a department that had pride in the fact it was actively and continually promoting diversity by recruiting qualified minorities. Knowing that no one respects you or your inane decisions concerning promotions, that the ONE AND ONLY QUALIFICATION for promotion is "diversity" and the personal opinion of rod/ray.
Knowing that you are pulling the wool over the the public by releasing bogus crime stats...and by creating an atmosphere where that is possible.
By creating a hostile work environment and where control is kept by one word and one word alone: FEAR.
People are so afraid of speaking out about what is going on that it is really pathetic and sad.

Does it feel good to know what kind of a legacy you will leave when you move on to DC?
Does it feel good to know that your own men have NO respect for you and what you are doing to the CMPD?
Does it feel good to know that you are perceived as an inept "chief" that can't manage by yourself? That you have to have RayRay make your decisions for you, and a TEAM of PR people to prop you up?
To know that you are personally responsible for the hundreds that come to work every day hating and dreading a job that they formerly loved doing? And that you haven't a clue as to what team building or camaraderie are, that these concepts don't cross your small minds?
The really bizarre thing is, I have come to believe from all the many people I have talked to, that you really do not give a damn. That you are here to promote your own "agenda" and that is it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:27
It seems that if you are not on Rod/Ray's "team", i.e.,agreeing with and kissing butts, that you are being relegated to the "cheap seats".

That is, if they don't like you, OR, if you are respected and liked by your peers and underlings, then you are being given the crap jobs...and mind you, there are NO minorities included on this list, NONE.

I would LOVE to see a spread sheet of promotions and personnel moves since rod/ray have been at the CMPD. That would be VERY TELLING and would confirm what has been/is going on.

So do a shitty job, be unqualified, don't be liked or respected by your peers, and you will get a "cushy" job.

Speak your mind, be liked and respected by your peers, WATCH OUT, 'cause you are headed for a crappy job with crappy hours.

Sounds crazy, but truth is most times stranger than fiction!

And from what many, many people are telling me, this is exactly what is happening at CMPD.

So many are aware of this, it is so very transparent, that one can't believe that they are continuing to operate like this.

The CMPD is unrecognizable, it's like a parallel where thugs are running the show, and the other one where people are trying to do the right thing.
But, folks, the right thing at this time would seem to be to speak out about the travesties that are occurring at CMPD right now!!

Anonymous said...

There are people within the agency that are speaking out. Through this blog and to reporters the word is out there, but it seems to be simply falling on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34

Then they need to speak LOUDER.

And many voices together are louder than one voice alone.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, I guess the "chief" got his daughter's baby daddy reinstated at the academy (lowering standards already!)

When does he graduate and just what "job" do you think he will be assigned to? This should be interesting!

And is it really a good idea for all this to have happened? I mean, he was initially turned down, then they were forced to accept him, then he was served for failure to pay child support on children he has in Richmond...then allowed to continue at the academy?
Nepotism at its' finest, no?

Maybe he will just go right to Major?? Seems to work for others!

Or maybe he will get some "cushy" you think he will go to a high crime district on third shift? Yeah, that's a good one!!!
I'm sure he will land a "primo" assignment/job, just like Rod's daughter did. Collusion and no fear of reprisals.

So scummy. HELLO, is ANYONE out there getting all this???? SBI, anyone???

Rod/Ray really do operate with impunity, don't they???

Anonymous said...

Did Rodney's wife "graduate" from Leadership Charlotte? Don't know when that ceremony was.

She must be very proud!

The whole family must be very proud...two "graduations"!

And their entries were gotten the same way...through Rodney's "connections".

Must be so very proud!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is the "newest" thing, and I use that term loosely, going on at CMPD.

I think a number of people on here and other places have said how Rod/Ray are not quite "up" on any new policing techniques.

First, go to the Richmond PD website, check out the "uniforms" for command staff, white shirts.
Then check out their Dodge Charger program.

