Monday, May 4, 2009

Quail Hollow Gives O' Hair a Trophy and Monroe at Set of Golf Clubs?

Tiger couldn't hold it together long enough to beat one of the PGA's new stars Sean O'Hair.

But there was another prize given at this year's Quail Hollow Championship, and the winner not mentioned by the local press.

Seems if the rumor is correct our CMPD Chief was given an entire set of golf clubs, balls, and clothing while at Quail Hollow this past week. Details are still coming out but if true the chief needs to dump the goods fast.

As the CMPD has regulations against any officer accepting such gifts.

Gifts and Gratuities

A. Employees will not use their position to solicit any form of gift, gratuity, or service for gain.

B. Employees will not accept from any person, business, or organization any gift if it may reasonably be inferred that the person, business, or organization:

1. Seeks to influence an official action or to affect the performance of an official function.

2. Has an interest, which may be substantially affected, either directly or indirectly, by the performance or non-performance of an official function.

C. Employees may not accept any form of reward for the performance of an official function without the prior approval of the Chief of Police.

As it has been told to Cedar Posts the Chief didn't request the gift, but following the letter of the CMPD directives it was wrong to accept the gift.

So I would hope if this is true that the chief will take the "gifts" and give them to some charity auction, say John and Robin Fox and their annual Angels & Stars Gala benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.


The Meck Deck's Jeff Taylor picked up on the Chief Monroe golf outing and some of the comments posted are priceless. Check it out here: Meck Deck


Anonymous said...

You got to be kidding!! Unreal..this guy. I wonder if the taxpayers were paying his salary all week while he was at the golf tournament? Was he getting paid while receiving free golf clubs...or did he take vacation time?

Anonymous said...

Unfreaking believable,,he is some piece of work.

Wonder what other "gifts" he has gotten that no one has found out about? Like his Free room at the downtown motel so he can take a "nap"? Stuff like that? You KNOW there has got to be more that this brazen asshole has gotten.

And why was he at the golf tournament all week long? Was he on Official Duty? Did he pay his own way, or did he just "badge" his way in?

He really had NO reason to be there in an official capacity.

So was he in uniform? Was he taking vacation time?

He really is a ......fill in the blank.

Cedar, did you hear anything about "them" trying to find out who your "source" is and that they think they have?

Rod and Ray....scumbags.

Anonymous said...

I heard he was the caddy for someone and there was a HUGE entrance fee to do that? Did Rod pay that himself?
Or was that another one of the "gifts" he accepted?

I also heard many Officers saw all the "loot" he was taking and leaving with and were truly disgusted with his behavior and lack of propriety and decorum.

You are right, they are scummy.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...does Internal Affairs not enforce directives violations against the chief, or just everyone else...maybe not everyone else considering the article I read on Major Foster. Maybe they should give RayRay another big raise since he seems to be running the department while Rod is out on the links.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, this "chief" doesn't believe that Internal Affairs is a valid operational arm of the Police Department.

Again, from what I have heard, he has taken all the objective "power" away from IA and he and RayRay now RUN IA.

Also, he has put someone in IA for the sake of "diversity", and because, so I hear, no one else really wanted them in their department, but that they are "loyal" to the Chief now.

What can you say about a Chief of Police that doesn't think a police dept. really needs an Internal Affairs dept? That doesn't think it is necessary and doesn't respect what they do?

So it has become another castrated department at the CMPD.

From what I am told, it is now just a "tool" that Rodney and RayRay use to their advantage.

The only people that could and should be investigating Rodney are the people at the SBI.

And of course that REALLY useless city dept., City Council....and oh yeah, Curt Walton....yes, that is a joke, as they are.

Anonymous said...

Directives? What are they?

Rodney changes directives and SOP's like most people change their underwear.

If he doesn't like a directive, it's, poof, gone!

That way he is not "violating" policy, just changing it to suit his "needs"....which are many.

Cedar Posts said...

At first the chief thought "the source" was someone from within the CMPD, and he ordered polygraphs for everyone.

