Wednesday, July 22, 2009

RoMo Passes!

Un offically speaking the rumor is the Chief of CMPD's men in blue passed his Basic Law Enforcement Training test!


Congrats and props for getting past this major mile stone Chief Monroe.

Of course you should detect the thick sarcasm, considering the man has been in uniform for the last 30 years it is shocking that he had to do so much studying.


Anonymous said...

I am sure there will be many, many disappointed officers when they hear this news.....

Seems if he had not passed, this would be one of the only ways Curt Walton and City Council would get rid of I find no congratulations are due.

Really, Cedar, I hope you are being sarcastic....after all the crap things he has done and continues to do at CMPD, how could anyone be "happy" for this man?

And really, after all the "help" he got, did anyone expect that he wouldn't pass it?? Still, the reality is disappointing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, major sarcasm, that's better!

And you are so correct, as usual!

Anonymous said...

I just read this on and it was a huge kick in the gut. Suddenly the only light at the end of the tunnel has gone dim. Not sure what other limb CMPD has to hang on to get rid of this POS. I guess we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that IA, the SBI, or somebody with the power to call this guy out on his unethical behavior will finally get off their hind ends and do something.

Anonymous said...

The only thing RoMo ever wanted was to be the Chief in Washington DC. He was beaten out by a white female that is ten years younger and spent her time getting two masters degrees while RoMo spent his time playing golf.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:50
Right you are!

And she is well respected, from what I have heard, where he IS NOT.

But hers is kind of a "political" appointment, so who knows what will happen with the next D.C. election.

They might elect a sleazeball that would hire LC.

And the main reason he wants to go back to D.C.? To seek revenge and retaliate against all those people that he perceived to "do him wrong". Honestly, that is why, from all I have heard.

And anyone who has worked with/for him knows that is absolutely true!!

He can go back the "conquering hero". Yea, right.

Anonymous said...

he's jacked up so many things now that other cities are going to be reluctant to hire him -- which means Clt is screwed -- and stuck with this guy until Clt has the b@lls to get rid of him. now that he's been called out on so many things, why think that he'll be given an opportunity to go somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

As many have said, if they got rid of him NOW, it wouldn't be such an insurmountable task to clean up the crap he has done.

But, it they allow him to continue this reign of terror, dysfunction, and outright corruption, it is going to take an unbelievable, herculean effort to put things right again at CMPD.

It is just tragically sad that he was hired...under false pretenses....and was allowed, in the face of that, to totally screw up the CMPD and turn friends against friends. And we have ONE person to thank for that, as everyone knows, that is Curt Walton...our lame city manager. And city council is culpable as well, as they have idly sat by and allowed it to continue, worried only about their "jobs" and content with the FALSE crime stats.

One thing has become clear though,
the pretentious ass kissers have shown their true colors and their actions will long be remembered as being part of the destruction of CMPD.

LC and ray/ray are such a joke...a tragic joke.

Anonymous said...

Why don’t you guys stop banking on the Chief flunking a test any moron could pass and band together and put an end to the power he uses and abuses on a daily basis? Crime stats are pretty much what people and city officials pay attention to. Not whether or not dumb dumb passed a test or has a degree or not. STOP answering calls, take your time getting to calls, sit in parking lots, and stop making arrest and writing tickets. Slow down and collect your check on Friday. This city will go to crap quicker than anything. You are your worse enemy. Romo will continue to laugh at you guys and continue to do whatever he wants until you come together. Yeah I know the next comments will be that I don’t understand and that Romo is the anti-Christ blah blah blah. Get in your car, drive to a parking lot, and only answer the radio when they call you. Have a contest every night after roll call seeing who can drive the least amount of miles in a shift. Never ever have I or heard or seen anyone get fired for not working. I have seen about three million get fired for working, trying to work, going to a call to fast. Heck I have never heard of anyone getting fired for going to a call to slow. Power in numbers not rank and positions. Pass the word….slow your pace. Let the city do what it does best (go to crap). Let the city officials get their call stolen or jacked at the ATM. The problem is you guys are doing a great job out on the streets. I’m sure Romo appreciates it too. It makes his job easier as well.

Go to ODMP.ORG these guys were probably bitching about the same thing you guys bitch about. The problem is these guys were working and in the end it took their life. It’s a shame that their cities didn’t give a crap about them either. Hard to get shot or in trouble sitting in a parking lot. You guys besafe! And as a tax payer and one who pays my three pennies towards your salary you have my permission to STOP WORKING.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06 PM

Amen to that brother. Paychecks are the same whether you bust your butt or not. I prefer the "not" route. 12 years on and never been to IA and my pay checks has yet to change. Just go out and be seen and do no more. Trust me, the public will thank you for not writing them tickets.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:24
I don't think Anon 1:06 meant what he said to be a "career path", as you have chosen, but as a way to protest what is happening at CMPD.

