Monday, October 26, 2009

Panthers Season is Over

If you don't believe me, I'll let a real sportswriter tell you the sad truth.

Tom Sorenson's piece in Monday's Charlotte Observer entitled Slow, Painful and Void of Hope pretty much sums it up.

My Sunday "Game Day Should Be Fun Day" experience started in grand style. But the forecast for sunny and 60's was not to be in fact the single cloud over the Bank of America Stadium never moved, though blue skies were over Gastonia and Rock Hill most of the afternoon.

We have great seats on the 50 yard line ten rows up on the visiting team side. In years past being on the north side has been interesting as a sprinkling of visiting team fans show up from time to time.

But the days of a house full of loyal thunderous Panther fans in a noise filled Bank of America Stadium are over. The stadium was a little better the 60 percent full but it turned out nearly all the fans around me were transplants from Buffalo.

Six minutes into the 1st quarter and it was clear the game was going to be pretty painful. Honestly the Bills aren't a better team, they are almost as bad as the Panthers. In fact most of the time I felt like I was watching a single A high school game on a Friday night. It's a good thing they don't put the number of errors up on the score board like they do in baseball.

3 hours after the game my ears are still ringing with an annoying "Lets Goooo Buff AAAAAAA Low"..... I hate New Yorkers even if they are the ones from the other end of the state.

But I've got to admit the Buffalo fans were better entertainment than the Panthers.

The highlight of the evening were the two guys one covered in red paint the other covered in blue who made a dozen or so trips up and down the stairs next to our end of the row seats.

At one point the shirtless blue man walks by arms up stretched yelling wooooooo and the Buffalo fan behind me yells out, "Hey are you a Duke Fan or something?". Blue Man's retort, "No Asshole I'm for Buffalo". Which pretty much sums up the level of smarts these yankees have.

Hey I don't blame them for living here in Charlotte, it snows a lot in Buffalo. A place where they measure snow fall in feet and not inches.

But, if you move to Charlotte how about supporting the team just a little. By the way chanting "We LOVE Jake" is not what I have in mind.


Anonymous said...

I am with ya Cedar the Buffalow fans are pretty low class.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I'm from Buffalo and I cheer for both teams---However, the Panthers haven't given me anything to cheer for all season!

Cedar Posts and Life Floating By said...

Really I can't complain the fans from Bufflo around us were really nice. The GF of the guy with the Buffalo on his head keep smacking him when he got out of hand.

Your right nothing to cheer about.

I don't know what to think of the Panthers. Fox is a great guy and Jake is too. I don't need a superbowl franchise but lets at least be a contender!