Well, Rod/Ray have decided to, SURPRISE, have command staff wear white shirts in Charlotte, (after it was decided a few years ago that white shirts were really NOT a good idea, HELLO, a really good target!), anyhow, I digress.

So now, we have the DODGE CHARGER OF CMPD PROGRAM....the newest PR tool the "chief" has started to win over the officers of CMPD, a "bribe", so to speak. If you are "officer of the month", you get to drive the Dodge Charger for a month, I believe. Now that is totally professional, huh? It's a childish and cheap way of trying to get people to "like" you. NOT RESPECT YOU, but "like" you. And it will probably work on some.

Just like all the "awards" that are flying around lately.....another cheap way of getting people to "like" this "chief". Make up some "awards" and hand them out.

Instead of embracing Charlottes PD history, and learning what has worked and hasn't worked in the past for Charlotte.....rodney is just doing everything EXACTLY as it was done in Richmond, DC, etc.
Because he has no NEW IDEAS.

Hey Rod/Ray, THIS IS NOT RICHMOND, THEY DON'T WANT TO BE A CLONE OF RICHMOND. This is CMPD, with it's own rich history of high standards and integrity and ethics....which means more to most than a free ride for a month in a Dodge Charger. Treating the troops like children..."rewarding" them in this manner.

And where did this Dodge Charger come from? Who paid for it?

Wouldn't it be nice if the CMPD was being run by PROFESSIONALS and not these two clowns.

They are cheapening the CMPD....and not giving it's officers the credit they are due, by trying to buy them off for gods sake.

Can't wait to see what's next....but hey, we don't have to "guess", just go to Richmond's website.

Anonymous said...

Richmond has a FACEBOOK page, that will be next at CMPD! ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have heard it said recently by a few people at CMPD that Rodney has put out the question that he doesn't know why people at CMPD are so RESISTANT TO CHANGE?

Well, Rod/Ray, it's not CHANGE that CMPD is resistant to, from what I am told.

But CHANGE FOR THE SAKE OF CHANGE..that's what they object to.
Remember that old adage, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

The "changes" you have made, now listen, ARE FOR THE MOST PART, NOT FOR THE BETTER, but just CHANGE FOR THE SAKE OF CHANGE. You HAVE NOT created a new mouse trap.

The changes, it would seem, are mostly all smoke and mirrors, PR.

The real changes have been to the moral fiber of the CMPD. Dividing a dept. along racial lines, making a laughing stock of the CMPD. Using the CMPD for your own advancement and of your family. LOWERING the admittance standards at the that's a positive change people can get behind.

Make MEANINGFUL changes, not superficial crap that really means nothing.

And start by reporting crime stats as they are, and not misreporting.

Bring honesty and integrity BACK.

Anonymous said...

Did you check out all the "car break ins" in the news and "Crime" in one neighborhood today? I wonder how many reports were done on that!!!

Anonymous said...

Since Major Pearsall got her cushy job at the Academy (Just in time for the Chief to take the State Test....coincidence?) I heard she didn't think there was an office out there suitable enough for her so they had to make her one!!Is this true?

I also heard that her and Major Vicki Foster were shooting at the range and after you shoot you are responsible for picking up your brass....but they said they didn't have to and walked away leaving it for the officers to pick up!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:40
You can bet your sweet butt they will be reported as ONE break-in.
Bundling is the rage now, don't 'cha know?

Anon 6:51
These two stories do not surprise me one bit. Did she get new furniture, too?

"Rank" does have it's "privileges", doesn't it? And this is so rank it smells to high heaven.

Pearsall and Foster had better plan on moving with Rod/Ray when they move on.....people have very good memories....and they WILL remember how they were treated by these two, and all the crap they have pulled to get where they are.
Besides, it seems they are totally in agreement with Rod/Ray's management "style"...right on the same page.

Anonymous said...

What do you want to bet that the "unveiling" of the Dodge Charger "program" will be a pr/media "event"?

They love those pr warm and fuzzy moments! (Signifying nothing!)