I would say you are probably just a slacker.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with Anonymous 106. I spent more than a decade working my ass off for CMPD and thought my work there really meant something.
I thought that my job as a police officer was different than jobs in corporate america because of the bond that police officers had with each other(you know the thin blue line stuff). I was shown by Chief Monroe and his "helpers" that CMPD is no different than any other place. That no matter how many good things you have done; make a mistake, and you are expendable. Unless you are one of the special people, which clearly i was not. None of your accomplishments during your career mean anything to this administration. They have made it clear, make "any" mistakes and you are subject to termination.
I did think it was interesting that today several unions and police organizations went public with their overwhelming support for the sgt in massachusetts. They even wanted the president and other public leaders to apologize to the sgt for their uninformed comments. God forbid CMPD support its officers when something happens. Instead they support the citizens and others in the community.
Unfortunately I learned Anoymous 106's lesson to late, but would suggest the officers at CMPD follow this advice and hopefully keep your jobs until the current administration changes.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:55
I fear you are right, unless you are one of the chosen few, doing the right thing and working hard and doing a good job mean absolutely NOTHING to LC and ray/ray.

It is shocking, but true, that they base their criteria for promotion on some kind of warped loyalty to them and on race.
And if you kiss their ass, tell them what they want to hear (not what is best for CMPD or even true) AND you are african american, then you have no worries, you can screw up as much as you want, do an ABYSMAL job, and you won't be touched.
I mean, when they actually ask on interoffice forms for getting a promotion or being considered for a select "committee" your race and gender, that says it all right there. They don't care if you are qualified or not, doesn't matter...the ONLY thing that matters at CMPD right now is race and obedience to the "chief".
And I hear from lots of officers how frustrating it is, and what it is doing to the police department.

Someone said on here, and said it very well, that if unqualified, inept people keep getting promoted up the chain of command based entirely on race, what kind of a PD will we have in the near future?

Recruit and hire and PROMOTE minorities that are qualified and experienced and QUALIFIED. Do not lower the standards for any of these things but actively go after people that rise to the standards that have been set.

The standards were lowered to hire rodney monroe, and see where that has gotten the CMPD.

He has divided the CMPD, and I hear this from all my friends at CMPD, decisively along racial lines with his in your face, don't give a rats ass "system" of promoting minorities over more qualified, more experienced white officers with more senority. There you have it, that's the truth. I believe he has set back race relations years at CMPD.

Couple this with their duplicitous
way of operating, their bullying and screaming, their emphasis on NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS and not on personnel or the actual people that live in Charlotte, and you have the distinct makings of a crap PD. It's here and it's getting worse day by day.

Anonymous said...

I have heard this from quite a few people at CMPD, so I am thinking there must be some truth to it:
There is a very real proposal on the table to "reconfigure" the offices of command staff to suit rodney monroe.....for no other reason than to suit romo and make it more "convenient" for him.
I am told by people that work at CMPD that this "proposed" "project" will cost upwards of ONE MILLION DOLLARS, folks, yep, and if that is the "estimate", you can count on it being even more than that!
So how is this for responsible spending in this economy? When our state is financially strapped to say the least? When school districts are in dire need of more money? When state and city services are being cut to the bone?
And WHERE, may I ask, is this money going to come from?
As a citizen, I deserve to know, right?
Will it be appropriated from some "grant" that is designated for something else? Will it be gotten from some "stimulus" money that would be better spent on hiring new officers, that romo says we so desperately need?

Honestly, when I heard this from people yesterday, I was in shock!
And I heard it from people independent of one another....

And while we are on the are those new uniforms coming along? And how much will they cost??? Will we be seeing them on romo soon?

Anonymous said...

Romo and ray/ray are in essence abusing the PUBLIC TRUST by their "creative reporting of crime stats"....and Curt Walton and city council are abetting them in this by their silence and by not being ethical enough to question what is really going on....they are just as culpable as romo and ray/ray.

What has happened to the ideals that the CMPD once stood for??? What has happened to those people at CMPD who once held these ideals and to whom these ideals once meant something? Are they not capable of standing up to these two who are taking apart the CMPD as we speak? These two are clearly in love with power.

From everything I am told, they just don't grasp the idea that you can police with integrity and ethics...that, indeed, that is the only way to police and maintain respect for themselves and the community.

The comments that are constantly emanating from the officers at CMPD are about the negativity and the lack of respect that is permeating the CMPD.

And clearly, these attitudes that are being cultivated from the very top, by romo and ray/ray will and have made their way down through the ranks and into the community. When ideals, ethics and integrity take a back seat to NUMBERS, a police department is in real trouble.

And this will affect everyone in the community on some level, and none of it in a positive way.

When the bullies and thugs are in charge, it is time for the good guys to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

Just saw where the CMPD is getting 8 million in "stimulus" money to spend on 50 new police officers...


It seems that any kind of "grant" or "stimulus" money and LC have an uneasy relationship and that this kind of "funny money" has a way of not being spent on what it was intended for.

Will the CMPD and LC be able to pay for raises and step increases for the currently employed police officers???? Will they be able to bring their salaries in line with other PD's of the same size???
(Sorry, this wouldn't have anything to do with bringing the bogus crime stats down, and if it doesn't have anything to do with NUMBERS, then it IS NOT a priority for LC and ray/ray.)

Someone needs to monitor this closely, very closely.

And it seems the city will pick up the tab in three years when stimulus money runs out.