Then, it was someone who was out to "get him and his family" ..... since I outed his son in Georgia and bloged about his daughter Hollye.

There was even rumor that he was going to have his goons "show up" at my office maybe even with a search warrant to seize files and computers.

Then there was the "gang" concern, since gangs use myspace to recruit new members, maybe it was a west coast gang kingpin out to get him.

As it turns out "the source" is anyone in uniform who has to endure his garbage!

Members of his own command staff, to the kid in property control. they send what they see and what they hear and soon a pretty clear picture emerges.

People really do care, and they know what is going on is all kinds of wrong.

I don't know if he really got a set of golf clubs, I don't have photos and my two calls to the Quail Hollow Club turned up nothing. But late yesterday I was told there are photos of the chief loading up the "loot" into his car.

Would that make the front page of the Charlotte Observer... nope!

Since as I've pointed out before the Observer can't risk a loss of access. Crime news makes a paper and without it you can't have a newspaper.

Just keep those card and letters (emails) coming.

Because as the Chief has discovered the source is the CMPD itself!

CMPD BLUE said...

Who Gave King Rodney Golf Clubs? Quail Hollow Club? Tiger Woods? Who would be so stupid?

And he accepted them?

You have got to be kidding me! Cedar did you check this story out?

I know I know everything you have posted has checked out but come one is this for real?

Anonymous said...

I hope someone saw the Apostle Rodney Monroe walking with Tiger on Friday as he played. The hole captain on #8 said that the Apostle Rodney Monroe also walked with Phil in the am and then came back with Tiger. I wonder if he did that Sat and Sun?

Anonymous said...

Once again, Cedar, thank you for bringing this newest act of contempt for the office of the chief of police to light.

From what I heard, the "chief" (and with Rodney, I use the term loosely),thinks he has found your "source" and has started a smear campaign against this individual.
Damn, I wish someone would go ahead and sue his ass. I mean, how long can this crap go on.

I also heard that a certain "Major" was raising hell and demanding an IA investigation be opened on you. I'm thinking everyone would welcome that, because then EVERYTHING WOULD BE INVESTIGATED AND ON THE RECORD, THEN SWORN STATEMENTS WOULD BE TAKEN AND ON THE RECORD. So I would say, "bring it on".

The Charlotte Observer is totally and completely useless as far as any kind of investigative reporting is concerned. They are afraid of their own shadows. But for sure, if rodney were a white chief, and I say this as a person of no prejudice, believe me, but if he were not African American, the things he has done would be all over the front page.

But I think rodney would have to rob a bank in broad daylight with 50 cameras on him to arouse any interest...and then people would just claim it was photoshopped!

But what he is doing is much worse, he is robbing the CMPD of its hard earned reputation, of its integrity and respect.....and that is worse.

Anonymous said...

Whomever has the photo of rodney with the "spoils" of his golf boondoggle, PLEASE COME FORWARD and get it to Cedar Posts!

Anonymous said...

How about an investigative reporter from somewhere simply ask him if this story is true? Obtain a list of officers who were working the golf equipment representative area during the tournament, and have them give statements. I do not believe officers will lie if asked direct questions. I don't believe the Chief will lie if asked about this issue. It is too easy to prove, so he must be truthful. Too many people witnessed his vehicle loaded down. I feel sorry for our officers in blue who have to handle this kind of embarrassment. Lead by example for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

You don't think Rodney will LIE?
I'm so sorry, but that's a good one!

When asked DIRECTLY if he had anything to do with his daughter getting the city job he said "My daughter doesn't need my help in getting a job".

He WILL NOT ANSWER THE QUESTION....he will sidestep and LIE.

And now, now that the story is out, his PR team will probably come up with some bullcrap story about how he accepted so he could donate them to charity. Or maybe not, I'm telling you, his EGO and his GREED and his sense of personal entitlement are such that
he will probably think he can get away with this, too. Can you say personality disorder?

I am told over and over and over again stories that always make me just cringe with embarrassment for the CMPD.

When will enough be enough with Rod/Ray?

Anonymous said...

