Monday, October 26, 2009

CMPD Officer Improves RoMo Doesn't

According to the Charlotte Observer the Carolina's Medical Center has reported that CMPD officer Joseph Willinsky, who was critically injured in a crash on October 14, 2009, has been upgraded to fair condition.

A report released Oct. 16 from the police department says Willinsky had his lights and siren activated as he headed for the apartments from the intersection of Park and Woodlawn roads. Willinsky traveled at speeds up to 93 mph, the report states.

Willinsky’s vehicle came in contact with an elevated roadway at the intersection of Fairview and Sharon roads, his vehicle bottomed out and the officer lost control. He crashed into an embankment at 62 mph, according to the report. But most I've talked to concede that the real speed was higher.

CP is glad to hear the Officer Willinsky is on a steady road to recovery. Reports I've heard say the swelling around his brain and eased and he's out of danger for the time being. The long term effects of his injury will not be known for sometime.

As for Chief Monroe, he's flapping his gums more than ever and continues his shoot from the hip, with his I know everything comments:

"We know that he was responding to ... a stolen automobile in progress or a theft from a vehicle," said Police Chief Rodney Monroe.

Willinsky was not wearing a seat belt, according to police. While CMPD officers we talked with say they are not required to wear seat belts, department spokesperson Rob Tufano said, "Police officers are not exempt from state statute requiring people to wear seat belts when driving."

"It was a very, very violent impact, so much so, that even if he possibly were in a seatbelt, that impact pretty much would've ripped that seatbelt out," said Monroe.

Utter Bullshit!

"During the time I was taking some of my classes, I was in class with him and I also know his father and spoke to his mother during graduation," said Monroe.

More Bullshit UGH!

But that is were the Observer's coverage stops.

What is missing is that everyone knows that the intersection of Sharon and Fairview has a crazy hump in it and even at the speed limit you really get tossed in the air.

Also missing is that the officer was not driving a Ford LTD which would have handled the road better and absorbed the impact more efficiently. The considerable smaller Chevy Impala is not the kind of car you want to hit anything in.

Finally is the seat belt issue. Not wearing your seat belt, is at least on the surface dumb. But cops do it all the time, and understandably so. But for Rob Tufano to say that officers are required to and RoMo to say it wouldn't have made a difference shows just how out of sync the CMPD is, a true to life case of left hand and right hand not having a clue.

Personally I don't wear my seat belt unless I'm on the open road or interstate, so call me stupid but then I don't drive 93 miles an hour.

WBTV shows the accident scene and the dash cam video

Prior Observer Coverage:

Police officer reached speeds of 93 mph before wreck

The April Five Organization is collecting donations to assist Officer Joseph Willinsky with medical/long-term care expenses. If you would like to send a donation, please write his name in the memo line of your check and mail to: April Five Organization, 10612-D Providence Road, PMB 745, Charlotte, NC 28277. For more information, call 704-236-6648. Your entire donation will go to Officer Willinsky.


Anonymous said...

Ya Think Cedar? Just what we have been telling you for the last 3 months!

Anonymous said...

More like for the last year.

It continues to shock me that more of the things he has done are not plastered across the pages of a newspaper, ANY newspaper.

I was really hoping the rumor about the Blog dedicated to rodney and ray was going to happen. It hasn't yet, but I am still hoping it will.

From what I have heard...when rodney and ray/ray leave, there will be many, many people that
will be retreating to their spider holes as they have so taken advantage of the utter ignorance and lack of judgment of these two to advance themselves and their own agendas. And everyone, and I mean everyone, knows who these individuals are and have absolutely no respect for them and their total lack of ethics. But everyone knows they would follow rodney and ray/ray off a cliff, if they thought it would advance their own careers. And they have stood by and watched rodney and ray/ray lead the CMPD straight off that cliff.
The next Chief of the CMPD is going to have a HUGE job of putting the honesty and ethics back into the department and taking the bias and prejudice out.
And, from what I hear, the ones that have gone along to get along will be relegated to the bottom rungs of the ladder, where they so belong. Leaders they are not.Leaders would actually stand up for what they believed in. They are so concerned about their own "careers" that they can see little else, much less have the fortitude to actually lead.
It really is shocking to hear all that goes on at CMPD on a daily basis.
I wonder who will take ray/ray's place when he gets tired of commuting? In the "special" position that rodney created because he is incapable of running the department all by his lonesome?
Will he bring someone from Richmond, again, or maybe DC this time? Or will it be one of his "cronies" at CMPD? This will be really interesting to watch!

