Monday, November 9, 2009

Harry Jones, DSS and Rodney Monroe Connection

Its a well known fact that Chief Monroe's daughter was given a "stake job" at the DSS. Now as the Charlotte Observer zeros in on abuse and missing funds at the Mecklenburg County DSS.

They are connecting the dots, between, Harry Jones, DSS and Bank of America. So can the connection to Rodney Monroe be far off?

Seems Harry Jones didn't like an email he got from BofA employee and donor Harry Lomax, read the observer story here.

Well Harry Jones has a connection at BofA which if The Meck Deck is correct (and it usually is) this would be one Charles Bowman.

That would be Charles Bowman the former board member of the embattled United Way and a supporter of Gloria Pace King.

Seems Harry Jones want Lomax roughed up just a little.

In a corrupt government you can't have the power hungry without henchmen and Rodney Monroe fits that description perfectly. Lets not forget Monroe's role in the Richmond School Board confrontation.

To help unravel the connections the Charlotte Observer is asking for your help.

From the Observer:

We examined some 1,100 emails from public officials to report our story on misspending at the Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services.

Now you can, too.

Use the links below to view emails sent by top administrators related to DSS.

Let us know if you spot something that you think deserves further scrutiny. You can leave a comment below or send an e-mail.

The buzzword for this is "crowdsourcing."

But the concept is as old as the notion that two heads are better than one.

(Collective wisdom is illustrated this way by author James Surowiecki: On the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," the lifeline to an expert friend yielded the correct answer about 65 percent of the time, while the studio audience was right 91 percent of the time.)

Here are the links:

Click here for County Manager Harry Jones.

Click here for DSS Director Mary Wilson.

Click here for Finance Director Dena Diorio.

Click here for auditor Cornita Spears.

Click here for administrator Beverly Hinson.

Click here for supervisor Cindy Brady.

Here's a link to an e-mail highlighted in our story, in which Wilson says a senior fiscal administrator has left directors "frustrated with her inability to explain the simplest concepts of revenue and expenses."

So welcome to the jungle, its time to exchange words for some action. Turn up the heat on our "public servants" and see what you can turn up.

And while you doing this just imagine what a stress inducer this sort of thing is for Harry Jones as well as the folks at DSS and RoMo.

WFAE is on top of this as well as the ongoing RoMo investigation.

Meanwhile Creative Loafing is calling for the Meck County commissioners to "at least censure" Jones.

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