Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners Step on to the Slippery Slope of Domestic Partner Benefits

With little public debate the Mecklenburg BOCC will accept a report tonight which encourges the commissioners to offer domestic partners the same benefits that are currently offered to married couples.

Mecklenburg County Commisioners

See Mecklenburg BOCC Action Item 26

I'm all for this in the private sector. But expanding the employee benefits package with the current budget crisis makes little sense. Offering non spousal partners benefits opens a can of worms and creates an avalanche of questions.

Who qualifies as a domestic partner?

Are same sex couples considered domestic partners?

Are roomates partners?

What time frame is required to be called a partner?

What about children of a domestic partner?

If health benefits are offered, do we offer retirement, life insurance and disability as well?

Is a domestic partner the same as a spouse with regards to credit unions?

Just seems to me that the costs of putting this item and the 80 page Domistic Partner Benifts Review on tonight's agenda, and those incurred in getting this item to the point of discussion are wasteful.

Doesn't the BOCC have enough on their plates with the DSS mess already?

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