Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rodney Monroe Time Line

It's complicated, but its almost done.

Frankly I've never had to detail such a convoluted, twisted or corrupt mess.

To make the case the time line also needs references sources, emails, documents, CMPD directives, correspondence with City Council members and 100's of files and photos.

So.... Cedar Posts needs your help.

You are welcome to add your two cents or if you're brave enough, send that email that will serve as the "smoking gun" you've been sitting on for the last six months.

Please use the address and my suggestion is don't send it from a CMPD computer.

Cedar Posts - Out!


Anonymous said...


Thanks, Cedar....and I'm working on it, too!!!

Anonymous said...

police in general are corrupt. They are no different than me or you. Yet they have ridiculous amount of authority. To think that I would go to jail for relaxing with rolled up herb before bed time....when these guys are out doing whatever they please. Too bad we cant get rid of them all, fix the system and put qualified individuals in it. The command staff and city council is a step above monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:53,

Hope you are enjoying that "herb", it sounds like it! :)

So, trying to follow your logic here,
"police in general are corrupt".."they are no different than you or me"....then people in general are corrupt?? Right?

The officers I have known throughout the years have been, for the most part, honorable, ethical folks trying to do a very difficult job. There are always, in any part of society, a few bad apples.

The problem at CMPD, the apples are in charge at the very top!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:53 u are clueless and must be smoking a lot of that herb. Police "in general" are not corrupt...but then again coming from someone who "sleeps" with herb we are not dealing with a real brainiac anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey herb roller, if you dont like how things are handled, I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand post. Or, take another of two options: A: shut your cake hole, or B: say thank you. Obviously you are too much of a coward to stand in an officer's shoes. So enjoy your herb...and the very blanket of safety that is provided by the "corrupt" 'cause I sure as sh&t don't see your complainin' @#$ out there.
My hat is off to all the folks in blue.

Anonymous said...

How's it coming, Cedar?

I, and many others, have sent you private emails offering whatever help we can give you!!!

el grande said...

Great blog and a great effort on your part, guys. I'll remain semi-anonymous as a sideline relation of an officer but as a technology guy I strongly caution all not to use a city computer to post or send anything to CP. IP addresses and traffic can be captured and traced. It happens all the time in private industry.

And, hey, Anonymous, the vast majority of officers I have met are honorable men and women in a damned tough profession. I'm glad they're out there keeping the chaos in check. Maybe you wouldn't be so paranoid if you weren't baking your brain every night. Why don't you try a ride along in one of the tougher divisions one night and get your half-lidded eyes opened to the nasty folks that are wandering around out there.

Anonymous said...

How is it coming, Cedar?

Need any more help?

Please let us know!