Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charlotte Police Chief Goes Down Under

As Charlotte's fiscal year comes to a close, with CMPD's red ink flowing Chief Monroe has taken the idea of lying low to a new level.

Seems Chief RoMo is heading down under to the land of Kangaroos and Koala Bears for the next two weeks at Charlotte's taxpayers expense.

Rumor has it that the chief and family are off to Australia on "work related" business and the CMPD is footing the bill.

I know you are thinking "You have got to be freaking kidding me?" or maybe you are saying "Crikey" in your best Steve Irwin accent.

Normally Cedar Posts would laugh at the suggestion or rumor that the chief would take a taxpayer funded junket to Australia with his wife in tow. But nothing chief RoMo does would at this point would surprise me.

What does surprise Cedar Posts is that Charlotte's City Council members like Andy Dulin sit on their respective thumbs while city manager Kurt Walton approves RoMo's wild spending and at the same time denies the request for 12 additional 911 operators. (WCNC City Denies Funding for Additional 911 Operators)

Maybe it is time Charlotte's citizens stand up and say enough is enough or we can all head down to Charlotte Douglas International and wish Chief Monroe Bon Voyage on Monday as he steps aboard his Delta flight to Atlanta connecting to LAX and on to Sydney.

Cedar Posts Update:

This just in, seems that RoMo is attending an international symposium on crime and terrorism which runs a total of 3 days. The same meeting was held in Washington DC back in April. But hey why go to DC when you've been there done that and have the T-Shirt?

Speaking of T-Shirts or white shirts at least, seems the chief's bright idea to "upgrade" the command staff uniforms has hit a snag, or in this case a little buyers remorse. The word is the white shirt and redesigned uniforms for command staff have been pushed back until after the current fiscal year ends. So RoMo Cop is smarter than we give him credit sometimes.


Anonymous said...

I truly wish the man and his family, if this is a family vacation, a real nice time. Every American deserves a vacation after a hard year of work. HOWEVER, if this is in fact on the tax-payer dime, it is totally unacceptable and his "special discretionary funds" shoul be cut off RIGHT NOW. I could care less if the Aussie's have discovered a way to FOREVER PREVENT CRIME. Send it to me in an email, write a book, hold a video-seminar, or whatever. Ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised?

CP I hope you are wrong and that RoMo as you call him is going to Myrtle Beach with the rest of us.

Make that Atlantic Beach!

joe smith said...
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Anonymous said...

I just can't understand how everything this corrupt man has done has gone unnoticed by city council AND the mainstream media.

If this is indeed true, what an outrage....

Will he get a pass on this, too?

If he does, he truly is teflon, untouchable...and how and why is that so??

Freaking unbelievable!!

Anonymous said...

Let's see, LC gets to go on an all expense paid "business" trip at taxpayers expense when he did not ask for a step increase for his Officers?

Maybe he is taking those golf clubs he was given and accepted when he was playing in the proam at Quail Hollow, in which it is alleged that he paid the $4,500 entrance fee from his "discretionary fund" also??

Did he ever answer the question about the entrance fee, OR the gift of the golf clubs and other golf freebies? Or, I guess the best question is, did ANYONE ever ask the questions about those things? Just like he has NOT answered questions about the other corrupt, unethical things he has done since he and ray/ray have been in Charlotte?

Honestly (that's a word he doesn't understand), if this is true, his resignation should be DEMANDED. There is really no viable excuse.

While he did not ask for step raises for his officers, while he is trying to screw with off duty work which his officers need as they are below national standards for salary, while he is being paid VERY well, and ray/ray is being paid VERY well, while collecting retirement pay from one, or maybe two other sources? And I could go on, and on, and on.

Is Charlotte content to continue to support this man and his extended family to the detriment of the CMPD and it's Officers?

It's really time for him to go, he should never have been hired to begin with, as he DID NOT MEET THE QUALIFICATIONS for being a CHIEF of police in Charlotte, NC.

