Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lisa Nowak Pleads Guilty But Collen Shipman Gets A Life Sentence

This afternoon former NASA astro-nut Lisa Nowak escaped jail time and received only 50 hours of community service plus one year probation for her major flip out 3 years ago.

But Collen Shipman gave herself a life sentence by reading a rambling, nonsensical monologue, where she asked the judge to give Ms. Nowak the severest sentence possible. Collen Shipman's web site.

Shipman almost broke out in tears as she began. She told the court that Lisa Nowak "hunted me down and attacked me in a parking lot."

I knew in my heart, she was going to kill me, said Shipman.

She said she saw "limitless rage" in Nowak's eyes that night and claimed Nowak researched murder and dismemberment.

Shipman further told the court that Nowak stole her personal information from the home of her boyfriend in Houston, then astronaut Bill Oefelein, and used that information to find her at the airport and plot an attack.

Shipman also claimed that the attack her crippled her emotionally to the point where three years of counseling has not helped and that she sleeps with the light on and has nightmares of being killed.

The judge however was having none of it and frankly saw through her wining over embellished victim statement as complete BS.

His honor might feel the way I did after listing to Shipman. Frankly I've smelled one of these before, and seen many up close, Collen Shipman is nothing more than a (starts with a "C")!

Her unwillingness to accept Nowak's apology and continued whining has turned her into a troll and not a victim.

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