Anonymous said...

why the hell would a cop/citizen not a wear a seatbelt. This is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard of. But it is very much true. Its shows severe lack of intelligence in my mind. You can unbuckle in a matter of a second or two at the most if you need to react quickly as cops do sometimes. The risk/reward is obvious....dont take the risk you idiots. The chief is an idiot as always.

Anonymous said...

I hope that I can clarify a few things...Every CMPD patrol vehicle has for lack of better words, a 'black box.' When HITS reviewed the information downloaded to this 'box', it confirmed that Officer Willinsky was in fact abiding by the majority of CMPD directives with regards to emergency response, albeit, way excessive speeds. The 'black box' gives HITS, IA, and anyone else who needs to know, step by step information of how that vehicle was operated. It showed that Joe did have his lights on, he did have his siren on, and he DID have his seatbelt on. What it also showed is that Joe did what all of us do as we approach a potential crime scene and in an attempt to avoid alerting the suspects and chasing them off, we deactivate our emergency equipment and take off our seatbelts as we round the corner in preparation for the possible need for a hasty exit from the vehicle. Joe did just that, he wore his seatbelt for the majority of his response, but had just moments prior to the wreck, taken it off. I think Joe was a victim of a little too much multitasking...he was trying to do too much to get ready for his arrival at a priority 1 call with potential suspect on scene while driving at the same time. No officer can Monday morning quarterback his speeds because just about every new, green officer gets pumped up when those emergency calls go out and they are psyched up about getting their man right in the midst of their crime. I don't think Joe was any different, he was trying to get his man, let tunnel vision take over, and was just not thinking that this was a property crime and a very common one. CMPD just needs to start really thinking about what exactly its responding to and if the need outweighs the risk with the speed of the response...and I guess that's why IA has such a bead on this.

As for Romo, Ray/Ray and his cronies, if any of you think that things will be better when they leave, I highly doubt it. I've been hearing that Ray/Ray might not renew his contract when it's up and Romo is probably eyeing the potential open chief's spot up in DC. But where does that leave us? Romo has loaded his upper echelon with his cronies which are fairly young in they will most likely stay in their command staff positions for a very long time after he leaves because of the amount of time they have left in their careers. Maybe they'll follow him back up north since they have it so good under his coattails...again, I doubt it. They'll still continue to live like fat rats around here unless CMPD gets a new chief with some semblance of leadership skills. But maybe some that Romo is grooming for greatness (Viki Foster), will move into Ray/Ray's spot and make it a permanant sworn position...who can possibly fathom how the upper echelon will contine to falter?

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Many thanks to the folks posting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:21
Excellent post and excellent insight!!!!

From what I hear, it very well could be Vicki Foster if they make it a sworn position...and wouldn't that just be a horrible, horrible decision! And there is another name I have heard bandied about that would be even me!And you are right about romo padding the upper echelons with his cronies, that's why it will take one person who is above reproach to take the job, the one person who has been at CMPD and seen everything that has gone on.
And from what I am told, there is only one person there that I think we all know who that would be.
But I agree,they will probably step on it big time before it's all said and done.

Anonymous said...

I hope IA is able to do their job unhampered by romo and ray/ray, especially in regards to response time and to how certain crimes should be responded to.

I am sure I heard that romo changed the type of response to this particular crime, making it what it is....because they are all about the numbers.

I think the only DC that would have ANY credibility at all to take over as chief would be Kerr Putney. From what I am told, the other DC's have been koolade drinkers from day one. Now they are MAKING the koolade and distributing it. From what people have told me, it is just absolutely amazing and horrifying to see how these DC's are all about SELF preservation above everything else. No matter how crazy and outlandish romo and ray's ideas are, they will just "yes man" him all day. They absolutely do not care what it does to the CMPD.
If these jackasses would just once in their lives take a stand and show some backbone and integrity, this chief and his cohorts would be out the door.
But,if they haven't managed to do it thus far, I don't see them suddenly having an epiphany and growing a pair....they are so entrenched in the bullshit.
I just hope, at some point, that the truth about what is going on sees the light of day.
It COULD happen, look at what is going on with Easley.
No one is above the law, no one.
And if people would just see that they do have the power, and take A STAND together, things could change pretty quickly.
But paranoia, butt smooching and happily riding the romo train is preventing this.
Not only the butt smoochers, but the ones that KNOW they don't have the credentials or experience to have gotten where they are if it wasn't for romo's personal agenda to promote for the sake of diversity...they sure as hell aren't going to rock the boat. And there are a LOT of those folks.
But they must remember, romo WILL be gone one day...and they will be left flapping in the wind with their reputations in tatters, and undeserving of any respect.

