Monday, June 15, 2009

Major Crime Spree Ends In Arrest of Carowinds Employee

The Charlotte Observer ran the following crime story which prompted some pretty strong comments condemning Carowinds and the Charlotte Observer as well as New Channel 36.


A Carowinds employee was arrested this weekend after allegedly helping someone win a stuffed animal.

Joshua Long, 19, is charged with breach of trust with fraudulent intent, according to a York County Sheriff's Office report.

Deputies say Long is accused of helping someone cheat on a game and win a giant Scooby-Doo worth $109.

According to the report, the game involved flipping a ring so that it landed on a bottle. The alleged incident happened Saturday afternoon.

The person who won the Scooby-Doo was not charged. Investigators say it's unclear whether the two knew each other.

As Cedar Posts understands the winner was a rather hot high schooler with her school supplies on display. Can't blame the kid for handing over the scooby doo. I guess it would have been his wallet had he not been on the job.

Here's what the $109.00 Scooby might look like. This one from the
South Carolina State Fair back in October of last year.

What really shocks Cedar Posts is that the York County Sheriff chose to provide the kid with a orange jump suit and shackles over a $100 theft, and that both the Charlotte Observer and News Channel 36 ran this story with the kids mug shot.

Must have been a real slow news day.

Check out the story and comments at the Charlotte Observer


Anonymous said...

With all the "Real Stories" out there about Chief Monroe this is hilarious. But then again you would have to do "Investigative" reporting and they don't have the time or talent......I thought a world class city should have a world class newspaper....these days we are far from both. Why is it that the Charlotte Observer and News 36 find this story newsworthy above and beyond all the "Criminal" activity going on within the CMPD? They are scared too!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

I went to Carowinds last year and like many of those who commented on the Observer story was completly taken back by how ratty the place looked.

Years ago it was a jewel with a lot of style and class. Now Carowind is run down and shabby in some areas and in need of being condemmed in others.

The crowd has gone from family and church groups to street thugs, and doo-rag wearing mexicans.

Anonymous said...

York County's finest! You crime fighting animals!! "Ruh-Ro"....

Anonymous said...

Do the crime - Do the time!!!

I'm glad Carowinds is taking a bite out of crime.

Ya got to nip it in the bud!