I hear it is really treacherous at CMPD right now. RodRay have pitted so many people against one another, it's hard to tell who is not just a "snitch" for the "chief". What a way to run a PD, huh?

Anonymous said...


For the initial purchase and operating costs?

In this economy, is this REALLY a
smart use of CMPD funds?????

Or did they use some kind of nefarious "grant" money to pay for this?

Wouldn't the money have been better spent on step raises for officers?

Is this reminiscent of Macon and the whole grant money "thing" there that still is not resolved?

And how about the $3 million dollar stimulus money "grant" that has been awarded to CMPD?




Maybe some more golf outings, boondoggle out of town golf "conferences? Maybe to hire more PR people, or bring more people from Richmond? Or maybe Rod and Ray will get pay raises? Or more (really important)new uniforms, or painting more cars? Or maybe some more spiffy new jackets for Homicide? Or maybe Rodney will want a new car this year?

What a freaking disaster they are making out of CMPD!!

Does anyone care??????? That is, besides the hard working CMPD troops that are watching all this corruption take place and are literally powerless to do anything about it?

Anonymous said...

I agree, what a waste of money.

Here's some incentive that has more validity: Give the Officers their raise they were due. Pay them what they are worth instead of resorting to cheap "gimmicks" like this. Bring them in line with other PD's across the nation.

Create enough gimmicks like this and you think Officers will forget that they aren't getting their much deserved raise this year because the CMPD is so freaking far OVER their budget?? (Every time you see one of those repainted CMPD cars, wave at your raise going down the street!)

Next thing you know, he will have people decorating their "reserved" parking spaces for "Parking Space of the Month". Makes about as much sense!

Come on people, grow up, have a little more sense than to fall for this kind of circus act.

"Oh Boy, I get to drive the Dodge this month!" With someone different driving this car every month, it will be a pile of crap in no time.

And especially when Officers don't have enough cars!

And who is going to work on this Dodge? When all other cars are Fords or Chevys?

One can only hope people do have more sense than to fall for this butt kissing like me, like me ploy!

Do something that has real meaning.
Smoke and mirrors, that's what Rod/Ray are all about, smoke and mirrors!

Anonymous said...

Heard through the grapevine that Harry Jones, Jr., son of County Manager Harry Jones, was arrested on a DUI, and from what I hear, it's not his first one.

It will be interesting to see what happens with this case.

Watch and see.

So I guess CMPD IS still arresting people for DUI's!!

Don't believe I heard anything about this on the news, hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Harry Jones was locked for DWI several years ago. Like father like son....

Anonymous said...

Okay, here is how I see it, from what I am being told, from the outside in.

Most people who go into law enforcement, from what I have seen, are good, honest people that are doing it because they want to make a difference. A difference in others lives and a difference in their community.

With this new regime at CMPD, people don't feel like they are doing that.

They feel it has just become all about crime stats and who you know and covering your ass.

That's not why they went into law enforcement, and that's why the freaking morale is as low as it goes at the CMPD.

It has become all about NOT being able to tell the truth, NOT being able to feel good about yourself and where you work and who you work for.

It has become a place of lies and deceit and game playing. It has become a place of fear and hostility and not being able to trust anyone.

It has become a place of revenge and vindictiveness. Of small people trying to make others feel small to feel better about themselves.

A place of HUGE egos that know no boundaries. Of looking out for number one and to hell with what is ethical, what is right, and what is fair and appropriate.

A place where no one trusts anyone else.

Law enforcement is difficult, stressful and just hard work. It's those moments of feeling you actually make a difference and actually help people that keep most going.

If that is taken away, if you feel that your hard work doesn't matter because it is NOT a level playing field, then that just makes a difficult, stressful job almost impossible.

And that is what it has become like at CMPD....almost impossible to have the career you once thought you could.

