Thursday, December 10, 2009

Harry Jones Exposed!

Over the past few months Cedar Posts and other including the Charlotte Observer have been digging into the DSS accounting fiasco, the Giving Tree sham and the stunning lack of transparency and ethics in Mecklenburg County Government.

While accusations of cronyism, intimidation and outright fraud circulate freely, those on the Mecklenburg County Commission have sat on their thumbs and watched Rome burn.

So who is the man at the helm and the person in charge of this mess?

From the Mecklenburg County web site:

Harry L. Jones, Sr., began serving as the fourth county manager of Mecklenburg County, N.C., in October 2000, after being appointed to the position in August of that year. Prior to being named county manager, Jones had served as assistant county manager since 1991.
As county manager, Jones is responsible for recommending an annual budget to the Board of County Commissioners and for the day-to-day operations of

Mecklenburg County government and its 4,700 full-time employees. The current annual County operating budget is approximately $1.45 billion.

According to the Charlotte Observer :

County Manager Harry Jones on Tuesday defended the county's investigation into spending across the Department of Social Services and said he's trying to shift attention to other issues.

It is almost stunning that Mr. Jones would say this to the Mecklenburg BOCC, that he is trying to "shift attention" to other issues!

So let me make it simple, most of us taxpayers, (I paid nearly $200,000 in Mecklenburg county taxes to support Harry Jones during the last ten years) don't pay a lot of attention to how our money is spent.

If you keep the parks open, the crooks locked up and the courthouse looking nice, we really don't care how you spend the money.

But when we start hearing of shady things going on, like hiring your buddies without considering other candidates, or insane business practices and being just a general all around thug.

We begin to wonder


And what we have found is shocking.

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Anonymous said...

Can you imagine the cries of racism if Harry Jones were fired?

And I and many others are convinced this is the reason for this malingering fool to still hold the job, AND the purse strings of DSS.

What other POSSIBLE reason could there be???

It is what it is, and it's not pretty!

It is the very same reason rodney monroe has not been called on the dubious practices he has encouraged and started at CMPD.

Listen, there are many, many, competent, ethical African Americans of integrity in government and law enforcement.

Why didn't Charlotte seek these individuals out if they were so anxious to "diversify"???

Because they were looking for flash and trash, and they got's all smoke and mirrors, folks, and what is behind the curtain is not a pretty sight.

They are dragging Charlotte down into the murky bottom with them, and the people are allowing it to continue because they are so afraid of the race card being played.

A manipulative thug is a manipulative thug no matter what the color of his skin, PLEASE!

As people have quoted MLK here before, it's not the color of the skin, but the content of the character. Could that be ANY clearer????

And these two clowns and running on empty.

Anonymous said...

Great summary Cedar, so where is the time line on RoMo?

I'm sure he is just a guility as Harry Jones if not more so. They both need to go.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar, the Big Gala is tonight!

King Rodney will be holding court in all his Sergeant Pepper splendor!! (Really, he has the ultimate "gold package", but just WHAT does it mean?) Oh, and white shirts, too! :)

It will be interesting to see how many butt kissers will be sitting at "HIS" table, and how many people that are there that were "pressured" to come, which would be everyone but the butt smoochers! From what I am told!

Just wish I could be a fly on the wall there tonight!

A total waste of time and money....
a la DSS.

(What is the connection to rodney and to the performers and to the place where the Shindig is being held?)

Maybe they can all go play some frisbee football afterwards! :)

Anonymous said...

Makes you really wonder how deep the corruption goes?

Who else besides Harry Jones and those at DSS is taking payoff?

I know for a fact the health department's F&FS aka restaurant inspectors have been of the take for years.

A couple of bills paper clipped to your old inspection cert goes along way in keeping your "A" rating.

Dennis S. used to point out how so many Mecklenburg estiblishments are doing such a good job.

Truth is they were buying the rating

Anonymous said...

There are changes underfoot at CMPD, from what I am hearing from people there.

If true, these "changes" should get the attention of the media AND the community. If they don't, something is really wrong with us.

What has gone on and IS going on at CMPD should have long ago gotten the attention of the media, a la Harry Jones.

Seems no one wants to blow the whistle on this thug and his sidekick that are virtually running the dept. according to their own egos and whims without any kind of a plan or rational thinking.

Rules are changed, promotions are had, good people are exiled, ALL BASED ON emotions, favoritism cronyism, PERIOD. And if you think any different, do a little digging and you'll find it's so.

There is no "plan" for CMPD, it's all shoot from the hip and "ear whispering" from the inner circle that have his ear.

They are not the smartest people in the room, far from it, yet they will not tolerate ANY dissent or listen to ANY ideas if they didn't come from the inner circle. And yes, almost always those in the inner circle have a PERSONAL stake in the outcome of the decisions.

Honestly, it's like the CMPD Mafia.

And yes, they mete out their retaliations and punishments, much like the mob does.....with impunity, it would seem.

I do not work at CMPD, but what goes on their does affect me, as I am a public citizen.

I do talk to people in law enforcement that know, and they say that these two idiots are truly a joke in the community. That they are known for their underhanded tactics and lack of integrity.

But as long as we are presented with bogus numbers all is well.

Let's hope it doesn't take as long as it did for Harry Jones and the mess at DSS to become public.

Let's hope we have learned SOMETHING from recent history.

The same greed, self aggrandizing behavior is happening at CMPD.

Open your eyes, people, we deserve and should demand better from our community "leaders".