Right, and from what I have heard DIRECTLY from some reporters, when asked questions that they knew for a fact were true, he has blatantly lied and denied.

From what I hear, HE ALWAYS is aware of covering his ass, ALWAYS.

And that is why NOTHING is in writing with him, and I am told he ALWAYS, through his "people", gets his message across, so he has that "denial" response at the ready.
He can ALWAYS say, "well, I didn't say/do/tell that, it wasn't ME".
Most times it is Ray/Ray, and he's not a SWORN member of the CMPD. But I think lying comes as easy to them as breathing.

And come to think of it, WHEN IS RODNEY GOING TO TAKE THE STATE TEST SO HE IS "LEGAL" to be wearing a gun and a uniform?

From what I hear, he has been spoonfed and tutored so much that he can't fail. But one can only hope, no?

Anonymous said...

This kind of behavior is becoming all too familiar from Rodney.

He is a throwback to another time when "cops" used their badge and influence to get all the perks they could, all the freebies.

Times have changed, but Rod/Ray haven't...they are stuck in a corrupt time warp.

Included in this would be their particular "style" of managing, which isn't so much a "style" as it is policing from the last century.

And where have they been? Not up on present standards of managing a Police Dept. Maybe if they had taken the required college courses they could have learned a little something something about how to run a PD.

Rodney is in it for whatever it can get HIM, whatever influence he has he uses it to hobnob with the "famous" that he is so easily impressed by.

From what I hear on an almost daily basis, he is a buffoon, and the people he is so easily impressed by immediately recognize this. A court jester to the "famous"....they are laughing at him and his grandiose vision of himself. Pitiful, really, and would be sad if not for the fact he is destroying the good name of a good Police Department.

Anonymous said...

Spoonfed??? I guess he would have to be spoonfed with his classes since I've been told that all he does is sit on the back row and sleep or play on his crackberry. What an example for all the other recruits on the front rows!!! As for him ensuring that nothing is in writing, that is an absolute fact! Now that Chief Monroe and RayRay personally oversee every single tranfer process, they have said that CMPD will no longer ask for resumes or letters of interest so that when they hand pick their 'guy' for the sake of 'diversity', they can claim ignorance when someone comes back later and says that they were more qualified since they never got to see their resume. I hope the citizens of Charlotte are happy with what will become mediocre performers in high positions. I mean, how good could they be when they apparently didn't even have enough interest to apply for the position in the first place and the chief had to come to them after the fact and tell them to apply when he realized that particular unit wasn't 'diverse' enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:13
I have heard the same things from many people.

How can they know they have qualified, interested people with this non"process"?

The answer is, they can't, and they don't care as long as the appearance of diversity is maintained.

Instead of lowering standards to attain "diversity"....why not encourage people to attain HIGHER STANDARDS? Now that is a concept Rod/Ray have no clue about.

How do you think Rodney got where he is today????? Let me give you a clue, it's NOT because of his winning personality or ethical code or higher education or that people respect him or his outstanding management you guess.

Anonymous said...

So it's OK to take gratuities now? Just say "I didn't ask for it" they gave it to me.

That is how police departments in the old days became corrupt. Officers in this Dept have lost thier jobs for accepting gratuities in the past........why doesn't the same standards apply anymore?

I heard Rodney played in the Pro Am on Monday and Ray Ray was his caddie!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Maybe now that he got this set of clubs he'll give the club back that he took from an officer about 2 weeks ago. The officer won it as a door prize at a recognition luncheon, but the "Chief" told him he wanted it and kept up until he handed it over. (He may say that he "traded" for the club, but it's not a trade when you are the "Chief" and you tell an officer that you want what he has.)
Word is that he has asked CMPD to let him take his basic law enforcement test online but was refused. Then, he made the same request to the state with the same result. Here's hoping somebody watches him during the test.
Has Ray ever taken the pre-employment polygraph required for all CMPD employees or did the "Chief" really cancel it, never to be rescheduled? Why would someone not want to take a polygraph?
Will no one come forward and tell the truth about the stats? It's common knowledge that crimes are being reclassified or "unfounded" if they don't look like they can be solved easily. Once again, though, no written orders, just the pressure of COMSTAT meetings making supervisors do whatever it takes to make numbers go down.
CMPD had some problems, but it had been one of the top few programs in the US if not the world. It is sad to see it taken apart and ruined and amazing to see how quickly it's being done.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:49

Reclassified and BUNDLED, BUNDLED being the operative word here. And EVERYONE KNOWS,as you said. And you are dead on with COMSTAT pressure, it's a COMSTAT result and it is common knowledge.