He started by not telling the truth, and has continued that way of life at CMPD....I believe, like most pathological liars, he may really believe the lies he tells.

And I also believe it is a travesty, and a dangerous trend to allow him to continue as chief.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess he has finished studying for his state test, huh?

Looks like he will ace that sucker, he doesn't seem to be worried about it, I mean, taking this "business trip" so close to the deadline for taking the test, wow!

Anonymous said...

When does he have time to study for the State BLET Test?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte should be so very proud,
I am sure he will axe all the right questions about law enforcement while he is in Australia and will come back with some innovative law enforcement ideas when he returns...

To even have any or all of this trip paid for by taxpayers in this economy is unconscionable.

And I, for one, do not want him as a representative for the CMPD traveling abroad...not with his track record.

Anonymous said...

the least the chief could do when he boards the plane is wave at everyone in Charlotte with all five fingers extended instead of the usual middle one.

Anonymous said...

Why worry about the Chief being gone. He doesn't make the decisions based on what Ray-Ray just did when he slapped the Deputy Chiefs around like a bunch of bitches last week. Must really suck to be them right now. All I can say is you will lay in the bed that you continue to make for yourself. You either stand up now or fall forever.

And people ask me what I don't wish to be promoted. We don't deal with that manure on the Patrol Level.

And to all you citizens that think RoMo is gods gift to Charlotte. Number one, you don't work for him and we can't wait til the day that all of us officers get to tell you, WE TOLD YOU SO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte City Council needs to get the boot.

These monkeys are the ones who allow RoMo to act like a chimp and all this other monkey business at Charlotte GovCo to go on!

Ape Sh#t is what I'd call it! RoMo has gone Ape Sh#t with our tax dollars while hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil and have no balls all council members sit around making monkey noises while the big brutt ape rules the primate house.

Time to bring in the "big game" hunter and clean house.

Come On CP tell it like it is!

Anonymous said...

ray/ray is not, in my opinion, a sworn member of the CMPD, he is a civilian 'gopher' and as such should have no authority over the DP's.

I don't know how they put up with his verbally abusive tirades.

He is past his prime and should just hang it up.

He's an angry old fart that has seen his better days and takes pleasure in chastising, berating and generally treating command staff like something you wipe off your shoe. He shows them NO RESPECT.

I don't think I could take his abuse knowing what kind of a person he is. He DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MOTIVATE OR LEAD ANYONE.

We go back to the old school, real old school way of's stupid.

You cannot treat your subordinates with such total lack of respect and expect to get any respect. But then again, I don't think he gives a fuzzy rats ass.

He just needs to go on over to the old folks home and settle in.....

And for an assisant to the chief to have total control over the department, what about that is right? Did he go through the same hiring process as LC? Then why in the world should he be "in charge"?

It is really crazy, bizarro, down the rabbit hole time at CMPD.

CMPD BLUE said...

Isn't it strange the RoMo would take off a year to the day that he was sworn in a Charlotte's Police Chief?

So Fire Me said...

ray/ray is not, in my opinion, a sworn member of the CMPD, he is a civilian 'gopher' and as such should have no authority over the DP's.

I don't know how they put up with his verbally abusive tirades.

He is past his prime and should just hang it up.

He's an angry old fart that has seen his better days and takes pleasure in chastising, berating and generally treating command staff like something you wipe off your shoe. He shows them NO RESPECT.

I don't think I could take his abuse knowing what kind of a person he is. He DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO MOTIVATE OR LEAD ANYONE.

We go back to the old school, real old school way of's stupid.

You cannot treat your subordinates with such total lack of respect and expect to get any respect. But then again, I don't think he gives a fuzzy rats ass.

He just needs to go on over to the old folks home and settle in.....

And for an assisant to the chief to have total control over the department, what about that is right? Did he go through the same hiring process as LC? Then why in the world should he be "in charge"?

