Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tom Watson's Weekend!

Turnberry Scotland - Tom Watson came to golf's birth place and gave the crowd what they came for, golf magic!

Just shy of his 60th birthday the 5 time Open Champion turned back the clock and suddenly it was 1977 all over again.

Posting a score of 4 under for the tournament, and 71 for the day, Watson owned the crowd, the Scottish links course and the leader board at the end of play Saturday.

Walking up the 18th fairway, after a birdie on 17 to reclaim sole possession of the lead, Watson's smile never faded. The smile that began with his introduction on the number 1 tee, could not hide his emotion and gratitude on the 18th green as the crowd rose and the thunderous roar became a crescendo, clearly the moment touched him and all in attendance and the moment was pure magic, and the moment was pure Tom Watson.

And when Sunday was over The Open Championship was not Tom Watson's.

Perhaps is was all just a dream, but man what a dream it was.


Anonymous said...

Tom Watson has been a class act his entire career, and it does my heart good to see someone of this character and age continue to compete at this level. Keep up the pressure, Mr. Watson. We are behind you all the way!

Anonymous said...

Just stunning! Yes always a class act. And Watson knows links golf. Thanks Cedar for posting the photo from 1977.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Tom Watson. Excellent Post Cedar!

Cedar Posts said...

While they talk about his age, it is his game that matters. At least thats the thinking of this 50+ year old who once dated a girl 1/2 his age.

And yes it darn near killed me.

Anonymous said...

I married one almost 1/2 my age, Cedar, and it is about to kill me!!LOL