Anonymous said...

Morale could not be any lower.

Divisions in the CMPD could not be any deeper.

People couldn't have any less respect for romo and ray/ray.

It is definitely a hostile work place.

It is definitely not a happy place to work.

There is NO respect for Command Staff, NONE.

Anonymous said...

You are right, people have LONG memories, especially for the type of outright betrayal of the CMPD that has taken place.

And I think Karma can be a bitch!

The people that you step on while on the way up, will always be there.

And it won't do any good to cry "innocence" when romo and ray/ray have bid adieu, there is no way everyone doesn't know what is going on. But I can hear them now, "I had no idea what was going on", "It's a total surprise to me",
"Wow, how did he keep all that under such tight wraps?".......

Anonymous said...

Putney is the same as the others in command staff

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:21
From what I have heard, and having met him a few times, you are dead wrong about Putney.

I think it's difficult for one person to turn the tide.

But if anyone could do it, he's the ONLY one that could. I believe he is the only one that romo and ray/ray can not intimidate.

Anonymous said...

The latest news is going to blow the top off......

Just wait for it, you really won't believe it and WILL NOT believe the absolute total disregard for any kind of ethics or decorum or of doing the right thing when you hear this.

This one is going to piss off A LOT of people, A LOT, and rightly so...this will be the ultimate slap in the face....WOW.

Anonymous said...

While Romo is playing golf yet AGAIN, and enjoying his primo seats at the Panthers games, and his Skybox seats at basketball games, get the message, don't you? If there is something to be gotten for free, and if there is something to be taken advantage of, "freebie" wise, you can bet our guy is Johnny on the Spot!

See, if he gets to be a "guest" at all of these events, he never ever has to purchase a ticket,so there is no "paper trail" of what he is doing....yet he gets all the pleasure as if he was a ticket owner himself! Pretty sly, huh?

That's why you will never see a paper trail for any of the sneaky, underhanded things that he does. He ALWAYS goes through an underling or a "middleman" ray/ray so he can have that cushion between his dirty dealings and himself, pretty smart, huh?

This is all I am told about him, how he "protects" himself and stays above the fray.

Now that's a man of integrity, honesty and ethics, the kind of man you want leading the CMPD. The kind of example he is setting for the whole police department is stunning!

And his prejudice and bias towards white officers is completely off the freaking charts. If someone doesn't take him to task for this, they are crazy. Honestly, from everything I am told, white officers are really getting royally screwed left and right.
And he is so totally blatant about it. It doesn't matter if the African American officers are qualified or merit the job, they are getting the primo jobs based solely on their ethnicity. This is no joke......and EVERY LAST PERSON AT CMPD knows this is true.
It has caused and is causing huge racial divides in the department.

He really is a sad little man, using his "power" to build his own little powerhouse at CMPD. And to hell with the CMPD and what it once stood it is a joke, and I will leave it to you to decipher what it now stands for.

Anonymous said...

There will be a lawsuit coming in the future. Rodney finally crossed the line.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:54


I really hope this is true and not a rumor!!!

It's about damn time!!!!

Anonymous said...

From what people tell me, romo is about as childish, immature and petty as you come.

He must have horribly, horribly low self esteem...but then, most BULLIES do, don't they? He seems to have the emotional development of a 15 year old, if that. Evidenced by his obsession with what he perceives as ANY slight and his inability to let things go.
He holds a grudge like nothing people have EVER seen. Once again, childish and immature.
And I'm told he is constantly having to let people know "he's in charge". If you have the respect of your troops, you don't always have to throw your weight around as he does.

The more African Americans he promotes into jobs they have not earned, the more people he will have that "owe" him and will keep their mouths shut out of totally displaced "loyalty" to him.

It seems self respect, integrity and honesty are totally lost in the rush to get promoted or moved into a job you know you really shouldn't have, but must get before Rodney moves on to screw up another PD, because you know you sure as hell won't get it under a Chief that promotes on qualifications, not race.

It's a sad state of affairs at CMPD these days.

Anonymous said...