It is really crazy, bizarro, down the rabbit hole time at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Golfing, two vacations in two weeks, not showing up at homicides like he promised.........all on the taxpayers dollar!! While here at CMPD our steps are frozen, our off duty has been taken away (wonder where that went? The special "security firm" run by the "inner circle"?)
Sergeants are told "absolutely" no overtime.......while Chief Monroe and his wife are paid by the taxpayers to go to Australia on vacation!!?? We all need to make sure we vote for some city council members who will no longer let "Crime" run rampant within the inner circle of the CMPD.

DaWhite said...

Holy Cow I like this blog! Can't belive I just found out about it. However it amazes me that the great comments want to remain Anonymous....typical. It's CMPD's main problem with command staff and officers. Great thoughts,ideas, and comments but no one ever wants to claim them. Stop fearing Romo and the Command Staff. There is life outside CMPD. Good life in fact. Speak your mind and stand up for once for what you believe is right. You will be more respected....respect....well that's a whole new topic. Captain C you need to step up like Rosa Parks! Your smart and articulate you can pull it off. You are a company man and weak leader and people don't like that about you but you are a funny likable guy. The Chief will continue to do what he wants to who he wants until you guys come togther and start speaking out. Geat comments would be better received if they had a name to them or heck even initials.

CMPD BLUE said...

DaWhite I agree the comments would carry a little more weight if the posters would add a name, a handle or initials.

Since the Chief is gone for two weeks how about adding some fuel to the fire?

Cedar Posts you need to put together a time line to mark the passing of RoMo's 365th day as Chief.

And it won't be pretty.

You should ask CMPD members to email you stories or facts they would like to see posted.

But keep it real, factual.

Everyone at the CMPD has heard the Chief deny verbally everything this blog has reported. Yet he'll not deny any of this in public, via the press or in witting.

Let's give him something to wish he'd stayed home for rather than travel to the land down under. What do you say mates?

How about it Cedar?

Anonymous said...

So Fire Me,
Was there a point to you cutting and pasting that whole post?

Anonymous said...

CMPD Blue,
That sounds like an excellent idea!!!

To see it all in black and white, that would be so very revealing, and really he can't deny 99.9% of it.

I mean, he CAN deny it, and DOES deny it, but not where it counts.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

A time line? OMG the list would be so long.

Let me see what I can do.


Anonymous said...

You are the man!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet that timeline would have 365 bullet points!!
DaWhite.......get real!! Obviously you haven't read all the posts! or you would know why people choose to remain anonymous....the vindictiveness of this regime is like that of Iraq. Noone listens anyway.......why lose your job for nothing...

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:46
You are so right about that, rod/ray will go to just about any lengths to exact revenge.

I'm told that it is what they are all about.....that it is the only way they know how to deal with fear and revenge.

So far, for most people, it has worked.....but I feel from talking to so many at CMPD ,that people are starting to get restless and a whole lot less tolerant of the total lack of class and manners of these two, not to mention knowledge of how to really run a PD.

DaWhite said...

How about we just hide in an attic and write how horrible and bad Romo is!? No wait that was already done by Anne Frank...Power in numbers people. Romo can't deny everyone getting sick and using their City Given Sick what if everyone gets sick at the same time and let Romo and the Command Staff have to shag a few calls. Romo is counting on everyone staying in the shadows and hiding and talking about him behind his back. He is counting on your FEAR of losing your job. He is here to get a retirement check and leave just like the other Chiefs. Why make it easy for him? Has anyone been fired for doing "nothing"? Sit in your parking lots and go only when called and let the crime rates go through the roof. Working proactive officers get fired, killed, hurt, suspended, written up, and judged. Lazy officers get to live, never get hurt, get Chief's Awards and get to become coordinators.

Anonymous said...

I know what you are saying DaWhite, and it does look good on paper.

But in the real world, where most of these guys live, they have families, and mortgages and car payments, etc., you get the picture.

And I just don't think you have ANY idea how vengeful these two are.

But the tide is changing, and from what I am told, people are becoming more and more fed up, and all it is going to take is ONE person to finally stand up to him, to say publicly what everyone knows is going on, to challenge this jackass in the PUBLIC arena and watch him squirm....I mean one on one with the LC. Just one person honestly speaks out about what is going on, and I believe hundreds will line up with them...