I also heard about his requests to take the test "online"....and I am with you, let's hope he is well monitored while he is taking the test, and that they take his Blackberry away and his cellphone.
'Cause from what I hear, I wouldn't trust him as far as I can spit.

And that is HUGE about Ray not having been polygraphed, FREAKING HUGE. Is there any way to verify this? Is there any way to get an
OFFICIAL VERIFICATION. Because he shouldn't be working for CMPD if he didn't do what was required of him AT THE TIME HE WAS HIRED. But I wouldn't be surprised if rodney has changed that requirement. As he changes all directives and requirements that he doesn't like.;and that might reveal more than he wants revealed.

I hadn't heard that about the Officer and the golf club.

What a piece of absolute crap rodney is, what a lowlife, corrupt person.

Anonymous said...

If Rodney sleeps or plays with his crackberry during classes, then there's footage of it somewhere as all those classrooms are videotaped for security. It'd be awesome to get hold of that footage huh?

Anonymous said...

When is the public going to be informed of exactly what kind of an amoral, low person rodney really is?

When is the Charlotte Observer going to report on any of this stuff...or are they going to wait until it all comes out other ways and THEN jump on the Bandwagon as they usually do?

I can't believe he is continuing to get away with this kind of behavior.

What kind of person is he, really?

I think it is really clear, and becoming increasingly clearer...
he gets off on "power", he uses that power to bully and intimidate, he uses that power to get preferential treatment, to make him feel "special", which seems to be very important to him, he uses that power to make him feel important. In other words, he abuses his power.

He really needs to answer to City Council and the public for all the shady, unethical and probably unlawful things he has done.....for intimidating and creating a really hostile work environment.

It really is something else.....
but I think the wheels are coming off, from what I hear.

And it all started with a LIE, the first lie he told about his college degree and how he obtained it.

The FOP tried to alert people, Curt Walton, City Council, the PUBLIC, from the get go, I remember.

I heard them.

But then Rodney shut them down, intimidated THEM. I understand they received severe threats on their persons from people, that's what I heard.

We should have listened then, the CMPD wouldn't be where it is now.

And will people listen NOW?

Anonymous said...

With Rod's buddy, Major Pearsall (who Rodney changed the process to allow her to be promoted after only 11 months of being a Captain) now assigned to the Academy, you better believe that Rod will get all the help he needs to pass the test. Look at the newest members of the command staff, newest recruiters and newest instructors assigned to the Academy and tell me if they all have something in common?! This place is a joke.

You will now see academy applicants who have "experimented" with cocaine and felonies accepted to the Academy, just so long as they meet the new "diversity" requirements. Is anyone listening? Does anyone care? Do you want our department to be the next New Orleans, Miami or, better yet, DC? I guess you do since no one is speaking up.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so he probably knows the test and will know the answers BEFORE he takes it.

He has strategically placed his LOYALISTS in every position that can benefit him....he has stooges everywhere now, that report and are loyal to HIM, not the CMPD, but HIM personally.

You can't make this stuff up, folks!
You just can't make it up!

What he has done to this dept. in the short time he has been here, WOW.

And now with pearsall at the Academy, he has got it made on the test...he surely knows how to position himself and others to HIS benefit, unfreakingbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Here's who the Chief played golf with at Quail Hollow.

Richard Burr, Dell Curry, Harry Jones, Rodney Monroe

Go figure, Harry Jones. They are now partners in crime. Dale, stay far away as possible from them two.

Anonymous said...