And that is what Rod/Ray have done, so far, at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Here's a quote by George Buckley, CEO 3M:
"There are things you are born with. You can't develop intelligence. You can't develop morals by law. I learned my value system on the bottom of my grandmother's shoe before the age of 7. I didn't learn them from a statute book. There are things that we can develop. Strategic thinking, for example. There is a difference between a leader and a manager. A LEADER IS AS MUCH ABOUT INSPIRATION AS ANYTHING ELSE. A manager is more about process".
He was speaking about LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT classes/seminars/training at his company and the importance of it.

Maybe Rod/Ray could take a hint from this. Maybe they should read a newspaper, a book, a magazine, anything that is of TODAY..NOW, anything that is the least bit forward thinking, anything that they could learn from. That along with a little introspection. Now, I realize this might be a stretch for them, but come on, at least try! It's called, Continuing Education!

Inspiring, they are not.

Anonymous said...

Heard that Harry Jones, Jr. was WAY, WAY over the limit. (AND, he was telling all who his father was, trying to use that to curry favor.)

I just have to wonder why this isn't in the news? And what has happened with it? Anyone have any more news on this?

Anonymous said...

Heard some more stupid, stupid personnel changes have happened and more coming.

People are saying that absolutely no thought is being given as to who would really be the best fit at any given job. It seems, once again, to be all about diversity and butt kissing.....way to go Command Staff!!
Keep up the good work.....right.

I just keep asking myself, how in the world can these people keep going to work every day, seeing what is happening.....and remain silent about it??

There is an old saying that goes something like, "Those who know about wrongdoing and remain silent are just as guilty as the wrongdoers". So true!

Anonymous said...

On the CMPD website there is a story about how Charlotte has the lowest per capita crime rate since 1994..for 2008.

Now, honestly, that should throw up all kinds of red flags and bells should be going off loud and clear.

Does anyone REALLY believe this is due to a different approach to law enforcement by Rod/Ray?


They are false numbers gotten by cooking the books, and from what I hear, it continues right now.

Let's just see if they can sustain these numbers, and what excuse they have when they can't.

Probably it will be Curt Walton saying crime is "cyclical".

Anonymous said...

Monroe's car IS equiped with a light package

Anonymous said...

Has he taken and passed his test yet?

He has a year to do it, right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:32
I think someone was confusing Ray's status with Rod's....

It's kind of easy to do since they are joined at the hip.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems there is not just ONE Dodge Charger, folks, but TWO Dodge Chargers, one for the North Division, and one for the South Division.

So, in reality, there will be TWO OFFICERS OF THE MONTH, Yippeeee!!!

So I go back to the original question someone posed,
I would guesstimate that they would be around $30-35,000 EACH with Police package.
So where did that money come from and who approved this stupid, ill conceived expenditure?

Does the "chief" really believe that the Officers of CMPD are so naive, immature and stupid that they would be "impressed" with this? That they would think this is REALLY a "reward" for a job well done and not just something to make the CHIEF look like he really cares about them?

If he really cared about them, he would have ASKED Curt Walton and City Council for the step increases and raises they need and so deserve!!

His motives are so freaking transparent and self serving.

The OFFICERS OF CMPD ARE NOT BOUGHT OFF SO EASILY, ROD/RAY, and see this "program" for what it really is.

Do you really think the money spent on this is a useful, productive way to use CMPD funds?

When the CMPD is 3million OVER it's budget for the first time OVER budget in YEARS, they are spending money in this economy on crap like this???

And can someone please answer the question for me, did rodney really use CMPD FUNDS TO FINANCE HIS ENTRY INTO THE QUAIL HOLLOW PROAM TOURNAMENT, TO THE TUNE OF $4,500, and did rodney accept a GIFT OF A NEW SET OF GOLF CLUBS AND OTHER STUFF??

Why aren't these questions being asked and answered TRUTHFULLY?

Is there an IA investigation into this and the many other allegations made against rod/ray?
Is there an SBI investigation?

If not, why not????

Anonymous said...