He would last about one minute in a real interview with someone questioning him like Cedar, or Keith Larson (and I don't even agree with Keith politically).

It's just a matter of time, and I really feel like his time at CMPD is running out.

The people at CMPD, that is just about everyone, that rod/ray are screwing with are tiring of the tirades, the screaming, the shady things, the unethical behavior, the outright lying, and being treated with no respect.

And I don't think "baiting" people to "step out of the shadows" until they feel comfortable doing it is the way to's coming.

You cannot expect people to take that kind of treatment forever.

Anonymous said...

Trip to Australia? So that's where my merit increase went! Hey Cedar, I heard today that one of the reasons, maybe the only reason, that RoMo went down under is that there is an exception in the system allowing him an extension on his state exam if he leaves the country. Guess he needs the extra time to study...or maybe the study guide isn't done being compiled yet.

On that subject, I still don't understand why Capt Campagna in his telltell e-mail (and regardless what everyone thinks, I'm pretty certain that he sent out that e-mail as an unofficial way of waving a red flag), didn't just say, per DC so and so, or by direction of Major whowhatsit, so that we all know who is trying to hand RoMo the keys to his exam, instead of Campagna taking the entire fall for it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:42
Agree with every word you said, spot on.

If he fails (fingers crossed) the exam, maybe that will bring him the little dose of humility he so desperately needs. (If memory serves, he took most all of his "college" classes online, well, that is, except the ones he DIDN'T take...that's where he wanted to take this test, wonder why?)

And it just might deliver Charlotte from the clutches of these two circus clowns.

If LC leaves, do you think ray/ray will stay??! Yea, that's a good one.

From what I am told, everyone knows who is trying to "help" him pass the exam. That would be ALL the ass kissers out there, and people that have been TOLD to "help" him, or else. Civilians AND members of CMPD. Remember, all civilians can be fired.

But, really, installing major p at the academy weeks before he is to take the exam? Really?

That's kind of like the flap with major f about the reserve guys..I mean, come on, she had a vested interest in the way that turned out, OMG. Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

It's like everything with this regime, their way or the proverbial highway. A heck of a way to try to maintain control of the department, huh?

Anonymous said...

Is there not a way to email this time line that is hopefully being created to the entire staff of the cmpd, City Council, all media outlets, and who ever else it might concern? I am sure someone has a roll sheet or something with every ones email. Is this not possible?

Anonymous said...

It makes my head hurt to think of all the wasted time and money these two have WASTED at CMPD.

TIME, that they have wasted on covering their tracks and trying to plot revenge on people they don't like or for "perceived" slights, or for just plain disagreeing with them.
TIME, they have wasted on screaming, yelling and humiliating people.
And the MONEY wasted, well, there is just WAY to much to leave in this comment, but it's all pretty much been talked about on CEDAR POSTS....thank goodness.

There is a basic tenet of being a good leader, manager, "chief".....give your "people" the support, and respect they need, and you will get back that back tenfold in productivity.

Oh, and don't play stupid games, lie to them, manipulate them through fear and retailiation, use your position for your personal gain and the personal gain of your friends and family, operate in a sleazeball manner, play the race card to keep the press at bay, treat your people like children that will be impressed with cheap tricks to curry their favor (officer of the month, car to drive), and on and on and on and on.

The picture is clear, you don't have to do much painting.

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

A vacation? You have got to be kidding me?

What a freaking idiot!

Anonymous said...

18 car break ins in one parking lot in the UNIVERSITY Division today.....(Captain Lester's recordbreaking drop in car break in area) Of course those are "bundled" into one report so only "One" break in is listed. That is how you drop car break ins by 39%....Way to go University Division!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the nature of this "business trip"? If this is in fact paid by the taxpayers is that information not "Public record"?


What kind of "work related" seminar lasts two weeks?

