Saturday, July 18, 2009

Chief Monroe MIA - While Richmond Begins to Repair the Damage

Has anyone seen our police chief?

That seems to be the question on every one's mind this week.

With the Basic Law Enforcement Test deadline less than two weeks away one might suggest that RoMo is studying, holed up at some pricey resort on taxpayer dollars.

But who knows? Maybe he's hiking the Appalachian Trail?

As the bodies continue to hit the floor, the chief's empty promise of coming out to every major crime scene remains unfulfilled. He can't make the crime scene if he's MIA now can he?

Chief Monroe wasn't in his office this past week and his last "official" appearance was (we give him credit for this) at the homicide at the Timber Ridge Apartment on July 9, 2009.

Meanwhile up in Richmond, according to a July 15th press release they are trying to reign in some of RoMo's half baked ideas, including putting the brakes on officer take home cars. According to the memo immediately taking 28 cars out of the program will save The City of Richmond at least $98,000.00 in the current fiscal year.

Also see the Richmond Times Dispatch story Richmond Police Tighten Rules of Take Home Cars.


Anonymous said...

The car program is, believe it or not, much less expensive than the failed RAC program. That program is costing the tax payers over $3.5MILLION yeraly, and provides absolutely ZERO benefit to taxpayers. It was quite simply a way to inflate the budget and relieve workload off upper management. The Chief loves his little "dog & pony" shows where he and RayRay can act like they know what they are talking about and yell at a command staff too weak to stand up and remind them adults treat one another with respect. However, ignorant people fail to grasp concepts like honor and respect, and therefore continue to stomp their feet with raised voices, reminiding everyone of just how foolish they truly are. We will simply continue to pay for "extras" we never needed like the Officer of the Month program, 2 "assistants" to the Chief, and take home cars, because for some reason your city leaders are sticking with these clowns. Good Luck CMPD.

Anonymous said...

From everything I am told about LC and ray/ray, they will eventually burn out. They both share one real talent, a talent for bullying people who stand up to them and who doubt them.

They have changed the whole culture at CMPD in a short time. It definitely is a culture of fear and revenge now.

People tell him what he WANTS to hear to stay on his "good" side.
He "rewards" "loyalty" and "obedience" above all else and they command this by fear and retaliation.

And what does this do to people that may have differing opinions or new ideas, better ideas? It kills their soul, that's what. They end up hating their jobs and dreading coming to work. It has created SUCH A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT.

LC is so insecure, and that insecurity is shown by his need for total other words he surrounds himself with "yes/men/women.

He DISCOURAGES rather than ENCOURAGES innovative ideas/methods.

As people on here have said many times, he knows only one way, the OLD way of policing, and has not learned anything new, he has not evolved AT ALL in law enforcement

And, from what I have learned, he and ray/ray are really NOT AT ALL respected in the wider law enforcement community.

His lack of ethics and any kind of real character is just astounding.
I guess because he has never been held accountable for any of his very questionable actions. Starting with his non degree....
I will say what has been said before, people lost their jobs at VCU for their part in awarding him a degree they knew he was not qualified to have, and he not only got to keep his unearned degree,that he knew he hadn't earned, but got a new job, that he is NOT QUALIFIED FOR, geez, wake the hell up, people.

One has to really wonder how he came in so far under the radar in Charlotte......

Anonymous said...

I'm just asking, because I am not sure about this, but can you advertise for people to be "nominated" on "committees" and ask for their Race and Gender????? Is this even "legal"????? I mean, come on people! Can you really be THIS blatant about your reverse discrimination? Is that what "qualifications" are all about now at CMPD?? Not if you are ACTUALLY QUALIFIED, but your qualifications nowadays seem to be either your race or your gender, PERIOD.

And this on top of Curt Walton "garnishing" city employees wages over property taxes? IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?

What the heck is going on with Curt Walton and Rodney Monroe?

They are really out of control....when are city council and the citizens of Charlotte going to wake the hell up?

Anonymous said...

I can't really believe that the RAC program is more costly than the car didn't cost close to half a million dollars to have the RAC officers "re-outfitted" and the gas and continuous maintenance to these cars, plus wear and tear and cost of replacing on a continuous basis.....I would have to see real figures on the cars.....

Anonymous said...

You can believe that LC is somewhere feverishly cramming for the BLET if he hasn't already taken it.

He has shown over and over and over again that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer....and he has taken the easy way out always when it has come to passing exams....hello, his unearned college degree??????

His, and Ray's, total lack of sophistication in ANYTHING, but mainly in the way they "rule" is really amazing. For a city the size of Charlotte to be stuck with these two fish totally out of water is really quite sad. Well, it would be sad if they weren't ruining a heretofore respected and
ethical PD.

Thanks Curt Walton and City Council!!!!! We, the citizens, will remember this come election time!!

Anonymous said...

He passed the state test. Amazingly...