Once again, who paid his "entrance" fee? Did he pay it, or did he solicit a "corporate entity" to sponsor him?

And how about Harry Jones?

Isn't there some way to find out who paid the fees? And if a company did pay their fees, wouldn't that be a policy violation??

The others may regret "hanging" out with rodney. They don't want to go down with him!

Anonymous said...

The cost for the Monday ProAm for individuals was $4,500 for this year.

Do you think Rodney paid that fee out of his pocket?

Or do you think it came out of the CMPD budget?

Or did he con someone into paying it for him?

Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm just asking, I don't know, but I would be interested in finding out.

Anonymous said...

Was RayRay his caddy?

You were required to "provide your own caddy".

Anonymous said...

If someone did pay it for him, wouldn't that be considered a "gift"?
And be in violation of policy?

Anonymous said...

RayRay was his caddy.

Anonymous said...

RayRay was carrying his purse! That's a good one!!!!

Cedar Posts said...

Funny, had King Rodney been a business owner he would have paid the entry fee from corporate funds and claimed the expense as deductable.

Then kept the loot as most Pro-Am event give away gifts and no one but IRS would care.

The year Hugo paid a visit I was given a print of Arnie and Chi Chi on the 17th at Quail, golf balls, crystal rocks glasses and a couple of shirts. I think the fee was 2500 back then.

Our firm paid for one of our clients to play and he drew Palmer one day and Trevino the next.

But I'm not a public official.

There is no way the Chief should have been in the Pro-Am it's just all kinds of wrong, no matter who paid.

The mayor can pay, Mel Watt can play, but LE and Judical Official need to be held at arms lenght.

If the city paid his entry fee there should be hell to pay. If Quail had him as a guest, there should be hell to pay. If someone sponsored him, there should be hell to pay.

So what is the truth and why does he keep doing things like this? I'd so rather write about the Observer's 50% price increase to offset the continued decline in readership.

Anonymous said...

No one has been more correct than who said that command staff, academy staff, recruiters, etc all have one thing in common! Hooray DIVERSITY!!! It's no secret, absolutely no secret, that the entrance requirements for the department have been laxed. It's getting ridiculous. It used to take a year or more to get hired because of the in depth background checks. Not anymore. Crime apparently does pay now since it will no longer hold you back from a public service career. All for the sake of diversity and affirmative action. Yippee! Next thing you know, CMPD will be getting compared to Washington, DC Police, and it's no secret how corrupt they are.

Anonymous said...

The SBI should be investigating this and all of the other corrupt things Rodney has done since he has been at CMPD....including his LYING about his college degree and what it was in, or STARTING with that.

Everyone is turning a blind eye to all the corruption in the Dept. And your guess is as good as mine as to why that is. My guess would be the race card....but how many freaking things can you overlook or not LOOK AT for fear of any racial backlash??? Rodney KNOWS this and he is using this to his best advantage. And he and Ray/Ray continue to brazenly do whatever the hell they please and feel like doing. They have NO code of personal ethics or integrity, moral tether or center, NONE.

NO, he should not have even been in the ProAm, but he shouldn't have lied about his degree, either, and he shouldn't have lied about his daughter's baby daddy,he shouldn't of had parking placards made just for his "friends", and he shouldn't be manipulating crime stats, and he shouldn't be putting people that aren't qualified in jobs just because they are black, and he shouldn't have hired all his cronies from Richmond, ESPECIALLY Ray/Ray. And he should not be in ANY position of power, ESPECIALLY as chief of ANYTHING.'
But the CRIME STATS, that's the REAL smoking gun in all of this.
Misreporting, manipulating, and finally reclassifying and changing before they are entered into the system

He and Ray are corrupt and are playing the system and no one is watching except the very Officers "they" are supposed to be leading.
And THEY are getting an eye full.
An eye full of watching their once respected PD being dragged through the slime of these two snails.

Exactly what is it going to take before they are made to answer, under oath, questions about every issue that has been raised on your Blog? Oh hell, I would take just one issue at this point.

Why are you the only one that is not afraid of these two???