We (the ones who are paying for this trip) should be demanding answers from the city manager!! And just how much is this two week trip costing us?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:35
Does it not seem a tad bizarre that there would be a 39% DROP in car break-ins in the time that LC has been here? Is that not suspect???!!
I mean, come on, give me a break!
And especially in this economy,OMG!

And you can bet that the recent 18 car break-ins will end up as one before they go into the FBI data that determines crime stats.

Wake Up!!

But just wait, this kind of drop in crime stats cannot be WILL catch up with them.

It seems LC has unprecedented access to funds to use as he sees fit with no oversight?! What is up with that? Do you give someone who has proven that he has a problem with telling the truth (college degree), do you give someone like that a JOB, I guess, and then after you give him a job, you give him carte blanche access to "discretionary funds"? WTF?

This really is crazy, and if this story doesn't hit the MEDIA OUTLETS, then I want to know what is really going on and why they back off every story about LC.

(Why didn't the news pursue who paid those fees at Quail Hollow and what kind of "gifts" LC accepted?) Oh heck, why haven't they pursued ANY of the stores??


Anonymous said...

Someone told me there was a story on the ten o'clock news about the Captain C caper.

I haven't seen it yet myself, but was told it was pretty soft, but they did show a copy of the original email, and told how C was "sent" to the penalty box, i.e., Watch Commanders Office. It does establish in the public arena LC's
vindictiveness and his thirst for revenge.

It's a beginning, just the beginning of the wheels coming off this dictatorship at the CMPD.

Let's hope they really start digging now, and they won't have to dig too deep, it's right out there if you want it.

Heck, I'm thinking an investigative piece on this "chief" is so rife with possibilities, I can see a Pulitzer in someones future!

A time line is the way to go.....and that's just the things we KNOW for sure he has done.

Imagine what we don't know that he has done??!

Anonymous said...

i was told that the news did a story on his "business trip" and reported that the FBI invited his highness to attend the "seminar" in Sydney. and, that the FBI is footing the bill and not the taxpayers, oh wait, that's taxpayer money too isn't it. i wonder if his worshipness would still go if the FBI said "hey chiefy, we want you to go to the other side of the world to learn about how to reduce crime but you have to pay for it yourself" hmmmm, bet the chief would say "no thanks, can't i just watch the seminar online"? must be nice to be soooo important. go to Australia to learn about crime prevention, wasn't he hired by Charlotte because he was already such and "expert" on reducing crime???
Well, i hope he enjoys his trip while im bagging groceries because im not getting a step increase and off duty is drying up. wonder if carowinds would let me run the ring toss game. lets start another rumor, wonder if his royalness is getting a kickback from a certain major who apparently runs,owns,doesnt run or own a private security service which is a blatant violation of policy AND state law. to use a phrase from the 90s "things that make you say hmmmmmmm".
really wish Capt C would just come out and say that major P told him to put together a study guide AFTER the meeting with LC which gives him plausible deniability.
oh, and for those who may have forgotten, there was a member of command staff that was patiently gathering intel on another member of command staff for inappropriate behavior and harassment, that person was eventually canned (albeit quietly). i hope that same person is patiently building a case against the current regime b/c i know that person has more integrity and honor than the number 1 and 2 put together. here's hoping.

Anonymous said...

Listen, I have a hard time believing that the FBI "invited" LC out to lunch, much less to Australia.

You can bet there was a little quid pro quo going on behind the scenes there.

So is the FBI using my taxpayer money to send LC to Australia? Are they also paying for his wife?

And I'm with you, does a seminar take two weeks? And right, if you are an expert on crime reduction, why do you need more "seminars"?

Now, did the FBI write him a check for airfare, etc., or did that money come from a 'GRANT' from the federal government???!! And if it came from a GRANT, could that money not have been better spent?
I would like to know exactly how much he is being "paid", reimbursed for this TOTAL, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HIS EXPENSE REPORT AT THE END OF THIS LITTLE BOONDOGGLE!!!!!!!!!!! It's all a matter of "interpretation" folks,and how the CMPD SPIN dept. "interprets" this stuff.