The big difference in the way romo and ray/ray conduct "business" now as compared to when they first came into power is: It's MUCH more on the down low now. They are doing the same kinds of things, but learned the hard way that they couldn't go around beating their chests and bragging about things, and EXPECTING to be treated above the law.

From all I hear, they are still spending dept. money recklessly and on their own pet "projects", still expecting and getting preferential treatment: using their positions, still intimidating and bullying people, in other words, enjoying their little "kingdom" at CMPD with no regard to the future of CMPD, because they WON'T BE HERE.

They have created so many enemies that when their house of cards comes crashing down, and IT WILL, the grandstands will be packed with people cheering.

The "content of their character" is in the minus category.

Anonymous said...

I have also heard of a lawsuit in the making....but it wont be in the near future. But it is coming. But I am not sure if it will lead to a termination of Rodney? I am sure he will think of some way to weasel his way out of it. But regardless there will be a lawsuit. You CAN NOT promote based on race, that is against the law........

Anonymous said...

But they believe they are "above the law" at CMPD and can conduct business any way they please.

SO FAR, they seem to have gotten away with this philosophy. But I believe that is coming to a screeching halt!!

All you have to do is prepare a spread sheet on promotions and moves, that includes lateral moves without increase in rank, but to a much more desirable position. Positions that others are eminently more qualified for. And this information is public, you just have to ask for it.

Do this and a CLEAR PATTERN emerges, you cannot hide it. And it will clearly show, from what I am told, it will clearly show who is being promoted/moved, and who isn't.

It's going to just make romo crazy when the Sergeant's list comes out and there are not African Americans in the top ten. (But wait, romo has a personal relationship with the company that is conducting the "interviews",doesn't he?, so I may be wrong.)

But, you are so right, you cannot promote/move to a more desirable position based on race. But that seems to be exactly what has been going on at CMPD from day one, with the changing of SOP/Directives so Pearsall could be promoted to Major.....and it's just gone on from there.

Anonymous said...

It's coming, and it will astound you as to the audacity of it, and the total disregard for the "right" thing to do. And will show you either how stupid they are, or how insulated they are....or both.

Anonymous said...

There was a survey that was sent to all employees at CMPD today that is so transparently an end run by Romo and Ray/Ray to try to get around the
lawsuits that are inevitably going to be brought by white officers because of the biased and blatant promotions/moves that are going on at CMPD.

The survey is a big TRAP........if you answer honestly, though it doesn't specifically ask for your name, but DOES ask for your RANK, your ASSIGNMENT, your GENDER, your RACE and your YEARS OF SERVICE, you will be RETALIATED AGAINST BIG TIME. (I mean, how long would it take someone to figure out who you were????)

So, they are sending this out worded in such a way to GET THE RESULTS THEY WANT, in case of lawsuits that are coming.

They can say, "Our "white" Officers don't think we are biased towards them".....

But you just have to look at the employee records of who has been moved where and who has been promoted to know what is going on.

This is just another one of their slimey, low down ways of operating.

And, you have to answer it ONLINE, so they can easily trace who is filling it out.

The depths to which they stoop know no bottoms.......they are truly bottom feeders of the worst kind.

Here is one of the "Questions":
Section 3: Hiring, Promotion and Reward Practices:
9. Employees are hired based on their skills and abilities, regardless of their gender, age, ethnicity or other differences.
O Strongly Agree
O Agree
O Neutral
O Disagree
O Strongly Disagree

If anyone answers this or other questions HONESTLY on this "survey", they might as well paint a TARGET on their backs.

Here's another on:
10. All employees are encouraged to apply for job opportunities that fit their experience, skills and career goals.
O Strongly Agree
O Agree
O Neutral
O Disagree
O Strongly Disagree
Now this is just FUNNY....there are MANY jobs that romo has seen fit to just GIVE to people, not even opening it up to people as he should do.
Plus, he lets it be known WHO HE WANTS IN A JOB...and if he doesn't get that person, HEADS WILL ROLL.

And people that are "recommended" for jobs are HAND PICKED by romo, he let's it be known who he wants on "the list".

The deck is ALWAYS STACKED FOR romo, the "house" always wins!!!!

This "survey" is such a JOKE. What a huge bunch of BULLSHIT this thing is.

He and ray/ray are something else, but this is the biggest piece of garbage COVER YOUR ASS, propaganda I have ever heard about.

I hear people are really PISSED OFF about this.

And I think it probably violates laws, if not morals and ethics.


Anonymous said...

From what I have heard, it is a thinly disguised "loyalty" oath.