I don't have the answers to these questions, but someone damn well should.

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop using the word "afraid" when referring to those people working for these two fools. No one is afraid of them. If you heard a 2 minute sound byte on television from either one of them for 2 minutes you would see there is nothing to be afraid of. However, from the content of some of these blogs, it is clear some veteran employee's are in a Catch 22. Publicly speak out, become the Champion of the oppressed, and lose a position you might enjoy (legal by the way). Or remain quiet, help no one, allow this great organization to deteriorate, and live with the shame forever. I feel for these folks because I have admired our officers and the tough job they have. I saw where Police Week is next week, and this is where we get to honor those who paid for our safety with their lives. Please join us as we honor these brave folks, and for just one week, forget about the uglyness brought about by the current "leadership." Their judgment will come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

According to several sources at Quail Hollow Championship, Rodney Monroe's entry fee was paid for by the CMPD.

Seems he has an expense account and can spend that money anyway he likes.

Just like his sister over at the United Way.

Anonymous said...

If that is true, his ass should be gone, today.

If that is true, his judgement should no longer be in question, I think he would have proven he has

If this is true, whomever gave him such an expense account with no oversight as to what kinds of things it should be spent on with the dept. WAY OVER its' budget, should also be gone.


Is this enough to prove to people just what kind of a corrupt cop he is? If this is true, and he is spending money like this while Officers are going without their step raises and every government agency is cutting back and being asked to give money back, what does that tell people about the character of these two men?????

And if no one does anything about this and all the other things he has done, what exactly does that say about their character?

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, the Charlotte Police Department is currently operating without a "Chief". He is nowhere near what a "Chief" should be or represent. He is definitely not a leader by far. Dictator better fits his character. I have never seen such an uneducated person in his position.
The sad part is that he blew smoke up a lot of Charlotte Citizens butts, and now look what he has done to the officers that have spent many years in getting where they were just to be smacked in the face.
People need to understand that the officers are the ones who take the guys off the street and reduce crime. If they continue to be the crapped on, things will change. And there are lots more of them than command staff or Ray/Rod. You can't fire the whole police department....

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:31
From everything I hear and am told, you are exactly right.

This guy and his cronies need to be booted out of the CMPD and post haste!

If people can't see they are in it strictly for their own glory and benefit, then they are blind.

They are a bunch of losers that need to go before they destroy what is left of the CMPD's reputation.

And the people that have been so far up their butts since they got here need to rethink their positions, too, or they are going to be painted with the same tarnished brush.

They thought they "had it made" as I have heard people say, just because of the color of their skin.....well, I think that ship has sailed.

It's no longer viable to play the race card, not with the things that have been done in the name of diversity.

Rod/Ray seem to be as corrupt as the day is long, and CORRUPT IS CORRUPT NO MATTER WHAT THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN.

If you think you can get a FREE PASS ON BEING CORRUPT BECAUSE YOU ARE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN because people are afraid of being branded racists....I would be more afraid of being branded corrupt along with the chief and ray, wouldn't you?

One can only hope that the SBI has an open investigation ongoing into this corrupt regime.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do believe they get a free pass, if for no other reason than people like me were not strong enough to prevent this "hostile takeover" from happening to this great organization. The damage is irrepairable due to the ages of those being pushed up the chain of command. The effects of the decisions made these past 10 months will be far reaching, with terrible consequences. Morale, effectiveness, quality employee recruitment and retention, even race relations have been damaged beyond repair. I apologize to the citizens of this community, and to the officers fighting the good fight. WE have failed you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:38
Very well said, and points well taken.

You are right about the ages of the people being pushed up the chain of command....they are not qualified and lack vital experience, empathy, impartiality, objectivity and the ability to lead by example.

The CMPD needs, from everything I have seen and heard, some very strong and ethical person of integrity to go toe to toe with Rod/Ray, to stand up to them and tell them when they are bullying and belittling people, to tell them when they are making wrong and non objective decisions.

To stand up to Rod/Ray in front of the troops they are leading, and give those officers a sense that they are being heard and someone is representing THEM. To demand that everyone be treated with respect.