From what I hear, a case is being made.

Like you said, here's hoping!

And when is he going to take that test?

Listen, the goings on with Major F have been quietly swept under the rug, and she, from what I am told, has been told to shut the pie hole and lay low. Those shady dealings have yet to hit the mainstream media, either.

And I am convinced they lay off LC and give him a pass on all the crap he does because of the race card, you could not convince me otherwise. BECAUSE, if it was a chief that was NOT African American, the stuff he has done would be on the front page.

When people are retiring from jobs they love, when people are absolutely hating coming to work and having to deal with all the bulls#it these two keep doling out,when lying and covering up are the operative words, when people have NO respect for these two, something has to give.

Anonymous said...

To have him representing the CMPD anywhere is just an embarrassment!

Did any other members of his family, besides his wife, accompany him?

Anonymous said...

To comment on the newest update on the three day symposium.....well, that's just LC rocking the system.
He plays everything to HIS ADVANTAGE, hey, like you said, he has been to DC, this is a chance for him to go halfway around the world and have SOMEONE ELSE pick up the tab, so take advantage of the system once again, LC.

Like someone said, I want to see how all his "expenses" shake who is paying for what, and you better believe that the CMPD will be picking up some or all of this trip, expense reports and "discretionary" spending.

It really is quite unbelievable that he is once again, getting away with this.

"Invited" my butt, I'm sure he snagged this somehow, "invited", that is a really good one. Like he was "personally" "invited"....I'm sure a list of seminars goes out to all PD's, and he just decided he wanted to take advantage of this one. "Invited", ROFLMAO....WHAT A SPIN TUFANO PUT ON THIS ONE.

And, the shame is, the public will just buy what they are fed and not question this.

Ask the questions and GET VERIFICATION, media. Did anyone ASK if this "invitation" went out to hundreds of PD'S???!!!!!! And why didn't he just go to the one in DC?? Come on, media, stop soft balling this guy. Ask the questions and get verification, not the spin they put on it. Come on, where the heck are ANY good investigative reporters???? Just do a LITTLE digging.

Come on folks, LC is pulling another one over on you.

Anonymous said...

I heard his daughter went too? The one that got that cushy job that was posted one day!! How do you get two weeks off these days just starting out on a new job!! Can anyone verify that rumor? If she went is the city paying that tab too?

Anonymous said...

He is black and can do what he wants. Look at the travel expences for the city councel or county board of commishes, or the BOE; the black members spend much more on travel then the white members do. It is a fact.

The jiggers think that they due.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just reading these blogs reminds me of why I left that place. Use this forum to come together and focus on constructive goals. Good luck guys. Keep your heads up and Stay SAFE.

Anonymous said...

Please, let's don't use any racial epithets on here, or facsimilies there of. It takes away from what is going on.

There is no doubt that LC uses the race card to keep people from asking questions about what he is doing and to keep the press off his back.

And there is no doubt that he has done this everywhere he has been employed. It really obscures his real lack of talent for the job and how he conducts "business".

But his character and his lack of ethics HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS RACE.....but everything to do with the type of man he isn't.

CEDAR: How is that time line coming along? Are you getting enough help?

Anonymous said...

8 days and counting!!! Doesn't he have to take the test by the end of the month?

Anonymous said...

Someone said something about there being allowed an extension on time if you were out of the country?? Don't know if that is the case or not.

I, for one, would like him "polygraphed" and asked if he received ANY answers for this test!
Think that will happen? NOT.

But really, would you trust these test results, if he passes with flying colors, to be legit? I don't know. May seem paranoid, but at this point, in light of things that have been done, NOTHING would shock or surprise me!

Anonymous said...

From what I am being told, this is how it is at CMPD right now.

Everyone is paranoid and busy covering their own butts.

NO ONE really knows what the "rules" are any more. As they change every day to fit the agenda for that particular day. There is no security in knowing the playbook, there really is not one anymore.

Friends are turning against friends, anything that makes themselves look "good" to LC they will basically do.

