Sunday, November 15, 2009

Charlotte Crime Numbers Plunge Again

RoMo's team reported October crime numbers on November 10th with none of the fan fair of 12 months ago. Perhaps RoMo senses that the public is on to his sham, as nationally crime is down considerably without any quantifiable explanation.

Washington and Baltimore, and even Detroit, are among a number of major cities that have recently and unexpectedly experienced drops in crime. Although this finding, if proven to be accurate, flies in the face of conventional wisdom about the link between a recessionary economy and an increase in crime.

According to an article in the Washington Post, violent crime has plummeted in the Washington, DC, area and other major cities such as New York, Minneapolis, and Baltimore. In fact Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis are all seeing notable reductions in homicides.

So is Charlotte's drop in crime due to, RoMo's Fear and Intimidation Management Style, Comsat, Dumb Luck, Cooking the Books, or Just a Part of a National trend?

If RoMo takes all the credit for the decline without mentioning the national trend to our fellow citizens is that being shady?

You decide and tell us what you think!

CMPD's Crime Statistics Summary for October 2009 (Released November 10, 2009):

Through the end of October, the preliminary total for Index Offenses:

19.7% lower than the same ten months last year.

Property crime decreased by -19.6% while violent crime was down -20.7%.

43 homicides were reported compared to 67 in the same period in 2008, resulting in a decrease of -35.8%.

All but one of the violent Index crime categories experienced decreases over the same period last year:

Total robberies decreased -22.5%.

The number of rape offenses increased +15.7%.

Aggravated assaults declined -21.5%.

Burglary overall was down -20.0%, with declines of -16.1% in residential and -31.8% in commercial cases.

Reports of vehicle thefts decreased by -37.9%.

Total larceny cases declined by -16.1% with the larcenies from auto down by -23.5%.

Total arson cases were down -22.0%.

View Overall Index Report for October 2009.
Overall and Division Summary Report for October 2009
2008 Year-End Report -- Overall and Division Summary


Anonymous said...

Same old story with the crime stats,if you ONLY KNEW what goes on at CMPD to manipulate these numbers.

From what I am told, the things that are said to "encourage" the appearance of crime stats declining are somewhat of a crime themselves.

And it is done over, and over, and over again. And only occasionally does anyone "challenge" the corrupt methods that are "suggested", (i.e., which means you had better do what romo and ray/ray say, or your ass will be in a sling).

What will all of these people say when it finally becomes public knowledge?? There is NO WAY they can say they did not know what was going on, no freaking way.

It's rather like watching a train wreck, from what I hear, it's morbidly fascinating to see two people so completely intimidate and cower Command Staff by their bullying, retaliatory tactics.

Or should I saw cower and also allow peoples true nature to shine through....and THAT'S not looking so good, as it seems the nature of people on CS is just to continue sucking up and kissing butt....and covering up the ineptness and corruption.

Anonymous said...

These numbers mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

"THE WHITE SHIRTS ARE COMING, THE WHITE SHIRTS ARE COMING", yep, I've been told the shirts are in!

Another of Rodney's stunning ideas has come to fruition.

It seems no one wants to wear these's just another separation between Command Staff and "regular" Officers. Another ego thing from Rodney that he brought with him from Richmond, yes,folks,Charlotte is becoming another Richmond!! Officers hated Romo in Richmond and had no respect for him....he has repeated his same modus operandi here.

So don your white shirts, fellows, and get ready to become a shining target AND to take orders, you may be mistaken for a bartender!

And I wonder how much this little personal whim has cost the CMPD???