It sickens me to hear the stories and to understand what is going on.

And the CMPD of the future, if Rod/Ray get their way, will be a very different and corrupt PD with little regard for what is right and what is wrong, and a lack of integrity that WILL effect all communities in Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Got some info today from a very good source that Major Vicki Foster is be looked at on the State level for her conflicts of interest with her company.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38
Well, it's about freaking time.

Now, could we move on to rodney?

His travesties have been every bit a betrayal of public trust and as unethical as fosters'.

Let's hope an investigation into every allegation on this blog is not far behind.

Anonymous said...

One thing I can assure you all is that any investigation that is or will be done, will not be disclosed until conrete proof is aquired. The red flags should have started in the beginning with the degree issue. But it all goes back to the Race card issue. No one wanted to say anything for fear of making it a Race issue. Sure as heck didn't stop anyone with the whole Nick Mackey drama.
So, I really believe someone somewhere is making a list. There are way too many unhappy employees that are high up the chain to let this go without saying something to someone.

Anonymous said...

From what I hear, and from what I have learned from investigating on the web, rodney is every bit as shady a character as Nick Mackey, worse even because he uses his position to intimidate, harass and browbeat, and to curry favor with people that can benefit him.

He should be 100% above reproach, and I DEFY anyone to say that he is.
He should hold himself and be held to a higher standard because of his position of public trust....he does not and has not, as far as I can tell in his career, done

He should be called on everything he has done, and it should have started with his "degree", which he has no intention of EVER making right....he will ride that bogus degree to the end. But he will ALWAYS be known as the "chief" with the fake degree, with the degree that he did not legitimately earn and knew he did not have a legitimate right to.

How can the city of Charlotte and the CMPD want to have someone like rod/ray representing them?

If the race card is to be played, it should be one of reverse discrimination at this point...because all I have heard is how people are not being promoted on merit, but on race.

If CMPD needs more black officers to fulfill "diversity", let them seek out and hire and promote QUALIFIED black officers and not lower the standards but expect black recruits to have reached the standards that are in place and have been in place.

The quality of life for everyone is touched by lowering touches the whole community.

Rod/ray do not have a clue, from what I have heard, as to what constitutes a diverse PD of integrity.

They think they will be able to skate on their totally bogus crime stats....I think people are a lot smarter than that.

I would pay good money to see rod/ray hooked up to a polygraph answering the allegations that have been put forth just on THIS Blog. (Oh yeah, and with HIS hand on a Bible, since he likes to project the image of being such a good "Christian".)

Anonymous said...

Being a black CMPD officer, I must say that I am INSULTED that standards are being lowered for "my kind". I worked my butt off to be here and I am very ashamed that the chief thinks so low of black officers that we need special consideration to make it. What does that express about how the chief feels about black people? It shows the world some people cant move forward and learn from the past. Wow, I remember a speech from a very famous man who said judge by the content of character and not the color of skin. Gee, think it was a black man who said that. Thanks chief for making us look worthless. I dont need a handout, I need leadership.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar...University Division had a crime spree that was on the news yesterday with "several" cars where windows were busted out, tires slashed, radios stolen ect. You should check and see how they "classified" that crime. I bet there was only "One" report instead of several. That is how you reduce crime!!

Anonymous said...

I imagine they will be bundled and counted as ONE as were the thirty break-ins in the parking lot of that club last week.

This is a common tactic of comstat.

But the media and people of Charlotte don't seem to really care as long as their perception of crime going down via crime stats is their reality. Crazy, huh?

I guess being an attorney just makes me question more?

I refuse to believe that everyone is so freaking apathetic....really, people, someone step up and challenge the
"dynamic duo". And it should be someone from inside the dept. that has the access and the facts and the credibility.

I can't believe that NO ONE challenges these two fools, who are so obviously WRONG on so many levels and so obviously in WAY OVER THEIR COLLECTIVE HEADS!

Does Foster have any more enlightening quotes attached to her emails this week? They do amuse me.