Monday, November 16, 2009

CMPD Command Staff Makeover the Guys in Charge get White Shirts!

Cedar Posts Reported back in March that Chief Monroe wanted to improve the image of his command staff, (Chief Monroe's Extreme Makeover) to set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

But by the time the new command staff uniforms were ready to ship, the CMPD budget was heavy into red ink, so in a smart move someone suggested they should hold off on taking delivery of the new spiffy duds until things quieted down.

Well thanks to a CP poster we now hear that today is the day for the WHITE SHIRTS!

We are embarrassed to introduce the CMPD's new Command Staff "Captain Stubbing" look:

In fairness to Chief Monroe he does look good in the white shirt, but do we really need to widen the chasm between command staff and the officers on the street? Do we really need to spend all this money?


Anonymous said...

There you go, seems like CMPD is becoming a clone of Richmond PD!

I mean, really, was this necessary at all? Or just another ego trip for Romo??

I am sure he will end up looking like Sergeant Pepper with gold crap hanging off everywhere.

Really a smart, efficient way of spending CMPD money when you are already over budget and Officers didn't get raises, way to go Romo and Ray/Ray, once again!

And plus, like you said, Cedar, an unnecessary "division" between CS and everyone else.

And remember, Romo is the one who said he is "all about" Patrol and Officers.........right, sure he is.
That's why he fought so hard and asked for raises for his "Officers",.....NOT.

Anonymous said...

RoMo reminds me of those cockatiels you see on the funny video shows.

Once a creature with a great intellect and majestic in its plumage, now an insane bird that has pulled all its feathers out and squaking nonsense incessantly.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah, romo got the "gold package" for his white shirt!

Why doesn't he just get a crown and be done with it? :) We all know that's what he really wants.

I mean, he already has the "Kingly" leadership skills....

Like, "If you don't agree with everything I say, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD"!

Like, "I am the King, I can do anything I please....really, I can.

Like, "Why yes, I will spend the "revenues" as I please, and let the peons eat cake".

Like, "I am King, that's why I get free shit and get to go on cool Boondoggles" and get to watch sporting events for free in Kingly comfort"!

Well, you get the picture, right?

Anonymous said...

RoMo has really crossed the line with this insane expense.

But he's still doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:32
I really hope that is sarcasm?

The second part?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and he has PLENTY of "Court Jesters"......always at his beck and call!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is amusing is that CMPD command staff wore white shirts up until about the middle of 1999. The "acting chief" between Nowicki and Stephens changed the white shirts to blue shirts. Now they are back to white. They do the same thing with the hand guns they carry... like fashionistas, they have to have the latest in uniform shirts and hardware to look cool. I see tax dollars with wings, flying out the window. CMPD obviously has too much discretionary cash.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:17
When you say CMPD has too much discretionary cash, you should really amend that to RODNEY MONROE has virtually NO OVERSIGHT as to how he spends CMPD money.

That would be budgeted expenditures, seizure money, "grants", etc. ANY MONEY THAT COMES IN TO CMPD, RODNEY MONROE HAS TOTAL CONTROL OVER HOW IT "GOES OUT". He has to discuss it with no one, get the approval of NO ONE. And as we have seen, he has spent CMPD monies in a totally irresponsible and self serving way, with no regard to the word "budget". He just keeps asking for more, and he just keeps getting more. And I believe, as I am told, that he gets such carte blanche based on his totally bogus and manipulated lowering of crime stats.

He has TOTAL control over ANY money spent at CMPD....

Anonymous said...

"They do the same thing with the hand guns they carry... like fashionistas, they have to have the latest in uniform shirts and hardware to look cool. "

Handguns arent switched out in CMPD due to fashion statements or the desire to look cool. They are switched out when the need is present.

Anonymous said...

Will Command Staff wear these to the "Gala"?