Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One More Shot

I've got to admit it Tiger has me beat! I'm out of my league here and I'm not talking about my golf game, yes I'm a double digit handicapper.

I'm talking about how fast the girls are coming out of the "Woods", I can't keep up. I need to look at the leader board to follow the action.

So I am done with the Tiger Woods fallout. Except to say:

Of all the people to upstage John Daley, for totally pig like behavior I never expected Tiger Woods.

And don't you feel just a little bit sorry for these women?

Cedar Posts Update:

CNN is showing a video of someone from Tiger Wood's home being taken by paramedics and wheeled into a Florida emergency room. From the video it is clear that the person looks like Tiger's wife Elin.

Further Update:

Turns out it was Elin's mother that was taken to the hospital.

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