No investigation can begin until you have a complainant, and there are no IDENTIFIABLE complainants. Just like any police department in any city, there has to be someone willing to formalize rumors into viable complaints. I have not read any blogs or statements from witnesses to any wrong doing, have any of you? Anyone on this site can call any reporter from any station or paper WITH FACTS, and I bet there will be an investigation. From what has been written here, if 1/10 of it is true, it will make for interesting reading. I do not know any facts, or I assure you I would have it investigated. But.........

Anonymous said...

"Anyone on this site can call any reporter from any station or paper WITH FACTS, and I bet there will be an investigation."

No there won't. I've personaly spoken with a reporter and nothing has come of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:11
I have done the same, with FACTS.

And I know of others who have personally done the same...actually talked to reporters with FACTS.

It remains a mystery to me and to many WHY it is not investigated AND reported.

And everyone knows, from what I hear, that IA has become just another tool for these two idiots to use to their advantage. And I personally have no knowledge if anyone has talked to the SBI, but one can only hope they are more effective than IA at this point and the local news papers/media.

I have heard that the media is afraid their access will be limited if they report any of these true stories. Well, that is a really poor excuse for not reporting on these things for the good of the county and CMPD.

One must believe that sooner rather than later someone in the media will actually take the time and do some good old fashioned digging and investigating and then have the balls to actually report on it.

The Teflon Two will not be able to get away with their corrupt behavior forever...the wheels will soon come off.

So your supposition that there are no FACTS I would call incorrect.
It's just that no one has taken the time to confirm and gather the info on the FACTS....and I can only assume it is because of the infamous "race card". That is the ONLY thing that makes any sense as to why the stories aren't out there.

And rod/ray are using that as a very effective shield indeed.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that another Police Officer has to make a formal complaint on ANY of these allegations and it will be investigated by IA?? You are cracking me up!

Or can it be a regular citizen, like me?

Having read and heard how very vindictive Rod/Ray can be, I can understand why members of the CMPD haven't made any complaints. But come on, enough is enough.

Starting back with the Pearsall promotion..(seems like all the other more deserving Captains would have a complaint about that) to all the rest of the crap he has pulled. IF 1/10 of it is investigated, the facts will be found, you can't hide them.

Hmmmmm, interesting, so you think if a regular citizen called IA with any of these allegations, it would be investigated? I mean truly investigated? Or would it be buried or dismissed and no case made on it? I'm thinking the last scenario would be the one.

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks, but you are stuck with all of his decisions for many years to come. The D.C. job is not supposed to come open for 2 years, so I guess they will all be here that long. I would ask the veterans to help the young guys all they can. The economy has hit them quite hard, and thanks ONLY to the horrendous decisions made by those you all have written about, they lost their pay steps, market rate adjustment, insurance premiums increased yet again, etc. Think back to when most of you were raising a family on your meager early salaries. The buying power of the dollar is roughly the same, so they are hurting, probably more than the rest.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and not getting their step increases just puts the department that much further behind the eight ball.

But rod/ray, from what I hear, NEVER look at how their decisions now will have an impact in the future. With them it's "I want what I want when I want it". That is the way they operate. And to hell with the consequences for everyone else, i.e., the CMPD.

Two more years of them and the CMPD will be hanging on the precipice of beyond repair. Even if they left tomorrow,it would take years to recover from the horrendous decisions they have made in just a few months.

But I think rodney is like many politicians, for that is what he is, he thinks "history" is going to treat him kindly. Ahhh, I don't think so....history is just going to reveal what REALLY is going on at the CMPD.

Those two are like a natural disaster, leaving destruction in their wake.

And it is the officers that are suffering from the consequences of their bad decisions....they are living pretty well, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Well, I was downtown last night with friends and I didn't see the "chief" anywhere!

I guess Nascar isn't his thing, LOL.
Can't really get many "freebies" he can use. Now if it had been golf or basketball!

I suspect he is on a "golf" outing being paid for by the CMPD....wouldn't surprise me a bit...he has such feelings of entitlement.