Almost like, if you would turn your own mother in, you would do it, if it made you "look good" to LC.

There is very little "loyalty" left. If someone on command staff has a "favorite", it gets cutthroat to get "their" guy promoted or moved to a "better" job. Often at the expense of someone else that isn't "their" guy. They will bad mouth and deliberately make someone else look bad to make "their" guy look good.

No one trusts anyone anymore, and with good reason. It seems, from what I am told, that people will often take an innocent remark and "spin" it to someone to make people look bad, or "disloyal" to LC and ray/ray. Or just outright lie about people.

Integrity is definitely a thing of the past, replaced by throwing people overboard.

There is no such thing as innovative, individual thinking under LC. That is definitely not all.

People are operating in the blind until someone needs a fall guy, then the daggers come out.

I HAVE NEVER heard it so bad at CMPD, have never heard of so many people so concerned about their jobs and butts that they are practically made immobile in their
REAL jobs. Their job has become one of just surviving this regime, often at great cost to their fellow officers.

It's just nasty out there.

Anonymous said...

A thought, it seems rather odd and strange that LC would deem it necessary to travel halfway around the world for "training" when he has cut ANY training, other than state mandated training, totally off at the academy, I am told.

I guess the chief deems training and seminars necessary for himself, but not for his "employees".

Anonymous said...

I have heard the same types of things about the hostile atmosphere at CMPD.

The apple shiners seem to be having a field day, as LC seems to reward "loyalty" (butt kissing) over performance, qualifications, integrity, honesty, etc., you get the picture.

So those that have a natural inclination to be sycophants to get ahead, are totally into sucking up to LC.And he not only encourages it, but seems to thrive on it.

And it is so OBVIOUS, everyone knows who these people are and why they do what they do. They are not fooling anyone. They are experts at playing this game. But, people will not forget about their sucking up, and they, too, have NO respect from the rank and file. Karma, ladies and gentlemen, is, as they say, such a bitch.

Doing a good, honest job and being recognized for that is LONG gone at CMPD. You must now be a "playa" or forget about it.

And it would be a different story if these people really did anything to earn the respect of officers. You could ALMOST, almost, forgive them their over developed sense of survival at any cost. They really don't actively do anything to benefit anyone but themselves.

There are VERY few people who have managed to still have the respect of anyone, to still have managed to retain some semblance of integrity under the onslaught of sleaziness that has become the byword of this regime. Let's hope they are able to continue to withstand the crap and not end up in Outer Mongolia. From all I hear, it will be really difficult, if not impossible.

Man, it's going to take literally years for CMPD to recover from these two.

Anonymous said...

Start a poll on who is the biggest butt kisser? I am sure you could get a short list of names!!!LOL

Some that have not even been mentioned yet....the "quiet ones".

But I think you already have plenty for a good poll!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar,
Are you going to do the timeline?

Anonymous said...

How about it, Cedar, is anyone doing a timeline??

Also, does anyone know about an extension on LC taking the state test?

Anonymous said...

Since LC hasn't been around to really screw anything up since he has been on his "working" vacation, things have been relatively quiet at CMPD for a change.

I've heard that ray/ray has been spreading his usual good cheer and encouraging words to everyone, :)
He is such positive, upbeat person.
He always his a smile on his face and a respectful word for all his underlings, NOT.

I guess he is most happy when he is confronting people and getting in their faces.

Tell me, ray/ray, wouldn't it be more productive to actually encourage people, to actually lead people by example, to be able to get results without browbeating and breaking people down so low they feel only frustration and resentment? To actually have some NEW ideas??

As so many have said, only one way of policing is used at CMPD now, and that is the SCHOOL OF FEAR AND INTIMIDATION, AND RETALIATION AND REVENGE.

So lame, so juvenile, so "high school" "OLD school"...and proven over and over and over to not be effective.

Because, people begin to loose their fear, and what do you have left? Employees that are angry and resentful that they have been "played" and manipulated into loosing their integrity and humanity.