Also, they said LC is going to ask city council for 75 more officers next week......I'm not a math whiz, but that would seem like about 12 million dollars the city would have to come up with for salaries and training for 75 additional police officers for a period of three years. Really?
Can the city/county pay for that? Will City Council really be that stupid???? (Okay, I know, it is entirely possible!) :)

I thought LC said that this stimulus money would pay for ALL the additional officers he wanted to hire and that the city would not have to pay for any of them??? Isn't that what was said before??

And how about what someone said about the over one million dollars that Little Chief is planning on spending for reconfiguring command staff offices? Where is that going to come from?

Man, these two, LC and RayRay are totally out of control.....who is going to finally rein them in?

Crazy, just plain crazy.......

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yep, I heard the same thing about reconfiguring command staff offices....

Is that not just totally irresponsible? I mean, really irresponsible in the current state of our economy?

But I heard it is going to cost upwards of TWO million dollars....

Hello, City Council, Curt Walton, is anybody home?

Is there ANY FREAKING oversight on how CMPD money is spent?


Can ANYONE give me an answer for that???

Anonymous said...

Can you say stimulus package?

Anonymous said...

Well, I can't think where else he would get the money if not from the stimulus package.......he's so far over his freaking budget it's amazing.

I mean, how are the officers supposed to feel that did not get raises and did not get step increases?

Not to mention all the cuts everyone else has had to make.

Yet he has the audacity to actually spend this kind of money on something as frivolous as reconfiguring offices so he doesn't have to be "inconvenienced"?????

He is really some piece of work, isn't he?

Some of that money would be better spent on public speaking lessons and English lessons!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else having trouble posting on here?

Third try on this seems rodney and ray/ray are up to their usual tricks.

It seems, from what I am told, that ray/ray had a MAJOR meltdown the other day, a tantrum that would do a two year old proud. Because he didn't get his way.

People that were there, and there were MANY, were horrified to hear the screaming and yelling through the walls. Others said that this is an every day occurrence.

When are people going to regain some semblance of self respect and NOT ALLOW these two to speak to them in this manner. When are they going to say, simply, "You cannot speak to me like that."

What is wrong with all these butt smoochers? They are selling themselves short and are loosing all of their integrity and self respect and HONESTY. They are drinking the kookade by the gallon.

When it is all said and done, and these two hooligans with NO MANNERS, NO SENSE OF HOW TO TREAT PEOPLE move on, what will these people have left but their legacy of GOING ALONG WITH ALL THESE TWO DO simply to further their own careers. BUT PEOPLE WILL NOT FORGET that they did not stand up to these two, and allowed, heck, encouraged them to totally do away with their own, and the dept.'s integrity and credibility.

It is embarrassing to have these two clowns in charge. They cannot control their own angry outbursts, much less a PD.

What the hell kind of example are they setting?

NUMBERS, NUMBERS, NUMBERS and the rules be damned.

Scream and yell if you don't get the manipulated results you want.
Scream and yell if you don't get your way.

Belittle and bully, scream and yell, do they really believe that these tactics hide their ineptness?

Anonymous said...

I understand that LC's little chatty newsletter was full of warm fuzzies!

Number one, who really believes that LC wrote/writes these himself? Come on, you've heard him talk, he has a very limited vocabulary.

He talks about RESPECT? He does not know the meaning of the word.

His PR team does a great job on these little pearls of wisdom.

They are not fooling ANYONE, it's still the same of crap at CMPD.

He has an OPEN DOOR policy? You have got to be kidding me....I would hate to be the guinea pig that actually tries this. People have seen how this goes in the past. Talk to Little Chief about ANYTHING that he doesn't agree with and you are HISTORY.

People tell me over and over again that inside the department it is THE WORSE morale they have ever seen.

Recent personnel movement has proven once again to be based on gender and race....not on merit, tenure, capabilities, etc.

It does not go unnoticed by anyone.

Honestly, it just keeps getting more and more ridiculous.

I just can't wait to see how and where the "stimulus" money is REALLY going to be spent.

And does ANYONE really think that LITTLE CHIEF has ANY intention of ever getting a legitimate college degree??? Hell no, from everything I have heard about him, HE DOES NOT CARE THAT HIS DEGREE IS NOT LEGITIMATE, HE DOES NOT CARE THAT PEOPLE LOST THEIR JOBS BECAUSE OF PRESSURE PUT ON THEM TO GIVE HIM HIS BOGUS DEGREE. If he truly was an honorable man of integrity, he would have given the degree back and would actively be working on getting a real degree by taking all the classes needed for that degree like everyone else.

Is he aware, from what I have heard, that REAL Police Chiefs laugh at him??

And Tara Servatius (sp?) should be absolutely ashamed of herself.

What is wrong with these newspeople and their softball interviews?????

Where are all the hard hitting reporters?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else heard of Chief Monroe's late night trips to a local hotel? A couple UNCC officers ran into him on more a couple weeks back around 6 AM. Not sure what he was doing there. The officers were kind of shocked, as I am sure he was to. Seems a little sketchy. But hey, whats new with that? Hopefully people are still reading this blog....