Honestly, from what I hear, I don't think the CMPD can take two more years of these two.

And really, doesn't ray/ray have enough money?

It is just amazing to me that they continue to operate with impunity.

They are investigating Easley for taking advantage of his position, accepting freebies, using his influence to get family members jobs???? HELLO, rodney has been doing the exact same thing at CMPD, albeit on a little smaller scale.

But it is that same attitude of "you can't touch me" because I am the "chief".

From what I have heard, they have no character, no ethics and believe people can be bought off, just like they are.

When the crap hits the fan, and it will, it will be like Bernie Madoff, everyone around rod/ray will be saying "I didn't know what was going on!".."I had no idea he was cooking the books"...etc., etc.

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

If rodney did receive that "gift" of golf clubs and other things, will he have to pay taxes on them?

Anonymous said...

WTF is up with this new "look" at the offduty officers are working? Are there going to be even MORE restrictions placed on officers?

Anonymous said...

Right, DON'T GO TO BAT FOR OFFICERS TO GET PAY/STEP INCREASES, but place even more restrictions on what off duty they can work?

No one is getting rich working for CMPD, except Rodney and Ray.

Most members of CMPD (Officers, Sergeants, Captains, and Majors) find it necessary, at least some of the time, to work off duty jobs to supplement their income.

Does this all go back to the Foster debacle? Are people from the private security firm "she has nothing to do with", (LOL) getting jobs that should go to CMPD?

And are ALL OFF DUTY jobs being posted? Or are people being tipped off and getting jobs before they are posted for the general population at CMPD?


Anonymous said...

Rodney/Ray must have been out of town the last 4-5's been way too quiet! No major screwups!

Anonymous said...

This statement will be going to the media shortly. It’s in reference to the sentencing of 2 Former CMPD officers, Ross and Holas. They each received 9 years. Stay Safe!! Brian

“Under these unfortunate circumstances, I want to re-enforce CMPD’s commitment to providing high quality police services to our community,” said Police Chief Rodney Monroe. “As always, we uphold the expectation that our officers enforce and obey the law. Public safety and crime prevention remain our first priority and we will continue to work hard to maintain public trust and confidence.”

Captain Brian Cunningham

Public Affairs Director – CMPD


We are spelling "reinforce" as "re-enforce" now? Where are the highly paid handlers to check for typos?

Anonymous said...

Good help is hard to come by, especially help that can spell, but hey, SPELLCHECK is free.

The whole PIO office seems to be quite useless, EXPENSIVE, but useless.

How much, collectively, does the whole PR "team" cost?

All to boost the image of a clueless, not too bright "leader" that is stuck in the past.

But hey, maybe they should just buy a dictionary?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:26 a.m.: I do feel sorry for the rookies but not because of their "meager salaries." As an almost decade long officer of the department, I think that I have had my step increase held 3 times now. That means that I am getting paid almost EXACTLY what new officers are making! 10 years experience and I am playing catch-up and it will take a very long time to "top out" at the rate that we are going. I do feel sorry for the new officers but only because the Ray/Rod regime is the only one that they know so they believe that it is how it is supposed to be. These new officers hopefully will still try and work hard, have integrity and work diligently towards their accomplishments. OR, they will realize that promotions and specialized positions are given only to "diverse" officers. I suppose that's great if you are a new "diverse" officer but it will be heartbreaking for those new officers who learn early-on (and they will) that their productivity will not likely count towards much or be recognized. I expect that there will be many "rookie" officers who quickly take on a lazy "about to be retired" attitude, even if they have only been here for a couple of years. Sad. Very sad.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Have you heard the Keith Larson podcast about the "study guide"?

I mean, WTF?

Will this be the thing that finally gets him?

And OF COURSE he knew about it, OMG, we are talking about the KING of unethical behavior.


Let's hook the "chief" up to lie detector and ask him direct questions about this and many, many other corrupt things he has done.

I mean, isn't this what the scandal at the academy was all about a few years ago? Where people were FIRED??????